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Fuck biz the team seemed promising...

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They're under the US laws, so we can sue them. We can start a class action against the team and take away everything they have.

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What project is this and what happened?

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Harmony (ONE) and they are exit scamming as we speak.

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literally never touching anything asian again except thots

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Probably shouldn't dump the whole team you guys get the idea.
I wish. I didn't put enough money in to lose sleep over it. But if $1 EOY actually turned out to be true I'd have made good money
Harmony. It's dumping, looks like an exit scam, and the team has a barbecue every day

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Any telltale signs of an exit scam? Did they delete the Telegram or something? That's usually how it starts.

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Oh wow he founded a startup what a rare and valuable skill

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I didn't make these pics another anon did. Anyways you have to admit at least some of these guys have a good track record.

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it's the new gen azn exit scam, they partner up pump the fuck out of it, lie about partnerships then never launch a real network. basically VeChain part 2

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They said a leader KRW exchange would be announced today. Nothing now

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oh god the rumours were true

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These bags are heavy anons...

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Maybe everybody fucking calms down and waits more than 12 hours before calling complete fucking scam? Link is being ported to ONE. Token swap in mid August. US based company would be royally fucked doing anything stupid

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No I don't. Working for a big company is not a "good track record". That you have a little red box around the word "amazon" like it's some badge of excellence tells me everything I need to know about your critical thinking skills.

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I didn't make the pics like I said. But I guess I was dumb enough to buy into this, so you're still right.

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It is a truth universally acknowledged, that an anon in possession of a moonshot shitcoin, must be in want of all white team. Jane Austen told us this centuries ago.
I don't think it is acceptable to place any speculation on Chink Coins or Chink teams anymore. Rules to live by

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Whelp. Sorry for your loss.

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I'm the one that pointed all of the corporate touting out via these pics.
It's important. Anons should know why.

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> muh Amazon

Someone post the wagie cage pic please

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Here's a sign from a month ago, Harmony One's social media guy giving a thumbs up to a transfer of $5,600,000 out of Binance. A thumbs up to a twitter bot...yeah.

This is why I don't trust when companies say they lock up their coins. They fucking created the coins, they can give themselves more coins and put them into smaller individual wallets to dump right away and no one will ever know.

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That they did

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A mod in Harmonys telegram laughed about some guy buying the top. That's what they think of their bagholders. Shit is a joke to them.

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