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Change my mind.

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these chinks are sub-human
even the tendies look sub-par

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If you’ve ever done any stem you would know these sort since of chunks are capable of technical feats beyond your imagination

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fucking cunts all they do is party REEEEEEEEE I want my fucking money back AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH

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Why do they have so many BBQs?

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They’re autistic and they need to spend your hard earned money somehow

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Lots of stray dogs in Silicon Valley, gotta get rid of them somehow.

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imagine going to a BBQ and eating frozen tendies and a bowl full of steamed frozen veggies. their BBQ is like what I might eat on days I don't feel like cooking and just find some shit in the freezer.

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where do you think your money went? bbqs and karaokes

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yeah 1 sat

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100K in!

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Oh god. They are doing the holochain shit. Abort you retards. Stop falling for chink scams in q3 2019

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Is everyone literally outside with no shoes?

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You’ve clearly never been around any Asians.

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>let's market Harmony by having a BBQ!

WTF indeed

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Asian don't wear shoes inside their houses like you whites. It's a cleanliness issue numbnuts.

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Except they’re actually outside you fucking retard

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Why is this chick nigger barefoot?
I wanna see them females Harmony barefoot WTF?!?!?! is this shit
Post pictures of the female Harmony team membersQ!!!!

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> cleanliness

Have you looked at the floor in pic?

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she's cute I'd lick her tummy, she can take all my money owo

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Who brought the low energy veggie bag? Can we have some grilled corn?

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I would kiss her with my tongue extra saliva long swirley circle motions with my tongue with some love

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Every sat+ feels like a moon to me. thats how thirsty I am.

i will be the happiest person on earth once this gets rolling

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1000 aats and I'm out.

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iv got some bad news for you

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Her legs are very hairy, ughh

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Why are you posting a picture that's weeks old? Seems a little retarded.

>>15025281 >>15025329
Didn't know we had so many investors and VCs wasting their time on 4chan. Hint: The money spent on buying from Binance no longer goes to the company, dickheads.

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Whew lad. Someone’s triggered

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they hate dirty feet hes clearly not asian, but mexican

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i doubt you've hosted a barbecue with 5 people much less 30 to 40
if you've ever really looked into the event, it's just a lunch held every Saturday where guests from other blockchain companies come to demo or just network
people constantly complain because they think it's a waste of money, yet it's literally where the partnerships that they get excited about are made

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>yet it's literally where the partnerships that they get excited about are made
this shit better get listed on coinbase in 6 months or the bbqs were a waste of time

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>people constantly complain because they think it's a waste of money, yet it's literally where the partnerships that they get excited about are made

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Gizem, if you grew your hair back out I would propose on the spot bae

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Gizem, thanks for including me in the screenshot. Meant alot to me. I'm free weekends most of August

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Figures an angloid would be looking at the detail of the food

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glad to see they are using the ICO money wisely. Champagne and large plates of various meats on display for 3 chinks who won't eat more than a single chicken tendie.
I am confident ONE will be the best crypto of all time

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is there anyone, and I mean ANYONE, on this board who has seen these team photos and is still holding this shitcoin? come forward now you little cucks

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OP here. I have seen all the photos and I hold 11million yes 11million ONE

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2.5 mil here. Holding strong but losing patience every day not gonna lie

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where do all these women keep coming from

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kek what in the fuck
they are young and hideous... and not the smart kind of hideous, like the naive, scammy, insecure kind of hideous

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20k big boy stack coming through

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Feel like I should take the L sell before it's too late.

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And so it should be a 50/50 team! After all it’s 2019!

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Linkies can't accept that /biz/ has found a new chosen coin. The fud is absolutely pathetic...

>Lmao look at the amount of women in the team

Despite the fact that none of them are actually working on the code.

>Chink scam!

Based in silicon valley, pretty much everyone is from FANG.

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I just market bought 1 million earlier today because of the shilling on the board and the fact that its dirt cheap. Pump it for me frends

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>almost all chink males
what does this mean

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are you into findom by chance?

