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VeChink Hate Thread

Watch normies in the VeChink subreddit discuss how much they lost. Some of them put in 70K. Do you feel bad for them?

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still holding a bag of 1.4mm vets but i sold 20k (back when it was VEN) from $2 up to $6... feeling pretty comfy knowing my VETs are all free

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>"I can deal with the price drop but it’s just harder to swallow that it’s clearly being manipulated and it almost seems to be getting stronger in amount of BTC well walls. I wish someone in the know would tell us who or why this is happening..."

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>Do you feel bad for them?
No. In fact this makes me like vechain even more

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Why are people gushing about this project? Why is blockchain needed to know where your wine is coming from? Doesn't it just increase costs in the supply chain?

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I like reddit cucks more than i like chinks so we have to agree to disagree on that

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Chink scam. This is why people hate it.


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>Why is blockchain needed to know where your wine is coming from?


That's why this garbage and every other "supply chain" trashcoin has absolutely no commercial use case and will never sell a single dollar of revenue for this useless "service".

All of their partnerships are either mis-represented or hoaxes. Not one of their "partners" paid them a single dollar.

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that's not free dude. it cost you your gainz and the opportunity to ride ever other moon mission last year

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VeChain is the smart longterm value token... OP You should buy Verge or BrapToken... That's more your speed. Thats something you can understand.

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>t. Chink scammer with bmw partnership

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This chink scam wont turn in any profits until 2021. Probably will reach 30 sats in the next few days. People were warned so many times but they never listen.

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>t. Dumb, low-IQ Rebbitor or Chink scam peddler.

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You are one of the few winners

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> Imagine if vechain explodes and all the people that sold low get absolutely destroyed for being weak. You did the research FA has not changed. This sub is deep into despair. Maybe i am too. But with all the effort i have put into researching vet. Im wayyy too stubborn to sell shit. Im ride or die motherfucker!

> The more we go down, the faster we will go up later. It‘s just maths. Lose 50%. Win 100%. Back to the same level - nothing happened.

> VET is a long term investment. But irregardless of when it takes off, rather it's 5 years from now or 10 years from now, VET is showing, in my opinion, the very most potential for giving insane gains.

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holy shit, your FA must be retarded, cause there's absolutely no market for Vechain.
you can give a product a unique identifier without putting it on a blockchain you know.... if you want to know whether or not your apple product is authentic, you can verify by looking up the serial number. blockchain not needed.

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FoxyIT, get a life dude. It's 2019, doing this is beyond pathetic now.

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That picture alone is fucking A. You win today sir

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>The more we go down, the faster we will go up later

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Friendly reminder that vechain's fair price is between 0 and 1 sat

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> During the peak of the dot-com bubble, Amazon was $113 and then tanked to $6 which is a 95% drop. People who invested at $60, $80, $100, etc. were probably freaking out and coming up with all kinds of ridiculous FUD. I'm sure lots of people sold for a significant loss or got out once they broke even.

> Call it a fools dream but I fully believe VeChain and Amazon are very similar in this regard. There is no denying the fantastic progress VeChain has made in terms of partnerships and now we are seeing VALUABLE TRANSACTIONS on the main net. The price sucks, but everything else is so good and who knows what they have going on behind the scenes. I am 100% invested in VeChain (I should have been 50/50 in BTC but can't play captain hindsight) and I honestly sleep comfortably at night because I KNOW I made the right choice and as long as we are patient then we will be greatly rewarded.

> Shit this bezos and dot-com bubble again. This is not Stock market.

> You're right, it's potentially much bigger.

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foxy posts in one of the link telegram groups
he admitted to losing 90% on vet but now goes around acting smug on plebbit because he got some of his initial back on link .... dude has like 900 alt accounts and spends 24/7 on being a fag on plebbit

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But Amazon had revenue as a business.

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AS Vechain do. Im not going to shill you vechain, cause you wouldnt understand. Vechain is beyond wine tracking, but again, you wouldnt understand

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this is a chink scam coin

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Vechain has the dumbest "investors" since Bitconnect

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Vechink has not earned a single dollar from its fame services.

The only money they made is flogging premined shitcoins to idiot Neets

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don't use telegram.

my initial was 3k in 2017 and I'm now sitting on 250k+ dumbfuck. Tried to warn you

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Vechain has no revenue other than dumping on plebbit retards you dumb faggot. Hyping a POC with tokens handed out for free to spam the network is very different from companies actually buying from Vechain. If a few enterprises actually bought from Vechain the charts wouldn't look like Sunny Lu was taking a fat dump on your head for 18 months and running.

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Not sure how they have not realised that VET is nothing more than a cash cow while they build a solid company. The token is useless. The 'fundamentals' are irrelevant when it's a private company with private share holders. VET price does not represent company earnings. These bag holders somehow think they will be rewarded for holding on this long and that it's almost owed to them. Which is annoying because the community is insufferable cancer and they're getting more and more desperate.

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Worst crypto project ever.

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Vechain investors are basically a cult successor to Bitconnect

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This but unironically

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Once i saw the word "thor" in the roadmap, i knew it was a scam

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you have your pick of red flags for this scam

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One golden rule I learned from /biz/, always do the opposite of what /biz/ is saying...

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if it's you post your reddit or fuck off

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>ahsum patnirship and teem bros!

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the delusion on that subreddit is off the charts. they're getting their mind belown with how many red dildos they're witnessing

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does anyone have a chart for vechain that goes back before the inflation?

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Actually verifying product's origins is a pretty solid use case for blockchain. Is it necessary for wine or food products? Perhaps not, but for luxury products that struggle with piratism is a whole different story. Does this mean the token is worth more than a couple of cents? Fuck no.

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