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Mommy, why didn't he just buy Bitcoin under $10,000?

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Woman are so self centered that these three whores take this picture like it’s nothing

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/biz/ bought below 6k

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>Richest age of all time
>People still have to live on the street

ffs everyone should at least have the decency of being treated like a human being

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toronto fucking sucks, worst northwestern hempisphere city

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I agree. We should expand basic human rights to include shelter and enough to eat. Hopefully a universal basic income will fix this one day.

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You know what to do.

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huh, this is a reasonable opinion from a place I didnt expect it.
Respect, anon.

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Sure thing, comrade.

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fuck communists though, there will be 2000x the amount of homeless people if too many retards like this guy vote: >>15074508

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lol fuck off back to reddıt

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I believe whole heartedly in the capitalist open market, but we can still learn from the left. We can have the best of both worlds with a universal basic income. A synthesis of capitalism and communism. A universal basic income isn't left or right. It's progress.

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You're a good dude.

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This guy fucks.

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the guy probably weren't there 5 sec before the photo was taken or they wouldn't pose so close to him. they are unaware.

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Rope yourself plebbit commies. When you give every free money prices of everyday goods skyrockets. Listen to peter schiff stupid fucking goyim. Free gibs are nigger tier and you should get the rope for even contemplating it

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>universal basic income is communist
back to /pol/

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this picture is sobering

we are in an age of instagram influencers and I want to get off this wild ride.

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>ubi is not communist
You need to go back

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>why didn't he just buy Bitcoin under $10,000?
He did, went all in. he's actually from the future

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I'm from /pol/ and I totally agree with UBI. I'm a national socialist not some capitalist/commie cock sucker

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Where do you think all the gibs come from now?? All of us working, why would there suddenly be less people who don’t work when they’re getting more free money from us?

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>commie LARPing as natsoc

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>Woman are so self centered that these three whores take this picture like it’s nothing
Women literally see 1 inch past themselves. It's the same reason they post selfies in the bathroom with toilets in the background, or in their bedroom with a literal pig sty behind them. They only see themselves

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Communists are in favor of wealth distribution, so in a sense it is. This doesn't mean a UBI is inherently bad however. It depends how you conceptualise it.

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You're making the assumption that work is inherently good. We need to tax the wealthy more while leaving the middle class alone or perhaps even cutting their taxes.

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You obviously have no idea what the fuck you are talking about faggot.

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I'd be okay with this if it was only for whites and druggies were rehabilitated or hanged

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>only for whites
Have some compassion, man.

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I do that's why I support the deportation of non whites instead of more severe methods.

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How white do you have to be?

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I don't understand the question. You are either white or you aren't there aren't varying degrees.

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imagine the small

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Does he have to tho. Many of those hobos are psyhotics who refuse help and masturbate in public.

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You either white or you aren't. You can post Jewish memes all day but it won't change the facts kike.
We all know what white is and it is abundantly obvious just by looking.

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Ask CZ

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Maybe you have British ancestory? In that case you likely have some middle eastern genes.

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>they fell for our tether fud and sold it all

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Girl in the middle is perfection. Fuck bros, what does it feel like

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Didn't even bother to read. Cope harder white nigger lol

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It's called third position and national socialism is unironically based

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>t. Angry shitskins
I'm sorry you didn't win the genetic lottery. Don't be mad because you're inferior.

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That's outside the NYPL main branch on 42nd Street

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Cringe and tiresome.
UBI turns the masses into nonproductive entitled deadweights. Society cannibalizing itself through so many bread-stuffed mouths. I'm starting to think the only way out of this situation is bloodshed on a grand scale.

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I've traced my Nordic ancestory back to the 14th century. Can you say the same? or are you going to be one of the ones that gets kicked out?

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>"A synthesis of capitalism and communism, a big brained reddit centrism if you will. Civilization can run on welfare checks and money printing with no unintended consequences."

People like you are why democracy is such a hopeless cluster fuck. You have no incentive to do anything more than mindlessly react to problems created by state expansions in the first place by increasing the power of the state even more after having done only a little or usually zero study and deep thought about how your pea brain plans might make things worse. Incredibly easy to undermine civilization by having a disconnected central authority just force changes upon complex social and economic emergent order.. But it's typical high time preference, rationally ignorant, modern voter behavior to be oblivious to the fragility of civilization. What you people call progress is nothing but ignorant mad scientist, dysfunction compounding social experiments enforced at the point of a gun by a gang of incompetent bureaucrats.

