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China - a nation of 1.4 billion people is now issuing fines for citizens using VPNs. VPNs based in China also are subject to censorship and government surveillance.

>This fundamental problem is not just limited to China:

Russia is also demanding backdoors and access to any centralized VPN that wants to operate in the county. Population: 145.8 million

The Department of homeland security has issued a dire warning to US based enterprises and government employees that VPNs are being used to steal trade secrets and for surveillance. Population 327 million

The Middle East has full censorship and surveillance control. Even porn is banned and outlawed. Population 411 million

The IRS is cracking down on cryptocurrency transactions and will be hunting any hidden transactions based on your IP. Centralized VPN providers are subject to subpoenas for your data and internet history. What BTC nodes you have connected to, what exchanges you have used.

>There needs to be a fundamental shift for privacy solutions. Centralized VPNs do not have the answer. It is time to build new decentralized networks before there are no more privacy options left.

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>what is tor

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Billions of people under oppressive governments with censorship and surveillance, and biz still doesn’t understand the importance of a decentralized privacy network.

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>/biz/ - Business and Finance

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Everybody knows that TOR has been compromised by FBI and NSA for years.

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Probably because this is a fucking business board. Take your samefagging ass >>>/g/

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Sentinel is using a Tor relay for exit nodes

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/biz ameribros need to learn this tech to access exchanges which they are blocked from

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This is a black swan level event anon. There will be a mass migration to decentralized VPN providers that you can profit off:

• Sentinel
• Orchid
• Lethean
• Mysterium

Do your research and invest in the leading decentralized networks that will take over a multi billion dollar industry.

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>addressing an enormous market need that could be satisfied in order make us rich while protecting privacy rights somehow isn’t bizness related.

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all dvpn other then sentinel on that list are just shit

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Just like BTC wagged war and disrupted centralized banking and fiat manipulation, decentralized VPNS will disrupt centralized VPN networks and censored networks all around the world.

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Regardless of whether or not it is compromised by three letter agencies, it runs off Firefox ESR which uses Google analytics, and all extensions can be disabled if Firefox forgets to update their certificates. It's not decentralized and you would be an idiot to run your system connections through it because that means any unencrypted connections (https) would be seen by whoever is running the node, should they be a bad actor. Bad for privacy and security.
How about obey the fucking law you absolute nigger

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how about laws that are unmoral shouldn't be respected
you have the duty to rebel and if you don't do it you are just a weak ass faggot

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>obey the fucking law
How does it feel to be a cuck? Memes are being outlawed in the EU. Porn is banned in the Middle East. Journalists are being targeted and imprisoned for whistleblowing on government crimes.

Should the entire planet follow unacceptable restrictions on our freedoms and just roll over?

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Spread freedom, run a node.
This is just getting started. 2017 bear did its job it looks like.

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Sorry what is this major event that's happened? I don't live in the 3rd world.
Also, stop being a crybaby and pay your taxes. You're taking a hugely unnecessary risk by not doing so.
If you want anonymous crypto (crypto isn't anonymous its all public all they need is an address or two to leak and you're tracked) - if you want anonymous crypto then go off the grid, get your crypto from a local place or somewhere that doesn't ask your ID - I bet half you niggers concerned about privacy and anonymity still use windows/mac and google fucking chrome. Don't kid me when you say you actually want anonymity - you don't know the first thing about the tech that you are voluntarily letting track you right now.

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Bitcoin disrupted centralized banking. Sentinel will disrupt centralized bandwidth.

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i feel free with setinel dvpn. thanks to the devs.

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Nice product. The gui is slick. Cosmos hodler checking in.

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I don't have a problem with those who break the law for what they believe in.
But don't cry like a baby when the powers that be fuck you over.
You either play their game for safety, or you accept the risks and consequences of standing up against oppressive laws. There is no inbetween. Stop being a girl. Be a man and make a decision on how you are going to lead your life mate.

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And how do you fight the power that break the law and censor their people and journalists if all the tools to do so are compromised by design?

It is clear a new set of tools is required to do just that.

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Fuck off
>Hurr durr muh linux you all don't know what privacy means
Go to college if you want to become a networking professional

>Unnecessary risk by not paying your taxes
>Implying my boat is unnecessary

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>decentralized networks before there are no more privacy options left.
>What is p2p

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God damn it I just bought a year of Nord yesterday. Could of just used the Sentinel dVPN for free.

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you can resell your nord bandwidth on sent

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What other P2P networks offer what Sentinel does? Genuinely curious.

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College anon? I have been running a dev ops firm for 10 years. We receuit on github. The college new hires are always worthless. 90% of my team never went to college. Dude, owning a home by a university is dangerouse. Down hill trend anon. Hope the nation can shield itself from the college debt collapse.

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Ok anon, that's pretty fucking based

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Fungible bandwidth is the future. These prviate companies were not going to hijack public equity infrastructure for ever. This is just normal breaking down of commodites from monoplies. It either happens from market pressure, anti trust laws, or RICO cases. Excited to see the bandwidth incentives on cosmos.

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centralized entitys are more susceptible to government attack, VPN will be a huge target for being shut down or infiltrated, as we move more and more towards a totalitarian society software like sent will be the only alternative left

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So is Sentinel like an even more secure TOR, but monetized?

IIRC, a big issue for TOR was that there was no incentives to run a node, which meant that the only exit nodes were being run by governments.

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sentinel will become layer 1 for accessing tor for now it doesn't try to compete with tor but it integrates with it, it offers an additional layer of security and because people will be payed for bandwidth it should reach a higher count of nodes after the network is more mature

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Pitch me OP why I should use Sentinel vs NordVPN or/and Tor. If you convince me totally I will buy 20 million SENT token and send proof of buy order here in the thread

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NordVPN is a fucking scam, and just because you bought that up you should fucking read about VPN's for another 2 months before you buy one. My god, the masses are dumb.

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State actors need systems like tor to compete and operate efficiently, any high level private actor as well. Tor was developed to give such a system to allied state actors. The nature of the system would also create incentives for enemy actors to participate. Hosting nodes themselves. Making the system more robust. More security was needed, so system was open sourced. Agents larped as devs and pushed tor culture in red, black and white communites under idealogical pretense. Money is far from the only incentive. ideological identity complexs are much stronger than money as incentive, they'll compell men to die for soverigns. They tie nation states and religious authorities together. Tor's biggest expansion was under idealogical pushes in niche dev communites. This propigates the nodes like influenza. Its 2019, new things are abound, the internet is a complex beast, and tor does not provide all the needs for the highest level actors. That being the state. Cryptography was on the legislated munitions list not to long ago and considered a weapon, holding devs accountable for free spech (code). The realtionship of devs and deep state activites, and open source work has always been close and will continue to be. Good luck sentinel, whom ever you are are, scoped the github (:.

