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Wage slave stories

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>wake up
>eat breakfast
>commute for an hour
>wage for 8 hours
>commute for an hour
>eat dinner
>repeat for 40 years
Kill me

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>Go to work
>Hate my job
>Hate the people in the office
>Easy, meaningless rote work
>Leave late
>Go back the next day

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>wake up
>skip breakfast
>commute for an hour
>wage for 8 hours
>commute for an hour
>eat dinner
>wish i had life left in me to play a game
>don't play anything
>repeat for 10 years

i'm not having fun

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>delivering pizza
>winter, snowing
>get far delivery to fairly regular customer
>driveway turns sharply and drops from the road, maybe 20 ft descent to a house set back 100 ft.
>front wheel drive turbo car
>decide to drive down
>deliver the pizza
>can't get up, spend next 15 mins attempting to get enough momentum from various angles
>almost slide into the lake that is behind them
>get lady to drive me to nearest hardware store to buy salt
>buy a few bags of salt for the amount of money i am making during the shift
>actually works to get me out
>spent several hours to do that one delivery

make sure if you drive somewhere in the snow you can get out

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I’m so sorry

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>Wake up
>Shower, shit, shave. Take vitamin pills
>Get in car
>drive hour in traffic
>get to office
>Scanned for harmful weapons and contraband
>Instructed to pass through gates A and B for mandatory injections
>Happy Hat and the No-Talkie are put on
>"Anon, you grimaced while speaking to Customer #347, please report to the Manager's office. Time away from Desk will not be considered Paid Time"
>The cord connected to my Anus activates, removing all wastes and urine from my body while I tell a customer about our new Green Policy, it then charges the clean up to my debit card
>Can faintly hear those guilty of stealing from the company fridge being whipped in the seventh circle
>9 PM, Memo tells us that pink pens are not allowed, but green, yellow and black are fine. I experience the horrors of a meeting.
>11 PM, I go home

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kek, it worked out okay. if not for that lady taking pity on me/wanting my car gone I would have probably freezed to death though

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don't apologize he was just doing his job

WAGE HARDER NEXT TIME!!! 2 HOURS?!? 2 Freaking hours? You better have been off the clock or I'm writing you up.

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why did the owners not just tow you up the hill?

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Because you are disposable. Why tow him when it’s easier to bitch about the delivery not being on time?

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lol if I were the home owner i would have taken a video of you and posted it on instagram with the title "idiot pizza delivery guy can't get out of my driveway" then I would have called the pizza place and complained to your manager about you tearing up my driveway

fucking wagies, when will they learn

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How did you get the money to order pizza?

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simple! I get neetbux from the government paid with your taxes! Isn't life grand!

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I envy you brother

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>wake up
>do 12 hour night time shift at a factory for min wage
>few hours later go to a new job, also min wage
>boomer boss tells me i have to give him my phone to work for him
>tell him no but he can fire me if he sees me with it
>he gives me one little piece of sandpaper to erase words off of tubing
>eventually my hands start blistering and bleeding
>quit and walk outside
>miss my bus

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Why aren’t millennials buying houses?

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You should have told him if you want me to work for you I need your phone

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Wage cucks like me don't have that privilege. When a fat boomer tells you to risk your life for shekels you do it.

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Don’t worry I’ll get Jose to do it again if you won’t...heh stupid millennials

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>wake up
>turn on computer
>code shit for 8 hours
>take rest breaks from the pain and hope boss doesn't notice
>off shift
>try to work on side project but too mentally drained
>argue with people on 4chan

Remote work is nicer, but you're still doing shit you don't want to do.

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>wake up at 4:45
>timed it so after 10 minutes I'm out my door
>spend 10 minutes walking to bus station
>bus departs at 5:10
>drive for 2 hours to the city
>spend 20 more minutes to get to workplace
>clock in early and do literally nothing for two hours while the clock runs before the first guy comes in
>spend 6 hours dealing with a fucking narcissist, hated his guts like hell and wanted to kill his shit
>get on the bus at 4, arrive home somewhere after 6
>have less than 6 hours of free time before I go to bed at midnight
>rinse and repeat

It's over now after a year but took me two month to get back on my feet

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>get new job
>hate it
>quit in less than a month
>feels good
>received calls from former supervisor the next week
>I refused to answer
>check part of message
>wants to "talk"
>busybody doesn't seem to understand I'm not coming back after handing her my badge
>delete it without listening to all of it
>calls me again
>delete it and dont even let the message play
>suspect she wants to list me under "job abandonment" rather than quitting
>email HR telling them

Not about to risk that hag from making me look bad to possible future employers when I quit. Now I expect a call or response from HR even though I told them I don't want to deal with this. Going to ignore it, I've made it clear to HR I quit. Infuriating how they keep trying to enslave me after quitting and trying to question me. What's with this prevalant "need" for sone of them to be in other people's business anyways?

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fuck man i thought i had it bad with a 1.5 hour commute. That sounds miserable.

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But what do you want to do?

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>All of these people killing themselves for minimum wage
What the fuck? I literally sit behind a desk and answer a phone maybe once an hour and make 15/hr sitting on my ass while shitposting at a computer. Why work such garbage jobs for garbage pay?

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>Work in government job. Can't get fired unless I murder someone.
>Big re-org happens, lots of people get raises. Me and my colleague get screwed because of asshole boomer who makes $130k doesn't give a shit. He just wants to have employees so he can angle for future raises, has plans to make $200k eventually.
>Colleague and I conspire to get revenge.
>Figure out social hierarchy, find out who boss's rivals are. Give them ammo to use against our boss.
>Constantly apply for other jobs.
>Colleague gets a new job, lower pay but is much happier.
>Angle to get more pay, then in the middle of the plan get offered new job with different department.
>They want me so bad the director begs me for 30 minutes to come to her department.
>Bask in vindication.
>Boss is now screwed, will not be getting any more employees so he can't get raises anymore. Gets permanent black eye b/c now everyone knows he is an abusive boss who can't retain employees with talent.

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>be me
>wake up at 5am
>make launh
>commute for an hour and half
>clock in at 7
>Wage for the next 8 hours
>Drive back home for hour and half
>Shower, eat, browse 4chan, youtube
>Sleep and Repeat

I have a stack of 120k worth of linkies, hoping that will get me out of this misery.

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Larp to the max

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>wake up at 7:25
>take 7:40 bus which is right next to my house
>arrive to office at 8
>work 9 hour day(You don't work during your lunch silly anon!)
>make peanuts because entry level, but I'm on my phone for most of the day and don't work hard
>Take the 5:10 bus home
>Eat, relax, be in bed by 11

Shit could honestly be worse

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not on a sunday.

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Messed up a $200,000 shaft for a marine engine while browsing through /biz/. Told the boss my mistake was genetically determined. We all had a good laugh.

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>wake up tired as always
>shower, eat breakfast, and prepare lunch
>commute for 10 km stuck in traffic the whole way, making it 45 min
>wage for 4 hours, trying not to piss off your 10 managers, working on shit legacy systems implemented by baboons
>eat alone at desk with headphones
>wage for 4 hours
>commute back in the same traffic
>eat dinner alone in silence
>waste time on the internet until sleep
>repeat until some illness eventually kill you

Modern life is so great. Who came up with this shit?

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>working at fast food place
>fuck up a customers burger order
>he plays it off like it doesn't matter
>takes cup and receipt from me
>mfw he goes into restroom for 15 mins
>comes out without the cup
>asked to clean bathrooms at close
>mfw he made "art" with his shit
>mfw he poured a cup full of piss in the TP holder

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Fucking niggers.

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Didn’t know there was such a thing as job abandonment versus quitting. How are they not one in the same? Two weeks notice ahead of time?

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Job abandonment happens when you just no call no show and don't even give them a heads up.

>> No.15208516

One looks worse then the other if a company does a background check. I stopped doing two weeks notices as most companies dont give you such a courtesy and I'd likely get screwed over if I did it with the last 2 companies.

>> No.15208566

How you left a prior job doesn't show up in a background check. All they can do is call your previous job and ask how long you worked there.

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>2 weeks notice

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im honestly tired of this life. Not sure how much i have left in the tank.....

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>Work 50 hour week from last sunday
>Shift leader asks me to come in on saturday I tell her no.
>Have to go face the aftermath tommorow

Usually I don't say no, but the fact I woke up at 2AM and saw she sent the text at 10PM just fucking enraged me, I ain't working 60hr weeks fro minimum wage bitch I value what's left of my mental health.

