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Let's get it all out in the open here.

/Biz/ found a great project and did what it always does: flooded the board with unintelligent ramblings and useless memes which drove price high. /Biz/ traders then proceeded to trade on emotions like a mouse in a cage getting a dopamine hit with every green or red icon on their screens.

Here are two great threads today discussing the current state of the internet, surveillance, privacy, bandwidth and censorship. I invite you to read through these two (surprisingly) intelligent conversations:


Now, let's move onto the Sentinel project. Any criticism of the project is welcome here as long as you can formulate a coherent sentence and argument.

I challenge /biz/ to formulate at least a halfway decent discussion not revolving around your own cultural confusion and made up PnD groups (unless of course you have a screenshot or evidence you can share of such). I know many of you are not capable of this, but maybe a select few can step up to the challenge.

Ok /biz/, let's hear the best FUD arguments you have.

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Well said OP. Those two threads were great reads. Best threads of the week.

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Happy to see good intel being sourced so that people can start making informed decisions instead of getting drowned in shit quick buck threads.

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Ok I’ll bite. Why are the Sentinel developers anonymous?

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Good question anon.

For a truly decentralized network, there can be no central point of failure. How can a project protect your privacy if governments can go after a CEO or a board of directors or force them to instal backdoors like Russia is trying to do?

Bitcoin is successful and unstoppable precisely due to this feature. Sentinel is following the true cypherpunk ideals and values of decentralization.

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I hope next time you are shitting in the street that is splashes back on you. There is a token swap soon and there is no plans for any exchange to support the swapped coin, you think trying to trade this on idex with no liquidy is bad? Just wait till there is literally no where you can sell this, that's what awaits you if you buy this. The buy orders are being artificially pushed up...buy at your own risk

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>closed source
LOL. you niggers really are stupid. you can't put backdoors in open source code. if bitcoin had a vulnerability it would have been found and used by pen testers a decade ago

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Interesting argument anon, even if formulated in a typical low IQ /biz/ fashion.

I would suggest looking at some of the tech leaders in the space and what they are building on. Look at what Binance DEX is built on. Look at Facebook's Libra (love or hate the project).

Now let's look at at how many exchanges Cosmos (#19 on CMC) is being traded on. Cosmos is being traded on the largest 83 exchanges.

Do you honestly think none of these exchanges will be able to support one of Cosmo's biggest projects and hub's? Do you know that Sentinel's developers have been helping Cosmos and Tendermint's development for over a year if not close to two years?

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Correct anon. It is much more difficult to add a backdoor to an open source project.

This is why Sentinel, just like Bitcoin, is dedicated to being a fully open source decentralized network.

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do you know how obvious it is you are part of the senp team? the shitcoin has been shilled for less than 48 hours and you know everything about it, and all the sudden theres these 2010 tier image macros spammed in mass with the sent logo.
pajeet your team is so obvious even the brainlets can see through it. although I should say Ivan, this scam has a slavic feel to it.

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they dont understand what the future is

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that has nothing to do with anything. Bitcoin developers are public figures. you hide behind anonymity because you're looking to dump worthless ERC20 tokens

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Hi anon.

No, I am not a part of the Sentinel team, however I have been following the project since ICO - about two years now. I have also been following the Cosmos project closely since ICO.

I have studied it in great depth and am here to offer insights to any questions you may have about the project.

Thank you for your concern about my race, but I assure you it has nothing to do with the project.

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Hi anon

It has everything to do with it. Do you know the true identity of Satoshi? If so, please share with us.

You don't think there was a reason Satoshi had to remain anonymous while developing a system that undermines central banking cartels? Do you not see the parallels with disrupting the global monopoly on bandwidth, state surveillance, and censorship?

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Was suspiscious of fuck of sentinel due to the anonomous team, especially after all the privacy coin scams with anon teams but in this case it does make some sense, (look what the IRS are doing to burgers at the moment) pretty sure there will be some legal shit when sentinel takes off and they do have somewhat a working product/ support of cosmos so I trust the project a bit more. But I guess thats the deal with small marketcaps high risk high reward

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No questions at the moment OP, but wanted to say thank you for trying to raise the bar on /biz/ even if it is just a single thread. I will be following the discussions here to learn more about the project.

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lol. Made up pump and dump groups.

>echo chamber pumps it self

>create ghost

>ghost becomes scapegoat

How long has Sentinel been around? Op

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Everyone sniffing out for a % gain anon. The entire world.

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Completely understandable anon.