Pic related is true, but democracy asks philosophical ignorant plebes, who do nothing but grope in the dark as lazy armchair dictators of society to try and figure out what is best for civilization on any and all complex matters. Even though they have no rational incentive to put in any effort at all towards contemplating such deeply complex issues rather than just vote themselves gibs and privileges.

It would make as much sense to let a bunch of african voodoo witch doctors dictate how our health care is to be administered for every single medical issue, but we do it every two to four years with all aspects of society being at stake. And people wonder why every single aspect of society is becoming politicized, why we're creeping towards dystopia, and why everyone hates the Federal government for some reason or another with it just acting as an accelerator of entropy.

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Cope harder. You know you're finished.

Media, think thanks, education institutions, conglomerates, they've all turned against you. You think there will be a revolution? You think having a "big white family" is gonna save you? Keep bringing tax slaves, the more the merrier :)

And don't you dare raise your voice, little racist dog, you may be put on a list and ostracized for the rest of your life.

Keep trying though, it's a lot of fun watching you fail.

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Because he knew it would fall under 5k due to the imminent correction incoming.

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I would make a joke about that meaning you're pure Somali but you don't seem to have a high tolerance for bantz.

I'm pure Aryan back to the 1500s, so If you actually are white I love you like a brother and would kill to protect you. Don't get your blood pressure raised based on some back and forth on a Polynesian Snowboarding forum.

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How is shelter a right? Aside from the disabled, if someone doesn't feel like contributing to the community, do they have a right to shelter? And food?

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But a lot of Socialist voters are NEET losers, not actual laborers.

Blue collared workers vote conservative.

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I don't read the opinions of inferior dogs. Bark at someone else who cares sub-human.

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Wow your retard slogans sure are working out swell for Venezuelans. Also 98% chance you don't even know what capitalism is and merely consider it "whatever the American system is" because you're a lazy propaganda influenced plebe who swallowed whatever your parasite professor told you. Cut yourselves yang discord shills, he hasn't a chance and in the fantasy land where he became President he wouldn't be able to do 1/20th of what he promises you anyways.

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Women are NPCs.

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Blue eyes and all. Might go make some little mulatto babies just to spite you.

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My ancestors are smiling at me, Imperials. Can you say the same?

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>I might permanently destroy my genes to spite my race
If that's how you feel we didn't need someone like you anyways.

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most of them aren't contributing because they have serious mental illness or a drug addiction, both of which are diseases and should be treated in a modern society desu

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Maybe if you kys I'll change my mind, do it for your race.

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Wtf, why are you still replying to my posts ugly mutt?

Just go away, aren't you late to shit your pants at a walmart or something?

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Please demonstrate for all of us how it's done shitskin.

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Once again I didn't read. I said bark at someone who cares. Holy fuck how obsessed can you be?

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>addiction is a disease
Just stop

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>if someone doesn't feel like contributing to the community, do they have a right to shelter? And food?
Sure, why not? People are born into wealth and never have to work or contribute to society. Why not extend that privilege to everyone?

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>When you give every free money prices of everyday goods skyrockets
Let's try it out and see if you're right. Spoiler: you're not.

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>Keeps replying to my posts

Rent free son. Heh, these mutts are easily triggered. Wouldn't even be surprised if the retard replied once again. Let's see if my NPL works...

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You realise it's your retarded ideas that cause women to find you repulsive right?

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Don't call it that. Anything associated with Hitler and the Nazis is going to get a bad rap, genius. Also nationalism is pleb-teir. We are all global citizens.

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>cringe and tiresome
>bloodshed on a grand scale
Okay, bud.

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Thanks for the (you)s keep em coming.

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You should kys.

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>A synthesis of capitalism and communism, a big brained reddit centrism if you will. Civilization can run on welfare checks and money printing with no unintended consequences.
This, but unironically.

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Wow my NPL is better that I thought. I can control retards.

>> No.15076244

This in a nutshell is the United States at the moment.

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Keep em coming.

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>tfw bought at 6k

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Uh... It's NLP, anon.
Also, you didn't really utilize any NLP techniques, you literal mongrel.

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Their parents contributed to society to provide more resources to their children. That's pretty much the primary motivation for humans in general. So you think we should just take those resources and give it to everyone, and remove this prime motivation from humanity? I'm sure it will go well (Spoiler: it won't).

>> No.15076470

No anon, I'm just using my Negro Persuasion Language to command that person to keep posting.

You can't say it's not working, I mean, just look at the poor guy under my complete control, he'll keep posting against his will:

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