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Greetings /biz/. Through my meditation I have come across some very important knowledge and information regarding cryptocurrency. I have gained access the Akashic Records in my isolation and want to share these records with all of you. If someone manages to get quads in this thread, I will divulge this information.

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I’m bored

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What did you see friend?

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Spill it.

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jesus christ op quads are a little much to ask for your shizoposting

if this is dubs you post anyway
if id is red you go kys

how does that sound?

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/x/ fags need to go back. stop shitting up /biz/ with your mentally ill babble.

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you get to see another day OP good for you
lets check last quads

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Y’up son im all ears

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too slow of a board for quads dickwad. Ill tell you what, ill trade you the rosicrucian documents i came up on from this board last month for the documents you have

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no one will get dubs in this thread and it belongs on /x/

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I meant quads

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Speak fren

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I came across you meditating in a alternative paradoxal clown world while on a psychedelic high. Sergey was there and he said Link $1000 eoy.

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my mediation says 1000 e o y

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Go on.

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Kek wills it

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I am ready

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How about we just spam this thread til somebody gets quads lol

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quad annon here, whats up?

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that is a big ice vagina

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I await the message of Ashaka

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Or Akasha, whatever

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Go ahead

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no quads

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Sure i’ll bite

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rdy for story time

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you missed em

the akashic records will not be made available today.

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Akasha has spoken to me, I shall reveal His prophecy for trips

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we got quads tell us

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Fuck you nigger we already know about LINK for 2 years.

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Now tell me

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Quads confirmed. Let’s hear

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>I'm never fucking selling

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Certain events will spark other events and influence people to act in certain ways. Heed this prophecy.

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splil it already

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quads also Link $1000 EOY

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faggot meme science

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According to Cayce though using the records for personal gain has grave consequences.

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Sergey there are no warnings in advance. The system of Pimps and parasites works. Pimps should be changed. I was born ordinary. People killed each other, etc. This is the reason for my abilities. When and place a powerful explosion. It is difficult for me to say which ticket and the day of delivery in advance. Humorists are corporate parties and earn 3.5 million rubles at a time. The President Vladimir asked them. There are no resources. Refusal of information. WITHOUT Equipment and professionals blast to study hard. The MOE has it all.

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