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>one of the few projects on /biz that aren't a complete scam like ChainLINK
>won't stop, can't stop
>testnet announce any day now
>almost zero shilling on /biz

You know what this means goys. 10x from here.

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10x? What kind of fud is this?

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Imagine holding a 2018 dud with unprofitable NEET nodes.

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Yeah retard we're under $100m MC. You saw Chainlink pump on literally nothing but Big Mac memes. Remember that?

Chico just posted this: https://youtu.be/0xq3xATjEbQ?t=58

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yadayada...watching you morons getting btfo (yet again) in 2019 is going to be unbelievable. Imagine not having a suicide stack of REN during this obvious accumulation.

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I’m all in REN dumbass. I was implying that it’ll do more than 10x otherwise I wouldn’t have been referring to OPs shill as fud. Damn the absolute state of biz. Huge sell signal

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He was also bullish on Neo and Elastos.

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Maybe I rather still stay all in chainlink than put my money into random shitcoins.

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Hahah yeah I 'got it' right after I posted. Glad to hear this brethREN. You need around 100k REN to make it though.

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Quad 1s confirms REN $1 2019.

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Newcoiner retard here, what's the best place to buy REN? I have binance but they kicking us out in September.

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I got you senpai:


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You morons chainlink and ren will BOTH have a major marketshare, they are both collaborators not competitors.

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One has had a huge 10-20x pump, the other has not. Only those with an IQ higher than room temperature will grok what to do with this info.

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Realistic projections for Ren:

2019: 40-50 cents
2020: 1-3 dollars

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