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‘The three most harmful addictions are heroin, carbohydrates, and a monthly salary.’

Based Arab man

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Add pornography to that and he’s right

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An Arab in denial that larps as white. His twitter posts are pathetic.

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He's actually not an Arab but a Lebanese Greek. This makes him even more based.

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He doesn’t larp as white you brainlet pusskin.

Christ some of you are deluded. He talks about the levantine often, which is not white or European at all.

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They complain about the tone. This guy is never going to win an award for modesty and he probably thinks you are stupid and have wasted your life. And it gets worse – like that quote from Oscar Wilde that has tormented me for years: “Work is the refuge of people who have nothing better to do”, this guy reckons that if you work for more than an hour or so per day you are probably too stupid to know (or deserve) any better.

Do you hate him yet? I didn’t. I found him very amusing. Admittedly, I probably wouldn’t want to be stuck beside him on a long flight somewhere – but I don’t really go on long flights anywhere, so it doesn’t make too much sense using that as a criterion for anything.

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I thought he is a lifter

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>he doesn't lift while fasting
Never gonna make it

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he's got to be my favorite twitter lolcow right now
>he posts something retarded
>people point out that he's a retard
>"fool! I bet you don't even deadlift"
>post proof you deadlift more than him
>he blocks you

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No, I don't lift while fasting because I don't want to be a weak dehydrated faggot in the gym.

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switch carbs for porn and i would agree with that.

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can someone explain the monthly salary part

i get a monthly salary but cant fathom why its addictive

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you already absorbed the calories. if you eat before the it's not like you are using those calories out of the way. why not have a good dinner the night before and lift in the morning

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Oh my god what an amazingly stupid statement

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I believe it's stressful to workout in a fasted state, don't want to be fueled by adrenaline and cortisol. I like the full muscles you get with carbs and I just have more power with pre and mid workout sugar. Even when I did Keto, sugar was needed for results.

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I'd like to have a monthly salary. Where do I sign up?

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You get used to the comfort of the monthly salary, so you get stuck wagecucking and settle

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Who said anything about not drinking water? Fasting promotes ketosis (plus autophagy with more time) thus your body burns your fat storages as your carb reserves are depleted.

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I get what he's saying. just buy 100 eth, wait till pos, and stake it for like 5% returns (inflation adjusted $50k a year for life when eth goes to $10k from the locked up staking funds, negative issuance rate, etc).

easy to make it, even at minimum wage for a few years to start off, but if you're a retard doing shit like buying btc and spamming eth fud to cope with LN being a failure, you sort of deserve to be poor.

inb4 muh infinite supply premined pedo commie fud. if your coin was any good you wouldn't need to lie about that shit.

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You lose a lot of water during Keto, no water retention, that's why electrolytes are shilled or you'll end up with cramps. Why do you think you lose so much weight during the first week of Keto while not even restricting calories.

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Then drink water with some salt. You are right, the big drop is mostly water (at first)

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anon srsly read that back to yourself out loud

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Lebanon is not and has NEVER been "Arab"!
Hiding your thread.

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Pffft I do heroin and there are surely worse vices...

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Yeah, I did all that, but there comes a point where I want to gain weight without chugging fat and break my PRs without relying on GNG to get a measly amount of glycogen into my muscles.

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I have a biweekly salary so I'm safe.

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I get paid by the ear so I'm safe.

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Love all 3

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even that canadian whackjob eats carbs when bulking

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well if you dont know him then youre an idiot anyhow, guys pretty based

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Pick one

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A lot of IYIs ITT who are NOT antifragile.

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Will never venture out to create something real because you get maintenance +20% from your salary, you'll never leave it.

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>Even when I did Keto, sugar was needed for results.

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don't bother arguing with keto fags. Most of them are retarded lardasses who couldn't control their portions at the dinner table and, out of desperation, turned to keto. Sure, they reduced their caloric intake and lost weight, which would have happened just the same if they had eaten the same amount of calories in bread or pasta. The fact that they miraculously lost weight now makes them fanatics and they proselytize as though keto is THE ONLY way to eat. Most of them are weak bitches who can't deadlift more than 400lbs because you simply can't perform at a high level of athleticism when eating nothing but bacon and avocados. They'll point to some keto bodybuilder who is roided to the gills as evidence but unless you're also taking roids, you won't ever be able to build any significant strength on keto. In fact, keto dumps your testosterone. It dumps your testosterone harder than eating onions products 4 times a day.

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wagie cope

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who is this based man?

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Looks like a man who's all in UND.

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based Nassim Taleb, best Twitter shitposter I've seen in awhile

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nice cope nicholas go back to twitter

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Pretty funny

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