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I asked the OP for the pitch. If he fully convinces me I will buy 20 million SENT tokens, buy market order

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first of all you can try sentinel for free, so you can have direct experience of the product.
sentinel will offer the first vpn service that provably doesn't log your data, because you are routing it through multiple nodes, and if you want you can exit on the tor net having 2 layers of security.
sentinel will undercut centralized vpn it will be at least 50% CHEAPER and will offer a larger variety of nodes specs, because users with all kinds of connections will be monetizing their bandwidth.
because the type of nodes are residential users from fucked up place like iran and saudi and china can use the service without tehir gov blacklisting the ip of the centralized service provider, also the traffic won't be routed into a data center thus making it much less suspicious to the eyes of surveillant authority.
if you are interested i can go on

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I support any efforts to decentralize bandwidth around the world. At the moment however, it seems like Sentinel has the only solution.

• Anon and decentralized team that can not be forced to instal backdoors or leak data

• Open source and provable encryption

• TOR exit nodes

• Monetize bandwidth by hosting a relay node or an exit node

• VPN can accept any token as payment. Rumor is they will also have fiat on ramps. This is often overlooked because it will allow for wide spread adoption without having to purchase tokens.

• Private networks for enterprises and governments

• A decentralized token mixer for complete anonymity

• A decentralized dChat application that is encrypted end-to-end

• Token staking for a % of all fees transacted on the network

If anybody can name any other solutions that addresses the privacy issues I have laid out, I will gladly listen.

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im not op but see if you like this i can go more in depth

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just buy a vps and setup a proxy

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point is that sentinel will uberize the global bandiwth market, putting all buyers and sellers on a global platform where they can easily find themself, VPS providers can offer their services on sentinel platform thus potentially getting more users.
buyers will get a high variety of specs and prices, it will make the competition market of bandwidth flourish

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Nigga u will not

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also if you decide to buy a vpn you can use it as a sentinel node while you don't use it, potentially making back all the costs

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All about node propagation. > the node propigation. The more robust the system is from risk ( robust as in the comp sci term.) Being able to create abstract commodity incentives ( data, bandwidth, ect ), on top of idealogical pretenses. Is double dank.

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Fuck off already. Main pnd group behind the sent pump have bailed. You can tell in the dump that happened yesterday. Now sent will rely on desperate bagholders to carry on the torch. End your life faggot.

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based quads of truth. sent is a pajeet scam

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fuk off paj

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How many uneducated end users can reliably set up their own VPS and proxy? Why would someone do all this if they just want to access a few GB of data a month?

Sentinel also has a dVPN Lite application on Android that is free. The end users end up using a decentralized VPN without even knowing it is using blockchain tech since no tokens or crypto knowledge is required. If the end users want faster speeds or more options, they can then use the full dVPN suite. This puts Sentinel in a position where they can onboard and drive adoption from the non-crypto space.

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checked and truthpilled. i still can’t believe bizfags still fall for this kind of trash.

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I could care less about the price right now anon. Name one existing solution that can effectively fight internet surveillance and censorship effectively around the world that is not subject to government control. I'll wait.

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sentinel will and always was propelled only by one main thing, which is tech releases
solid tech development will continue, the market will realize the strong foundamentals, and weak fudders will get left behind
socks 5 protocol will be released next week, you will be able to use it on telegram

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There is a token swap soon and there is no plans for any exchange to support the swapped coin, you think trying to trade this on idex with no liquidy is bad? Just wait till there is literally no where you can sell this, that's what awaits you if you buy this. The buy orders are being artificially pushed up...buy at your own risk

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it's really fukn easy

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enought with this copypasted fud, you have been reposting it in every thread, token swap was not even announced and exchanges when its time they will support, for example beaxy will 100% support it

>> No.15027886

That is what I have always admired about Sentinel. They just don't stop developing. I get the impression the anon devs are old school cypherpunks working together to develop a way to give true internet freedom to the world just like BTC did to central banking.

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look at the blatant samefaggin going on. fuckin kek you are a sorry individual.

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with 1.89m$ in funds they managed to continue developing all through bear, and they have had constant releases,last week they released their tendermint blockchain
next week they will release socks 5
ios app is probably next (just guessing tho)


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Can your parents set it up without having to follow some tutorial? The best tech simplifies the barrier to adoption and makes it as easy as
possible to use. Why would anyone want to pay monthly for a VPS if all they need is a few GBs here and there?

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whats the point of you loosing your time in this thread either you wanna fud to buy cheap or you are just a dumb for wasting your time

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How can users monetize their bandwidth using Freenet?

>> No.15027977

Thanks for taking the time to write this. To many fucking porn memes now.

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Lol those days are over. Big gains lie in information asymmetry. Who can break what, and who can steal custodianship architectures from Boomer mafia system. The fungible data footprint market is going to go parabloic as totalitarian governments and bankrupt states judge entites and individuals on their information consumption and opinions.

>> No.15028064

Well said. Maybe to much. Best to keep quiet about these details.

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Im here to btfo faggots like you trying to scam my bizbros. Kys scamming pajeet

>> No.15028081

Quit being a bitch lol. What if apple does a share dillution. Welcome to markets kid.

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read the thread you might learn one thing or two, let go of your bias and see the substance.

people are able to jedge for themself, you are not anyone protector and you are not smarter then you "bizbros" you are just one of many.

the fact that you are trying to "save" other "bizbros" just shows you think you are in a community while you part of a government controlled psyop/forum used to seed specific narratives in large parts of the population like /pol did during trump election

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Not everybody is capable of seeing the bigger picture. Sometimes the black swan event just has to happen before they understand.

Multi billion dollar industry about to be completely disrupted and all they can do is cry about some imaginary pajeets.

>> No.15028203

Thats another question entirely?

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for all they knew they could be fudding a government psyop, there are some deep capital pools behaind sentinel, some part will be disclosed but and some part not.
the smart ones will see this is not a project like the other, and they will be abe to see the hidden vested interest of many actors that are betting on sentinel success.

