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they dont call him "Chucky" cheese for nothin' edition

Popular brokers:
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First for short AMD

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I love how someone bought 1mil of ACB shares during the last 3 minutes before close

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I am doing it boys. This week I am buying an asset which I can only sell if I am willing to take a 50% hit to my portfolio. Wish me luck.

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Good luck and congrats anon

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G-d bless

Don’t forget life insurance too

Better check /biz/ every day and rocket that 401k to ATH

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>getting married
lmao dumb nigger. enjoy your ball and chain

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have sex

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Why do people have to buy expensive rocks to prove that they love their significant other
Lmaoing @ thoughtless corporate rockdrones

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Always nice to see we have virgins ITT, really proud of /smg/'s commitment to diversity :^)

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you atleast made a pre-matrimonial contract right?

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>I didn't order the moissanite gems off Alibaba and have them set for ~1400 total

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haven't gotten that far yet.

Are you seriously such a virgin that you don't realize that engagement =/= legally married instantly.

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AMRN will lead me to Bags of Cash. So that I can return to being in the Green once again! T Babies will see to it that when I'm middle aged/ old I don't gotta worry about nothing.

This setback with AMRN could actually play right into there hands. Consider:

The hearing they'll present over whelming evidence about how good the drug is. Doctors,etc will testify. Under the assault of so much evidence what other choice will the Ass Clowns (oh my bad, the FDA) be able to make?

Big Pharma - The drug helps prevent the biggest thing to happen to people now, having The Big One, while your eating that Triple Baconator. Do you really think they'd let so much Profit this drug will make for them just vanish?

If the Ass Clowns, shit the FDA, deny AMRN and the Canada FDA or Euro FDA approve it, the FDA will look like fools.

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a lot of mad wagie cagie ball and chainies in this thread lmao. dont forget to take out the trash and take your kid to gymnastics after work ;) and dont forget to cook dinner for janet she's doing overtime for shekelsteingoyawitz tonight

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>if you don't buy diamonds you're a virgin

good goyim

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Congrats man. Hope the two of you have many good years together. But really don't bother with Pre nups, lots of times the judge will toss it out anyway. If I was worried about the future or if she was gonna try to clean me out I'd hide some of my cash and just not tell her about it before we got married.

Anything earned while married is fair game under the law. Anything earned before hand is not. So long as you hide your cash before the marriage she can't touch it if something should happen. Just don't add more to it or have any kind of paper trail pointing to it while married. It would become co mingled then, no way to tell legally who did what under the law.

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Those aren't real diamonds but ones that cost me ~$200 in total for all of them.

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oo okay

but seriously, make that contract. doesn't mean shit. if your woman realy loves you and you love her, making that contract wont give you any problems.

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Thanks for the advice man and well wishes. I wish I had ran into you a month or so earlier as I paid a divorce lawyer for advice on what to do with my money in case the worse were to happen. He pretty much said the same as you.

I am planning on leaving the bulk of my money in Vanguard and my personal bank account alone and never letting her access it once we are married. WIll probably put what I have now into a VTSAX boomer holding patter so I can truly forget it and let it sit there.

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It didn't have anything to do with your post, I just assumed you were a virgin Pendy.

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God damn, that's a whole lot of T babies you're missing out on from now on

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>Those aren't real diamonds
Good... Good.

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T-thank you for help remember
All good advice

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Hmm, been running various calculations. 24k is my target amount needed. If AMRN hits 23 per again and I sell I'd walk away with $9,200. Would take that plus 4 years and me stuffing least 4k each yr in the bank to make it up (24k)

If AMRN walks away from the FDA with approval and the stock hits $30 per I'd get 12k. Half way there to 24k. At 40 per I'd net 16k. Would only have to stuff 8k in the bank then. At 50 per I'd net 20k. Just 4k shy of hitting 24k.

This assumes nothing happens that forces me to spend even more money (large sum) before I make up that 24k.

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Still have my T babies & other positions. Would make up the amount I spent by age 40 or under. So I'd have 10 years (or more) to stuff money in the bank from the time I paid myself back the 24k before I "retired" from my job.

Net worth now is 41k
By age 40; - 69 - 70k
By age 50; 110k

This doesn't factor in my T Baby divvy income or other Divvy income. Zero debt also (aside from house) Also doesn't factor in my pension income or any S.S income at age 67. Actual net worth may be higher due to 401k performance being better than expected and me able to stuff more money in the bank than planned.

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Wtf Epstein did as Baggie should do and killed himself.

How will the market react?

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Yearly Tax Refunds - part will go towards buying more T Babies for 10 years. Rest will go in the bank.

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Why would the market care?

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If DIS stock goes on sale, I may take part of that Tax Refund and load up on cheap DIS stock.

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I thought you were joking, but it's true and straight. Probably committed suicide by two shots to the back of the head.

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Holy fuck it's true

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Godspeed. Show the kikes that marriage still has a meaning in this dark age.

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not if i marry her first idiot

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give women jewelry

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daga kotowaru

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gratz anon!!

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but I heard he was only having consensual sex with 16 year olds... why would he kill himself?

sl_ppy j_b M_ssad

give men food and footjibbers

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does anyone here buy just stocks or is everyone fancy gambling a la wsb?

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maybe 25% of us just buy stocks
hard to do a population estimate like that
only ~25% of our posters are really daytrading with lots of options or futures or in&out of levvy ETFs. maybe fewer

you know, it's a population study (like with herds of animals)
we have some people come into the threads and post about the dangerous strategies they're running. and then after a couple weeks or a couple months, we either never hear from them again, or they switch to a less volatile strategy
meanwhile the "safe" investors don't drop out of the threads as soon as something goes wrong for them, so their population is more stable and grow more easily. they can be thought of as the "mature" population of the herd

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>we love each other so much we need to get the government involved
fuck off

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thats how i see it too... if you're going to be with someone... you're going to be with them.. why inolve paperwork or the government in your love life........ something fishy about it.............

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So one of my parents just died and I'm staring down the barrel of maybe 20k or so inheritance. What do you guys recommend I invest it in?

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Rest in peace and just put it all in $VIG and forget about it.

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Hold as dry powder for the big crash. The buying opportunity of a lifetime is coming up soon

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sorry to hear that anon... put it into something safe and add to it

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Idle curiosity, why VIG and not QYLD?
Trump's not gonna let it crash
I would have thought you would tell me "buy LCl, LCl to 60"

>> No.15194954

>I would have thought you would tell me "buy LCl, LCl to 60"
i mean... i'm not opposed to it.. but if you don't understand the trade then just put it into a normie tier investment..

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>family plan

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>20k inheritance
that's it?

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you must be 18 to post here

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Mother fucker! They should have had him in a straightjacket in a padded room. That man knew things. He had info-mation.

I'm mad.

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lmao boomer cuck

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fucking moron, godspeed

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the true value of gold is shown in its ability to be given to women and they'll take their clothes off and fuck you

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make sure after she says yes you come back and tell us, i'm truly happy for you, and i don't get this empathetic very often, but shit dude the journey has only just begun and it's going to be awesome, it's not all going to be good, but you take the shit that doesn't kill you and only get stronger. I wish you and your wife or husband or what ever the best in all of your endeavors.

>> No.15195228

Yo nobody can kill me, not even me. It's like my whole existence is a fucking joke.

