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Wave 1 and 2 are now complete. On the news that Sentinel will be collaborating with a HUGE hardware provider to roll out Sentinel dVPN to the masses, whales are accumulating hard with high volume before lift off for wave 3! Volume is high, RSI is fully reset for the next huge pump. Lift off is imminent. Remember biz, volume comes before the pump. This will be epic!

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Damn that chart looks hot. ...and that volume! If you’re not filling bags here you’re doing it all wrong. This baby will fly.

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Damn that chart looks hot. ...and that volume! If you’re not filling bags here you’re doing it all wrong. This baby will fly.

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Seems like SENT will go for round 2 of the pump

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Aloha WiFi is accepting Beta testers. Telegram @ oppopenwifi

You earn coins by sharing wifi on your phone.

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>Not listed on Binance

Where do you even buy this shit? At some local prostitute ring? Real fucking legitimate

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very good coin sent you to moon sir buy now

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Value sir. By Binance will be many x price

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so you buy only stuff that has already pumped, good job dude

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Why does an asian exchange have a indian accent?

No I bought link at $0.21

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good job, i hope you sold some at the top and diversified into lower mcap coins

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it has hidden divergence

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What does this mean ?

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Definitely looks like a two nice waves, at support now

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Just looking at TA it looks nice, just looking at FA it looks amazing, I mean it's as close to a sure thing alts get

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Yeah this is getting ready, looks very healthy. Went up a bit much in the first go but this correction was healthy. Wouldn't mind it dropping some more

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I believe this token can rise to top 100 on CMC easily

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i doubt it will drop more sell book looks thin and it just bounced on the top of the previous uptrend channel on high volume

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its sub 10 million cap anon, shit released by sentinel is so good, legit one of most solid coins in crypto right now

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You’re right!

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Nice the sell book is thin, it will go back to ath very soon

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Try to get any significant amounts of sent and the market will move up a lot

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Look at top wallet holders. Not one has sold a single SENT in the recent run up. There is something big brewing here. Tendermint endorsement and hardware partnership just reinforces that theory.

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Yeah semms like top holders know something we dont, hardware integration could be something very big

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this, pump inbound. buy buy buy

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volume seems to stay stable more or less, I think we are about to see another round soon

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you are a retard sentinel uses all openvpn which is open source, anybody can check the code, so you are just spouting retarded fud

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>At some local prostitute ring?
I bought some down by the dumpster behind my local burger king

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those were bugs which are normal during a testnet phase, sentinel team is releasing a fix with new config soon they have announced this in their tg chat.
this is why sentinel has been through test period for more then a year so that when main net launches the product is fully safe

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>anon doesn't understand what a test net means
devs have already addressed that there were some improperly configured nodes still on the network and will issue a fix

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LOL you won’t be laughing when SENT is on Binance and at $1b marketcap

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I will stake 500$ worth of SENT and get 7-20% annual interest that will pay my dvpn use for life without having to spend from my initial stack

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Too excited for SENT.

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u all talk but none of you smelly fucks actually buy

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Smart people bought when this was first shilled at 14 sats, also smart people will be holding till 600 sats or more

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Nice buy and nice target anon, SENT deserves at least 125m cap like orchid which is the main competitor

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After orchid is released and pre-sale investors have dumped on retards they will probably diversify some of their orchid into sentinel

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I mean I guess it's not dumb to buy at 14 and sell at 30 but it's far from the best trade. I'm getting as much as I can and not selling anytime soon.

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it surely is the most solid coin getting shilled on 4chan right now and the one with the biggest upside potential

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Proof of bandwidth, you realise, is entirely new IP, never been done before, this alone once attention of Apple and Samsung is grabbed will be worth hundreds of millions. Just look at Blackberry’s $2b acquisition of ‘Silence’ - privacy for IOT devices.

Sentinel is a future multi billion dollar network with absolutely ground breaking tech and incredible potential. Best project in Crypto hands down. The devs are next level networking geniuses. Even national security and top Nasdaq companies wish they had this level of tech expertise.

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Sentinel will be top 50 CMC crypto project within 12 months guaranteed. Already overtaken former $250,000,000 mcap competitors. Cream rises to the top and Sentinel have best team and tech in Crypto. Cutting edge!

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>brown id
and there I was wondering why you misinterpreted that anon's post

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Ok Trump.

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>mfw another SENT samefagging street shitter thread
Look at that shit coin chart. Where is passive aggressive pajeet shill? Show your self dirty street shitter, it played out just like I said, no one is buying your bags.

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It is normal whales are accumulating, anyone with a normal IQ would do the same, looking at the marketcap of this project and what it could become not buying at least a million SENT and missing this train is totally retarded, it's like not buying a lottery ticket with like 80% success chance LOL

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yeah it dumped but now its time to buy, if you check the sell side of the book is thin as fuck, no one is selling

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Sent is being hard shilled on this board it's not even funny. saged, GTFO

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From the look of the chart they already sold and there is nothing left to sell.

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>two threads about SENT on biz one about a big hardware partnership and the other one about TA
while there are countless threads about chainlink and vidt (getting rekt)

They turned on the shil bots again guyz! Scam!
counter trade /biz they only start shilling at the top

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just go on etherscan and check the top 50 addresses yourself, and you will see a totally different picture then what you imagine, also you will see no big whale moved tokens in quite a long time some are even buying more and more

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What's a whale in sent?
And this actually makes it even better, the big holders don't want to sell

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this. If /biz/niggers thought the 14->60sat blip was really the only pump, they’re gonna kill themselves for not seeing the obvious a few months from now. Whales would not PnD this shit for a measly 4x flip and on like what <100k volume or whatever it was at the time.

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you have to reason in % of the supply i guess you need at least 1% of the supply to call yourself a whale so 20m SENTs

>> No.15172006

Oh damn, that's a lot

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yeah, being a whale takes lots of commitment in a given token , also because accumulating that much sent is almost impossible, it would move the price significantly

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I have 500k sent Will i make It ?

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yeah dude thats a nice amount

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at least a few millions is ideal

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Network stats just hit another ATH! This is what real adoption looks like.

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SENT seems to have some real usecase

Having real users is bearish for crypto projects

Only vaporware like tron pumps

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and most users come from places that truly needs this dvpn product

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It's very tempting to FOMO In

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The UK should be on that list

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this thread reeks of curry diarrhea in the loo

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Let me guess... you missed out on LINK as well and only bought when it hit $4.00?

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This is a scam project fronting with a copied VPN package. It's not even a blockchain project. They keep trying to PnD it with pajeets, but it's obvious as fuck. Read the archives for all the people that got rekt over the last two weeks if you want to see your future.

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i hold link and three other projects i strongly believe in, sent is my next biggest hold. accumulating up to 1m, DCA every paycheck. poo in loo, we buy in silence

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I only hold BTC and SENT right now. I put 25% of my BTC stack into LINK at $.40 and sold at $3.60 for a easy 9x. Now doing the same with SENT.

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