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Next tuesday

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I'm waiting for more buy orders to sell into. Tuesday it is.

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Yeah I’d like to think the only scams are tokens with zero customers, zero revenue, and only sold on their whitepaper while they dump on you for profit. This is the first crypto driven by profits instead of promises. Another stinky linky I assume?

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Why aren't people buying then?

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Because most people are dumb sheep following pumps

If Vidt pumped 50% people like you would start asking "should I buy now?" like clockwork.

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So, yesterday's dump was obvious insider trading to accumulate from weak hands

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yup. VIDT is a classic example of survival of the fittest. It smells like early LINK or AntShares

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>Because most people are dumb sheep following pumps
Pumps happen because people are buying. People bought VIDT and then sold, which is why it dumped. Graphs don't lie.

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Actually, if you go check Hotbit yesterday's dump was a fat finger market sell (went to $0.01)

Keep convincing yourself Vidt has exit scammed etc though and nobody is buying (too wallets growing by the day)

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I hope it dumps to sub 10 cents. will drop another $2500 USD worth if so

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Not talking about yesterday. Price is less than half what it used to be a month ago. People bought VIDT and couldn't wait to get rid of it. Peddle your scam to someone else.

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verify with your eyes bro

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0.5 eonw

cant you see the picture non vidt holder? GTFO FAG

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It's Binance CEX guys. You will never see sub 50 cents again by Tuesday and might not see sub 1 dollar again for that matter.

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Oh no it went up then corrected.

Unheard of in crypto you're totally right I'll sell my stack thnx bro

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this shit is a total scam but I still bought 10k suicide stack.

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Do yourself and just kill yourself brainlet. You just called what us literally one of the only non scams in crypto a scam.

You def linitely will not make it anon. Bet you sell your 10k stack on first pump then literally go all in on a real scam. Retard.

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>It's Binance CEX guys. You will never see sub 50 cents again by Tuesday and might not see sub 1 dollar again for that matter.
Statements like these are how we know it's a scam. If it's not Binance, it's sub 5 cents.

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Lmao in your dreams jeet

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