The goal is to develop Sentinel and the DAO to the point where it is its own free standing entity not dependent on any centralized point and allow any developer to take the SDK and freely continue advancing the technology as the sector evolves.

The best and most secured systems will be the ones with proper governance models in place and a truly decentralized network.

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not sure if you're implying i'm pumping SENT? I just said its more trustworthy than other projects with anonymous devs which it is,if it is a scam it is a very well run one relative to normal crypto scams. I also called it high risk high reward, I didn't buy in because of the risk and didnt have enough time to research would rather just wait for the next one

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Hi anon,

Yes, I have seen claims floating around of a PnD group promoting Sentinel. I personally asked for any evidence of this, any kind of screenshot to verify this information, but have yet to see anybody post anything to back up this claim.

ICO was concluded early January 2018 and raised a very modest $1.98 million.

ICO token distribution was 75% to participants, 20% reserved for the development and 5% for bounties. If you look at the top wallets, there are many holders that still haven't sold a single SENT since ICO.

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4chan has archives nigger, look it up yourself you started shilling this two days ago with the rest of your shit squatters

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Hi anon,

As mentioned in the OP, this is typical for what happens on /biz/. I have seen it year after year.

Early on, there was a great thread on centralized VPNs and their dangers, and /biz/ saw the correlation to disrupting a large and technically unsecured centralized VPN market. Sentinel obviously stood out as the technology leader in this sector.

As /biz/ started getting excited about it, it quickly turned into an echo chamber of memes and low quality content flooding the board. I saw it for myself.

Now that the project went through a large run up, naturally people started taking profits at 4x, 5x, 6x, which started a cycle of emotions and additional fud. This leads to the current price correction as emotions drive the price action.

However, you can check the top wallets on the explorer, and you will see that top wallets are not dumping at all. The fundamentals that lead to its popularity are still very much the same. All that has changed is there is now a red icon next to it on CMC, which is to be expected after a 600% move.

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Hi anon

I expected a few low IQ posts, but if you have any specific points you would like to discuss, I will be happy to go over them with you.

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Are you okay anon?

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The dvpn market is going to be huge. Governments are becoming scary.

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Get out of here pajeet

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>Hello fellow 4chan user
>I would like to have a polite and intelligent conversation about a shitcoin that my private group is dumping
>Please consider purchasing some
>Yours sincerely, Rajesh

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Bump. Ty for taking the time to write this.

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Satoshi was a pajeet

Lol the state of /biz these days.

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Who is Rajesh?

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Jesus you’re literally in every thread you stinky pajeet. Kys and your pnd

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>he called me a nigger, I NEED BACKUP rakesh!

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The swap to cosmos has been known for a long time. Cosmos community is the one pumping it lol. What and the fuck kind of loony shit are you talking about? How and the fuck did you create a victim story out of this anon?

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Your reddit spacing is going to be the death of me. You have very dislikable character traits. Do the needful and end your life loser.

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Please quit de railing threads with your pajeet fetish anon.

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the shills are giving in depth answers and providing technical explanation of the tokenomics/infrastructure and the fuders are just spamming pajeet. Is this unironically bearish or bullish

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I agree anon. All over the world, nation states are clamping down on internet freedoms. Censorship is running rampant, journalists and whistle blowers are being persecuted, and free speech is being culled.

It is why it is important to build private and decentralized systems that can withstand these forces. While it is a tragedy we are in this position, it does present an interesting financial opportunity.

Unfortunately, the $30+ billion centralized VPN industry does not have a solution that can address any of these issues effectively.

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Bull, only thing the burgers can say is pajeet. Okex wallets growing. Chinese always move before burgers now days.

>just a Brit caught between tides.

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Do you have anything of value to add to the conversation? Give us your best shot anons. This is your chance to destroy the project into oblivion. Show us those high(er) IQs. I'll wait.

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Hi anon,
>literally no price movement for over a year
>China and Russia talks banning vpns
>pnd group sees this as a viable opportunity
>hires 100 pajeets to flood biz and pump it with low liquidity
>scammers like you convince some bizfags that it’s actually a good project
>main pnd group exits yesterday and wipes out 40% of the gains
>now your bags are heavy and you’re doing anything you can to drive the price
>you go into every thread trying to defend a shitcoin and have wasted literal hours of your time trying to
>price still dumping as we speak
>now down over 50%
Congrats on this anon, seriously.