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It is a very important facet to the equation. Unless you are able to monetize and easily allow the set up of relay nodes and exit nodes, what incentive is there to host one?

For a technology to be truly adopted, it needs to scale quickly and effortlessly. Unless there is incentive, it won't happen.

Just like TOR, since there is no financial incentive, all that is left is state actors to host nodes to give you a false sense of security.

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He likes being part of the faggot club where you create romantics out of your fraternity relationships. Like guy time more than making money. Stupid shit. When you grow up, your realize friendship idenity is for betas. Lone wolfs wander, discover, smash, and spread the gene pool.

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>how about obeying the law

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Buy thinkpad use third party bios
Leave state
Buy refillable credit card
Go outside a place with WiFi
Use tor to buy multiple vpns and a foreign vps
Then use tor to connect through each vpn through a proxy on a personally set up vps

Never connect to your home ISP always use different WiFi connections outside.

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4chan is good at projecting its fears via external verbatim. Most of the contributions are lonely white men who come from low average middle class, and their parents did an awful job of preparing them for globalization. They never thought their biggest competitor would be chinese, india, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, dubai, turkey, brazil. The projections will get louder as wages decline to meet the wages out east. The entire 4chan generation is going thru a global labour arbritage. Right now is price discovery and its painful. Good luck mates.

>> No.15028318

anon reading this will be able to see that fud comments are never longer then a single line of text (much shorter in fact)
this show the effort and tought put in writing and thinking , in a forum with anonimity the best and the worst of peoples comes out.
everybody thinks its entitled to a loud opinion just cause he has a keyboard.
often its simply the loud minority fudding, while the majority stay silent and gets influenced by armchair commenters with too many hormones in the body

>> No.15028331

Your right anon... that sounds like much much easier than just downloading a decentralized open source relay network.

>> No.15028349


Do I learn GO first? Or how to balance an equation anon?

>> No.15028354

good advices op also add to that use a hardened version of firefox from inside a vm
or just use wonix.
user.js config files can be found online to avoid fingerprinting
also please don't use windows and have different browsers for different online activities compartmentalize your online life
use start page instead of google

>> No.15028358

Sentinel hasn't proven that it has solved this at all.

>> No.15028368

Always obey the law. But do not assume the monopoly on violence is scaled the same where you live.

>> No.15028390

When the PHDs write papers on sentinel, you can purchase for a premium. That type presitge should give you all the faith you need to take risk. I recommend this route for most.

>> No.15028421

You have a fixed supply coin with dynamic pricing being held mostly by speculators. Explain how that is an attractive monetization model?

>> No.15028455

sentinel dvpn nodes will be able to get payed in any cryptocurrencies thanks to IBC protocol that is being developed by cosmos team, so even stablecoins and btc.
nodes will choose themself what coin to accept, the sentinel coin will be used to secure the dpos blockchain, which will also how a mixer

>> No.15028472

Fungible data foot prints sell at enough premium to make monteziation a no brainer.

>> No.15028550

^ This

What a concept right? Instead of forcing the use of a specific token, Sentinel did it right by allowing ANY crypto currency to be used to pay for bandwidth. You will even be able to use fiat.

This is how you develop a platform destined for mass adoption. Give the people what they want.

>> No.15028556

Bullshit. There is a token swap soon and there is no plans for any exchange to support the swapped coin, you think trying to trade this on idex with no liquidy is bad? Just wait till there is literally no where you can sell this, that's what awaits you if you buy this...buy at your own risk

>> No.15028581

Sounds very slow and inconvenient for users. I dont see how there will be enough activity on this pay as you go in any coin dynamic pricining to make these so called incentives attractive. People will be running nodes at a loss

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Looks like we all rebought, boys?

>> No.15028611

you copy pasted this in every thread, we are trying to have a conversation between adults here, please go on in your favourite shitcoin thread , your baseless fud doesn't work here:

token swap is not planned or announced yet

sentinel is about to get listed on beaxy and beaxy will support it

other exchanges that have sentinel listed on will onboarded and sentinel team will help them implement the new wallet

more exchanges will come, probably also after main net is launched

sentinel will support ibc and an ethereum bridge so you will be able to migrate your token through ethereum and sentinel chain

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Once again, completely wrong.

Look at what Binance DEX is built on. Look at how many exchanges rank #19 Cosmos is being traded on. Cosmos is being traded on the largest 83 exchanges.

Do you honestly think none of these exchanges will be able to support one of Cosmo's biggest projects and hub's? Do you not understand that Sentinel's developers have been helping Cosmos and Tendermint's development for over a year if not close to two years?

>> No.15028638

it won't be neither slow or inconvenient for users cause sentinel uses payement channel (like the lightning network) also crypto deposited on sentinel chain (through the decentralized 2 way peg) will inherit instant finality and under 5 sec transaction times, making it very user friendly.

you can check sentinel running testnet here:


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Kamkazi pratices suicide for idealogical reason, I pick trash off the street for such.

Run a btc full node as well. Many projects are trying to create systems where node propagation lies beyond idealogical constructs. Senitnel is one. Dynamic pricing as an issue is weak fud. Plethroa of tools can be designed to deal with demand side need.

>> No.15028671

>whem you realize most of 4chan technical background is just from reading mediume


No wonder its a speculators death trap. Everyone is skilless illiterate.

>> No.15028677

we never sold in the first place, price is not important adoption is , ive been holding sentinel since ico and i will continue holding cause i understand the project and the community is a gem

>> No.15028704

ok you're trying too hard here. actually making me second guess this pump

>> No.15028741

Cosmos ICO participant reporting in. The smart ones don’t pay attention to daily price moves. They follow the technology and make investment decisions based on the disruption potential.

Fantastic thread OP. Keep it up. Very nice to see some signs of intelligent life still remain on /biz/.

>> No.15028748

im not trying anything im simply being honest, this thread should give you the full extent of arguments and the foundamental informations about the project so you will be able to judge for yourself, whatever choice you make is fine, just make sure its an informed decision and not based on a whim or emotions

>> No.15028767

>The Middle East has full censorship and surveillance control. Even porn is banned and outlawed. Population 411 million
>Middle East
>country with the same laws all over
>source: my ass crack

Even Saudi Arabia hasn’t ‘banned’ porn. Who’s giving you your info?

