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Bad news guys. Gave a qt 3.14 my phone number and didn't receive anything back. This all happened as I hold >100k links. I'm just reporting in to let you guys know that even after we make it, we'll still be forever alone.

Pic related, qt looked like her.

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>i tried something once and failed
>its all hopeless
strong alpha

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Maybe she dropped her ph in the water

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i talked to over 40 girls before i made it so whats yourt fucking excuse to give up?

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>i talked to over 40 girls before i made it
now this, is autism in its purest form kek.

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First time I've ever given a girl my number. 0% success rate.

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Stop LARPing incel. He's atleast trying, what are you doing?

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good news fellas, I went clubbing and got some random korean girls Instagram then I left her on seen.

Just some hopeium for you all that you will be able to choose your women once you have a level of confidence.

>t.4k link

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Never had problems with girls coming to me but sadly they're all roasties. tfw I just want a pure qt gf.

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wake up, "making it" just doesn't guarantee anything anymore

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good work
that's how it works anon

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>had to get a gook
>didn't even get one

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pure qts done really exist anymore bro maybe in some american bible belt state or utah or something but none in the west, more specifically absolutely ZERO in western europe

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i got a super qt (pic _related_) potential marriage-material (based on 5 minutes we talked) jap to add me on whatsapp and she blocked me less than 24 hrs and like 15 messages (all mine) later

this all happened as i hold multiple millions of $ worth of crypto

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you clearly didn't actually want her though, it's often easy to get girls below your league

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I request more details about your conversation.

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you literal idiot, sell your bullshit coin and buy hookers from the money. that was the plan all along. are you mentally retarded ?

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They exist in Japan which is where I'm at.

Should I just show her my link stack next time I see her? I need her bros...

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that "girl" is ugly as fuck though

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So she was 12? Maybe try someone of legal age next time.

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hey did you read my last message yet?

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fucking gook worshippers kys racemixers

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Once I gave my number to a girl in a bar. Now we are married and we have two daughters together. That girl was Bill Gates

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hey anon i liked your message, just message me when you get the chance

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i was thinking you could benefit from my sage advice

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that's all

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hey anon no pressure or anything. i hold crypto as well but i am smooth withthe ladies if you know what i mean.

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15 messages after only talking to her for 5min? Clingy as fuck. Even too much for an asian girl to handle

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maybe we could discuss some things on a side channel

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here's an idea, you just meet up and we'll discuss life and 'ladies' over some drinks

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Sounds like you never travel. Also, stick to your incestuous family tree

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it'll be my first time teaching and i bet you're a good learner

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anon... you still there?

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awww, c'mmon anon. there's somuchwe could learn from another. so much new ground to explore.

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no pressure to respond right away though, everyone has their busy days

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it's just that you seemed like such a nice anon... you know? that's why i really wanted to talk in person... face to face

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hey... anon...???

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i thought we connected

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I like the dedication.

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This is why we must legalize rape

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lol 3D
Just Monika.

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terrifying face

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is this really too clingy though? i only fired the 2nd series of messages AFTER my first question got blue-piped. and waited almost 24 hrs before posting the second question, thinking maybe the first one was too serious.

i applied much less(as well as much more) pushy approaches to attractive asians, and all were similarly unsuccessful. some are visibly scared and are shaking when i talk to them.

have no probs getting dates with white girls though, but no matter how attractive they look at first sight, it's literally always a huge disappointment. actually set up a date for the next day 15 minutes before i met this cutie with a girl i just met prior, and if i hadn't done that (which sucked as usual ofc and lost all interest after 2 hours), i'd have probably been far more clingy

dates with asians would probably be disappointing too, desu i'm still heartbroken over a girl i dated last year and entirely unsure of what my final goal with these approaches is, but it really bugs me that i can't get attractive asians to date me, while attractive white girls are no issue anymore

you made me lol uncontrollably for 5 minutes

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OH NO NO NO NONOSNOFSNODFKJklrs;gvjvdahghafjsd;kafjesrlk;fkl;jersopiopgvjhopbhgvoaij

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Background: She's majoring in "American & British Culture" in Seattle

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It's probably because you're an ugly shitskin. Now kill yourself punjab.