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Shit is crazy now. People are just too numb notice or say anything. Men are emasculated and competing for jobs against woman from Pakistan. The main stream companies make fun of the men (Gillette). Snowden is gone, epstein the pedo, trump, iran and suez canal. Journalists being killed left and right, people being de platformed, china super toltalitrain, nsa labels everyone an enemy, Facebook, visa kicking people from payment rails, mass institutional surveillance. Sent project has good culture and penetration. The fud is just funny lol.

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Hi anon. Unfortunately, I do not control what /biz/ does and what threads they post. You are correct, large nations are banning VPNs. Does this not concern you? Is there anything from the Sentinel project that makes you believe it is not a good project? Do you think price action will stay green forever and never have a correction after a 600% gain? Do you see any top wallets liquidating as you claim?

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If you know "he" goes to every thread, do you go to every thread and say the anti pasta? Or are you just paranoid anon?

Cool story bro

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No shit. That dude is paranoid lol.

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Save the bullshit. Doesn’t matter how you put it. You let pajeets ruin your coin. Coulda been anyone but they chose sent to do their dirty work with. This is what the pnd team sell off looks like. Pic related. It will now ultimately bleed back down. Sorry anon, you got pajeeted. And now sent will be forever known as the pajeet pnd coin just like many others that have ruined this board.

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Sentinel is dank. Run a node. Stand for freedom, long the p2p bandwidth market.

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Epitome of coordinated pnd team sell off.

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there's already 100 blockchain projects that claim to do the VPN. if it actually worked as advertised youd have 1000 votes on HN or reddit. you wouldn't need to shill it because /g/ would be already interested and using it.
but instead you come to /biz/ because you are hired as a 10 cents a post shill, so you respond to anyone who will take the bait.
there is nothing interesting about erc20 shitcoin 1000 that proclaims victory with some botted "users" and no social media mentions outside 4chan shills and a twitter bot

>my shitcoin will do X!

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It is really funny that you have a made up monster in your head called the pajeet that runs around dumping on you.

Classic projections anon. If you are going to have a monster projection, at least make it cool. Dont make your mortal and competetive enemy a starving pajeet.

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4chan put trump in office you kike. Time to wake up

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>doesn't know what /g/ is
i need to speak to your supervisor

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no "we" didn't, you underaged sperg.

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You must be a newfag here. You can’t be helped. You’ll fight for your coin but it’s a biz pnd and will return to mean.

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Why do you idenitfy as a board? Weak memeplex bro. Really weak. Get a hobbie, learn to surf.

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Speak for yourself, sent is for fags. Go hang out with your boy friends and play more video games incel. Muuhh bois on 4chanz, muhh ingroup makes me comfy.

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These hoi polloi pump and dump themselves. Just another echo chamber.

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Your English needs serious work Ranjeesh.

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Anon we are going to have to learn native american.

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I know who your devil is now (:.

The plebs do need their imaginary devil to survive. I hope Ranjeesh gives you nightmares anon.

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Guys should I get out of the Ranjeesh index?

Help me /biz. Are tech equites over valued?

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Hi anon

Can you name any other dVPN blockchain projects that are working as advertised? Based on my research, there aren't many that have the features that Sentinel has developed. In case I missed any, I am always on the lookout for projects that solve the global privacy problem, so I appreciate the referrals.

Sentinel's product is still in testnet, so naturally you won't see widespread publicity until mainnet is released this year. It also just released the Tendermint testnet that will lead the transition away from the dependency of ERC20 limitations.

Sentinel has however had over 23,000 downloads of the dVPN Lite app from the Google play store alone. 24% of those downloads were located in UAE, so it definitely is gaining traction in heavily censored areas. This does not include any of the desktop applications. You can check the real time stats of the network at stats.sentinel.co

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>says it’s not pajeet
>1/4 of “downloads” in UAE
seriously, you have to go back.

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UAE owns the united states lol. Arabs did 911. Then you guys have them trillions of dollars in tax money. Weird flex tho anon.

>> No.15031966

Reading this sounded like an Indian telemarketer shilling sent in my head.

>> No.15031975

>implying I’m in the US
End your life faggot

>> No.15031978

if it wasn’t being used in censored areas, we would know that it didn’t work or that it’s worthless. the fact that chinese/middle easterners are using it is actually very promising

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>> No.15031989

Does that surprise you anon? UAE has heavy and wide internet censorship. Something as basic as pornography is illegal. Naturally, a large percentage of dVPN use will be found in regions that lack internet freedoms.

Regions like China and Russia also face heavy surveillance and censorship.

