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Based quantposter

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to be listed on stock exchanges, something bitcoin has been trying for 10 years

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q u a m f y

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>to be listed on stock exchanges, something bitcoin has been trying for 10 years

shoo pajeet

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Quant is scam

Fake bitmax listing
Fake product
Fake community (I know some of you paid to shill 247 eg sonic seq and Donnie)
Many lies
No customers
No team, CTO left, Paolo left,
500k of quant moved to exchanges

Many rekt people bought at $15

Did you know, that siachain is just a prototype and it is not actually used day to day by the 570 banks

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Uuuugh scam project stop shilling stupid pajeet.

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Imagine Gartner awarding you with Cool Vendor status without a working product, nuh duh. Kys pleb.

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dude dont you know that fudding your investment is how you get people to put money in?

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Imagine being so blinded by greed that you hold from $15 to $2 as the cracks in the smooth surface begin to appear and reveal the horrors beneath.

Company accounts will show zero revenue, hence zero clients, for 2017/2018

That is why they did not public their accounts and they are well overdue

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Imagine thinking UK limited companies have to publicly file their financial statements.

Imagine completely embarrassing yourself by trying to fud with such a fundamental misunderstanding of how limited companies work.

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Imagine looking so retarded to try and pretend

What gets sent to Companies House and HMRC

Companies House will be sent abbreviated accounts, which will include the directors’ report and an abbreviated balance sheet. The contractor will have to sign these before they are submitted.

HMRC will be sent the full accounts, including detailed profit and loss and a Company Tax Return. The accountants should calculate any Corporation Tax due, which will be verified by HMRC.

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> Imagine looking so retarded to try and pretend

Pajeet detected.


Imagine being so embarrassed that you furiously search on Google to try and find an explanation and STILL don't get it.

Protip: Private limited companies must report their full financial figures but they are not made publicly available. Your whole theory, along with all of your other bullshit, is embarrassingly incorrect.

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I told you guys this was a scam when it was only 3 fucking dollars and yet you continued to buy. I have no pity for everyone who was financially ruined by this elaborate scamcoin.

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Statutory Accounts (also known as Year-end Accounts)

Details about your company finances must be made public in accordance with the Companies Act 2006 and accounting standards. You must submit a set of accounts to Companies House every year (at the end of your accounting period), which includes the company’s Income Statement, Statement of Financial Position and other information in accounting notes.

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That has NOTHING to do with the fact a Ltd Co doesn't have to make its financial figures public.

I'm going to spare you any further embarrassment and wrap this up. On the side for Quant we have:

SIA - Billions of financial transactions per year across hundreds of banks
Crowdz - Partnered with Barclays Bank
Gartner - World-renowned research company
AX Trading - SEC registered broker

On the side against Quant (you) we have:

A broken English pajeet
Someone who doesn't understand the absolute BASICS of how companies work

Hmmmm I wonder who people should trust.

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What are you talking about dipshit? If you are below a certain turnover threshold you file with abbreviated accounts which is usually just a balance sheet which is visible by the public on Companies House. After you hit a turnover threshold you have to go down UK GAAP reporting standards starting with micro-entity accounts like FRS102 and if you're a big dog IFRS.

You are an absolute fucking Dunning-Kruger tier brainlet.

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Siachain is a prototype, it's not live, sianet and Siachain are different things. Don't get your wires crossed again.

No one is using overledger, get that in your head, turnover is zero apart from the tokens they are dumping.

No one is using over ledger

Find me one person or company who have stated they are using overledger and are paying in quant

When dashboard so we can see that no one uses it!!!!!!!

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post proof siachain is a prototype

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You been mislead:

PwC advised SIA during the project lifetime, from the concept to the deployment of the pilot version of the SIAChain, including the initial training period, sharing its best practies and its recommendations and suggestions. PwC Blockchain Competence Center, leveraging the experience on major DLT/Blockchain solutions on the market, benchmarked different technologies and described best practices facilitating SIA in its design of the platform. The pilot phase of the SIAChain includes only R3 Corda DLT that has been prioritized by SIA over Fabric and Ethereum, but parallel streams are already working on the new version that will include also these solutions.