>> No.15209030

What possible aftermath could come from that? Does she really just assume you're always willing to work OT and takes it as a personal insult when you're not?

>> No.15209064

It’s a good skill to have, learning how to tell people no will get you far in life.

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Lol i dont do those anymore even though the last two were office jobs.

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One of my previous jobs only gave me issues when id say no. They really expect me to say yes when i was the one given the shirt end of the stick by being the go to guy. Hated that job, used up as much of my sick time as I could before quitting on them but their systems were off and i got screwed out of wasting an additional chunk of time

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I'm starting to realize that half of /biz/ are underage losers working minimum wage jobs for pocketchange (Or at the very least I hope they're underage because I honestly can't comprehend a full grown man working for such shit pay)

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This so much.

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also worth to know about imposter syndrome

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>be caveman
>wake up to one of children starved to death
>go look for any animals I have not killed within many mile radius of family
>trusty stick will help me
>find a squirrel and a rat to eat
>no lightning in long time no fire
>take squirrel and rat back to family
>we tear apart and eat raw, feed little ones chunks of flesh
>huddle for warmth and hope another kid not dead tomorrow
This dude WISHED he knew what boredom was

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>Wake up at 10:15am, hop in shower
>Pack backpack up with stuff i need for the day
>drive to wage site and get my route and pick my van to do Amazon deliveries
>drive around nice socal cities and deliver packages to cucks with AC blasting and music bumping
>See cuties sometimes at the door and eye fuck them
>End shift early so get to sit in the Van on my phone while being paid an hr over time every day
>Drive back and drop off the Van, come home feeling a nice after work buzz and get comfy on my PC
Comfy, so much more comfy than degenerate NEETS that do nothing day in day out

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>>repeat for 40 years
>>repeat for 10 years


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I feel you and I think I was in a similar position.
Eventually I started looking into different small tasks you can complete for businesses (web related) that appear big (like increasing security etc). Started advertising myself, created a few small applications, worked on these additional projects in my meantime.
Eventually the subscription applications started bringing $50k+ a year, so I decided just to hire two guys, each for $12.5k a year (it's a really an hour a day job), one does the tasks, one looks for new clients.
Now I'm pretty much getting $25k a year for nothing and I'm still working on other small SaaS applications in the meanwhile, my goal is to get to get to $100k a year just by being a boss and after that I think I'll have enough of an "ecosystem" under me to build further apps without my input.

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>be me
>waging for $12/manual labour
>It's the worst
>Co worker routinely let's his blood sugar go too low as a diabetic
>Friday it happens he starts having convulsions basically he'll go into a coma if he doesn't get sugar
>Wrestling his enormous body to the ground and he jumps and runs all over place
>Finally get him laying down
>Force-feeding m&Ms in his mouth so he doesnt die in my hands

This is the last time anons I put my 2 week in notice time to go NEET mode.

I don't have any job lined up but I've got $20k networth as 22year old so I can coast for a couple months until I find something to make more money or my personal businesses start doing better

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Surely you don't mind the smell, wagie?

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Get your networth to 100k first.

>> No.15210332

based. I'm either too low IQ or too low agency to do this.

>> No.15210364

How do I combat this?
I feel no specific drive to accomplish any more in life than I already have (learned a language and know high-level math)
Should I just kms myself now?

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What’s your discord. Could I ask for more info on this?

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>try to work on side project but too mentally drained
this is fucking killing me
I want to resign but it’s not easy to drop a 6 figure salary

>> No.15210645

>6 figures
How much is your mortgage anon?

>> No.15210694

>work at a gas station
>it's a tiny store, I'm by myself all the time
>gas truck is refilling our tank
>redneck is right next to the truck trying to light his cigarette
>I tell him to stop
>he starts pounding on the glass and screaming at me

>> No.15210723

Drive a bus

work 7 days a week on a rotating schedule that never ends. Go to Boston, then New York City, then Cleveland, then go to Atlanta, GA.

I only get to request 1 day off in entire month.

I make around $50-70k a year but I feel like I deserve more for all the time I put in.

>> No.15210756

>Work at deli
>rest of team is in back goofing off
>see customer looks like a 23 year old too
>”hello sir how may i help you”
>”id like 4 slices of bacon ranch cheese on a number 1 slice”
>sounds good sir
>slice the cheese
>weigh it .63 lb
>customer speaks up
>”no no no man thats WAY too heavy i said slice it on a 1 i come in every week and get this and its 0.43lbs”
>”okay sir”
>slice it again still on a 1 slice
>.64 lbs
>customer “this is rediculous forget about it, im going to tell managment about this”
>”okay sir”

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I'm trying that's been my goal all year. I started this year with networth of $3k and now I'm at $20k and crypto hasn't even aggressively mooned yet.

>> No.15210819

>People been working at this place for years
>Guys constantly sticking their fingers in each others butts and grabbing other guys asses and humping each other
>Apparently put with the worst manager in the whole company
>Every day I would show and the manager would just talk shit about me the entire morning
>He used to do this to the guy that left before me
>Realize this job is a lost hope and leave

>> No.15210823

yo got the job done anon, good on you m8. that is a tough feel. We are here for you.

>> No.15210837

>Manager thought I was going to shoot up the place
>Show up last day to pick up final check
>Everyone asking why I quit
>Manager is hiding in the lunch room
>I look inside he has a look of fear like im going to shoot him

>> No.15210871

>shower, shit, shave


>shit, shower, shave

no wonder ur life is a mess

>> No.15210872

Dream of playing games.
Never have the energy to play games

>> No.15210908

>bring a camera
>take a shot

>> No.15210957

>One of a dozen engineers who specializes in a certain field
>Everyone hates me at work after I was caught masturbating in female coworkers office
>Boss had to pay several million in a sexual harrasment lawsuit
>Cannot fire me
>Had to attend sexual harrasment classes
>Quarantined to my office until the other coworkers leave
>Not invited to holiday parties
God I want to kill myself
>Quarantined to office

>> No.15210977

Faggot boomer

>> No.15210985

did you make the local news?

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>> No.15211038


>> No.15211050


>> No.15211098

That place sounds real nasty. I'd be out of there real quick. I've read of something very similiar where they would drag people and touch their penises and hump each other. This was done to people who DIDN'T want to be treated like that. Oh and it was guy on guy too. Nasty and gay. The rage that would overtake me, I dont give a fuck if there's 5 of them Im gonna start fighting on the spot no amount of money from a lawsuit would recover the absolute devastation my ego would feel if I just allowed such degeneracy to happen to me. They didnt do gay stuff to you did they?



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> in high school, waiter at 60’s themed burger place
> most others working there are late 20’s women
> old worthless boomer regular customer shows up
> clearly disgruntled I’m waiting on him instead of one of the chicks
> asks for a plastic bag when he’s finished
> I have to take another order before I’m able to get him the bag
> bring him the bag, he gets up and walks up to notoriously flirty waitress
> “make sure next time I get you instead of him”

Fuck boomers. That job was slick though one of the waitresses used to tease me and tell me when she wasn’t wearing panties. Didn’t do anything but was a cash experience as a teen

>> No.15211143

>shit was so cash

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I sleep 8 hours so I have 3 free hours a day because of my commute.
In those 3 hours I meditate, read, practice a little on duolingo and play a little of vidya. I'm checking my shitcoins all day at work. It's always been for me that the less free time I have the more productive I am with it.

>> No.15211176

Become a trucker nigger

>> No.15211184

at least could buy new pc for mine , will see if its worth it buying second graphic board, have to been waiting a bit time cause wagging is hard and low profit , at the end of the month you just want to leave the job and have some time to rest proper time

>> No.15211251

if im starting to have some profit with graphic cards
im gonna give them the letter and find a part time job

>> No.15211272

Why didn't he just hire other cavemen to hunt for food for him?

>> No.15211287

Weird how being squeezed on time can suddenly make the remaining time all the more valuable.