>> No.15028786

imhappy other smart cosmos ico investors are here, smart capital accumulates purchasing power during both bear and bull , and short term price fluctuations are just noise.
to pick the right project to ride long term you must base your bet on strong foundamentals:
hidden vested capitals
token distribution
team tech developments
businness model

>> No.15028883

But this model is still pay as you go correct? Who exactly are the users considering the more technically inclined have various free options and the normies just need a VPN for bypassing region locks

>> No.15028885


This is completely unprecedented. TWO good threads on /biz/ at the same time?

Good point based discussion and arguments?

Looking at the bigger picture instead of trading your emotions when you see a green or red icon on your screen?

Wtf is this guys, this does not belong here.

>> No.15028966

the targeted users are simply people that want a cheaper and more secure dVPN.
not only it will be cheaper because based on consumption, but you will also be able to cut costs completely "host a node during the night browse for free during the day" with main net release node hosting will be inbuilt in the wallet and very easy to use, consumers will be able for example to pay their netflix subscription by hosting a relay node (a type of node that never comes in contact with the end dat but only routes it to a exit node) relay nodes will ensure no risk for consumers.
tor exit nodes will funnel the data directly into the tor network this type of node is also secure but for more advanced users.

sentinel is a layer 1 solution before entering tor for people that are paranoid and want more privacy, a cheaper solution that pays for itself for normies. an easy way to access the blockchain ecosystem overral, just think about you want to interact with a cryptokittie dapp (just for example) you host a node sell your bandwidth and suddendly you have enough money to interact with web 3 dapps without passing through fiat gateways that create huge friction for end users.

sentinel will also have fiat gateways (through e money cosmos zone or other means )

>> No.15029301

people on biz tought sentinel was a project shilled by pajeets, but they didn't look under the projected shadow of their own mind

>> No.15029369

>the targeted users are simply people that want a cheaper and more secure dVPN.
Sounds fucking useless desu. But still better than most shitcoins shilled here as of late

>> No.15029407

Sentinel is great. x20 is still in the making. the incels on 4chan are just confused because they are locked in such small time frames, they need their capital to have the most effective opportunity cost. Sucks to be broke like that. Nice when you can sit back on fat SENT bags, and just watch the momentum

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apart from having ignored the rest of my argument

vpn market is growing for a reason cause government surveillance is becoming more widsoread and better funded, something that i think will be very lickely is governments shutting down centralized vpn providers (like they are doing already in russia and have already done in china) sentinel offers a censorship resistant alternative to normal services.
vpn total market cap is huge and climbing you truly don't see a place in it for an alternative that is going to be cheaper and more secure ?

>> No.15029420

Life's good anon. Feel sorry for those stuck on 15min to 1day charts. Life of a crack head.

>> No.15029443

look who downloaded sentinel mobile app in the chart i posted above, its mainly people who truly need it, from places with heavy surveillance.
sentinel offers a solution that can evade governments cybersurveillance like for example the great firewall


>> No.15029594

>x20 is still in the making. the incels on 4chan are just confused because they are locked in such small time frames
i was just thinking about this. i just saw it with VIDT and now again with SENT. when they do so much as correct down after huge runs, these tiny mcap coins that haven't even been listed on big exchanges yet, /biz/ decides they're scams that are now dead projects. kek. it's absurd.

>> No.15029607


Well put - like crackheads getting their emotional hit every time they see a red or green arrow on the screen.

The most successful and visionary investors don't look at 15min charts.

Instead they focus on fundamental industry disruption BEFORE the retail space figures that out.

>> No.15029672

you cannot trust decentralized VPNs you dumb nigger ou cant trust vpn's period. I forgot to mention buy VPNs that are not in the five eyes network.

>> No.15030011

if you follow price action only sooner or later your money will pass into smarter hands, /biz fomoing sent like crazy was retarded, we don't want investors that chase price action but investors with strong hands that chase foundamentals, and are ale to see sentinel vision and potential

>> No.15030084

"if anyone has been to China, you would know that centralized VPN's have problems getting past China's huge censorship wall
they work for a while, before China finds their servers and blocks them
if anyone has been to China, you would know that centralized VPN's have problems getting past China's huge censorship wall
they work for a while, before China finds their servers and blocks them
then they have to find a new server
and China finds it again
and it goes on and on
and the internet speeds are so slow with a centralized vpn
They mostly ban data center ip ranges
Good luck when litterally any household in the world can become exit node"

this is the convo currently going on in sentinel tg chat, a truly interesting community

>> No.15030140


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>you can't trust decentralized VPNs
>you can't trust VPNs period
>buy a VPN not in the five eyes network

kek - come on anon, did you even read your own sentence?

Let's analyze your comment about 5 eyes: Is Russia part of the 5 eyes network? Would you buy a Russian VPN solely on that feature?

I have news for you anon:


I guess you haven't heard - if you are a centralized VPN, then you are not safe in any country. Five eyes or not.

>> No.15030210
File: 92 KB, 1137x813, IMG_20190728_192122_369.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Welcome to sentinel boys. All the fud is nice. It is like bi partisan politics. Mean while the sentinels March on.

>> No.15030226
File: 76 KB, 434x514, IMG_20190728_215407_352.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Better get on sentinel, host a node. Do your part frens.

>> No.15030281

Read >>15028313
Having multiple vpns connect through each other makes it harder specially if they are outside the five eyes and the other countries that have treaties with them. Don't be a dumb nigger.

>> No.15030529

Could this act like a rotating residential proxy? I need a large number of residential IPs in the USA, but the providers I find on Google charge outrageous prices.

>> No.15030598

>Just let the government monitor all your activity bro, what are you a criminal lol
Piss off you filthy survelliance enabling kike

>> No.15030643
File: 1.45 MB, 1096x1600, 1541523546864.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Always obey the law.
yeah, always obey the law, especially the new law that makes it illegal to say that the jews invented the 6 gorillion lie to better their position in the world and make them immune to criticism. good goy

>> No.15030657
File: 2.86 MB, 1280x720, 1553519208189.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

don't forget to hand your guns over when the government makes them illegal, goy

>> No.15030666

Panama based companies providing hosting is where it's at. Forget all these shit about, just buy a vps! You're not tricking anyone but yourself if your buying from a us corp, or any of the 5 eyes as mentioned in here

>> No.15030716

How many of these damn sent threads am I going to have to hide

>> No.15030770

Shutup Satan

>> No.15030785

dVPNs/VPNs won't protect your anonymity or security. There's only one way to do that:

>> No.15031139

For easy worldwide adoption of privacy tools, do you really think the majority of the population would set up and pay for their own VPS nodes?

