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I have no idea what chainlink does. I just bought some because the fud and shills remind me of ETH before it exploded. And I missed the ETH moon.

Am I stupid?

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140+ iq MIT grad here

Yes you’re extremely low iq. But because of that you’re gonna make it.

See pic attached.

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I fucking love this image

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Chainlink is a thing to do things in a browser.

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Yes you are stupid. you should cash out now and short link before it goes under $2.00 by end of month

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a bit of a conundrum we find us self in, if you are "stupid", then I don't think doing your own research would get you anywhere.. So if you are stupid then the best decision would be to piggy-bag of the enthusiasm of others, which in turn would be kind of smart (?)

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What’s the meaning behind this image anyways? Why are smart and stupid people the main link holders?

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Even if I read the whitepaper and dmor I wouldn’t even understand anything about it at all. I’m just in the rode because you guys told me to.

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Because it’s a bimodal distribution. The memes and hype were started because high iq memberrs came to this board and shilled it and low iq members started making the memes as a joke.

It’s hard to appreciate how truly revolutionary this is + the fact that it actually has a very good chance of scaling and working. You have to have not only an understanding of the cryptography and math (like the cryptographic aggregation mechanisms for the data, Secure Enclave tech, etc) but also the economics AND the tech market/blockchain market in general, legacy financial markets, etc etc. Very few men have a deep grasp of all the necessary moving parts. I am one of them.

The guys who can only see half of what’s going on will forever be convinced it’ll fail and/or sell early, way before it hits its stable long term price. And the ones who are too dumb to understand but only buy in for the memes are unironically better off than those slightly smarter than them

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So do you unironically believe that Link will be $1000 one day?

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>Believing it does something

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Idk. Does it?

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If you believe that Link reaches 1000$ you should buy ETH anyway as this will be the most used public ledger. However both tokens are relatively dependent on each other. Althoughs Links dependency on ETH is far bigger than vice versa

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Is that Jason Parser?

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That’s what I’m thinking. After I finish my goal stack for LINK I’m going to buy ETH and BTC

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No it’s colin Farrell from in Bruges

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Just like the cash out plan of linkies. It's
$0 or $1000

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