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>giving away your gold to get a fuck

actually irredeemable
gold, like stocks, should only be accumulated

think about it this way: you're paying her to fuck. but somewhere out there is a guy that she's fucking for free

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>think about it this way: you're paying her to fuck. but somewhere out there is a guy that she's fucking for free
this is true...

there were some bitchs at the bar the other night.. they were flirting hard with a friend and I... the one talking to my friend was married.. the one talking to me "had a boyfriend" but yet they were really trying to get at us... once fucked a random lady from a bar that had a ring on.. when i asked about it.. she said ooh it's nothing... we aren't together anymore... yeah yeah.. whatever

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I want to say Jeff did us all a favor by taking his own life. I'm pretty libertarian and I believe in the right to die. I think his crimes were terrible and i mean any sentence would be a death sentence since his age and shit. I've got mixed feelings on capital punishment... While there are crimes that warrant killing the criminal, since the system isn't perfect it will end up taking the life of an innocent person who was wrongly accused. Even if it's a 1 in a million long shot, the system if given the power will kill some one who didn't do anything.... So while there are crimes were death is justified.... it's something I don't encourage. So we need the death penalty, but we need more restrictions and it's very hard to draft the legislation needed to get a good way to regulate it. As far as pedofaggot. he took the cowards way out and didn't even look at his accusers. I think the best part of common law and how we've decided to handle this shit is the right of the defendant to face their accusers... I mean what he did was admirable since he took all burden away, as far as justice for the families and people involved, the dude basically remorsefully seppuku'd and we can all move on.

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do you even know how nice it is to be a lady and get a new fucking jewl thing that'll match some fucking outfit she likes to wear because on one night she was doing something in it with you and the fact that you remembered the whole thing and took it a step further with getting her a fucking trinket years later makes her feel... you're damn right she's getting on that dick even if you've been fighting about shit for weeks that won't matter in time anyway.

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I maxed out my margin allowance on Robinhood chasing a quick daytrade on Friday that didn't go through, I am now stuck holding those margin shares over the weekend

how fucked am I

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>*angry cuck noises*

yeah blah, blah, blah... then she takes that money you give her and runs right to her dealer... uses your money to buy drugs and fucks him for free
you can jerk yourself off about using your parents money to buy whores trinkets and baubles if it makes you feel better man

I'm sure that she's thinking of you all the time because you bought her stuff

well what is the position lad

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everybody pays in some way for their lady... Even that beer slut that's too fucking drunk to walk so you have to carry her 6 blocks because she blacked out at the bar, I mean everybody pays in one way or another, capital is capital even if it's just time and effort.

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You know if your that desperate for pussy there's an easier way. Get a hooker or the more p.c term, escort. No long term commitments. no worries that she'll clean you out in 10 years once you've made a bundle. No having to fight over who gets the kiddies or the house and cars. Just saying.

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I think you missed the point of that joke, but you can be bitter as hell. You can like think most women are whores who do drugs and shit, but I dunno maybe trash attracts trash so that's all you've been able to experience.

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235 shares of $DWT* at $7.19, have my limit sell order put in for $7.33. Current price is $7.20. We'll see how it moves over the weekend I guess. I've pretty much resigned myself to taking a loss here desu. If I have to sell at a loss I'm pretty sure I have to just add more money to RH to pay for it or they forcibly liquidate your other positions to cover it.

(*$DWT is a 3x Inverse Crude Oil ETF)

>> No.15195539

I know what all the leveraged oil ETF tickers are lol
It just seems like a pure gamble
lot of time before the market opens on Monday morning. maybe you get lucky, maybe you get unlucky

You shouldn't use margin for this kind of thing, it seems that you already realize that though. it's only like 1500, 1600 bucks though. so no big deal right?

>> No.15195564

slippage is real when you get a whipsaw like we saw last 10 days. when the broader market is acting like a leveraged etf, and volatility is as high as it has been.... shit I'm like bearish on crude too, but damn i mean those are great instruments to trade when shit's calmer, but man we've seen some serious swings on everything... I just I'm going to continue to drink my gin and tonic. I mean if you're using margin, yeah they'll ask for more money, but I don't trade in a margin account. It's like just cash.

>> No.15195577

I was trying to get you mad, maybe it didn't work haha
I really wasn't projecting. If I'm honest, I haven't even had the chance to be friends with druggies since like high school, I moved a couple times and I've been surrounded by nerds
It might sound sort of weird, I actually wish I could find some trashy people to be friends with and go on fucked up adventures with again
my life now is boring and sanitized, I need a couple of the hippy druggy chicks to come back around like they used to. I think they are all further into the city, I live way out in the suburbs ;(

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Slightly better CAGR and it's been around a while:


>> No.15195630

crude prices swing like crazy, but as far as wti, the markets are flooded, and we've got a high supply that is only going to go up global demand for the product is shrinking, prices should come down until we hit a point where it's cheaper to leave it in the ground and not touch it. we're not there yet, but i think like oils just going to decline all the way, and home heating oil is probably going to be like 2 bucks maybe like 2.20 a gallon this winter. it's going to be cheap as fuck, as more and more homes switch over to the LNG and don't use the heating oil, i mean that's just less demand. we've got a market that's trying to be efficient with the oil, these hybrids that get like 50 60 miles to the gallon, while we're increasing supply of the shit as well. prices follow suit, while you don't see it at the pump so much because of how much states end up taxing gas, you will see it in the raw materials prices that we trade around.

>> No.15195663

>It just seems like a pure gamble

It was.

I'm bearish on crude too, and there was a massive spike in crude prices on Friday, so I figured I might try to make a quick buck once the price normalizes... but we'll see if it pans out. If I make money on it I'll probably pick up some LNG to hold onto until winter hits.

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dont get falseflagged frens

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> insurance
Not really a thing anymore, they typically recognize domestic partnerships.
> taxes
No, not at all. Your income now doubles if she makes money too = higher bracket
> trusts
Has nothing to do with marriage
> family plan
What does this have to do with marriage?
> estates
Yeah, you don't "have" to have a will if you have a wife and die first. So what? You should have a will anyway. I got married because it's what's expected of me and I was young. I don't regret it, but I wish I understood more about it before I went into it. The big thing is this - do you believe that the government should have anything to do with you love for another human being? Honestly it shows a certain level of deference that I'm no longer comfortable with. You'd be better off getting power of attorney over each other, for medical reasons and so forth, then you would getting married.

>> No.15195699

yeah natural gas season is here, this is when we can accumulate for our seasonal trade on that shit. its a great play we can make every year like clock work.

>> No.15195711

iits fucking mid august and us assholes are thinking about winter. this is truly what markets are about.

>> No.15195720

too be honest though, i'ma wait and watch before i go long.. we have so much time, but mid september i'll be making an LNG move.

>> No.15195735

>I've got mixed feelings on capital punishment...
The true libertarian should be asking under whose authority does the government kill. They work for us, right? So when they want to end their working relationship they just kill you? If the crime warrants capital punishment that decision should be left up to, and administered or directly financed by the victims family. A government for the people should not be killing the people.

>> No.15195748

Thank fuck my house is on natural gas. I'm not joking the highest my bill has ever been was $145. This was back during the real bad winter a few yrs ago. The low is under $30 (I've got a gas water heater)

V.S my old house that was on propane. The so called budget plan would run me $125 a month.
So yeah...

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Chucky cheese

>> No.15195868

well in jeff's case his authority took his life, and i support that. i'm thinking as far as liberty and shit, like what the government's job really is... We do govern ourselves to a point, but society can't function because of how tribal and clique oriented everything is. Like theres so many diverse views about how a person is supposed to be, and every culture has this and expresses it within its self. There's self governance in these cliques and shit because of maybe an unwritten code of ethics. Like ways to appeal to a group are always there, but there's 100s of groups and the appeal factor it's different, but smiles and laughing are kind of universal, how to invoke that emotion from an individual depends on many cultural influences. I mean I'm sorry I dodged the question, as far as government working for us, fundamentally this is true. I just feel government has 3 jobs. It has to set laws and enforce them. It has to re-evaluate its self making sure it's making laws and enforcing them. then iit has to re-evaluate the laws and adjust them

>> No.15195904

Yes, I agree. But I'd say that their authority is only the sum of the authority of all of those cultural groups, because it comes from us. Therefore, their force used against the citizen is a civil war, and one that no one wins without a cost.