>> No.15211304

please tell me you're joking
what is wrong with americans

>> No.15211460

> used to work for a hotel parking cars
> Another guy is lazy and doesnt park the car at the bottom of the driveway because you have to walk back up the incline
> Bus pulls up blocking the whole driveway now
> Hand guest the keys to the car that's blocking the driveway
> He doesnt leave straight away
> Anon why did you give the guest the keys now the driveway is blocked
> No one mentions that the guy who parked it fucked up and that it was my fault because i gave the keys
> Manager comes up to lecture me about how to keep the driveway clear
> Ignore him because he's a retard for not caring about the person who actually parked the car there
> Next day the manager has spread stories about me to the other staff and everything is a little strange

>> No.15211495

> Promoted to team leader
> Its unofficial and i have to supervise weekends
> Work every weekend shift in the evenings for months
> The others get choice shifts with all the best days off
> Sometimes have split days off but always supervise Friday and Saturday nights

>> No.15211550

> first job out of high school
> Lamb factory for export
> No talking allowed on the floor
> Cold room have to work with foreigners
> Everything is repetition thousands of times for the small tasks
> Lifting hundreds of lamb carcasses out of the trucks
> Some of them weigh more than 30kgs each
> No blood because we just process them
> Have to work fast with dangerous knives and bone saws and other stuff
> Had a butcher's shop out the front with some good stuff
> Dont really like lamb that much
> Muslim guy there to oversee if each animal was killed halal
> Literally just walks around looking at certificates and sometimes puts one in his little folder

>> No.15211570

you just have shitty jobs

>> No.15211595

Resigning tomorrow.

Its 60k and not entirely terrible as a job, but my supervisor is slightly verbally abusive and it is ultimately not the specific subfield in tech I want to be in. It's application support/IT, and I want to get into software dev/engineering.

In truth, I want to start my own business. So, I think I'll be doing that/working on that.

>> No.15211608

What type of business anon?

>> No.15211621

Do you have savings?

>> No.15211622

> be part of a health and safety committee
> All decisions already made by management so it's just a PR thing for lower ranking staff
> Feels pointless and powerless
> Have to prepare things to discuss
> The response is always thats nice anon but we're doing this because we decided yesterday at the committee meeting.
> Stop preparing because whats the point
> Anon health and safety is important you should take your role more seriously

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>aspie bartender
>I'm slowly becoming an alcoholic like my regulars

I want to just figure out what to do with my life and do it. I'm tired of working here and getting out late. Nothing is interesting to me though. tech, business, medical, trade, and military all sound boring and too hard for me.

I'm tired of not making enough money. I just want to die everyday I wake up. All my coworkers are 30+ years old and they act like everything is fine, but I know that they are dead inside.

>> No.15211642

>no actual station today
>cover for this dude on his lunch break
>not much going on
>get a plastic sheet, lie down and chill in a stall (this stall is very separated from the others)
>be in biz watchin zcl do a -80%
>his break is almost over I should probably leave
>keep chilling for a couple of mins
>knock at the door, security
>oh fuck
>pretend I was feeling very sick
>they buy it
>my managers are called, they buy it too, whew.
>never doing that again

This other time (other job) I feel asleep in a stall for an hour because I was actually sick. Good times.

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>so what did you want to speak with me about Anon?
Hi boss, so I’ve been working this job for a couple years now, as you know of course all of my previous fellow coworkers were fired for theft or complete incompetence but I’ve been diligent for these 2 years so far and was wondering-
>yeah yeah get to the chase. Have you been remembering to smile and offer promotional items to customers?
I uhh yes of course every time
>good good...anyways Lisa told me your tray was short 3 cents last week. Did you miscount change again?
Uhh I don’t think so uhh oh yeah I remember now I needed extra coins but no one would get them for me so I had to give one customer a nickel which is why I was short the 3 cents
>hmmm well okay but don’t do that again, it’s not a big issue but as per company policy this will need to be written up. Nothing personal, just the way it works around here. Heck if I were on a register and short 3 cents I’d be written up too, and I’m the manager ahahah
yeahhh ha ha thank you boss
>so why’d you stop by again? What’s on your mind
Oh uhh I was basically just wondering if I could get a-
>oh Anon, could you rearrange those display items at the front of the store when you get a chance? It’s been needing that for a while now, I don’t know why Carlos hasn’t done it yet
Of course boss right on it.
>alright great, thanks Anon. I’m going for my lunch break now and you leave soon right, so likely I’ll be seeing you next week
Uhh yep have a good weekend
>thanks you too, oh one more thing. Are you potentially available Sunday? I know it’s easter but I think tynique is gonna call in sick again.
Uhhh well uhh yeah sure I guess
>Great! Thanks Anon I knew I can always count on you! Bye bye for now
Ha ha yeep

>> No.15211851

>not minimum wage
Pick one

>> No.15211880

>be me
>show up to work
Cruel cruel world. Seriously though, I hate having to show up at specific times. Taking breaks only when the employer wants, not when I want. Forced to work long hours or you will be laid off.

FUCK this grind. I have to do this CRAP just for food and shelter? Fuck this country.

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>> No.15211902
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>> No.15211906

I’ve got imposter syndrome. I’m constantly surprised when my boss likes what I’m doing. It’s honestly so fucked up and I can’t wait to start neeting when Link hits $10.

>> No.15211917





>> No.15211923

>he shits after showering
you deserve hell

>> No.15211932

LOL! This thread is great

>> No.15211937

Yeah but then someone recommends ubi or something and you corporate cucks call them a beta socialist. It’s syndicalism or wage slavery. Take your pick.

>> No.15211959

Idk. Just do a security gaurd job. They pay more than most low skilled job and you basically do nothing all day. I am doing it temporarily. Just don't check people's bags. Those jobs are the worst.

>> No.15211991

Magical jobs like that are not really a thing. Like what, less than 1% of jobs are that easy?

>> No.15211992
File: 554 KB, 967x954, 1563508822875.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15212006

I used to hate my job but then I realized I could really work on myself and I made changes over time. I've been at my job for 6 years now and I have no reason to leave anymore. If a better opportunity presents itself as I continue to grow, then I might make the transition, but I could retire where I'm at

make a heaven of hell

>> No.15212020

>turn up to work at Walmart
>serve some boomers
>get shot

>> No.15212041

>what is wrong with americans
Burgers take burgers very seriously

>> No.15212065
File: 66 KB, 618x480, 1498040289896.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wake up at 6 am
>check how btc and link are doing
>go to bed
>wake up again
>eat breakfast while browsing /biz/
>jump in the pool to freshen up
>shower and go to work
>get to work
>tell everyone where to go and what to do
>shoot guns
>go back to ac office
>browse /biz/ on tablet
>go to lunch
>browse 4chan some more or read an ebook while eating
>go to bathroom after lunch to process food
>make sure work is running smoothly
>shoot more guns, talk to customers, instruct qt3.14s maybe make sure everyone is safe while shooting
> back to ac office browse /biz/ maybe make some trades based on what the latest pajeet scams tell me
>close out at work
>buy a beer on my way home
>get home, turn off miner on pc
>maybe jump in pool if I feel like it
>drink beer while browsing 4chan or watching a movie or playing a vidya
>go to bed, pray and give thanks, read book
>fall asleep

HOLY SHIT I am fucking blessed thanks for reminding me that we are ungrateful assholes always looking for greener grass while failing to see what is in front of us /biz/

>> No.15212074

They are entitled babies. Worst part is it's against the law to kick the asses of these fuckers. So many times I want to beat the shit out of them.

>> No.15212087

Be strong, fren.

>> No.15212126 [DELETED] 

When I'm told if I can cover a shift, I say no. Fuck that.

>> No.15212338

Sunday night blues

>> No.15212474

>be my dad
>secures great lifestyle and 100k job before and after divorce
>no financial intelligence
>live better than all 3 of your kids and above y ur means for years
>company gets bought out a million times
>get laid off
>somehow have NO skills after 50yrs of wageslaving to get that 100k again at another company
>No savings
>said his investments were his kids and wife but put no work in the family besides abusing them
>now complaining he has to start from square one and live below his means
>applied for BIGLOTS at 57
>completely given up and says he will just work till he's dead
>always told me that I would work till I'm dead

>be me
>save and live below my means
>have chill job and can take off when I need to
>chill boss
>low stress life
>stack extra cash and invest
>run a side biz that's simple and makes decent money
>refuse to wageslave until I'm dead
>not miserable and bitter old fart

>> No.15212517

What do you do?

>> No.15212537

what's the side business?

>> No.15212539
File: 85 KB, 804x802, IMG_1994.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Got pay bump (<1%) and broke $30k/year (before taxes)

>> No.15212546

He’s young, I’m old

>> No.15212577

Also got a "lateral promotion" not long ago!