>> No.15031994

Id be mad if I fell for the low quality shills and lost 50% of my stack. Nice projection tho anon

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Are you mad? That the Arabs/ UAE did 911 and than used tax money to build their new
>financial markets
>and Military's?
Anon if you keep having geographical bias your never going to escape, Make bitcoins, and move To Bali with us Chads.

Censored areas using the protocol is bull

>> No.15032087

Please do the needful.

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Why did you reply to his post twice?

>> No.15032154

No. This is just one discord PND group. “Biz” didn’t find anything. It’s the same group as RESERVE. Obviously.

If you want an old shitcoin that will pump: Buy an uncucked moonshot like RFR

>> No.15032174

He’s a samefaggin pajeet with heavy bags using the “tech” as a coping mechanism

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Let me here your theory anon. I want to get high off paranoia too.

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My theory is that you're a drooling idiot.

>> No.15032215

>sent moons

>people butthurt


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Guys quit the bullshit

Anons go to Github and check out the code.

Check out the Cosmos eco system.

And run a node.

Easy x10 to Halloween, dump at that time.

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3 full days before the pump when the market cap was only 3.9 mil we were told to get in. Most didn't listen, they would have tripled their money if they did. Instead, they FOMO'd in when the price was already high, then it tanked. Now people complain it was a scam. It's obvious it can't rise so high without then falling back a lot. Never FOMO in.

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Sentienl has better nodes better than Dash in 2016.

Juicy stuff guys. Cosmos mainnet started the bull season as well (:.

This is a chance for competitors to pull purchasing power out of other eco systems like Eth, and get noticed.

>jae kwon is the new vitalik

Get over it.

>> No.15032331

Take a "meta look" at what is going on on this board right now. Everyone is talking about Sentinel organically. But the market cap is only 6.3 million right now. Meaning it could go much higher. Something about it has got us in its grip. It's all in our collective subconscious now. Meaning, it's going to go higher.

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100 sats incoming bois.

>> No.15032380

>Everyone is talking about sentinel organically
You are thicker than a democrat

>> No.15032382

Biz can be so retarded. OP welcoming any questions about a technology solving a global problem, giving well thought out and articulate answers, and the best /biz/ can do is yell pajeet over and over.

Thank you OP for featuring a project that cares about privacy and freedom of internet.

>> No.15032391

when the price shoots back up, all of the fuders will come out of the woodwork and say they were fuding to keep the price low to buy in. happens every single time.

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The only true thing ever said on all of the threads ^^^.


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I got in at 14 sats and took out my principal at 52 sats. Now I have a nice free stack, and I’m going to get rich off the Middle East downloading a shit ton of porn.

>> No.15032418

Agree, Privacy is a big issue today.

>> No.15032438

>hello fellow high IQ anons, I have come to explain why you should hold my bags. please provide liquidity for me exit dump

Fuck you and your jeet team for shitting up this board with your bottom barrel lazy ass memes. Don't pretend that this trash was an organic reaction, that suddenly biz realized a dead VPN coin was suddenly the next BTC. Anyone with and IQ above 70 can see this bullshit for what it is: a coordinated pump and dump to steal from anons on biz.

It doesn't even matter if the project has any legitimacy now. You've painted it as a scam and that's the legacy you created.

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Not just porn anon, but removing the burka as well.

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Everyone so jelly belly in here.

Sentinel is ready for lift off frens (:

>> No.15032603

Haha getting rich off the Middle East downloading porn - I kek’d

Seriously biz, is another project fighting for online privacy such a bad thing? Even if this gains adoption just from online porn, it will go to a min of $50M mcap.

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So many pajeets, so many incels

>> No.15032701

Projecting much? Obsessed with pajeets so you can feel better about yourself in your moms basement?

>> No.15032716

The incels are the pajeets. It your red pill now.

>> No.15032764
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Nice play anon.

This chart was perfect. Was it yours?

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Love it or hate it, this project went from a completely unknown coin to everybody on biz knowing about it. The logo is now recognized by anybody on this board. Controversy is a great marketing tactic. Now biz will be inadvertently paying attention to all announcements and updates if they want to or not. Buyers that bought the top will promote it further. It has already reached twitter and another exchange has listed it within 3 days of the pump. And it’s still on testnet kek

>> No.15032900


>> No.15033069

Biz doesn’t represent those in China, Russia, or the Middle East. Of course the bias here is skewed. For these regions, censorship is a part of daily life. Sentinel having branded apps for these regions is a good strategy.

Nice thread OP, even if low IQ took over in the end.