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>> No.15195975

they switched him out. decoy gommited superslide.

>> No.15196009

Bullshit! He was supposed to name names first.

>> No.15196013

Kek, no they killed him. He knew who all the bodies were. The thing is if he wanted to remain a meme forever he did exactly what he needed to do. I'm impressed. AOC is calling for answers almost as hard as /pol/ is. He united AOC and /pol/.

>> No.15196028

LMAOing at this crap, take it to /pol/ you incel.

>> No.15196039

I don't want to buy natty gas until it hits $2 or lower.

>> No.15196040

yeah the situation is some cultures don't mix on a fundamental level, and that's really the root cause anger and all wars/conflict. you can see it through out history. go back to like spanish concistators or what ever in mexico, and how they basically burned all the mayan records, look at the crusades, look at what happened to ancient egypt, look at modern times with book burnings, pulling down statues, and even the censorship in social media. it all comes down to conflicts within culture... I mean even today you've got muslim internment camps in china, the chinese force these people to eat pork, sell cigarettes and liquor openly on display, which is totally against culture, but it's mandated you must do this... shit's fucked all over the place, but you've got authority iin your life and just fucking do what ever you want.

>> No.15196055

he had the right to remain silent.... i mean this investigation kind of ends here, and you're riight the entire reach and the whole mountain of crimes.... we know he didn't do it alone, but yeah so many more people are now exonerated because of his suicide.... who the fuck knows...

>> No.15196059

>He united AOC and /pol/.

That is very impressive. It's true.

>> No.15196072

Whoa, I was wrong, looks like that inheritance is closer to 40k. Good lord I might actually make it

>> No.15196113

I have a wife and four kids. I just like to shitpost.

>> No.15196121

I'm going to buy the suicide. If you are a fucking billionaire who was banging fucking virgin pussy all the time, had a private island and jet, mansions and shit.... Now you've been stuck iin a box for 2-3 weeks, and you know you're guilty as hell of the crimes brought before you... What do you have to live for? You got denied bail so you're not running, nobody is going to save you. He took the easy way out... I can truly buy his suicide, and it wasn't like a murder cover up so he wouldn't talk. Honestly put your self in his shoes, a pedophile... how can you come clean and talk.... It's like he just defiled young girls not even women, and well yeah there's other names who were involved, but shit case is closed.

>> No.15196173
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I like it

invest it well, make sure your kids inherit more than 40k

>> No.15196209

i've been arrested lucky for me i was just drunk and when i woke up i was free, but to know that's all you've got left, and if you're an ambitious person like him, fuck ending it is probably worth

>> No.15196223

24 hours a day 7 days a week.... i'd probably kill my self day 3

>> No.15196229

If no Dead Man's Switch triggers in the next 48 hours, it means:
-he didn't have a DMS
-his DMS didn't trigger properly
-someone was able to prevent the DMS from triggering

someone paranoid and powerful like Pedo Jeff who had been blackmailing people for years would almost certainly have had a DMS mechanism of some kind. He may have deactivated it before being taken in.

Anyway, we also have to see what happens Monday morning: do the feds open up dozens of new investigations of all the people he was linked with, or do they just let it slide? If no new investigations are opened up I think people are going to raise hell

>> No.15196231

What is social contract theory?

>> No.15196247

Yeah, I know. But it is great conspiracy fuel. I do wonder how much the hatred for him had to do with the fact that this was allowed to happen. If he's under suicide watch there's supposed to be no way. Some jails/prisons actually put people in straightjackets during their monitoring. I'd be willing to bet someone looked the other way during this. I also have to wonder why he wasn't dealing, from everything I can tell his whole procuring business was just a big blackmail scheme anyway - it's not like he was too moral no to, he could have at least lived his days in a comfy as federal prison which is probably better than death, even for a billionaire.

>> No.15196252

stagnation and monotony kills ambition, and creativity can only hold out so long.... waste of time, i'll just stop using the oxygen, and let my self decompose and do what ever you want with my corpse.

>> No.15196266

> contract
I believe the word you're looking for is compact.

>> No.15196270

yeah that's the fishiest part
>he's under suicide watch
new york's finest doing an excellent job once again.

>> No.15196286

You really are dumb aren't you? Don't talk about political philosophy if you have no clue.

>> No.15196300

At least wait for the fucking sentencing and see how long you have to be in prison with good behaviour before you fucking take the exit route.

>> No.15196301

You really are dumb aren't you? Don't talk about political philosophy if all you can do is parrot terminology from a 100 community college course.

>> No.15196305

prison sucks, and there's no facility that can glamourize it, it's fucking bad... it's where the worst people go, your peers are other criminals, yes there are white color crimes, where you didn't kill people, but that murdered who fucking killed people, he's your peer, and you're now equal.

>> No.15196320

nah, dude was guilty as fuck, i mean he had fake passports and was a serious flight risk.... he didn't want to talk, and wanted to take everything he knew with him... I can respect that, even if I don't respect the man for his crimes. I'ma do an S... S no respect for the asshole

>> No.15196331

Last night, my friend went behind the bar and took a rode soda with him. Basically he stole a beer, and I called his ass out on it.

>> No.15196338

That’s what I’m saying. Plead guilty, see what the maximum sentence is and kill yourself if it’s a life sentence. If it’s a light sentence you only got to wait a few years before you can spend you billion dollars and shit.

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Reeee the thread on biz was deleted, yet on pol it was stickied!!!

>> No.15196390

no... like he was denied bail and shit, the justice department had all the evidence they needed, his lawyers are always going too say fight it we got your back, but he didn't want to go to trial, his laywers do the talking in the court room for him not him, he's just a pawn. maybe more like a rook or queen, but at that point he went from being the king, to a pawn, and its so demoralizing and humiliating... I'm sorry justice isn't fully brought, but if your like 60-70 years old, a 20 year sentence for his crimes would be considered light, yoou're still dead when you get out... it's not like he's fucking 20 years old.

>> No.15196411
File: 75 KB, 286x327, 1541386713617.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

did not he surrendrer volunteerly, so what is the point to take a flight to usa, go to mcc and kill yourself before trial :D

>> No.15196436

i dunno i was going to do something else, but started chatting with you guys, and i'm kinda here.. the thing about conspiracies and shit... you don't just get 100s of 14 year old girls with out help. and he must have had help. Where was the help... boys & girls clubs of america? I mean how did he get these girls to his private island? He had a pilot for every flight on his jet, had a flight log, should have some documentation there and a bit of a paper trail. Donations the record can show where he was and wasn't... we need to look closer at who was taking his money, we're his outflow of capital was going twords because that's all we got now is just a paper trail.

>> No.15196440

Are you dyslexic? Plead guilty to the charges and fast track it. Get a sentence and see what is before folding. Folding before seeing all the cards when you are all in is retarded.

>> No.15196451

Yeah, I'm a little surprised he's not taking down people with him though. When the king loses his crown sometimes he lashes out with whatever he has left. Maybe he's "better" than that, maybe he knows it's going to come out, maybe he was silenced in a legal or extrajudicial sense. There're going to be a lot of questions for a long time.

>> No.15196460

he thought he might get bail, and they just wanted to talk.... and the warrent was there... he was outmanned and out gunned, if you had to bunker in, but you've got 12 year old girls with diamonds, but you got m16s on the other siide of the wall... the choice is clear, don't do the death by cop thing, that's that's why cops get bad raps.

>> No.15196467

if you're going to kill yourself, you have to take whatever chance you can get. you can't assume you'll get the chance later

he just happened to find a perfect window where the guards were pulled and the cameras were off
and if he kills himself now, he can't testify or sell anyone out for a deal ;^)

>I'm a little surprised he's not taking down people with him though
he can't if he gets killed... lol

>> No.15196477

>boys & girls clubs of america?
The Clinton Foundation. Do you even /pol/?