>> No.15031153

Feel free to hide them all if you wish. Nobody is forcing you to read or comment on them. That is the beauty of the internet - you have the right to digest any information you like.

>> No.15031466


That is bullshit

The decentralized network is Tor

>> No.15031508


It is well known TOR has been compromised for years.

Take a look at this recent article:

Hack Reveals Russian Plan to Deanonymize Tor Traffic


Sentinel builds and additional layer on top of the TOR protocol. There is nothing wrong with having better and easier privacy options anon.

>> No.15031620

China doesn’t really care about VPN’s.

Buy TRV and ride new Asian wealth.

>> No.15032306


It suck to be math and logic illiterate, anon.

*Plan* means they are still haven't delivered anything, because of muh math.

It is that simple fucko.

>> No.15032329

you're not even trying

>> No.15032337

>Sentinel builds and additional layer on top of the TOR

Oh, the classic case of squeezing oneself in between a service and its customers.

Will not fly. Tor is good-enough.

A better Tor could be a deal, but it requires tons of money to support and promote, leave alone to develop anything decent.

>> No.15032363

>Tor is good-enough
No it’s not, exit nodes should be assumed compromised by feds and you can still packet sniff and theoretically trace packet sizes from the exit node to the original machine. Sentinel will have packet standardization and relay hops, also exit nodes won’t see IP which is fucking massive and kinda fixes all of the issues that Tor has in terms of demasking/deanonymization

>> No.15032401


It is an amateur bullshit project, like LINK.

No research papers, smart contract memes, no math, no protocols. Pure BS.

The problem of exit nodes could not be solved in principle - anyone could set up a node, including feds.

Just good cryptography, like gnunet, will be enough.

>> No.15032435

How can an exit node trace the origin of traffic if it goes through an encrypted relay network first?

>> No.15032473

I think we can all agree centralized VPNs are garbage and will be phased out. Tor is boomer-tier ez and is unironically the standard for a decentralized anon web. I2P and gnunet not so much. Onions are encrypted end to end, it would take an absolute illiterate retard to be unmasked by js/downloads; exit nodes are the big question mark in terms of security. An extra Tor layer on top of a decentralized VPN that helps solve some of Tor’s key issues while fitting extremely well into the blockchain ecosystem is fucking brilliant and only a moron that isn’t familiar with the space thinks otherwise

>> No.15032492

This is really all that needs to be said in regards to >>15032401. The arguments against SENT having real-world applications so far are bottom tier, although this guy seems to have a better grasp on the space than most of the fudders.

>> No.15032542

Kek the complaints against SENT. Oh no! Another project focusing on web privacy! How dare they! Don’t they know there could only be one project in existence that can focus on that?

/biz/ since when are MORE privacy options a bad thing? I didn’t throw any ETH into the pump, but I will welcome any project that aims to make privacy a priority.

>> No.15032664

TOR has no incentives for running an exit node. Guess who ends up running all the nodes?

If sentinel can succeed in monetizing bandwidth, there will be many more nodes available along with a full relay network in between. And you can still exit through TOR! Isn’t this what we want?

>> No.15032665
File: 755 KB, 866x764, comfypepe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There is over 20k user down loads in the middle east. Nodes are growing. The net works is looking good frens.

>> No.15032672
File: 7 KB, 225x225, lll.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What if the govt stops funding roads fren, should elon stop making cars. WAHT if.

>> No.15032684

question, you guys have completely sold me on SENT. has any programmer/network security guys here tried to find vulnerabilities.
of course the issue with alot of these things isnt the tech but the UX/UI

>> No.15032805

We need to decentralize the Internet actually. Noia Network is a content delivery network, that will add an additional layer on top of the existing internet infrastructure. A combination of a decentralized VPN and Content Delivery Network, should allow you to browse the internet anonymously

>> No.15032867

It has been on testnet since ICO. They actually had a working MVP alpha BEFORE they raised funds. ICO was Jan 2018. No vulnerabilities found since then. Now they just released the Tendermint testnet and it is working even smoother. They did mention in telegram that a new UI/UX will be released on mainnet launch.

>> No.15032927

We should be encouraging any projects that focus on making the internet more private and secure - even if you are not invested in it.

As a sentinel investor, I wish Noia success in their venture

>> No.15032949

the problem is how long will that 20X take to realize. 1000 in sent will net you 13k if it goes back to all time high which isnt even that much.

problem is alot of the issues crypto is trying to solve wont become obvious for years to come. Until we have reached that "oh shit moment" where the walls are closing in.
also the vast majority of the population could care less about privacy, right now at this moment youre talking about a handful or couple of thousands of people who want to bypass gov controls
the problem is not that big or evident yet for people to really talk up this solution en masse or with any sizeable numbers

>> No.15033011
File: 397 KB, 750x1104, 73A09BD5-29B1-4784-B68B-1F26B291DF56.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the problem is not that big or evident yet for people to really talk up this solution en masse or with any sizeable numbers
The VPN market was valued $18bn at the end of 2018, a lot of projections have it set at 36-50+ bn by the end of 2022. If you think VPN and privacy interest will go down knowing the direction tech is heading in concerns to surveillance and censorship, you’re stupid

>> No.15033022

The problem is the majority of biz is fortunate to be located in areas where censorship is not obvious. Biz does not typically represent those in China, those in Russia, those in the Middle East.

These are billions of people where internet freedom and censorship are obvious parts of their daily lives. Sentinel has the right idea on focusing on these regions. They already have a Chinese translated dVPN app for example. I know they have other languages ready as well.

>> No.15033030

not saying it wont, but the vast majority of people who want hardcore vpn services is what. Plus in my post i said this project may 20x years from now not months. if you want to accumulate positions fine

>> No.15033047

ill have a bag in it, this is probably the more interesting crypto projects on the market.

>> No.15033073

VPN services that claim to delete logs have conveniently “recovered them” to give to feds despite guarantees of 0 data retention. It only took 1 pizzafag getting arrested to figure out that centralized VPNs aren’t actually safe for /anyone/.

>> No.15033131
File: 70 KB, 1080x735, 4CD963BA-DE16-4850-8C5D-52CAF4726606.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not to mention all the ‘free’ VPNs that log and sell all your data. I’ll take the Sentinel dVPN over any other free vpn any day.