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This thread was hilarious.

>Biz: complains of low IQ low effort threads
>OP tries raising the bar and asks for constructive discussion on privacy

>> No.15033465

Buy pundi x

>> No.15033544

You're the stupid one. Open source code is backdoored all the fucking time:


More people use this than they use Bitcoin, by far. Learn something, faggot.

>> No.15033554


Yeah, because everyone knows who Satoshi is, right?

Anyway, even if they weren't anonymous they could still dump tokens. Really makes zero difference.

>> No.15033614
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This was fun biz. I hope I answered all sincere questions in this thread. If I missed anything, please reply to this post, and if the thread is still active when I wake up, I'll follow up in the morning.

"Bringing an end to mass government surveillance needs to be a central pillar of returning to the principles we have put in jeopardy in the early 21st century." - Yochai Benkler

>> No.15033801


I think Satoshi is behind Sentinel anonymous team, no joking here

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What do you think it'll correct to?

>> No.15033845

Thank you for a based thread OP. You gave the entire biz board the opportunity to tear Sentinel to shreds, and the best they could come up with is “pajeet”. I will test out the dVPN and do some more research on the project.

>> No.15033942

More of this, please.

Anyone else who can comment on the vpn itself who has used it?

>> No.15033945

Downloading dvpn too as we speak

>> No.15034827

sentinel is an honest project imo, they started shilling it only after all their main products were mostly ready.
they started shilling on /biz while tehir blockchain testnet was being launched, i think thats why they stayed silent for 2 years, cause they did not want to be exposed to the market till they could have real working products to show.
very based behavior, i will be supporting this project by using their payed service when they launch, thanks OP for putting effort in this thread

>> No.15035297

Just going to leave this here

>> No.15035931


Shut the fuck up nigger. Just kill yourself now so that we don't have to look at you clowning around from thread to thread with your no input retarded comments.

>> No.15035960


lol yeah, fully agree

>> No.15036009


>Because everyone but you always buy at the absolute top


>> No.15036026

>claim to have 10k users
>token wasnt involved in this test
>if those 10k users had to pay for the dvpn service, they won't be there

Refute this and I'll unironically market but 5k $ rn and will post screencap

>> No.15036068

Shit works nicely. I downloaded and had it up and running with a jeet IP within 5 minutes

>> No.15036104

thats the point of having a free testing period in the first place dude, to show that the service works so people will be willing to pay in the future.
also sentinel dvpn will be cheaper then any other solution cause you will pay on consumption only, also on main net there will still be some nodes offering service for free they will just be lower spec.
also probably people that will stake tehir SENTs on the dpos chain will get free dvpn service.
on top of that they will get 7%-20% yearly interest so if you stake like 500$ worth of sent you will have free dvpn for life (not counting also price appreciation) and if you get bored of the service you can just sell back the same amount of tokens

>> No.15036123


They dont have to pay. If they use the service for free and generate traffic, those traffic fees go to SENT staking token holders since they receive block rewards and transactions for staking their tokens and securing the network. Now keep your work and market buy the tokens and post screenshot

>> No.15036131

who else set stop orders for .000014 and lower but missed them because the lowest it hit was 1488?

>> No.15036195

Most users are from countries like UAE or Iran where they need a VPN to go on certain websites, porn, github etc, they can't do this from a regular VPN since their government just blocks the IP range of the VPN. You can't ban a IP range of a dVPN since it could be just about any computer anywhere in the world

>> No.15036798
File: 29 KB, 976x373, photo5966654295606667592.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15037725

Amazing stuff, i never tought a project zhilled by biz could actually help people

>> No.15037738

Real world use case right here, also these numbers are old

>> No.15038149

Someone give me a technical explanation of why sentinel is better than just using Tor alone?

>> No.15038503

sentinel adds an additional layer between you and tor and it allows you to pass through more nodes, if even one of them is honest then you are hidden, also because nodes are monetized, many more nodes then tor will be hosted making your anonimity set higher and you will have better nodes specs, also packet standardization should make everything safer

>> No.15038529

The token does nothing for the project. Hell, the VPN itself is free, in other scams i mean projects the token at least does something like in holochain where HOT is needed for the Holoports to do something

>> No.15038546

>bag holder general

>> No.15038635

maybe you should read a bit more before you start spewing bullshit. the vpn is free because mainnet is not done yet, the token is to secure Sentinel hub, you can pay with any currency accepted at Sentinel hub for the VPN during mainnet and part of the transaction fees goes to all SENT holders, so holding SENT will give you a share of ALL transaction fees passing through the sentinel hub and their services.
Sentinels hub is also the privacy layer of the cosmos network which means that it should see a lot of traffic from the cosmos network because people in crypto generally like privacy

>> No.15039557

Hi anons. I am back if there is anything you would like to discuss.

