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Alphabet intern here, saw a gook wearing a Harmony t-shirt in the lobby of the building I work at, make of that what you will.

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This is HUGE news, nerds. Buy the dip.

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What is Alphabet?

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not gonna make it

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Lol you work for Campbells pathetic

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Anon, I...

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Google's holding company

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What would Google want to do with Harmony? Harmony is Layer 1 solution.

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how do I get a job at jewgle anon?

t. EEfag

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Do you have a master's degree and are you willing to work for nothing for a few years?

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this entire thread is a joke. it's not meant to be taken seriously

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Incorrect, I would have taken a picture if I hadn't been speaking with normies at the time.

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post a pic of your employee ID with your face/name cropped out

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You're glowing right now.

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Unironically just bought more. This dip seems so juicy anyway

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impressive dip is all I'm going to say

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fuck I only have a bachelors how fucked am I

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I'm not sure what you faggots want me to tell you about at this point.
I've already been telling you that ONE is filled to the brim with oligarch reps. Why do you fuckers need me to keep telling you that this is THE BUY?

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Well let's start with you falling for the college larp:

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This. Slide.

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