>> No.15212588

oh wow, don't spend those 100 dollars all in one place! i remember the year my old union negotiated a 0.7% wage increase

>> No.15212599

Kek what a bunch of useless assholes

>> No.15212601

Nobody respects a pussy

>> No.15212611

>Got pay bump (<1%)
wow that must be painful. I used to make $32400 and my boss gave me a 20% pay increase with guaranteed 3% - 5% increase in every future year. You need to find a better job

>> No.15212671
File: 218 KB, 1280x960, sadpepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>19 y/o
>work dishwashing job at carraba's
>boss boasted about the pay being $12/hour during the interview
>"it's the best pay you'll ever get for a dishwashing job"
>it's $1.50 more than min wage where I'm at
>constant workload, no breaks
>cleaning off lasagna is an absolute nightmare
>have a terrible back, aches only 30 minutes into the job, severely aches 2 hours in, crippling at 3 or more hours
>end up quitting only 3 days in, look like a pussy
>find new job at Gamestop
>same pain
>find out I can't work a standing job, and a sitting job can be just as bad in a shitty chair
>been to physical therapy, back specialist, chiropractor, had MRIs, xrays, back brace; nothing works
>tfw can't file for disability because literally no one can find out what's wrong with my back so everyone thinks I'm faking my pain
life is suffering

>> No.15212711

Oh, did I also mention that the bump was to the the new minimum salary of all employees in this position? Did I also mention that 6 months ago I received a 3.5% performance based raise? And that the performance raise was not factored into the new salary?

Basically I worked my ass off for 2 years, for a 6 month temporary 3.5% raise, only to have it wiped out by the new minimum salary I would have gotten anyway. Could've slacked off this whole time and be earning the same exact pay.

>> No.15212720


>> No.15212753

>been making money online since 14 years old
>early btc investor
>decide to go to university to study comp sci
>still making $10-$15k/mo online
>final semester, idk why im still here
>apply for grad programs at big4 because dont want to waste degree
>get an offer at big4, accept
>$65k/yr salary, no doubt long-ass hours
>starts in 2 months
>why did i do this?
>still making $10-$15k/mo online with minimal effort
>i guess to satisfy parents because no "real job" and no degree means failure

>> No.15212764

>still making $10-$15k/mo online
What do you do?

>> No.15212767

I do paid native ads promoting ecommerce and sweepstakes affiliate offers.

>> No.15212781

One more for y'all

>be me, mr wagie
>walk into office building in the morning after the weekend
>douchebag from HR is waiting for me
>tells me "congratulations anon, you're up for promotion. You will be changing to so and so new position!"
>be happy, had worked extremely hard for 2 years to earn this and feel validated
>go home and ecstatically tell friends and family
>they're proud of me
>walk into work next day
>boss tells me I've been promoted
>"oh but by the way it's just a 'lateral promotion,' just a title change since they're retiring the old one. Nothing to get excited about."
>forced to akwardly break the news to friends and family
>lose even more of their respect

>> No.15212785

Got any sources to break down how that works? Do you use your own web front or social media?

>> No.15212807

Buy good chair, work programming job from home.

>> No.15212824
File: 74 KB, 733x464, retarded.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>da juuu

>> No.15212829

I just make landing pages and find good creatives (images) to use for my ads. I pay for ads via native ads (the ads that look like articles, "5 celebrities you didn't know had plastic surgery" type shit but for selling products.) therefore I don't need any organic traffic through SEO or anything.

Check out affiliatefix and stackthatmoney for some guides and more info if you're interested.

>> No.15212837

Climb the ladder to 7 figures.

>> No.15212845


>> No.15212975

I got out at 9am this morning after a 14 hour shift, went home drank, forgot to sleep, went back to work at 5pm est, just left. I've been awake for nearly 36 hpurs, 25 of which have been spent at work.
> Being a manager is so much better than waggie
> Yes I will suck your dick mr corporate executive
> I completely understand why I can't get the resources I need to run my operation succesfully
> That new corporate HQ is totally worth it, maybe they'll send me a post card someday

>> No.15212996

I work min wage but I'm the only employee, working a simple job in a house, get to make lunch there and chill in the backyard.
It's ecommerce cleaning and photography, can choose my hours.
side biz is the same. ecommerce small store that's easy with a great niche. On my days off i look for items to sell, photograph, and cleanup and list.
Reinvesting all earnings into the business.
I have like 3 bills right now and that's it. Pretty comfy overall. Just wish I had my own house though that's my dream.

>> No.15213119

This is,
How it,
Should be,

>> No.15213137


lol just quit my bartending job. If you're sick of it, leave. It will destroy you in ways you don't even realize.

>> No.15213143

True. That's the good thing about a big4, there are lots of internal promotions available if you consistently do good work.

>> No.15213277

>be me, turn 18, get job in call center
>had no idea the hell that awaited me
>7 months in, I legitimately feel suicidal
>get off call from a guy with a really thick accent in wisconsin
>i don't fucking care why couldn't you have died for my country instead of bitching to me about it?
>phone rings
>oh god what now
>Oh I'm so sorry sir let me assist you with that toda-
>it's like this the entire call
>he's from atlanta georgia
>15 minutes later get through call i just offer him a discount and send him on his way
>supervisor comes over
>Hey anon I know that customer was difficult but you did a good job!
>phone rings
>Ha, looks like you've got another caller! Well I'll leave you to it.
>can't find this woman's account
>Um ma'am I'm so sorry but your account did not autopopulate. Can you give me your account numbe-
>can't find it
>Ma'am, I understand your frustration, but I-
>phone rings again

I'm not even black.

>> No.15213302

sounds like /pol/'s granny

>> No.15213368

>be self employed Art Director
>doing conuslting work for a big Corp the last few years.
>wake up at 6 and check Link, shave, shit, shower and eat breakfast.
>6:45 start commute
>8:00-17:00 work
>18:00 arrive home to my wounderful GF who have dinner ready waiting for me.

>only work Monday-Thirsday, make a comfy 9k a month pre tax-Jew.
>Guess I’m better off than most of biz.

>> No.15213402
File: 45 KB, 316x311, itsthekindoftiredsleepcantfix.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wake up
>commute 1 hour
>destroy my well being for 8 hours
>commute 1 hour
>come home to nothing

>> No.15213420
File: 217 KB, 750x975, IMG_1039.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15213446

literally me
escape by getting an UND masternode anon

>> No.15213515

UND as in Unification?

>> No.15213527

hey anon, look into your hip flexors..they could be severely crippling your back.

>> No.15213558
File: 34 KB, 680x591, cheerspepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

will look into that anon, thanks

>> No.15213590
File: 51 KB, 1024x576, 81d2294c1c5c3d750876c16e782e2921b070d858_hq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Search Psoas too.

>> No.15213620
File: 539 KB, 1944x1458, 67403014_10156511710114537_4108024549474304000_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jesus you guys need to move to China

> moved to China in 2016 after working $18/hr wagecuck as an "engineer" (this is after a Master's and 2 yrs work experience, BTW)
> after 6 months lock in a string of Physics teaching jobs
> on average been making $4000/mo
> current job lets me come in right before class, 8 minute commute on my scooter
> usually wake up around 9:30am
> 2 hour lunch breaks with everyone passed out in hammocks on campus
> teach 1 or 2 classes per day
> free shitty chinese food that makes you feel sick after looking at it after 2 weeks
> literally wear shorts/sandals to work 70% of the days
> free gym and shower on campus
> hang out with kids in the evenings playing Smash Bros and drinking milk tea
> ride home at 10pm or whenever I feel like it
> get a nice hotel downtown for $35/night in which my GF comes over and bang all weekend
> 1 month holiday during winter and 2 months holiday in summer, all fully paid (have $4500 coming in in 3 days)
> currently racking up $3200/mo in savings

Life is good

>> No.15213628

How do you get a job like that? I only have a bachelor's in business that hasn't been useful for a job. No interest in fornication.

>> No.15213775

Nice try, xi.

>> No.15213805

Doesn't make that huge of a difference. The poop juice is still going leak out of your anus.

>> No.15213836

then become an economics teacher. Pretty fuckin simple. Just have a tough personality if you come to China.

>> No.15213845

Be white and qualified or semi qualified

>> No.15213913

Welp. I'm finishing a bachelors in business too. My goal is just to become a 4th grade teacher. Wish I did an easy as shit education degree instead, but oh well.
Teachers get like 3 or 4ish months off with holidays, spring, summer, and winter breaks.
I feel like a retard for not considering it sooner
>inb4 idiots say "teaching is hard!"

>> No.15213955


Awesome story, happy for your adventure, really!

I am a bit confused about your $18/h US wage as an engineer though?

I live in the US and have a BSc in computer science from my home country.