>> No.15033150

whats the proof sentinel doesnt log though?

>> No.15033182

Do you not understand what the word decentralized means? Or the fact that there’s relay hops/exit node in Tor to obfuscate origin IP? Jesus anon

>> No.15033787


Thanks, quite interesting. Seems Sentinel dVPN is really better than Tor or NordVPN

>> No.15033903

Sentinel builds and integrates on TOR and introduces new features that address a few issues with the TOR network like node and relay monetization.

>> No.15033991


Bullshitters are always starting with ideas about other people instead of protocols and math

fuck off

>> No.15034002
File: 388 KB, 1400x933, trustverse.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why the fuck are we still using centralized wealth management?

>> No.15034029

I guess a working product battle tested for close to two years doesn't mean anything?

Sentinel has a Litepaper. Sentinel has a Github. Sentinel has had consistent development updates on their blog. You can even go into the Telegram chat and ask the developers any technical questions, and they will answer you directly.

What more do you want anon?

>> No.15034114
File: 2.94 MB, 640x480, and_here_is_my_sons_room.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

privacy is dead
Normies don't care, they pretend to though. If it means giving up their modern conviences they won't do it. They're willingly buying Alexa like products

Remember when it came out the gov was listening on calls. Like actually confirmed it, everyone was outraged but they couldn't care less now.

>> No.15034130

So basically my best bet to stay anonymous is to use dVPNs like sentinel?
How is the speed?
Is the Windows client already having ip leak prevention?
Also it make no sense to use if it‘s Even Slower than tor

>> No.15034340

Is this true?

>> No.15034349

We need to decentralise 4chan and 4channel

>> No.15034859

if you want the best anonimity possible then you should use sentinel and go through sentinel special tor exit nodes that route your traffic directly into the tor network.
you have all kinds of specs for speed and latency, cause anybody can host a node.
sentinel will be chaper then centralized vpns
yeah if you use relay net + tor it will be slower then just tor, but it gets much safer, you have to think that some class of people like journalists and activitist need this kind of safety guarantees.
i can't really answer you at the best on the specifics of the ip leak prevention mechanisms, you can go on sentinel official tg and talk directly with the devs if you are interested

>> No.15034868

sentinel has a multi hops relay net, that can exit directly into tor, thanks to sentinel special tor exit nodes implementation

>> No.15034874


You have just copy pasted this from your other shill thread. I'll copy paste a response from that.

Tor is legit the only way to be safe. Firstly if you only use hidden services (.onion) links you never use exit nodes, and as such will always be anonymous. If you do use a glow in the dark exit node then unless they own the entry as well you'll be fine. Hidden services at best. VPNs, even the ones that claim they're logless are fucking terrible because they still keep VPS logs and that's got literally all your information on. For example see this dude who got rolled on by his 'logless' VPN and is now in jail.


Shit just Google VPN arrest an you'll see thousand of cases just like it. TOR can be unsafe if glows own everything, but most of the time they don't and even if they do unless you're planning another 9/11 or going full DPR and selling billions in coke they'll ignore it as they don't want to damage TORs secure reputation.

No one will buy your SENT bags. Stop shilling.

>> No.15034974

websites block tor though.
like, i can't post on 4chan with tor

>> No.15034985

read the whole thread and you will understand the value proposition of SENT.
sentinel doesn't look to compete with tor, it will offer a service that integrates with TOR.
you will be able to go through multi hop relay nodes into sentinel tor exit nodes that will give you direct access to the tor network, sentinel will offer packet standardization on top of the multi hop relay net.
using 2 privacy solutions one on top of the other, will massively increase users safety and will allow people from countryies under heavy surveillance to use a service that can't be easily shut down, in china its a massive problem any centralized VPN provider get shut down by the government very easily.
centralized vpn provider usually work for a while in china then the gov find tehir servers, ips etc.. and blocks them, then they have to set up a new server in a different location and chinese gov finds them again, and like this it continues on and on, china manages to block mostly data center ip ranges.
good luck when litterally any household in the world can become exit node thanks to sentinel.
if you check the images above you will see that people in the east are the main users of sentinel

>> No.15034987

You can't post on 4chan with most VPNs either.

>> No.15035034

>it will offer a service that integrates with TOR.
NordVPN already do that, and I wouldn't trust that at all. What benefit is there adding an extra point of failure to the anonymsing process if A, it's closed source and I can't read the source code and see exactly what's happening (like I can with TOR, TOR nodes, and the TOR browser) and B, it's my initial point of entry and ANY security precautions that happen after that entry are void if it's backdoored or glowing. TOR works the way it works because everything is encrypted between the browser, the entry nodes, and all subsequent nodes. Adding something in-between any of those steps is retarded and completely destroys the point of TOR. You are effectively paying for a Man in the Middle attack.

>> No.15035084

Holy kek this anon just heinously btfo’d bagholding op

>> No.15035096

Tor exit nodes literally glow in the dark they are so obvious

Anyone can tell if you're using tor

>> No.15035179

sentinel is not closed source, at least research, what you fud.
sentinel is built to integrate with tor, and will add packet standardization before entering tor network.
at worst if sentinel nodes are compromised, it would simply add no extra anonimity layer, it would be like entering tor directly, to solve this you can route through multiple nodes to ensure probabilistic security, everything bouncing through relay nodes is encrypted too.

>> No.15035181

Some TOR exits nodes are glowing (which makes sense as the CIA use TOR in countries to hide their spying) but unless the glows own every node it doesn't matter, as an extra encryption layer is added after each relay, which is virtually impossible. And seeing as you can select node locations you can mitigate this risk further (i.e entry in Sweden exit node in Belarus) as there's very little chance that the CIA are controlling all of those nodes. There hasn't been one case of an IP leak in all of TORs history, anyone who has been caught has been poor IPsec (DPR delivering fake IDs to his house and using his real name on Shroomery, or boomer nonces downloading pizza.mp4.exe or running JavaScript).

>> No.15035196

>at worst if sentinel nodes are compromised, it would simply add no extra anonimity layer, it would be like entering tor directly

>> No.15035221

yeah but you are forgetting there is multiple relay nodes inbetween that encrypt the traffic too so literally each one of the relay nodes should be compromised for you to have problems

>> No.15035267

If there is something between your TOR entry node, where your browsing is literally decrypted, and you, then that has full knowledge of everything you are doing. Putting ANYTHING between the entry node and you is fucking stupid. Period. I don't care how badly you want to drop your bags, you are making people less safe with your shilling.