One thing that I don't see much discussion on is the decentralized interoperable swap mixer that will be released on Tendermint. This will allow any supported coin to be privately and safely mixed. Sentinel is much more than just a dVPN. It will be a full fledged privacy suite covering everything from bandwidth, to decentralized chat, to token mixing.

>> No.15039710

Look into Lethean if you like what SENT is trying to do. they are already doing it. SENT is a fucking erc20 token with an anonymous team.
it's also already at 7M right now. LTHN is 600k MC with a working product and private wallets.

>> No.15040014

Hi anon. I encourage all dVPN projects to work on solving the global privacy problems we face. There is no such thing as too many privacy options.

However, your statement is factually incorrect. Sentinel is transitioning to its own Tendermint blockchain that eliminates all the bottleneck issues found with ERC20, and allows for some interesting features to be added like being able to pay for bandwidth in any token a node operator supports.

As for the anon team, as I explained in an earlier post, there is a good reason for this. I will copy my reply here for your reference:

For a truly decentralized network, there can be no central point of failure. How can a project protect your privacy if governments can go after a CEO or a board of directors or force them to instal backdoors like Russia is trying to do? Bitcoin is successful and unstoppable precisely due to this feature. Sentinel is following the true cypherpunk ideals and values of decentralization.

>> No.15040068

Other than Satoshi, can you name an anonymous team in crypto that hasn't exit scammed? genuinely curious. I've heard that argument a lot, but it always ends the same. Lethean is already operating on it's own blockchain. it's not an ICO scam.

>> No.15040107

For a true decentralized network, you need the proper DAO setup and no central authority. Sentinel is a true decentralized project built to last. Lethean is just larping as one.

Exit scam? Yea, let's build the leading dVPN technology and working privacy suite for two years just to throw it all away and exit scam... makes sense.

>> No.15040262

sentinel team has been realising tech for the last 1.5 years, if they wanted to exit scam theywould have done it ealrier, just on the 24th they released tehir blockchain testnet and next week they will release their socks5 proxys for tg, so i see no reason why they would exit scam, also after main net is released sentinel will become an official dao with treasury so we will be able to hire third party devs if needed

>> No.15040283

anonymous creator. Yes mimblewimble and GRIN. The reason all of these cryptos will fail is because they have a centralized creator and can never be truly decentralized like btc was.

>> No.15040324

BEAM isn't anon and GRIN wasn't an ICO. anon ICO teams without fail have all been scammers.

>> No.15040377

DAOs don't work. Nobody votes.

>> No.15040529

Exactly maybe we wouldn’t be screaming paj if somebody did this earlier

>> No.15040758

DAOs do work in the case of sentinel, its how the project has been going on from the start.
community members make proposals and discuss openly the path forward.
its a voluntary model no one is forced to participate

>> No.15041287

MW will take 25 years to have an inflation rate that is = to Bitcoins now. KEK

>> No.15041297

Interesting so its not a plutochracy ?

>> No.15041452

Fuck fudding niggers, you will buy my bags soon enough

>> No.15041515

There were many great educated threads that went over the dangers of the $35+ billion centralized VPN industry. All dVPNs were discussed, not just Sentinel. We are looking at an industry wide disruption here anons.

>> No.15041535
File: 215 KB, 680x510, 1564148631405.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>They are still trying to pump and dump their shitcoin of the month

>> No.15041560

anon, Sentinel is not just an ERC-20 token. It will be migrating to its own blockchain powered by the COSMOS sdk. They are currently running the testnet with 30 validators. You can see the block explorer here.

>> No.15041889

sentinel will operate, through voluntary actions of inetrested members, just like a board room where share holders elect a council that will bring forward everybodys interests

>> No.15041900

Which, given the apathy of the average holder, becomes a plutocracy. Can we have some stats on participation rates?

>> No.15041973

its has not been working like a plutocracy till now, only people who saw the value of the project participated , for sure price and volume being low helped with this, but know also this people who saw the value in the project and put in most time accumulated lots of tokens for cheap.
so the one that actually worked are the one taking decisions.
its a bit difficult to explain, but its a model that worked quite nicely till now.
people who tought the project was dead dumped but it was just self projection of them not doing anything for sentinel.
voting power was distributed to the right holders

>> No.15041988

Hard numbers. It's worked so far is not an argument.