> Got my first job in the US via hired.com, was offered $110K/y + stock options
> They never asked for references or GPA, but did ofc require multiple tests
> After 5 months I got promoted and $25K raise
> After 1st performance review, got $5K raise + more stock options
> Relocated so now I work fully remote
> Semi-passive extra income of $20K for selling software online

My advise: Study computer science, if you live on the US, public colleges are fine. From the candidates I have interviewed, avoid bootcamps/"coding academies" at all cost.

>> No.15213988

Currently on a train with 6 colleagues. They are all sitting together and talking. I'm sitting alone away from them and shitposting on my phone. Sums up my life desu

>> No.15214055
File: 211 KB, 700x443, 1564927438466.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A toast to you sir.

>> No.15214076

Green text story pl0x

>> No.15214077

Working in meat factories is hell.

>> No.15214112

Or web development. Colt Steele in Udemy.

>> No.15214163

15/hr is minimum wage for you guys? Wtf?

>> No.15214185

Holy shit I see it...
The internet has officially warped my brain

>> No.15214209

What do you see?

>> No.15214247
File: 3.44 MB, 2849x4215, Hillary_Clinton_3.0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>go worker is cheating on his gf with french colleague
>messages me at work from bed with this slut
>slut asks him to ask me if I want to dp her with him


>> No.15214283
File: 68 KB, 1062x947, 43789023403209.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Be me
>Early days of the internet
>learned html just to shitpost on geocities and aol
>Online buddy sees my designs, recommends me to a company
>They hire me
>19 y/o making 70/hr in 2002
>Brand new Supra
>High rise apartment
>Whores everywhere
>Spend it like it's on fire
>Snort drink and fuck every penny away
>Run out
>American Express baby
>Rack up insurmountable debt
>Too busy getting high to work
>Lose job
>File bankruptcy
7 years of living on ramen in the gutter for three glorious months of fun
Was it worth it?
You decide, /biz/

>> No.15214357

>manager has spread stories about me
what stories?

>> No.15214416

why can't you be fired?

>> No.15214420

Well at least it seems your boss is decent.

>> No.15214427

He's not one of us not and team player doesn't work well with others etc.
People make mistakes and things change all the time at the hotel but all of a sudden management is scrutinizing my actions but only focusing on bad stuff while others were getting away with murder.
Case in point: a sports team would stay regularly and one of the reception thots falls in love and types up a love letter with contact details to one of the players. Extremely unprofessional and against company conduct policies. She's encouraged to do this and no one bats an eye.

>> No.15214472


>> No.15214484

damn that sounds rough
whores will get away with anything

>> No.15214648

No doubt hopefully crypto saves me and the women can keep their new found freedoms

>> No.15214680

>10km = 45 min with car
Just use your bike, Jesus.

>> No.15215272
File: 2.73 MB, 3024x4032, 16A51109-74DA-45DF-82D9-06AED02537AC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

On my 30 min “lunch” right now checking my shitfolio...

>> No.15215604


>> No.15215622

Any more pic relateds like this?

>> No.15215945

ayy supra squad
Bought myself a supra at 17 with bitcoin money lmao. Worthhhh

>> No.15215983

LINK is unironically my last hope and I only have 3.8k.

>> No.15216069

>Get CS degree in 2010
>Spend my 20's traveling and living in different states with GF
>Work tech job occasionally, but other jobs also, sometimes no jobs
>GF & I break up, get depressed, boring few years
>Decide to get first dev job
>Quit old job las fall and spend 4 months studying and making some small programs
>Get dev job shortly after applying for jobs

And now....

>Wake up at 6:30
>Read the news, check /biz/, watch anime eps, read a bit
>Leave for work at 8:50 and bike 20 mins there
>Dick around on computer for first hour
>Program a bit
>Eat free company lunch, catered by a variety of restaurants around the city while reading news
>Program a bit more
>Read ebook and pretend to work
>Have a beer or two once 3pm comes (free beer on tap)
>Leave work at 5pm, or earlier, around 3pm or 4pm on Thurs and Fri

Salary of $80,000 + $6k EoY bonus. Rent is only $400 (live in Chicago instead of W coast meme city). Plan is to work 10 years total, hopping between jobs every 1.5 to 2 years, taking 3 to 5 months off in between jobs for NEET and travel. 10 total work years of this, trading with 40% of my salary, at 25% yearly compounding gains and I can retire with $1.5m saved at age 42, having worked very little my entire 20's.

No a bad life. Lonely still, but have friends I could hang out with more if I wanted to, also.

>> No.15216070

Start doing deadlifts. Your back muscles are too weak to hold up your weight and literally no chiropractor is telling you this because that's 90% of their client base.

>> No.15216237

The worst thing about wageslaving by far has to be the other wageslaves.
Literally why would you get mad at me about not doing my job? We all make the same shit pay and the boss is never going to give us a raise. Why do you care?

>> No.15216252

>Parents force me to look for a job
>Choose the wrong answer on the questionnaire for every application
>Tell them I got rejected from every job I applied for
>NEET for another year

>> No.15216287

I don't have a discord.
Just look for what you think people might need. I started with writing an audit app for security on webpages (checking headers, whether links are correct, integrated few open source tests into it) and turned it into a lead generator. People who were getting shit results started reaching out to me on their own, and if they didn't, I got their e-mail so I reached out to them eventually.
Just be smart about it and focus on the task at hand, the rest will come on its own sooner or later. Don't expect immediate results, just put shit out there, world is a big place, you will find someone interested in your stuff eventually.

>> No.15216341
File: 76 KB, 390x390, 1524460462102.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15216602

How much you earn per hour?
How many hours you work in a day?

>> No.15216945
File: 38 KB, 735x735, FB_IMG_1564662944534.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

20 year old AUS fag, 45K liquid cash HYSA, 60K gov job w/ 12 weeks paid holiday every year. 12K in VGS ETF.

Still feel hopeless from wage cucking.

Is this all there is?

>> No.15217368

Based Shenzhen bro. Which district do you teach. I'm Futian myself.
Truly the /biz/ dream

>> No.15217489


Kill yourself

>> No.15218283

>$400 rent in Chicago

>> No.15218701

you need to do squats fren, thought I had bad back but my muscles connecting legs to back were just weak. years of pain solved in a few months.

>> No.15219087

He’s larping

>> No.15219114
File: 916 KB, 720x857, 1531567453767.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>hate job
>part time but work 39 hours a week 5 days a week so basically full time without benefits
>nearly 3 years and hated every minute of it
>finally leaving shit job (or at least temporarily im just going on school leave at the end of the month so ill be back in December.)
>last day is the 28th
>this has been the longest month of my life
I thought seeing the light at the end of the tunnel would make work more barrable but nope its like im at the end of a marathon and suddenly before the finish line theres a tar pit I need to run through.
at least not working there will be all that much sweeter. Theres so much shit ive wanted to do but didn't have time. Im still young and im not gonna waste my youth working some min wage job

>> No.15219131

>$400 rent
5 roommates?

>> No.15219378

Probably could get an apartment for $400 in Kankakee or Rantoul. But of a drive though.

>> No.15219430
File: 584 KB, 1069x917, 1563826999884.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>labour for 5 hours on a roof carrying heavy shit up in extreme heat
>so kid we'll call it half a day say £25
>y-yeah sure

>> No.15219865

fuck that shit bro. £10 an hour or get fucked.

>> No.15219915

I'm on like £9 after just finishing a degree in accounting/finance. Fucking waste of time if i don't move up the ladder quickly

>> No.15220297

>quit college
>start blue collar job in big steel plant
>make decent money but working conditions are close to mineworkers
>find out about internal training program
>sign up
>7 years of working my way up the ladder and recieving backstabing from all sides because i didnt kiss up to the right people or wasnt part of some group of friends who are helping each other and destroying everybody else who gets in the way of one their friends jobs.
>become "white" collar employee
>pay is insane
>find out +70% of the people in management, HR, etc.. in the company are dirty leeches who dont do shit all day and get payed shitloads to drink coffee and talk shit about the blue collar workforce and think up ways to make their work harder for less pay so that they can get payed more to drink coffee
>release the company is pretty much kept profitable by the bluecollar workforce who is actually making the steel and the remaing 30% of the "white" collars who are engineers and guys who worked their way up the ladder like me and understand the process and make the hard decissions.