>> No.15035368
File: 136 KB, 1280x720, substratumdash.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The Substratum team is doing god's work

>> No.15035388

you are again starting with the presupposition that the relay net is less secure and/or will have less nodes then tor, which will not be the case when monetization is fully enabled, anybody will be able to sell their bandwidth this will create a bigger node pool then tor, where tor exit nodes are effectively running at a loss

>> No.15035423

from the fud thread

>> No.15035498


It doesn't matter how secure it is, it still defeats the purpose of TOR and as such the fact they use TOR as a selling point is nothing more than marketing talk. You also said it was open source, which I doubt for a for-profit project, so where is the source code. Let's look through it ourselves and see how secure it is.

>> No.15035549

it does matter how secure it is, cause it offers probabilistic security and 2 layers of anonimization.
also tor integration is not the main selling point, the main selling point is being able to unlock the massive amounts of unused bandiwdth globally, and allow users in countryies that are under surveillance to get residential ips and not have to pass through data centers that will get blocked


>> No.15035587

also if you are truly interested about this, you can have a more indepth talk with sentinel devs in sentinel tg chat.

>> No.15035605

It's not two layers of anonimization, it's anonymous data, de-anonymised and then re-anonymised by a different service. It's completely redundant.

That said having read through some of the white paper while we've been arguing I'll admit it's not as terrible an idea as I initially thought. I'd still rather use TOR, but in the future I could see this going places.

Still not buying your bags you fucking Pajeet.

>> No.15035608

also not really.

Imagine this. Even if ALL TOR entries are being compromised, if we have our own SENT Node between client and TOR, then the client is protected.

If you trust someone enough, you can pay to use them as your NODE

>> No.15035646

higher redundancy will bring higher protection
user > relay > relay >....any x n relay > tor exit node > tor entry > tor relay > tor exit.

if sentinel network grows enough in amount of nodes it will offer additional safety.

please try the dvpn and tell me what you think, you can try it for free now, so it requires very low effort on your part.
you can get exposure to sentinel ecosystem by running a relay node yourself when monetization is fully enabled if you don't wanna buy the tokens.

>> No.15036310

I use a vpn for accessing tor anyway, so it seems obvious to me using a decentralized vpn with multiple hops instead of a centralized one.
Good thread, you convinced me that your project is solid

>> No.15036788

happy to have helped clear the fud around sentinel, the prject is solid /biz give a chance to sentinel solid tech development will convince you

>> No.15037211

You've convinced me to give it a try, is there a desktop client we can test right now or is that reserved for main net? Also when main net comes do we need any exposure to the SENT coin at all or can it all be used completely independently of it?

>> No.15037303

dirty slav coin. Go back to shit hole USSR.

>> No.15037332

https://sentinel.co/ you can download from here the desktop client, there is also a mobile version on the paly store and a ios version will be coming before main net.
you will be able to pay for the dVPN service on main net with any coin you like after IBC protocol gets released from cosmos team (which should come in the next 3 months)

>> No.15037436

As of right now is the dVPN fully functional for free or is there an option to pay for a full featured one? When is main net supposed to launch?

>> No.15037636

The testnet is free at the moment. You click a button that gives you free tsent (the testnet version of sent in place at the moment before you need actual SENT for mainnet) and you can connect to an IP “paid for” with that. If you spam the faucet button enough you can get enough GBs to use it to browse until mainnet is released.

>> No.15037644

>b-but if you don't anything to hide you have nothing to fear and if they see the pron I watch they will turn off the surveillance voluntarily. Except that it's important because the hackerz and pedos. Oh my new Alexa arrived. Now I have one for each room.
We're fucked and there's nothing we can do.
Democracy was a mistake and there's nothing we could change by voting anyway. Most people are dumb cattlle and support this. The people who would do anything against this will always be a very small minority who will be seen as criminals by the people they're trying to free because of mass media propaganda.
>but muh tor
Whatever we do in terms of privacy and crypto it's always merely defence which will eventually fall. If it's unbreakeable then they won't go the tech route but demand that you register every internet device you have and agree to yearly checkups.
Nothing of this wouldn't be a problem if 80% of people wouldn't be such fucking retards.(I can't even find a word for it)

>> No.15037650

as of now its fully free because its on testnet, main net will launch q4

>> No.15038180

Can it get past the great firewall?

>> No.15038200

would a decentralized VPN make any difference in China? Or would they lock up all node holders and sell them for organs?

>> No.15038214


yeah its built for that purpose, chinese government will never be able to blacklist all residential nodes, also if you check statistics on where people are downloading the most sentinel mobile app, you can see its happening in places where there are internet bans like iran and saudi

sentinel was build exactly for the purpose of helping people under totalitarian governments

>> No.15038231

they can't lock all the node hosters, cause nodes can be hosted all around the globe and in places where china has no jurisdiction

>> No.15038792

If chinese can truly safely evade the great firewall then this project has strong growth potential, i wont be investing for a while , i wanna see if the team actually delivers on whats promised

>> No.15039584

damn these totalitarian states - China, Russia, KSA, even the Feds.

freedom for the people!

>> No.15040224

How do i run a dvpn node ?

>> No.15040832



here is a full walkthrough and gide, but keep in mind that till main net full monetization will not be anabled, and relay net is not launched yet so i advise to wait till main net to host a residential node

>> No.15041270

So i dont get payed if i host a node right now ?

>> No.15041797

there is currently an incentivization program going on till the 20 of august.
it has been going on the last 2 months


>> No.15042065

>any old faggot can host a node
>most nodes will be hosted either at home or in virtualized VPS
>implying that's more secure and not just adding more points of failure
>no security audit
>no attempt at legitimizing themselves with the Foss and privacy community
Enjoy getting scammed, pajeets

>> No.15042101

you literally described Tor besides the last 2 bullet points. and no one is incentivized to host a node on Tor, at least this has monetization and incorporates some of Tors infrastructure for added anonymity.