>> No.15196480



Private prisons would NEVER have let this happen. GEO would have given him an air conditioned cell with access to a FLAT SCREEN TV and kept him alive to stand trial.

His victims have been robbed of their chance at having justice and the system finally on their side, all because they couldn’t let the private sector do what it does best: everything.

GEO to the moon...

>> No.15196485

his lawyers handled his plea... do you want the case, the mountain of evidence? it's kinda stupid how our law works because it's not public record... we don't have common law anymore because of democrats.

>> No.15196493

i bet some of those women were only piissed off because they never got to see him again...

>> No.15196522

yeah, most charity fundraiser things are retarded and just stupid money grabs... I got invited to go to a VFW post, for a fundraiser for get this children separated from ice and shit. They're using the vfw venue, to do this shit... I mean I'm here in new england, and shit... bring back olde england. where james is king and says fuck you im having kidis.

>> No.15196544

how much money will actually be raised? WHERE THE MONEY GOES!
fundraisers are the best ways to launder money.

>> No.15196545

I bought a Moissanite engagement ring for somewhere between $400-700. I thought it looked real nice. My then-fiancee got lots of compliments and people assumed I must have inherited it. She never wears it any more. Moral of the story is don't spend a single penny more than you have to on stupid stuff like engagement rings. Only do the bear minimum to keep up appearances for yours and your fiancee's sake. Save your money for things like stock. Remember, for the price of even a cheap engagement, you could buy 100 shares of
a quality stock like LCI for example.

>> No.15196577

ii mean i love black market shit, and money laundering and bribing politicians... it's fucking great like some dude from fairfield CT was arrested for dumping and paying off politicians, the politicians he paid off were not named in the statement, but connecticut used to be really fucking cool, now we've just got 3 things, and democrats want to kill 2 of those three things.

>> No.15196596

Democrats want to kill the submarine museum?

>> No.15196600

there's plenty of pretty rocks that are relatively cheap... you have to know your jewl guy and get him to make it. I got a jewl guy he's allowed me to sit at his passover table for sedar and shit.

>> No.15196609

no democrats want to stop building submarines...

>> No.15196614

honestly im just gonna hand forge the ring myself. I figured if i really love someone, i'd put in the effort to handmake that shit - one of a kind. Prolly make it out of a nickel aluminium alloy

>> No.15196617


>> No.15196628

keep your self safe too freind I love you

>> No.15196651

Take your communist shit over to /lit/

>> No.15196660

owning the means of production is literally a 100% capitalist wet dream

>> No.15196666

i have 0 experience in working with metal... forging and shit, i have ground shit with like a belt sander and secured in a vice, but real welding. i guess a little soder shit with like taking old dreamcast controlers apart and building sticks, ciruitry sodder, little experience there too... damn i didn't finish my project, but wiith all the new technology i could build a sick coffee table you can play games it's got joysticks and uhh i dunno iif you everr played warlords, it was like multiiplayer pong but the table is desined with the face as the glass, we've got this and iit can be so much more.

>> No.15196683

checked and /diy/pilled

>> No.15196685

Fair enough

>> No.15196693

Is there any way to distinguish a bull trap from a normal dip?

>> No.15196697

That’s news to me. Everyone thinks the Dems want to defund the military, but they increase military spending just like the republicans. Could you imagine if they tried to pull the bullshit trump is by redirecting military spending to build a giant concrete bullshit?

Fuck, they really should’ve gone high-tech and used a drone force instead of try to build a fuckkng 20th century wall.

Why are we still building submarines? We can’t need that many more of them. Stealth bombers are much higher priority to me.

>> No.15196707
File: 66 KB, 270x360, 1559238720659.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I might get killed for making this post but you guys deserve to know the truth
If they tell you I committed suicide don't believe them

Jeff Epstein was a victim. He was just a manipulated tool in the games of a secretive and extremely global cabal. There is an elite group of extremely powerful lolis who control the world from their tropical islands. These devious little girls use poor, hardworking men like Jeff Epstein to further their nefarious plots. He was just a tool to ferry them around, and to trick and bring back other victims: innocent, hardworking men in the fields of politics, entertainment, and finance.
And I'm sure the lolis will, again, get away with their crimes without any punishment. Only a very small and cute girl, trained as an elite assassin, could have climbed through the vents at MCC NYC and killed Jeff this morning.

I might be on the run for a couple months guys. It's been real, I'll try to check in
If you listen to anything have to say hear this: if a cute young girl tries to convince you to go anywhere private with her, don't go. If any guy you don't know well wants you to go somewhere with him and there are young girls waiting, look for the exits and make a move. Don't just be another statistic

>> No.15196709

That would be owning the forge and the materials, and contracting a craftsman.

Division of labor and specialization are of major importance to capitalism.

>> No.15196722

for a second i thought you were getting married too... but like tech has come so far.. my old schematics and designs ii drew up were like using old crt tvs since they were so damn cheap, it's like the touchscreen is kinda what it needs, and damn i'll fucking make it... i forgot i had this great thing, i'll put a mini fridge in it, damn that coffee table will be dope. you can't sleep under it, but you can have it play music and have sex on top of it with what ever lighting pattern that's mood setting and provocative enough.

>> No.15196772


>> No.15196779

well you got senators on record back peddling, but mostly chuck the schmuck saying there's a manufactured crisis, while we're actually being overrun... the democrats say they would give free healthcare to everybody, but work in those countries and keep them from fleeing, we'll they're coming for the free healthcare, so your solution is to invest in free healthcare in these other countries, while not changing status quo

>> No.15196804

the best way to look at the forming candle is news and sentiment. the genuine feeling is worth more than any media or piece of paperwork, because the markets run on emotion.

>> No.15196811

The moral of the story was to put the minimum money and effort. Try to find a relatively nice looking ring, possibly with some kind of substitute stone (such as moissanite) for a few hundred dollars. It will get you through the engagement. Write it off as part of the costs of doing business.

>> No.15196823

Stranger danger. Never accept free beer and classic rock CDs from strange lolis.

>> No.15196842

I like this song

>> No.15196856
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GALT has now seen preferred shares converted to common. P3 submitted. Billionaire backed. Rights offering settled.

Everything is in place for a buyout. At most they wait for FDA acceptance but no need to. Then sold. Bought out. Moon mission. If you don't own GALT you do not deserve to make it.

Writing is on the wall. Knowledge is power.

>> No.15196870

I'm thinking of applying to an internship at Jane Street. Does anyone here have prior experience there?

>> No.15196887
File: 37 KB, 337x359, 582EFF29-42C8-41F2-8597-E64567613A92.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dems are trying to stop building submarines? That’s news to me. Everyone thinks the Dems want to defund the military, but they increase military spending just like the republicans. Could you imagine if they tried to pull the bullshit trump is by redirecting military spending to build a giant concrete bullshit?

Fuck, they really should’ve gone high-tech and used a drone force instead of try to build a fuckkng 20th century wall.

Why are we still building submarines? We can’t need that many more of them. Stealth bombers are much higher priority to me.

>> No.15196907

Nigga I already have options planned out for summer 2047

>> No.15196923

the sad part iis this post is true... once you're in the 1% the next 1% is 99% better, and eventually you end up at the top of top of the top, the 1% of the 1% and the top of the 1% it's seriously a place and any purge is going to be bad, so the best sales tactic, is make your customer already want what you got.. it's easy works from cars, to drugs, jewelry anything.... there's so much involved and it's a tightrope and a balance... you have to know were the fulcrum is and adjust to maintain the balance, and that's fundamentally trading.. Traders are the fulcrum on the balance beam that is supply and demand..

>> No.15196941
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What's the best thing to do with +-$300 a month if i were to cash out in 5-10 years?