Its crazy, there are more white collar jobs in the plant then blue collar ones, and these fuckers are activly trying to "manage" the workforce and tell them what to do while not knowing shit about what they are talking about.
Fucking HR managers especially, they are the scum of the earth, these fuckers can fuck up so much shit in such a short time only to blame it others so easily like its the most natural thing.

>> No.15220353

not the same industry but I noticed this at a vegetable processing place. Like three people from the office actually do all the work and even do some volunteering with the hard labor with the blue collars while the rest of the office people just do nothing most of the day expect maybe change work ID's for the workers for no reason to seem useful

>> No.15220355

Also the nagging feeling that you're wasting time and should be doing something else

>> No.15220375

bro, it's dead out there. I have been on 90 a day one times with based boomer but he lives down in Warwick/Leamington Spa way. This dude is shit with money but it's the only one about. When I get enough money I am going down south west. Fuck this country.

>finishing a degree for 9 quid
I hope for your sake you climb that fucking ladder but I don't think you will.

>> No.15220445

yeah, after a while you start noticing that most of them just have a shitload of stuff opend on their workstation screen but they arent actually doing anything other then sending some random mail now and then to reconfirm something for the thousand time.
I always cringe when i have to go in to meetings with these kind of people and they just throw around a lot of words while never actually helping in any way.
they are masters at looking busy.

>> No.15220452

the loud construction all night and seeing dead babies in ice taken to restaurants and dogs is a massive turn off for me.

>> No.15220575
File: 80 KB, 644x321, 9B91EDB0-DBA8-4B2C-AFF9-FABC88FE5B89.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Everybody wakes up you faggots why even include.
>leave house 5 minutes until starting time
>show up 15 minutes late
>watch YouTube videos of sharks eating people for first hour of work morning with manager and co workers
>do work, quick meeting
>take a shit for 20 minutes
>walk across street to eat steak lunch with coupon I got from tenant event to office workers
>close 8 digit transaction picking up 1% commission split 3 ways
>still some research planned for rest of day

Am I a wage slave?

>> No.15220577

$15 IS minimum wage in some parts of the country, and cost of living rises to make it pointless.

>> No.15220738

You have no idea how humans before the agricultural revolution lived so shut the fuck up

>> No.15220779

This. I had a try-hard target me because he was trying to get some kind of promotion and thought I would be an easy target to make look bad in front of the managers.
I just walked out one day because I don't have to deal with that kind of drama for minimum wage, and I got calls from the managers for an entire week begging me to come back until they found a replacement because they had to make the try-hard work 12-hour shifts in my absence lmao

>> No.15220821

jesus fuck i'm happy i'm a neet

>> No.15220872

Just started at a new store as a manger. Fuckin tryhards are so shitty

>> No.15220912

This was last month

>Chad apprentice started, 18 years old
>Super confident but apparently had depression
>Doesn't turn up to work for day, apparently ill
>Bullshits that he had a £50k job as a developer, he quit apparently because he couldn't code (this story is bullshit)
>Takes the jobs we don't want to do, replacing monitors etc because he can chat to the girls
>starts getting girls numbers/snapchats, flirting all day, even ones with boyfriends

>first complaint - he was called to help a higher up with an IT issue, he couldn't fix it so he decides to walk out
>the bigshot says you aren't leaving until the issue is sorted out
>"Sorry I have bigger fish to fry" and walks out
>We're contractors so we technically have another employer, our employer wants to fire him but he's so charismatic he's liked by the IT director who says "He isn't leaving".
>He keeps the job, but we're in the middle of a merger so IT director quits soon after

>I get a call saying a bunch of phones have been delivered, in reception
>Chad offers to get them
>few minutes later some dude comes and says Chad is in reception asking for you
>Go over there, pick up the box - "Dude this isn't that heavy, you can carry these with your huge muscles fag"
>He says "No, look" and turns around
>Huge rip down his trousers, ass showing.
>Go and tell boss, we lol. Boss drives him home

>A week later he asks for my help sorting out an IT issue
>Go over and start fixing it while he chats to some girls
>Apparently a manager complains that he's flirting while I'm doing all the work

>We have to fix a network port behind a huge TV, we take the TV off the wall, finally fix the port and put the TV back on the wall. Turn it on
>Huge fucking crack down the middle
>We start laughing at how we fucked up so badly while boss walks in
>Boss is chill so he doesn't care that much

>> No.15220962


>New IT director is a bigshot workaholic who doesn't tolerate bullshit
>He sits opposite me
>Chad is loudly talking about how he got a girls snapchat who has a boyfriend and how she's gonna go to his place to fuck
>"She said she always wanted a younger guy, and last night I got her dripping wet"
>I try to motion him to shut the fuck up because although I get tired of his over the top arrogance, he's actually made work funny and worth the crap just to have banter
>He carries on spewing Chad bullshit. IT director doesn't say anything
>Next day Chad calls in sick (He was here for a month but spent half the time off sick)
>IT director says no, he isn't coming back

And that was the end of Chad

>> No.15221007

Yeah, why the fuck else do you think people are willing to gamble for 1000% returns? Not a lot of people on /biz/ have big stacks in crypto, unless you're an early adopter.

>> No.15221050

Fucking kek I can't imagine having a day of work like that. Here's a tip, don't give your boss two weeks notice if you're just a laborer. I did that and the fucker didn't pay me for months.

>> No.15221121

Thank you gentlemen, you have further steeled my resolve never to give in to the wagie lifestyle. Slavery cannot work without the consent of the slaves, remember this always.

>> No.15221132


>> No.15221164

>worked as part time cashier
>still new and haven't memorized fellow employees names yet
>on break
>lady who came in with a baby in a stroller and a child walks out of the store
>she was in the store for over 20mins
>break is about to end
>manager tells me to go flag her down
>see her in the parking lot unloading a bunch of shit you could find at the store into her car
>she notices me standing nearby
>starts going faster
>manager catches up
>he starts telling her that he's going to contact police
>she starts crying
>manager tells her that if she returns everything he wont contact the police
>manager tells me to bring a cart
>come back and the mother is a complete wreck
>manager tells me to start grabbing items
>situation new and awkward as fuck for me
>kid who's with her that's like 6 or 7 is sad and confused
>kid asks his mom why I'm taking their stuff
>load everything in the cart
>manager tells the mom that she isn't welcome in the store anymore
>fucking dead silence as me and manager head back to the store with the cart of items
>break is way over and manager tells me to get in a lane
Pretty fucked up experience that I was thrown into but the way he handled the situation showed me that this wasn't the first struggling mother with 2 kids he's banned from the store

>> No.15221325
File: 115 KB, 384x340, 1539783115028.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's weird to see all you faggots complaining about office work after having worked in a warehouse walking between shelves for 9 hours a day.
Can't even put an earbud on to listen to some bullshit because of safety regulations, the performance of every worker is traced and if you're slacking the supervisor will be up your ass. Thank god it's just temp summer work, the pay is totally not worth it.

>> No.15221353

you have to go back

>> No.15221400

Sadly the kind of people who will use their stroller to steal shit usually don't display very good decision making behaviors. I've seen what the allotment is in my state for a mother of one, two, or three kids as far as food stamps, and I'll tell you they ate better than I did as a cashier. Diapers, formula, milk, cheese, bread, eggs, meat, vegetables, etc and in pretty healthy quantities. I was clipping coupons and catching sales to be able to afford meat that wasn't hot dogs, and I'd ring up a food stamp family and after they paid with food stamp, they'd empty the rest of their cart full of soda, lobster, steak, candy bars, etc. And pay cash.

Not demonizing the food stamp recipients here, but I am pointing out that in most of these stealing situations, it wasn't being poor that led to the stealing. The poor in America eat like the wealthy in most of the world.

Subsidized housing, to the point of being pretty much free, daycare paid for in full by the state d.o.f.s. if needed, free health insurance, generous food stamp allotment, and welfare bucks on top of that..... and what do the welfare bucks have to pay for? What the fuck is left? Car and car insurance? Phone? There's no "need" for the stealing. Fuck that noise.

>> No.15221499

work in some grocery store for a month .
the manager knows that I cant work on fridays due to uni .she changes my shift so I have to work on a friday but does not tell me shit and then she got mad that I didnt come and tells me she needs someone more reliable .so I quit and then hear from a friend that the store got robbed at gun point a few months later.its been 4 years since then and I think I dodged a bullet in more ways than one.

>> No.15221534

I get it, man. I work in an office now, and it's its own kind of hell, but I would not go back to warehouse or factory work for anything. It is so much worse than office work.