PwC Blockchain Competence Center in Italy is a PwC Advisory unit fully dedicated on Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. It collects professionals from different LoS that range from legal and tax experts to functional analysts, enterprise architects and developers (Corda certified), and subject matter experts in order to support clients with all necessary capabilities.


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And here is update from April

Fyi sputna project is siachain


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Hey look it gets even better, it does not expect to launch until the end of Q1 2020


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You're in every Quant thread jesus christ street shitter get a life

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Check the facts, siachain is not even live until march 2020 at the earliest.

I stop when truth is known. Quant is bad for all of crypto, all hype and lies, no wonder the rest of the coins can't pump

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In every single thread you change your ID every post to try and make it seem like you're more than one person
Get a life my guy

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Tell me, do you think 570 banks are using overledger NOW as seq so boldly put it?

Are you blind to the info I have shared?

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Anon I sincerely do not give a fuck, I'm far more concerned with why I can go back for weeks in the archive and look at you sperging out in every Quant thread while changing your ID multiple times a thread
There has to be a reason you devote hours of your time a day to fud this, because nobody cares nearly as much as you

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KEK im laughing my ass off because ive also been thinking about this guy and who he really is. He is literally in every thread sperging out. They must have this guy on a salary or something

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It fascinates me that not one person ever looks deeply into quant. So much good stuff that needs to be discussed

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He makes absolutely no sense to me
If he hates the project this much he would fud it but he's in literally every single thread, it's another level
If he's fudding to accumulate it still makes no sense because nobody is ever in these threads but him
The only logical conclusion is that he's legitimately autistic and can't function properly, that or he sold at $1 and hates himself

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It amazes me that we'll have link/vidt/whatever threads diving in as deep as possible regarding everything and yet the only Quant threads on here are full of that spazzing faggot with no legitimate discussion

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imagine trusting an armenian CEO

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He is achieving exactly what he wants with it too. He is diffusing people away from actual real discussions about Quant and its technological potential with his sperging and shitposting. For some reason this guy has an agenda to mislead people on this board into believing Quant is really bad, scam or whatever he comes up with. And one could think to himself, why is he benefiting from that? As I said, I think someone is actually paying this guy, and the people paying him is who knows who. They surely don't like Quant and want them to fail horribly. Threatened? A competitor?

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Imagine having no real FUD to present in this thread so you have to resort to that. End yourself buddy.

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I think he could just be fudding in an attempt to accumulate and doing everything to make these threads less legitimate, everything he posts is horseshit that can be disproved in a 5 second google search or common sense but he never acknowledges this. When you call him out that he's clearly posting across multiple different IDs he goes dark

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I'm getting bullish vibes. When somebody takes this much time and effort to fud you know you're on to something big.

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But as you said though, this guy is fudding on another level. I just cant believe he is only doing this to accumulate cheap. There is one thing to FUD some here and there, maybe one thread or two or on a regular basis. But he is literally in every thread about Quant doing the same shit these last months, the exact same guy or people. Whole another level

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Dude a quick google search already tells me your full of bullshit. The shit your speweing is literally incoherent it sounds like the babblings of a schizo. Get some help

HS:I Have Sex: Incel

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You mean you didn't find this?


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*Pic related*
Tell me again that siachain is sputna

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Go on retard, i was about to fucking fud this coin but then you show your dumbass out of the woodworks atleast fucking try first.

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COTI - Can easily do 2-4x in the next 4 weeks. Not sure how the MCAP is so low.

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What does this one say?

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Dude that picture reinforces my points "The project is sponsored by the Italian Banking Association and managed by ABILAB consortium as the Business Network Governor." The only thing your hoping on is that plebs read it as SIAchain as spunta project. When siachain is collaborating with the spunta project.


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>"SIA is tackling the challenge by building SIAchain: a private blockchain/DLT structure "

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>Italian Banking Association
Yeah because trusting Italians with banking is a sound strategy

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What banks do you trust?

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