>> No.15196944

Think god my state has low col. I make shit. But I make it go far. After tax/deductions/401k contribution I bring in $1540 monthly. Wife brings in about the same amount.

Mortgage - $400.00
Nat Gas - $145.00 (Various, $30 - 145 depending on weather + water heater)
Gas - $90 monthly
Auto ins - $205 (Full coverage on 2 cars)
Auto service -$ 200 (Oil changes yearly on 2 cars)
Utility * - $410.00 (Various, depends on weather/usage)
Food - $340.00 (Me/Wife/2 cats)
Garbage -$50 (twice yr)
Phones - $70 (hers/mine)

* electric/water/sewer/cable/internet

Total = $1910 monthly

Remaining - $1170 a month to cover misc shit and to save. She contributes to her work 401k as well.

>> No.15196963

They would redirect military spending to 'healthcare' which means it goes into their friends pockets. I'd rather have a symbolic wall.

>> No.15196965

submarines are unironically some of the only ships we should be building

they are can be used as the new aircraft carriers, but for drones that can be launched vertically
they are harder to kill than aircraft carriers and can't be tracked with 99% of satellite observation (basically no one but the US has that tech, and it only works for shallow depth patrols)
they have a harder time crashing into merchant vessels (the navy has had a rough time with that recently)

basically if you want to get a decent amount of drones to a theater of operations quickly and quietly, you have to airlift them in (visible, but quickest) or drive them over with a sub (takes longer, but element of surprise)

what we really should do (no politician on either side would agree to this) is cut government spending on the military and on federal handout programs symmetrically. Not one or the other, none of the "you spend money on missiles so why can't we have free healthcare" or "you give trillions to poor people for decades and they're still poor, let us buy missiles instead". Cut both significantly, and cut foreign aid to zero. That's my word

1170 -> 36 T babies a month
retirement secured

>> No.15196977

dude you're already ahead of like at least 90% of couples... the fact that you drew out a budget, it's like what are your goals now? I'd just pay off the house and debt, but man that's fuciing awesome. You guys going to make some babies? like children are an expense too, but budget and save for them as well.

>> No.15197017

honestly i'd take have of the net and throw it back at the mortgage, and pay off that fast and look for other opportunities, but i don't want to be buying reestate right now because i'm the guy that scoops up shit cheap when shit is stupid. i think we're kinda at an apex in a curve for realestate but it's all location and supply demand.

>> No.15197064

AMRS. Every month all the time. This is finally the moon mission. They're going to have more products every year and higher production rates from here until forever. Novel uses for the technology will be discovered as companies continue to come to them with problems to solve.

>> No.15197066

>I’d rather have a symbolic wall
Uhh... why?
At least healthcare funds research and shit. I don’t think “free healthcare for illegal border crossers” is a real thing, once the primaries are over that will be jettisoned, because it’s dumb.

Also, Bernie and warren are pretty transparent that they would be increasing taxes to pay for it. Meanwhile trump thinks he can increase spending while decreasing taxes, which is how you build debt.

That’s not even the discussion, I don’t know why you think that would happen, but it’s irrelevant. As I keep saying, the discussion should be about whether or not a big wall like trump wants to build is a good investment. I really don’t believe it will be, it’s going to be a bitch to maintain, and it’s not going to return a whole lot. We could decrease migrants with drone monitoring + existing border guards.

Wall is just something big trump can put his name on.

>> No.15197103

>honestly i'd take have of the net and throw it back at the mortgage
That really depends on the interest rate. Mine is at 4.25%. You can beat that in straight divs. Of course you leave yourself exposed if you can't cover the mortgage during big life events, but that's what you have an emergency fund for.

>> No.15197109

Basically the plan is to get as financially secure as we can get so that when we retire, well I'll be hitting that mark first, we both won't have to worry about paying for shit or going back to work to cover shit.

Also to avoid going into the debt trap. Right now the only debt is the house and ideally I'd like to keep it that way. The cars, hers and mine, are paid off. Thanks to my workplace I'll be able to "retire" at age 50 and get a full pension.

The yearly tax refund is going to be split starting this coming tax season. Half to buying T babies, the other half in the bank. Might also load up on more DIS stock if it tanks hard. Plan to do that for least 10 years straight.

>> No.15197130

i think throwing all the spare cash at the debt is the best way to get out of it... I've been debt free, but honestly debt sucks, and i hear people talk about credit score, when i'm like shit i got cash and just buy what i need.

>> No.15197146

Interesting, but I can’t get behind foreign aid to 0. Some of that is a good investment, you’re just distracted by the majority of it that is set on fire (wasted in Africa)

It is in our interest to have stable foreign governments that can police their own citizens so we don’t get migrants from Venezuelan collapse fleeing all over South America, or MS13 and other cartels beheading journalists, digging mass graves, and sending people panicking across our border.

That probably means conditional aid, basically good boy points.

>> No.15197158


>> No.15197167

I 100% agree with you for everything but a mortgage and (possibly) a car payment. With cars I take the shortest loan duration and pay off extra bits here and there. My mortgage still has 180k and 27 years on it. If I start throwing extra chunks at it I'm really spending my today dollars so that I can make my last payment in 2040 dollars, cause I'm guessing that 8 years is the best I could really cut at this point and still live comfylike. I'd rather make 2040 dollars then spend them if that makes sense.

>> No.15197172

well, so i'd take half of that 1k a month or what ever and throw it at the premium on the house, and take the other half and put into like an s&p fund or you can go with like a nasdaq fund... honestly the nasdaq will do better, but you need an emergency savings, so don't use the market pay off the mortgage and build a cash net, and invest small, like 100 bucks from that a month, until you can get out of debt and ultimately achieve your goals.

>> No.15197195

you ever go to a car auction? get a stupid deal sign and sell the fucking same car the same day and make money? taxes done twice the state wins, but everybody wins.

>> No.15197224

bro but they make weed. the bad stuff. ah well you know what they say, the only people who profit from drugs are those who don't use.
On another note i appreciate the input but going all in one one stock isn't something i'd like to do.

>> No.15197255

Sometimes I think I actually saved more when I lived out in the middle of nowhere even though my monthly bills were a bit higher. Guess cause there weren't so many temptations around (Fast food/stores) and cause getting anywhere would take 20 miles at minimum so gas costs would eat you alive.

>> No.15197256

I'm honestly feeling AMRS just a little bit
How heavy into it are you? I'm under 1% of my portfolio

3.875% ;^)

>> No.15197308

i turned down a 3.5 because of 3.4 and ended up flipping the property for an extra and netted 23k, but damn i was ready to live there, iit was just stupid.

>> No.15197314

>guaranteed 4.25% annual return on every dollar of mortgage paid off
Are you hoping for debt forgiveness?

>> No.15197347

debt is bad, but you can used borrowed money, but you really shouldn't have to... Like my property i paid 120k cash deal shit i've put probably 80k into it, my insurance adjusters value it at over 2.5 mill.

>> No.15197354

how do i secure a first time homebuyer loan on awful credit? all i have to do is show them my income and such yea?

>> No.15197400

I'm at 20% AMRS, I didn't mean to go so high but it's been so cheap for so long I tend to drop the premium from my covered calls on it a couple hundred at a time. I really have faith in the company, the way they're using this tech and the process they have in place to develop more products without really even trying is truly impressive. The only downside at this point is the dilution, I can't remember what the exact numbers were but during the last conference call someone asked what the expected dilution was and the CEO threw out a number of the outstanding shares before deferring to the CFO who told him he was about 50 mil short in his count if that tells you anything. Still, they have money coming in. Short term issue may be that they haven't put up Q1 or Q2 this year yet due to their accounting issues. We're expecting numbers in sept and a possible revised 2018 Q4. A couple misses there could cream them short term, but I think it's more likely that the analyst numbers will be about right and they'll rise just on investor sentiment that they're getting their shit back together.
CBD isn't weed. It's shitty holistic medicine and good money.
> 3.875%
This is purely preference, but unless you expect to be income free at some point I would worry more about growing your assets then paying ((them)) off. You would more than double that % in the SPY assuming the blood magic keeps up.

