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Gentlemen, I have acquired that RSR.

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Welcome, you have reserved your right to riches.

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This is the new pajeet coin of the month I suppose?

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no one tell him

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Self confident, my dear friend!

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Well done, well done.

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Is this the gentleman's version of "bitch I got that RsR"? Also What's your rank?

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welcome fren

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Now continue the acquisition good sir.

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Hear, hear good sir

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I havent bought anything because of that dumbass frog meme in the first place. LOL LOOK AT THAT FREN HE HAS FROG AND HAS DAT RSR

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when do I buy back in

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He’ll find out when it’s top 100 on cmc.

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So what is our sell off point for this pnd? I dont want to be stuck with my bags forever good gentlemen

>> No.15193785

Depends on how much of that RSR you have acquired
Im selling some at $0.10... some at $1 and holding some just in case we hit that $10

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