>> No.15042048

as i said there is no vote, it works on a voluntary participation basis.
on main net the model will probably be different node hosting will get you more voting power, the service providers will have all the interest to keep the network performing at best, cause they are actually running the infrastructure, so they have more skin in the game.

if you want some hard numbers come back here 6 months after main net cause now the whole protocol is not launched yet

>> No.15042059

k, enjoy your eos

>> No.15042100

only time will tell if you are right, just know that devs will have part of the voting power it will prb be like this
33% stake holders
33% service providers
33% devs
the point of the whole system is to provide services so it will work like a board room

>> No.15042173
File: 70 KB, 719x623, atom22.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15042419
File: 719 KB, 2484x1780, Stats.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sentinel adoption rate is skyrocketing. 20+ nodes were added just this week alone. User session at all-time highs. Focus on the adoption rates anons, not on the 15 min charts.


>> No.15042942

Is this what real adoption looks like? Adoption comes first, price follows.

>> No.15043106


>> No.15043204

Bitcoin disrupted the centralized banking cartel.
Sentinel will disrupt the $40 billion centralized VPN industry.

First comes the tech
Next comes adoption
Then comes the price

If you look for the first two, you can retire off the third.

>> No.15043213

your whole set of arguments got dismantled in sentinel tg chat, get rekt fudder

>> No.15043776

I saw that too. Sentinel game is strong.

>> No.15043829

Most networks do not fully utilize the non-fungible properties of the conventional blockchain structure. Sentinel has innovated a mechanism by which a master node inscribes data onto the Ethereum blockchain. This data, derived from smart contracts pulls metrics such as bandwidth usage and duration of the session from client session data. This data is recorded to validate payments and to create a trustless payment gateway (can think of it as an escrow system) between the end-user and community member who is sharing their bandwidth. You can check out the code on GitHub here.

#1 thing with obfuscation, I'll bring prv comments

"Returning to the classic client-based IPsec VPN, keep in mind that each VPN connection has two parties: the VPN client and, on the terminating end, the VPN gateway. Misconfiguring VPN clients to compromise security can occur in the manipulation of Phase 1 and/or Phase 2 proposals of the IPsec connection. If the client is configured to work with AES128, for example, and the user changes the encryption algorithm to DES (assuming the gateway allows DES as a valid security proposal), this would constitute a severe reduction in overall security because DES has much lower encryption strength and can be easily compromised. Thus, some control can already be exercised from the gateway end to not allow security protocols that do not meet state-of-the-art VPN security."


while Sentinel also helps to obfuscate the IP address, Sentinel is one of the few VPN networks in the world existing today where users have absolute assurance that the VPN connection cannot be manipulated
if ANY of the nodes attempt to manipulate the encryption settings, they wont even show up on the VPN list

>> No.15043854

While we need to make the public aware of Sentinel and its ability to provide the obfuscation with no logs, predominant importance is that the crypto holders and users also realize that they are taking a step further to secure their assets by using an open-source VPN application
Obfuscation is child's play, changing IP is a game
the main reason why VPN was created was end to end encryption to tunnel into corporate environments
VPN evolved over the years to circumvent the regional controls, but at the core VPN defines end to end encryption
These people will say we want open source bitcoin wallet and at same time they trust nordvpn
This achieves one simple goal:
To mask your activity from your local network owner(s) (ISP, workplace, etc).
They can still see that you're communicating and most importantly WHO YOU'RE COMMUNICATING WITH.

For example China has laws to prosecute VPN users and operators that are now (since mid-2019) enforced.


ProjectAutonomy, [30.07.19 23:09]
Obfuscation is child's play, changing IP is a game

ProjectAutonomy, [30.07.19 23:09]
the main reason why VPN was created was end to end encryption to tunnel into corporate environments

ProjectAutonomy, [30.07.19 23:10]
VPN evolved over the years to circumvent the regional controls, but at the core VPN defines end to end encryption

ProjectAutonomy, [30.07.19 23:10]
These people will say we want open source bitcoin wallet and at same time they trust nordvpn

ProjectAutonomy, [30.07.19 23:11]
This achieves one simple goal:

To mask your activity from your local network owner(s) (ISP, workplace, etc).

They can still see that you're communicating and most importantly WHO YOU'RE COMMUNICATING WITH.

For example China has laws to prosecute VPN users and operators that are now (since mid-2019) enforced.