>> No.15197419

i hate it taxes suck, and suck me bone dry. i get fucked all the time by taxes, and son of a bitch. i don't own my property because if I don't pay my taxes i'm kicked out and the shit goes to forclosure, but that's where stupid things happen. always lowball and negotiate price, always lowball, the worst thing that can happen, you get a yes and you named your price and saved. you can walk away from a deal, but always start with a lowball, and it's negotiations it's not a super liquid thiing like etf, you got a home, but damn, you get a piece of land, build build build. i think i'm going to do a geothermal thing and basically make a powerplant from my house next thing i buy.

>> No.15197422

Kind of ass-backwards but I'm building my new place for around $400k, financing myself and then I'm gonna get a 15 year. Looks like it's a decent time for rates.

>> No.15197423

>Are you hoping for debt forgiveness?
No, I just believe in myself. Also you missed my point of today's dollars vs future dollars. I'm not paying it off anytime soon, the dollar value of the earliest I could pay my mortgage off is quite different from the dollar value today. Especially when Yaaasss Queen Madam President AOC makes MMT a reality.

>> No.15197432

yeah they'll as for the w-2 and you've got bad crediit so they coould deny you... they want to see income and you could use bluechip stocks as collateral, you have to talk to your bank.

>> No.15197438

honestly builder loans are cheap, and you're right with this market.

>> No.15197446

How do /smg/ threads keep getting quads?

>> No.15197462

Minimum credit is something like 635 typically.

>> No.15197467

taking on the debt for a place to live is 100 times better than renting and playing the pay check to pay check game.

>> No.15197470
File: 284 KB, 597x700, DUDEzenLMAO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

...Why not start building good credit?
Get a secured credit card from whatever your bank is, use it for regular (bills that are the same every month) and set up an automatic transfer for those amounts every month, if you can't be bothered to do it at least once a month.

That's pretty much how I went from credit-invisible to... 780 this month (dropped 5 points for no discernible reason...)

Shit I keep forgetting to get a real credit card so I can get some rewards.

>President AOC
weak bait

QE might indeed result in massive gains from putting that money in the market, but it's very uncertain compared to a god-bond (paying off your debt so you're no longer paying compounding annual interest)

We're based, but unironically.

>> No.15197477

because chainlink sucks and the stock market is more business than like the rest of the board can compare.

>> No.15197488

> 20% in AMRS
You really like to live dangerously

>> No.15197492

>QE might indeed result in massive gains from putting that money in the market, but it's very uncertain compared to a god-bond (paying off your debt so you're no longer paying compounding annual interest)
Find me all the 20 year periods where the S&P didn't beat 4.25%.

>> No.15197501

i have a 634 transunion and a 637 equifax.
what card should i get? i use wells fargo but there's a credit union within walking distance to my house. Can i just walk in and get an account and all that jazz?

>> No.15197546

>i have a 634 transunion and a 637 equifax.
Kek, just open up a credit card like the other anon is telling you and then don't spend a dime. You'll get a bump if you don't already have the credit.

>> No.15197570

when i was in highschool i had an oldschool teacher.. dude was teaching there forever, i was one of his last classes, after that, he was done, the dude taught history, first day of class he's like ok we're topics of the 20th century, where do you want to start. so we basically went from the end of ww2 through korea, vietnam, conspiracy theories with jfk, and 6 months later, we're fucking at the end of the 80s... it was 2005, iraq war was on, we had captured saddam i think, hurricane katrina was the news, but i mean he had to teach us kids about walter cronkite or what ever. shit that was your news, he talked about cheating in the uhh game shows, we talked about tons of war.. I hated how stupid half the class was, i feel like if you could breath you get an A in that class, but there was this blonde girl... damn i wanted to fuck her. every fucking day she had her ass hanging out, different panties, sometimes no panties... I never wanted to cause problems with her and her boyfriend.... You want the best shit just go out there and make your own life.

>> No.15197571

>You really like to live dangerously
Not too dangerously, everything else I have is pretty well diversified. Like I said in my post, they have a lot going for them and I truly believe they'll be a multi billion dollar company in the next couple years.

>> No.15197611

You have to use the credit though. Just buy some gas or something

>> No.15197613

Come back and make a thread on it pussy

>> No.15197624

kek I literally got a Wells Fargo secured credit card just because I bank with them.

Oh, secured credit card means basically you give them $500 for a $500 line of credit, because they don't know if you're a deadbeat. If you are a deadbeat and fail to pay off your credit, they use that money to pay off your balance so they don't get fucked when you declare bankruptcy.

Pretty sure there's no fees associated with it, just an easy way to build credit at the same bank you already use. Keeps things simple, I just transfer money over from my checking account a few times a month (just being careful) to make sure the balance is paid off.

>don't spend a dime
pretty sure you have to use it for it to be helpful. I use mine to pay for my gym membership, Health insurance dues, crunchyroll :^), whatever groceries or parking meters I have to use, etc. Unless you're overspending so you have to carry a balance, there's no real problem with using it. Though some gas stations charge more for gas than for cash/debit, so I usually use cash or debit to save a few bucks.

I'm thinking about switching my banking over to Schwab's HYSA, GreenDot's 3% cash back debit card, or getting a real credit card that offers rewards.

>> No.15197635
File: 24 KB, 1029x333, 1523488760358.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15197636

well the thing is i used to have a card with wells but i was a dumbfuck and defaulted (to be fair i was only 16 and had no idea what i was doing). so i don't really think they'd let me and i don't wanna do a secured card.

>> No.15197665

Secured card is THE way to build credit when you don't have it or you have bad credit. It's why the cards exist.

You can look around for a more difficult way, but that's definitely the most straightforward way to do it. I think I stared with a literally $500 card, but they've been increasing my limit to where now I have $1500. I haven't even been asking for the increases, they just do it because I'm so damn trustworthy.

I wonder if they still have my $500...

>> No.15197683
File: 295 KB, 450x452, MfjJqaB.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Got me beat by 31

>> No.15197704

>pretty sure you have to use it for it to be helpful.
That depends on whether your credit score is held back by a lack of credit, or credit payment issues. Someone who has had a phone/cable/power bill on their credit score but hasn't had any late/missed payments doesn't need payments, but may need available credit. Someone who has missed those payments, or doesn't have a history of payments will want to use the card and make their payments on time. So I guess I should amend my statement a bit.

>> No.15197707


>> No.15197724

"killed himself" aka assassinated by (((them))). I don't expect much market reaction unless some big info comes out that he was killed over.

>> No.15197731
File: 976 KB, 500x204, p3UstQU.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15197736

I think mine's like 785. via Capital One. Never missing a payment and keeping the balance at 10% of the limit is the two best ways to build up that score. Paying the nut in full is good but you gotta use it to build it. The thing that really helped me was when I bought my first (and only) car via the fiance option. Typical 5 year deal. Car lasted me 10 years before the engine blew. Had 220,000 miles on it. I paid the sucker off in 3.5 yrs.

>> No.15197744
File: 29 KB, 346x365, 1561240843881.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hold the fuck up, Tbabiesposter is fucking married?

>> No.15197752

Calm down nathan

>> No.15197760

I think I started at 1.5k and they keep increasing my credit limit, now at 15k or more.
I've never had more than $2k balance, and that's only when I'm travelling haha

But it was funny when I first got the credit card, about a decade ago, it was at my bank that also has a wealth management service. So they can see all my real money investment accounts (and all my family accounts)... And they only start me out with the minimum credit limit to start. I thought it was funny because I had many, many multiples higher amount of assets under management at this same institution, enough that 1.5k is way less than a daily account balance swing, but that's still what they started me at because I was young and had no credit

>> No.15197771

He posts about his wife and his job and pension in like every post
You are incredibly weak in the T babies lore, you need to study if you want to become a real investor

>> No.15197792

I honestly skim through most of his posts because the way he types reminds me too much of /vg/ ritual posters.