>> No.15042177

>it's just like tor except for the most important parts!
Also, tor isn't a fucking SOCKS proxy. You're getting sold ancient technology and swallowing it whole lmao

>> No.15042329

Security is a triangle. A large part of having a Secure state is the amount of man hours/ labor it takes to make the defender insecure. The tech is 1/3 of the picture. Systems eng 101

>> No.15042457

sentinel will be donating some of the block rewards to the FOSS community sent team understands how important it is
is just one of the products
there is a opnevpn client and a wireguard one

>> No.15042678

>sentinel will be donating some of the block rewards to the FOSS community
How the fuck is that an argument toward its security lmao

>sure there's all those data mining companies using VON for profit but this one will be different because I got talked into it with some buzzwords! It'll magically change Chinese censorship!

>> No.15042718

die kike shill

>> No.15042796

>There hasn't been one case of an IP leak in all of TORs history
Because it's a well guarded secret that they compromised TOR, Carnegie Mellon did it back in 2014 and helped the feds.
As for why you don't hear about it, they just drop an "anonymous tip" where they need to, or they work backwards to catch them, all without revealing their secret.
That anyone in the US is able to get away with doing anything illegal on TOR is simply because they allow it to happen.

>> No.15043088

t. Completely clueless /x/tard boomer

>> No.15043186

by donating to the foss community sentinel team will get more contributors, that will check the code and help with the development of the open source software.
when the treasury will allow it sentinel will get a proper audit for now they cost too much

>> No.15043484

why the fuck do you dumbasses wanna flood the internet with chinese farmer/spammers/bots and other scamming scum ??

>> No.15043602

>there is a opnevpn client
1) Pushes OpenDNS's IPs instead of running it's own local DNS server, so have to trust that OpenDNS isn't logging.
2) Uses the shitty Easy-RSA script to generate everything, which is often outdated and generates weaker keys (no ECC). So you're stuck with a shitty 1024-2048-bit RSA + DH params instead of a half decent 4068-bit RSA (or 256-bit ECC).
3) Uses the outdated --tls-auth instead of the newer --tls-crypt, which also encrypts the TLS handshake (making it slightly more difficult to block/throttle).
4) Uses SHA256 for auth instead of SHA512
5) Doesn't specify --tls-cipher, so if the OpenVPN is < 2.4, it'll use weak defaults.
6) Enables the Management Interface, which makes it very easy to see the IPs of all the clients connected (though you could just use tcpdump for that)
7) Does "status %s 3":
>From the OpenVPN manual:
>>--status file [n]
>>Write operational status to file every n >>seconds.
So it is logging IPs (though only for connected sessions, but if the VPN or system goes down, those IPs are on the hard drive)

If you're going to use OpenVPN for the actual VPN protocol, at least hire some pajeets that know how to configure it securely without copy/pasting a template config from some 10 year old how-to guide.
> inb4 bbut muh relays
The network is small enough that it would be very easy to register enough malicious nodes to make correlation possible.

Also, as others have stated, all this dVPN is doing is creating many points of failure.
> in b4 bbut Tor
Then just use Tor. If you're worried about Firefox exploits affecting your Tor Browser, compartmentalize with something like Qubes OS, practice decent OPSEC, and use some common sense.

>> No.15043644

this. they literally cloned an open source product and did a poor job of it at that. It's pathetic if anons are falling for this obvious scam. We need to kick it out for good

>> No.15043793

yeah so the only problem with is the amount of nodes, which when full monetization is enabled will grow fast, lets talk after main net.
i will post your config advices to the devs, it might be usefull will see what they say, there might be a reason behind their config choices, also keep in mind that when main net launches the whole client will move to wireguard and open vpn client will become secondary.
whole focus has been on wireguard and relay net (built on wireguard)

>> No.15043834

wireguard.com -
"WireGuard is not yet complete. You should not rely on this code. It has not undergone proper degrees of security auditing and the protocol is still subject to change. We're working toward a stable 1.0 release, but that time has not yet come."

WireGuard really shouldn't be trusted for anything highly sensitive at the moment. However, I've been testing WireGuard since 2016, it's pretty solid in Linux and most of the other supported OSes. The Window client just got out of "pre-alpha", so that's coming along nicely too.

>> No.15043985

come have a chat with the devs in sentinel chat, it hink the project would benefit a lot from knwoledgeable people like you, sentinel is trying to offer a honest and usefull service, allow people to sell their bandwidth and people that need specific types of bandwidth to buy it at a cheaper rate then centralized one.
one of the effects sentinel will have is it will make centralized vpn become cheaper or go out of businness.
people have tons of bandwidth laying around that now can be sold globally.
with the proper community this project can grow strong and healthy every bit of legit criticism will be taken seriously by devs

>> No.15044185

lol, no. My expertise in these topics isn't going to help you dump your SENT bags.

Sure, there's people out there that would like to sell their bandwidth if it was profitable enough, but the biggest problem with this idea is that pretty much every major residential (and commercial) ISP is strict as hell when it comes to abuse. People don't want to get their account suspended (or in trouble with the law) because someone scans/hacks shit from their IP, or torrents stuff that would cause DMCA complaints to go to their ISP, or downloads CP.

If you look at the Tor network, you'll see the majority of the exits are in .edu's where abuse complaints most likely go to the person that setup the node.
The nodes that are at commercial DCs are also often setup by admins there, so abuse doesn't matter much to them either.
There are very few DCs that allow their customers to run Tor exits.
That's why there's so many Tor exits all in the same DCs/regions, and so few in other DCs/regions.

The main reason people would want residential IPs is to bypass geo-restrictions (Netflix n shit), or places that ban non-residential IPs (like here). A better idea for a dVPN would be instead of routing all client traffic through that residential IP node, use policy routing on the relay so only traffic for services that require a georestriction bypass would go through that node. The nodes hosted at the few DCs that allow them could handle all the other traffic.

> inb4 reddit spacing
Newlines are spaces, faggots.

>> No.15044205

*aren't spaces. damnit.

>> No.15044264

im not here to dump my bags dude, im here to create a community for sent and to allow the market to get to know this project.
as i said your take on this arguments is very interesting , you don't need to buy tokens to have a chat with the devs.
my understanding of the tech part is limited but the devs will sure be able to answer your questions/doubts better then me.
also your advices could be implemented in the project and it could actually make the difference

>> No.15044276

also consumers will host only relay nodes

>> No.15044370

If that's the case, then users won't be able to have residential IPs. So this won't help with georestriction or non-residential bans.
No thanks, I'm good.

>> No.15044591
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brain dead

>> No.15044673

poo in loo

>> No.15044700

still waiting for an answer

>> No.15044734

nope, see >>15044370

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