>> No.15043886

We aren't playing games here.. We built first consensus mechanism to measure bandwidth provability
Sentinel wasn't meant for just payment gateway or layer
It's meant for governance over resource distribution
All people care about today is if their IP changes, and they lack visibility beyond that
“The Department of Homeland Security has issued a warning that some VPN packages from Cisco, Palo Alto, F5 and Pulse may improperly secure tokens and cookies, allowing nefarious actors an opening to invade and take control over an end user’s system.

The DHS’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) warning comes on the heels of a notice from Carnegie Mellon’s CERT that multiple VPN applications store the authentication and/or session cookies insecurely in memory and/or log files.”

>> No.15043902

Its not just a game to pretend you are in a different country
Even 90%+ of the 'technical' community does not realize the true need for a dvpn because they don't consider the provability aspect
It's our job to drive this point home and if we can't then we fail, lack of market's awareness is not an excuse over long periods of time
Porn and Netflix this meme has become as the community questions why we need dvpn while they actively use provable hardware wallets without thinking twice
Porn and Netflix is what VPN has become, we need to remind the masses that it's about ENCRYPTED p2p tunneling
If my IP change, OK VPN work
Anyone want 1v1 ama with sent dev, name time place, ready to go

>> No.15043918

What a VPN means
They think VPN is just for hiding IP and playing games
They don't realize every government agency in the world mandates their members to use VPN while travelling


#Sentinel will be launching enterprise solutions on it's native @tendermint_team mainnet. Organizations will be able to host a private set of nodes and restrict access to only members.

The nodes are fully open-source and members can connect with an assurance of absolute encryption. Organizations such as governments should be ensuring that their dignitaries are using a #dVPN such as #Sentinel when the dignitaries are travelling and are accessing public networks.

The organization is unable to manipulate the #dVPN encryption settings even when compromised, giving organization members assurance of absolute security from any regional ISP or external attackers.

An organization member (example government employee), would feel much more confident using the 'free' (customizable by organization but most likely could be internally free) organization hosted exit node rather than another Sentinel dVPN Public node.

This confidence is both in terms of throughput reliability (depending on organization expense) as well as reliability that theres no chance for a man-in-the-middle attack (assuming that the organization is able to fully trust the exit node ISP).

More information on enterprise integrations will be launched before the mainnet swap.

>> No.15043929

Porn and Netflix is what vpn has become, no one realizes that top vpn companies have cooperated with US agencies to conduct MIM attacks. This is just the beginning, if we are focusing towards distributed and decentralized currency - we are a damn joke if we don't figure out the networking layer

>> No.15043965


Retard FUD written by some low IQ angry teen
Read these and realize how retarded you are if you believe anything in that pastebin

>> No.15044026
File: 97 KB, 773x425, 42F75743-A06D-42A4-A484-78DEAE7B4F93.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay this sounds pretty fucking based

>> No.15044073

this was posted in sentinel tg chat

>> No.15044430
File: 139 KB, 1280x675, rockbottom.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15044629
File: 95 KB, 800x600, cc0205f1-d81a-4641-b382-d6396596e2b5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Sentinel HIV is spreading

>> No.15045382

Hi, I’m a member in OP’s team and Discord.

We came up with this answer: who can honestly understand the technology that is Bitcoin? A backdoor could be hidden anywhere and we wouldn’t know because no one but Satoshi Nakamoto knows what’s really in Bitcoin. Hence it’s unknown if there is a backdoor in Bitcoin, even though it is open source.

>> No.15045426
File: 3 KB, 110x125, 1562963181201s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Literally the stupidest comment I have ever read. THE CODE IS OPEN SOURCE RETARD YOU CAN READ IT

>> No.15045667

Did you code Bitcoin? How would you understand it if you weren’t its maker? With Sentinel, it’s all open source and its easy to understand.

OP should be coming to the office to explain soon.

>> No.15045746

You can't read it nigger, you have faith in bitcoin core faggot

>> No.15045765

Literal fucktards. I'm sure you can't read it and I'm sure you don't compile it yourself but some people that aren't retarded jeets do

>> No.15045869

99% of people do not compile or are not literate in the code base. You have faith the water engineers maintain the system. You have faith in equities that the CEO and board delivers, You have faith in Bitcoin core. STFU

>> No.15045896

You are some sort of cashie retard, prolly Gabrosheez Vishnun. Seriously fuck off back to r/btc

>> No.15045979

chad devs will blow your mind with there solution.

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