>> No.15221629
File: 62 KB, 807x812, D50381AE-0722-47EB-B03B-ACB6F8533160.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Work as a big four accountant wage slave. I thinkt his company lied to me on the work life balance...

>> No.15221636

>Get a good job in IT.
>Only pays 30k/year but I didn't have to have any experience.
>Annual raise only covers inflation.
>Bonuses I got when hired on have been cut.
> Now have to pay for health insurance
>Making significantly less than when I started.

>> No.15221638

Someone's looking out for you.

>> No.15221646

Offices are just warehouses for people. Eventually you realize you're just on the shelf until you expire.

>> No.15221655

Agreed, office work is a kind of hell because of boomers. Most millennials can automate the processes that would make boomers obsolete.

Honestly though, fuck em. Can’t wait to see the boomers who didnt save on the streets.

>> No.15221688

>Ask for how I'm doing performance wise
>You're doing great anon, keep it up... good job on A B C
>Schedule a meeting to discuss a raise then
>Anon, you're terrible at X Y Z (meanwhile I had public praise from X Y Z on my intranet page). No raise for you, and also A B C isn't actually important (it was the literal goals).
Two faced bitches and fucking boomers.

>> No.15221717

A man with options is the most dangerous thing to an employer.

>> No.15221718

“It’s not in our budget”

>> No.15221795

Is you me? Other anons is right. You have a soft tissue problem. Usually the problem is in your ass and hamstrings. Deadlifts are king. My favorite lift. But can fuck you up worse unless form is spot on. It's really easy to lift a lot of weight with DLs with the incorrect muscles(not the ones you're trying to Target) because it's a big compound lift that uses a lot of the body, and when you have weak shit already the body will compensate with other muscles to finish the lift. This fucks your form up. Every 10° of flexion in spine exponentially increases the load in the opposite direction of flexion in disks. This is how people rupture or bulge disks in DL.

Squats are better to start. Do goblet squats to get form right until muscle memory burns in the correct movement. Google hip hinge and squats when you transition to barbell. Remember to stick your ass out, try not to let knees drift over toes, and keep looking straight ahead to avoid neck problems.

Stretch. This was the holy Grail for me. I went from DL 500 at 180 bodyweight, built like a brick for my frame(30 in waist) to injuring my back packing boulders for a retaining wall. fought all the same shit as you. MRIs, x Ray's, chiropractic work, massage, dry needling, electroshock therapy, physical therapy, I did it all. Nearly five years and no one could ever find something and say this is it. Simple stupid but stretching was it. Find hamstring stretches and ass/glute stretches. Do these first. Do them every day. After you can regularly touch the floor with your fingers when in shoes, start incorporating LIGHT goblet squats. I'm talking bodyweight to 25 lb dumbbell light. Sets of 10. Start with two days of two sets, day of rest, then three days of two sets, then two days of rest. Repeat. After second cycle go to three sets a day. After third, or fourth depending on how you feel, go to four sets. Don't increase weight.

>> No.15221808
File: 891 KB, 1794x1241, unknown-10.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Get shit job with screeching nigress manager
>Hate it, request transfer
>Get comfy job with the most laid back old nigress manager I've ever had
>Work hard for like two hours a day then stand around occasionally scrubbing a pan or helping a customer
>I'm the hardest worker in the entire department according to her
>She almost got into a fight with my previous manager because screeching nigress tried to say I'm a lazy bum who doesn't listen when she herself does literally nothing
>Store manager recommended me to corporate for managerial training, which I will not be taking because my no-show position in the electrician's union is about to be handed to me

It's looking good, boys.

>> No.15221861
File: 2.37 MB, 480x480, 1562761372643.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What counts as "wage slave" exactly? What's the difference between a wage slave and someone who just works?

>> No.15221913

You do a job because you have to survive, not because you enjoy it. Eventually the monotony takes more and more of your soul until full nihilism sets in.

>> No.15221925
File: 118 KB, 1080x1349, 1522795898858.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>truck driver
>drive 9-11 hours a day, and 1-4 a day dealing with unpaid other work
>7 days a week, any time, any weather, holidays aren't even a thing
>office leeches send out memos constantly bragging about how they're on a 3 day weekend or vacation and how much they've earned it.
>freak the fuck out if I take a day off and will call and harass me. Openly talk shit about a medical condition and how I'm "always sick" because I took off 3 days out of 60.
>been technically homeless for 3.5 years, living in a box that's legally inhumanely small for even prisoners
This 30k link better save me from this shit.
Most of you niggers have no idea what real wageslaving is.

>> No.15221935

I wish .I have met so many older guys making jokes about women and marriage but their eyes told me that those were more than just jokes.
women are scary but they are good at hiding it until its too late.

>> No.15221939

Your shit is fucked up. This is not weightlifting. It is rehab/phys therapy. Even if your muscles can take more weight faster, they are not the whole picture. Ligaments, tendons and other soft tissue is also weak and will develop slower than your muscle. If you have been fighting this for a while, you probably have reinjured it multiple times. This is not the time when more is better. I cannot stress that enough. Kid gloves, man. Kid gloves. If you reinjure again, you're fucked. Back to square one in probably worse shape. You can't pull out of a death spiral nosedive in a plane (which is you) by making a light switch manuever change. The plane will disintegrate then you're FUCKED.

Go slow. Listen to your body. If you think you should stop, that this is enough for the day. Then do. But don't stop your program. Try to get to ten sets of ten reps every workout day with 25lb dumbbell. Then you're ready for a light gym routine, which will further cement your recovery.

Most importantly, stretch. Every day. Just fucking do it. After 1-3 months of this, you should feel 100%. It's a trap. Since you've had the injuries, it'll all come back if you think it's fixed and neglect your exercises. Unless you do physical labor for a living, which might actually be a possibility once you rehab. It'll take a couple years of staying on top of this to get back to normal.
If you've had the MRIs and x-rays and no one can find the problem, it's not a disk or anything skeletal. That leaves soft tissue. If they can't find a torn ligament or something ruptured again with multiple MRIs, then it's a soft tissue injury that can be rehabbed with physical therapy.
Gym rat with physical therapy background.

>> No.15222005 [DELETED] 

ok this is epic

>> No.15222025

Is this how link works?

>> No.15222112
File: 140 KB, 1080x1349, e2cf5809ee813fdffd18a88bfbd385d48c958386545c511706539731c7071a2f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Boomer faggot glorified secretary brags about how he did what I do for 20 years. Drives a 93 Saturn and is shocked I have enough money saved to not be a "yes sir" cuck.

>everything that's bullshit or something on their end is "part of you being a business owner"
>billion dollar company runs on legal contracts misspelled and written on napkins, illegal accounting, and some redneck retard ex truck drivers.
Getting a fat lawsuit out of this some day. 3 months the left until I'm done, and with the September moon I can retire into neetdom

>> No.15222177


>> No.15222311

Boomers like you will get the rope.
Pre-agricultural humans had the majority of their time as leisure, like most animals.

>> No.15222557

Imagine being such a basement dweller you don't use social media.

Kill yourself my mans

>> No.15222567

>22 worked at a plastics factory inhaling fumes
>they didn't provide masks
> 12 hour shifts 4 days on 3 days off Nightshift
> Hot as fuck inside and loud as fuck so I go home drained and have to sleep throughout the day with noisy fucking neighbors that have 10 kids
>Loud noises stuck in my head with constant tinnitus

However never looked so good in my life

>> No.15222712

Any anons get stuck in a new place and then begin to dream about it? Thats the fucking worst

>> No.15223329

Cause they're lazy and stupid obviously!

>> No.15223353
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Oh man, how far we have come. Go back

>> No.15223394


>> No.15223405
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Subtle, I like these connection threads

>> No.15223414
File: 1.46 MB, 1200x3600, poopoopeepee2538.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15223457
File: 1008 KB, 1000x7500, smuginator.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15223480

post haircut, maybe thats why

>> No.15223501
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>used to work the front at a chain restaurant
>9 AM
>obese guy walks in with his wife
>shovels down giant plate of food
>3 PM, shift about to end
>same guy walks in, this time with what looks to be his mother

>> No.15223667

>"liquid" cash

The absolute state

>> No.15223723

>Wake up at 9.50
>5 minute drive to work
>Work for an hour
>5 min drive home
>Have to do 1 hour night shift on sun/mon as my subcontractor doesnt work
>At uni part time and hoping to finish in 3 seemsters

I fluked my way into a govt contract that pays as well as most graduate salaries but all this spare time has left me bored and unfulfilled.
I'm no longer a wagie but just as miserable.