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ok details now

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yea way too much. imho it's best to be playful and somewhat disinterested w/o being a douche about it. look at your messages... not playful. also stick to your home city, no saying you'll get on an airplane and visit - tooontense. light - playful - local - not intense

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can you tell me an example of a playful message for that situation

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Men need to get numbers from women not give them you nigger

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you're a lost faggot holy shit imagine gassing up a girl this much lmao

i genuinely feel bad for you lol

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nothing generic but something from what she said or her looks and take something like that and twist into a quick compliment that is absolutely not friend zoneish. if she likes it never say it again though. if she responds leave it at that for a day or so then drop a one word or line message . the less available you are the more interesting you are

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i apply different approaches to different women, don't always gas them up, but here it felt appropriate for whatever reason

i wouldn't mind becoming friends with her at all though. that'd be a huge step forward if i could just introduce a girl like her to my city as a friend.

desu i was kinda in a hurry and i guess it showed

on a different note, do you have any tip on how to become FRIENDS with asian girls? don't see that happening often

i also hate to compliment looks. the things is, i either OBVIOUSLY find her very attractive, or i don't really wanna talk to her anyways. my body language shows this off, is this really an issue?

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you're an insufferable faggot and it shows

girls can smell desperation a mile away

stop texting them like a creeper

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>I hold >100k links
that's your problem, retard. sell some of them so, you can attract the fiat diggers

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I have 250k LINK but cant get laid. A whore casted me out Last week without fucking

Halp guys, do i need to buy more LINK?

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i know this stuff is important for personal development but whores are so much better

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You didn’t make it if you never sold anon.

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you're indian

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She was disgusted by your preference for proprietary development environments.

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The absolute state of the fucking pajeets on this board man holy fuck. You guys are so ugly and retarded. You will never make it.

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Asians are shape shifting insects. This gook wasn't born with this nose, and it will never make up for her underdeveloped jaw. Christ almighty.

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Work out. 2 hours a day- at least 3x a week. Start with full body workouts. Make time. Eat healthy. Start going to church. Pray. Do your part and God will provide a woman who is a blessing.

>my life

You can do it, anon. Here's the roadmap. Good luck.

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Shut the fuck up boomer he has a better chance of turning a whore into a housewife than waiting for god's blessing.

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now this is autism. Asian girls have naturally smaller jaws then white women. She looks like a typical japanese.

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Midwest states actually have qt pure girls. My faggot progressive friend was actually complained about having to take his long term gf's virginity

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>Asian girls have naturally smaller jaws

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Do you know how hard it is for me to sit through hours and hours of technical lectures on PCBs or information theory, or quantum mechanics? All my life you fucking nerds would just breeze through this shit then go back to your place and build lego or whatever the fuck and I would have to sit in the library sweating bullets and feeling suicidal.
Now I swallowed that pill and you're gonna have to swallow the fact that your high IQ worsens your social heuristics and intuition which makes you incapable of holding together normal conversations. It's the trade off.

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That's not the norm at all.

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>my link stack is worth 1 million
still no asian gf
>my link stack is worth 50 million
still no asian gf
>my link stack is worth 50 billion
still no asian gf
>my link stack is worth 50 trillion
still no asian gf

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>He doesn't have his state issued asian gf/wife in the year 2019

oh nononono

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That shit is crazy airbrushed faggot she doesn't look like that in real life and even if she did you're so autistic she would call the cops as soon as you tried to talk to her

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Maybe because that girls saw that thread and know that this will never happen?


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how did you do it bros?
i wish i was living in anglo land where everyone just needs to go to university and stumbles into asian girls left and right

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You've never been around Chads before, have you? They get shot down WAY MORE than betas. That's because they spread their nets as wide as possible. They only need a single girl for the night, so none of the other rejections matter.

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cherry pickin

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>e blocked me less than 24 hrs and like 15 messages (all mine)

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i found out dubu is actually a slut
w-what do

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>posting lies and slander on the internet

how could you anon?

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both of these girls are so cute it actually hurts

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shut up
Chainlink and Dubu keep me alive.
my post from another thread:
Ive been suicidal since the end of 2017.
Then I found Chainlink in february 2018, invested in it and been holding ever since.
I hate Chainlink so fucking much. I would have killed myself already but this shit keeps me alive.
Everytime I think about jumping in front of a train (we dont have guns here in germanistan) I ask myself "What if Chainlink moons to at least $100 in the next three months? You cant do it right now. Just wait a bit longer."
Cant Sergey just come out and say "Yeah, sorry, shit didnt work like it was supposed to do, its over, smart contracts wont work."?
Seriously, I just want to die in peace already, why is this guy so cruel?
Just push it to 1k EOY already or end the project you fat fuck.
Not even joking

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Whats the actual source?

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holy fuck. thanks for making me feel better anon.

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