>> No.15197813

You got anymore pics like this?

>> No.15197817
File: 132 KB, 419x408, 1563026912008.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

me credit score less than 300 heehehehee

>> No.15197851

I just got approved for a $300 credit line from capital one. Cool.

>> No.15197880

How'd you get that, had a car sales manager say that the better interest rate they were offering doesn't apply since its a "car loan" and "purchases on credit card" dont count even with a 700+ score.

>> No.15197887

Great job Dobby you're well on your way

>> No.15197892

Oh and that because it was the first ever car loan received the interest rate would be higher.

>> No.15197918
File: 185 KB, 603x452, SweddyCocs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How are you so poor? What do you spend all your money on? Clearly not english lessons.

Qt, though. You can chop my cucumber whenever you want bbgrl.


>> No.15197924

Post proof
What bank made the mistake of lettong you have a credit card lol

T babies poster is one of the few good posters here. Very positive and mature in a thread full of pessimism

>> No.15197927


>> No.15197930
File: 452 KB, 753x1078, ppp points.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no joke unconscionable

>> No.15197938

>PPP Points
Pretty Princess Points Points?

>> No.15197953
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>> No.15197961


>> No.15198027

The opposite really for funding.
The collective bargaining the government would implement to keep the budget reasonable would drastically cut the cost of medicine (for non cosmetics) and effectively neuter the main market biotech companies hold their monopoly over. Not saying that developing new drugs becomes not profitable but much much much less profitable meaning an overall cut in R&D from the private sector. GALT and SNSS even more BTFO

>> No.15198087
File: 109 KB, 549x890, 1538636415534.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What do you spend all your money on?
He spends it on HRT

>> No.15198105


>> No.15198119


>> No.15198158
File: 73 KB, 521x600, t. P****.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do you keep posting this mentally ill r*dd*ter? It's sad to me. He's probably going to kill himself when his youth fades and he hits the wall. Right now he's just enjoying pandering to the cucks/incels who gave up and went prison-gay.

kekkies I know that there is real danger to the sector from this and from things Trump has said he wants to do, and when I point this out to some dumdums they autistically just post research about their selected company's drug. It's pretty ridiculous, refusing to look at why the sector is selling off during a "risk-off" rotation away from this biotech, they just claim it's due to the marketwide selloff and ignore the broader picture.

But the anon I was responding to said "a symbolic wall project is a good use of money because the democrats would have used that money on healthcare" which is also pretty ridiculous.

>> No.15198198
File: 541 KB, 1440x950, 1552341114254.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> bought 50 shares of SPY
> suddenly the smell of my own dick gets me rock hard
> when I watch porn I always focus on the dick, now I exclusively jerk it to FPOV blowjobs
> bought myself panties and a dildo yesterday

I-i t-though b-bulls were m-manly and c-cool but... I'm more of a sissy than ever!!!!

>> No.15198240

This is a really terrible post. If you want to talk about how shitty index fund investing is, every other thread on the board is dedicated to gambling on cryptoshit.

If you want to talk about that mentally ill shit:

>> No.15198246

You say you're at 20% AMRS, is that 20% of your stocks or your whole portfolio?

>> No.15198258
File: 203 KB, 1000x1000, 1536872204751.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

trans people making you angry? :P wonder why is that

>> No.15198313
File: 250 KB, 500x600, 1548979427653.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In the spirit of that anon a couple days ago complaining about how threads are getting poopy, let's talk stonks. I asked this last night, but very few were awake. What's everyone thinking about KHC right about now?
Last quarter had more goodwill impairment, the removal of guidance for the year, dividend appears to be safe, no plan to get out of the shit storm, and no asset sales.

>> No.15198329
File: 653 KB, 751x672, Lemnom.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I straight up explained that in the post you replied to. It makes me sad. Men are taught that being manly is wrong, loser males never feel like they belong, look for an explanation, look for gratification, get it from other males who can't find a female that would accept them. Some cognitive dissonance and mental gymnastics lead them on to a road that doesn't fit, but that they finally get some positive attention for going down. Because there have been trans people who, for whatever genetic, epigenetic, environmental hormone disruption, or whatever the hell made them genderdysphoric, and many of these were bullied, abused, killed. I don't think that's the majority of what this is at the moment. I think these people, mostly MtF, are going to end up even more confused, depressed, and suicidal.

They cut the dividend once already, what makes you think it's safe?

>> No.15198333

20% of the stocks my main port. So not counting my RH port that I use for options and shitposting or my emergency / opportunity cash.

>> No.15198353

It's under 60%. Not much else honestly, I said appears though because we haven't heard much at all. It's all been quite a black box these six months or so.

>> No.15198363
File: 94 KB, 825x854, Muh Chop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More /biz/lets got fucked by Amarin... and because they were tricked into a shorter time horizon through options, they can't even DCA or hope for a recovery!


>> No.15198388

Don't remind me.
You know, I can't help but imagine, what would've happened if I just stuck with 100% all in AMD writing calls each week? I prolly would've broken 10k for good by now. But now if I buy in, it's literally the top...

>> No.15198413
File: 836 KB, 244x250, dc100de68.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15198427

Just found 100 bucks on the street, what poor man stocks should I look at?

>> No.15198442


>> No.15198455

This not even a cute tay... there are much qter taytays... find better picutes

>It's under 60%

Be patient, we might get some cheapies these next few weeks... I'm watching BILI closely.

>> No.15198475

Prenups dont hold up in court anymore

>> No.15198485
File: 38 KB, 538x538, 47586073_298221564376777_8039508863905809516_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just Buy CPB
Now with positive eps

>> No.15198503

Their dividend payout ratio is under 60%

>> No.15198534

The walls value is the same value our media and activist generate by screaming Trump is Hitler and America is white nationalist it makes the average potential crosser think again and decide against it. It's that value symbolically except in its a universal language of fuck off. Is it worth the 2.5-30 billion or whatever for the amount of drerches it drives off? Possibly. I agree a drone survelience team would be far more effective, however no one else is offering anything better then nothing and a wall is much better then nothing. Assuming he doesn't cuck again (I'd give it a good 30% chance)

>> No.15198574

interesting. you sure do have a lot of faith in that company. it sounds risky af but everything's better than crypto so i give you that.

>> No.15198595
File: 777 KB, 500x300, 64264262642.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15198713
File: 851 KB, 942x1200, 74139178_p0_master1200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The walls value is the same value our media and activist generate by screaming Trump is Hitler and America is white nationalist it makes the average potential crosser think again and decide against it.
This argument seems really fucking stupid. Yeah, the media is shit, illegal immigration is a massive problem. I don't want to give him too much credit, but I'm pretty sure Trump is deliberately attacking POC to trigger the "that's racism!" backlash. Machiavellian is too strong a word, but he knows that this shit causes his supporters to surge funds into his campaign coffers, and it lets him control the conversation so no one's talking about Mueller or whatever else he'd rather the forgot about.

Stop watching anything that calls itself news. Some podcasts are cool, mostly those that basically read the news to you. Their agendas are often completely obvious, so you just have to be less retarded than the people who watch the Fox/MSNBC trash.

Oof. Yeah she a cute. Aging pretty well, surprisingly. I wonder if she's got some stemcell/orphan blood magic or something.

decent yield, but why are you so bullish on names like this when names like KO and PEP have been getting hit on big pullbacks recently?

>> No.15198826

Because Campbells is the next pepsico with Snyders-Lance.