>> No.15224678

one of the best threads currently on 4chan
doin the /bizness as usual
>wp annons

>wake up 7am shit shower make food
>commute 15 mins
>arrive at 8
>Commute 1 hour
>get order lists job lists check part allocations
>work my ass off for 3 hours
>read a book on lunch
>take a shit as soon as lunch ends
>work my ass off for 5 hours
>commute 1hour 15
>watch netflix lift for 2hours while cooking
>eat seep repeat
>mfw dont even have the energy to do anything on weekends i just sleep like 14hours
>sometimes i lie down in the shower falling asleep wondering what fresh hell this is
>mfw save 5k a year im fucked

>> No.15224732


>> No.15224749
File: 76 KB, 960x678, bro.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

forgot the pic

>> No.15224784

why does every building look like this now? It's soulless

>> No.15224787
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>> No.15224883
File: 25 KB, 400x386, 424AE9BD-B536-4403-BC05-E1AE792753CB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don’t know why these so thoroughly and consistently crack me up.

>> No.15224936

Buy gold and silver, this won't end ell

>> No.15224939


>> No.15224969
File: 297 KB, 800x3000, poopoopeepee_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because they are so childlike and pull no punches to that degree. They don't hide anything.

>> No.15224974
File: 189 KB, 772x2152, poopoopeepee267.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15224984
File: 1.44 MB, 2024x1019, poopoopeepee6498.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15225025 [DELETED] 

>wake up and start work at 8am
>drive to different stores for a living
>aprox 57 hour per week of bare minimum wagecucking
>manager told coworkers and I we aren’t working isn’t enough and 8-10
hour days are wimpy
>mfw I work 6 days a week and have no life for minimum pay and no benefits
>mfw they take an hour and a half worth of pay out of every workday due to whatever company rules.
At least I saved my pennies so I can play vidya on the job but I feel my soul slowly being destroyed.

>> No.15225040
File: 159 KB, 1280x720, 67546243.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>mfw they take an hour and a half worth of pay out of every workday due to whatever company rules.
Imagine being this much of a wage cuck.

Also, deleting your post like a pussy.

>> No.15225046

Whatever autist(s) who make these has my undying admiration.

>> No.15225057
File: 875 KB, 1653x1023, wagie late.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15225076
File: 172 KB, 688x553, wagie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15225082
File: 96 KB, 712x915, poopoopeepee64398.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15225090
File: 135 KB, 800x1900, poopoopeepee964279.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15225094
File: 94 KB, 589x1046, poopoopeepee986476234.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15225095

Fukkin based

>> No.15225103
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>> No.15225141
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That sucks. Your boss is a useless sack of shit for not helping you out with a problem you encountered "in the line of duty." Unless you have some circumstance preventing you from doing so, you should think about switching to a competitor.

>> No.15225164
File: 14 KB, 400x400, 1560018454313.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15225177
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>> No.15225206

Lost hard (again). Reminds me of the webm of the Chinese guy on a bike narrowly avoiding the speeding truck but still getting smoked by the falling lamppost: there is no escape.

>> No.15225212
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>> No.15225224
File: 1.09 MB, 800x4753, 1445349046671.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15225232


>> No.15225239
File: 7 KB, 250x201, 1559253720211.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15225241
File: 420 KB, 1400x695, poopoopeepee8634722.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15225251

>Wake up at 3:00
>Eat Pray stretch
>Go to gym at 4
>go to work
>15 min commute because all roads are empty
>clock in to work at 530
>work with chemicals that nauseate or burn
>cut rat legs all day
>cut slides all day
>print slides and organize studies all day
>Everyone there waste their time complaining and literally only do 1 1/2 hours worth of work
>they say things like "we need more workers!" and "muh PHD" and talk about 50 shades of grey all day (most of the bio fields are women for some reason).
>they try to act sexy even though they 40+ and saggy, they ask favors from me on daily, I do most of their work too, while they complain to me how much they hate this 'one' co worker.
>I literally do 7x the amount of estimated work to be done in a day
>I could probably run majority of the lab on my own.
>I am the least paid (15hr) employee there even though i do more because I don't have "muh PHD"
>Finish my things early, clock out early
>Get scolded for not being at work for 8 hours
>Get told to start scrubbing the floor clean of parafin for the left over time I have.
>the company already hires a cleaning company for a lot of money.
>Find out that company doesn't do jackshit, I'm the one cleaning everything.
>clock out, go home at 2 o clock
>sleep 10 o clock
>goes on for year and a half
>company still paying spics that even stopped cleaning the bathroom, they just make things more dirty with their ill maintained machines (all they do is take out the trash, but they do that wrong too (lab protocols n stuff)).
>Got mad
>made my own cleaning company
>Tell lab I'll make everything spanking clean
>Lab now pays me through contract
>I now get payed 70 an hour 16 hours a week cleaning that lab
>Now getting contracted with additional labs
>concern now is to teach spics how to clean well and follow protocol.

I hate lazy people, but hey, where there is laziness, there is room for improvement.

>> No.15225262

Holy fucking KEK wagies can't catch a break even on holiday

>> No.15225266
File: 3.79 MB, 800x5400, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15225274

Today was my first day slaving since April 28th. My back is killing me & i have no energy to do anything other than take a shower, eat, & go to sleep

>> No.15225280

is there a reason queers are spamming shit comics in this thread? or is it just more shitter posting just to derail a thread bs again? mods do your job and ban that queer posting shit comics
take it to >>>/lgbt/ queer

>> No.15225286
File: 267 KB, 811x1210, 1422851185795.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15225290

>wake up around 8am
>go to work to mop the entire restaurant
>Change the trash and other stupid shit before we open at 11am
>Buss tables until 4PM
>Break time for one hour but only get 30 minutes because the restaurant gets busy because of fat lards coming in midday on a monday
>Work 4:30-11PM
>Wake up at 8am next day

>> No.15225308

Fucking based

>> No.15225309
File: 42 KB, 480x360, D2D5FD48-82A8-4FFF-847C-44AC9EC911BF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>no fun allowed
Constrain your rage wagie.

>> No.15225315

>4 alarms set 5mins apart before 6am
>wake up and fall asleep until last alarm
>get dressed for work before 7am
>skip breakfast
>walk/skate to work for 30-45mins to save money
>tropical country
>get to office sweating
>stare at a screen for 8hrs in a minimum wage white collar job
>3rd world country
>minimum wage is about 11USD/day
>work is mon-sat, but at least sat is just up to 12nn
>no overtime pay for whatever reason
>toxic workmates
>just browsing 4chan when no work left to do
>walk/skate "home" again
>home is a studio type apartment with 4 bunk beds for 8 people to sleep in
>at least rent is about 70USD
>eat dinner if I don't fall asleep immediately
>repeat for 9months now

I'm currently looking for a better paying job rn, quit after a year here just to have that 1yr experience in my resume

>> No.15225316
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I count my days in remaining days of work until I can pay off my student debt and move off my mom couch. Only 65 more to go

>> No.15225346

wow you sure showed me queer posting again >>>/lgbt/ where your kind belongs wierdo scat queer

>> No.15225381

What country? That sounds like fucking hell. How do you have a wank?

>> No.15225391

What is it about the comics that offend you anon? Did poopoopeepee rape your mother?

>> No.15225492

>wake up at 4:15am
>get dressed and drink some coffee
>leave at 4:45am
>arrive at the bus stop at 5am
>stay in line for a seat on the 5:15am bus
>commute for 2h15min on said bus
>do the best I can to stay awake and pay attention until 5:30pm
>take the bus home
>around this time traffic is hell, so I take between 3h and 4h to get my stop
>finally my stop
>another 20min to get home
>get home at around 8:30pm
>take a shower, eat dinner
>go to sleep
>rinse and repeat
>yfw this isn't even a job, it's just uni
>tfw Wage: $0 (+$100 research apprenticeship scholarship)
I'm getting real tired of waking up
But at least I got my 432 linkies

>> No.15225506

Easily the worst advice I’ve heard in my life

>> No.15225589

i laughed so hard when i read this

>> No.15225617


>> No.15225805

most professional weightlifters agree deadlifts aren't worth the risk reward you're better off doing isolation exercises. The strong man champion even says he never does them. You're just asking to fuck up your back, but its your funeral.

>> No.15225870

>using social media

>> No.15225982

No, one guy who has shit deadlifts and isnt a physician is telling people deadlifts are bad on Joe Rogan.

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