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BDSM yes

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its the next tron x100 lets go baby

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>/biz/ has found a new chosen coin
literally 100% of the shilling on biz is from the team or their paid pajeets. this coin has done nothing but bleed for its entire existence and the volume is abysmal. and then to add insult to injury you have these photos of all these roasties and chinks that dumped all over you and are spending your money partying in front of your face. there are maybe 3-5 real bizraeli's still holding this coin and they are the biggest cucks on the board. all else is paid shilling.

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>tfw you got scammed by silicon valley ex-employees

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I bought 300k of this 4 days ago purely based on the fact the chart has bled out and there are some good memes on here. I am now underwater and getting worried. Is this gonna bleed forever? Another 78 million tokens being unlocked in the next 24 hours as welll

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2500-3000 sats, last chance to get cheap in

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trend seems to turn, it looks like it has bottomed out indeed.
volume is just low so it might take a little, but once volume gets hot this is gonna fly

>> No.15028589

probably gonna hit 95 sats before it prints another fake recovery to lure in suckers

the team still has 10 Billion ONE to sell before they could exit scam this project then start another one

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Fuck. This really is a bunch of paid shillers. The style of writing and words used isn’t even bizraeli....REEEEEEEE

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Pathetic fud. Can't wait to laugh at all you fags.

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Bro, they are no jungle chinks who can pull off scams easily.
They are based in Silicon Valley, and Stephen Tse has good reputation already. He won't risk his good name for a pump and dump con stunt.

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This will pump like Holo.

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for $100 Million he would

10 Billion ONE x $0.01

he and his team could retire with this money and just fuck off then start another company

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K faggot. Incel fat piece of shit.

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yeah good luck dumping 10billion ONE at 1c.
price would go so low that your 100m would be rather 20m. wow much worth it.
also the team doesnt even control 10bn tokens

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Lmao. This is the state of retards that fud harmony. I'll let you think about what you said. I hope I don't have to explain exactly why you're retarded.

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I’ll bring potato salad XD

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It's dog BBQ.

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(^_^) cool :3

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Harmonauts, stay strong. We seem to have hit bottom. Buy now or lose out on a great chance to 400x. These chinks will take us to Mars

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who cares what THEIR names are?
the names you should care about are the ones their resumes

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1 billion actually seems insanely reasonable for a valuation for this company.
I, as bold as this may seem, can actually see them getting above 5b valuation just based on the names associated with the project.

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I would literally kill myself if I ever had 10 million dollars

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I'm taking screenshots of all of you FUDing faggots so I can post them a year from now. When Elrond or whatever shitcoin project you follow implodes and Harmonauts are BBQ'ing on the moon, you better start buying kneepads because you're not getting SHIT from us.

Check 'em, faggots.

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This. Why the fuck is EOS valued at 4 fuckinf billion but harmony is valued at 20mil

>> No.15030547

Because of the bagholders

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I’m in

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Lol Elrond, retarded

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>tongs on the ground

>barefeet outside


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>my buy @ 107 got filled


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I have 30k more than you BUT welcome to the making it club

>> No.15031323

The new mozarella crew

>> No.15031329

I have 11mil. Will I make it

>> No.15031343

Socks outside is also disgusting.

>> No.15031357

Only two fuckable girls there.

>> No.15031820

ok buddy

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As a bagholder These pics fill me with rage.

How can they even think about celebrating with what appears to be tasty food while bagholders suffer? They should UNIRONICALLY subsist on a diet of bread and water until they get the moon mission going. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

>> No.15032287


it's an old pic anyway right? Also this is what flourishing companies do, it shows positive spirit and philosophy, you fucking shithead.

i rather see this as an investor, than soulless basement nerds coding relentlessly (im sure they are doing this aswell, next to bbq).

if they want to acquire new partners and clients it helps to have a positive spirit to keep everybody motivated


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chinkess in the background still wants his d

>> No.15032411

you fucking idiot
he's obviously in the middle of speaking and walking around
imagine being this insecure about your height because you let glownigger psyops fry your brain for years

>> No.15032485

did CZ turn on his buy bots again wtf

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the hot blonde team member stated in the next days an exchange listing will be announced

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Fucking finally, time for some gains.

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>even the tendies look sub-par
Mega kek and ofc checked

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Do they live in a ghetto house

It's all broken and smashed up

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gotta start somewhere huh. if they were meeting in a baller mansion, ppl would complain why they wasting their funds

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