>> No.15198881

So you buy that it's whites vs all other races too, huh? The term POC is blatantly disrespectful and racist in its disregard to the many diverse people of our world and the clear assumption that they are all the same thing; simply not white.

>> No.15198893

>muh pretzel mania
I have yet to see any indication of this meme becoming reality.

In fact, I've been seeing the opposite. People are shunning carbs and processed foods more than ever. The trend is towards natural and organic, and companies like KHC have failed to adapt. What is CPB doing to change?

I hope you're trolling. I wasn't saying anything like that.

>> No.15198901
File: 19 KB, 300x169, store.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

forgot picute

>> No.15198910


Everyone gangster until consumer confidence starts droppin'

>> No.15198913

>I hope you're trolling. I wasn't saying anything like that.
I'm not. Please don't use the term POC. Overly inclusive speak here is just as bad as noninclusive speak on a college campus.

>> No.15198919

Don't buy into stocks. Focus on seed money by flipping items.

>> No.15198925

This just isn't remotely scary anymore, I'm really starting to believe that we have a clown market and it's just going to go up forever with two really shitty days a year and a week of volatility every couple months.

>> No.15198942
File: 191 KB, 1280x720, NewQuesto!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Policing speech over non-grammatical concerns

Buy into stocks.
Focus on money by selling seed.

>> No.15198966

My portfolio is 100% financed by producing and selling elite cummies
Eat right, nut right, live right. That's my motto

>> No.15198977

Imagine if the fed just buys tons of stocks. Would be funny. Better than what they're doing now desu. Though, trump did push for a fed rate cut. That's a bad sign IMO.

>> No.15198983

>this time it's different

>> No.15199070

>This time, the US will really collapse!
>This time, the sky really is falling!

>> No.15199072

fuck i was a moron and dipshit trader, i'm still gay and prefer to identify as a woman so that i only have lesbian sex, but bond yields are complicated and the inverse relationship it has with the broader markets... i want international bonds forex futures... i want to trade it all...

>> No.15199113

Thats what you see but how often have you been fooled by your eyes

>> No.15199117

actually, trading it all is an easy way to lose, too many things can turn sour at the same time, and adjusting positions becomes a competitive bidding war, which we have seen these past couple weeks.... i personally like cash, and sitting in cash it always good. you know what else is good, the wishing on the asshole who's putting some ring with some rocks in it on a girl's hand, I fucking can't express my happiness for them as a couple, and may they truly for richer or poorer in sickness and good health maintain what they got forever.

>> No.15199158

The media is providing a decent service of making America appear a lot more immigrant hostile then it really is driving off all but the most determined or paid off to try anything. Fear is a good preventitive and the wall is part of that. Again I would prefer drones or observation and strike forces then th3 current intimidate and ice years later but it's the best offered.

>> No.15199200

$ACST is coming in hot. Better hedge your bets. CaPre will dethrone Vascepa. This highly purified, highly potent omega-3 phospholipid does not give a single fuck.

>> No.15199208

I can only smile thinking that there isn't anything more that pisses off the media than seeing the markets continue surging and even if it shits the bed....time to buy!

>> No.15199224
File: 155 KB, 619x445, tradewar_tweets1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Donald is shit talking China again.

Also, he retweeted a post alleging Clinton involvement in Epstein "suicide". Pretty spicy.

>> No.15199253
File: 115 KB, 519x450, OlegNoLike.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Saw that too, I was surprised at first, but then I realized that, oh yeah, of course he retweets conspiracy theories even while president of the US. Of course he's still talking about Hillary, even though her career is dead and she's basically politically toxic, and the election is over.

How is he still campaigning against hillary? Boggles the mind.

Less often than I've been fooled by my mind... An upbringing is hard to escape.

>> No.15199275
File: 173 KB, 876x960, 1564895832436.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there a portfolio tracker out there that tracks crypto and stocks?

>> No.15199295
File: 18 KB, 249x249, fuck_niggers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Enjoy the squeeze to $40!

>> No.15199370

It starts with jewels and evolves to bull prepping. Beware of the beginnings.

>> No.15199448

remember, time is the factor!

>> No.15199496

Do I have time for gym and sauna before movie night? I wanna watch this docu but I wanna get my lifties and cardios...

>> No.15199554

Always go to the gym for the physical and mental gains. I did 405x5 squats earlier today and I feel great.

>> No.15199557

I'm in KHC but I dunno man, lots of people are under the impression the stock is gonna fall more. Just how much is a mater of debate. If you bought it at $30 per and it falls to $15, well there goes half your investment. Divvy payouts are fine and all but losing money on something that no one really knows where the bottom is is kinda risky. I feel sorry for the folks who bought at $60, man talk about a blood bath.

>> No.15199588

What's the link for movie night anyway?

>> No.15199630
File: 961 KB, 1004x1410, Screen Shot 2019-07-31 at 4.53.43 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm getting some weird pain where my legs meet my pelvis, a little scared I'm going to make something worse. Took 4 days off, we'll see what happens. Last time I got to this weight I injured myself.

And it's still just over half of your lifts.

boku no pico @ sandstorm.darude

>> No.15199640

just checked. well It ain't at the 52k low but it sure ain't far from it either. It's at $26.56 now. The low is $26.05.

>> No.15199657
File: 59 KB, 297x403, 12 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it was from ancient thyms when me had good paying job no medical bills ;_;

a-am almost have enough money for pay them off in bulk o_o

hoping negotiate price down

>> No.15199834

i'll give you both of my nuts if you take my seed

>> No.15199835

Honestly I look for them to cut the Divvy more. They're bleeding money. They need to stop the outflow of cash and/or sell shit. Course once this happens watch the stock fall. Sure they ain't said anything but what choice do they got?

CTL didn't really say anything about there Divvy, gave investors an "its ok" impression. Then wham Divvy got chopped in half. Stock fell like a rock.

>> No.15199906
File: 699 KB, 987x1489, 0AD6708E-D656-4899-9126-6CD061462DE6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Clownworld... not looking good
Musk giving kiss of death to Yang...
...more shootings
No regulations for carcinogens and hormone disrupters entering food supply and water table...

But... they have exciting new products that really tap into what the consumer wants. Like salad frosting! What mothers are looking for is sugar to trick their kids into eating healthy vegetables. If you ever spent any time in a grocery store, you’d know this.

How big does my cucumber need to be for make happy RKG and give me the chop?

>> No.15199925
File: 89 KB, 701x1024, kinderapu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it saturday already? goddamn. Hope tonight's movie is good, i intentionally have no plans tonight because im making drinks in Skyking's honor. waiting for the day we watch The Accountant.

>> No.15199935

How do I watch movies with you people?

>> No.15199943

They post a link, simple-pie.

>> No.15199950
File: 33 KB, 453x269, biz_jingle.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's still a few hours away, but we usually drop a link. dont need to create any accounts or anything

>> No.15199951

you know what the best part about europe's problems are? their self inflicted in nature, and the whole lets get along and stroke each other off philosphy has failed. I'm happy to watch them try to save what they have left, but once the pope resigned from a divine position, and swiss banks started singing, there's no credibility in anything europe does. it matters less than any market, but well you want billions in wealth transfer, short europe.

>> No.15199961

>but well you want billions in wealth transfer, short europe.

European detected. Guys stop it with the self loathing. Your lack of patriotism got you into this mess!

>> No.15199971

no im a tripfag, and well what ever, calling me european is kind of flattering. thanks.

>> No.15200004

I'm kind of bored today. All I did today was send more money to my brokerage to buy more ETSY on monday.

I guess it is vidya. Already did netflix and vacuumed the rug. Not feeling the reading thing.

>> No.15200008

did you make the love?

>> No.15200030

NEW :(





>> No.15200045

in poor taste, anon

>> No.15200091

hey that's my girl dob

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