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>1 minute candle fag

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Aaaaaaaaand we're back.

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I love these threads lmao

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killing the shorts

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This is ridiculous. Tell me how this isn't gambling.

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Day trading this is basically gambling. Hodling and DCA'ing is not.

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Means nothing since that bastard trump got involved. Hope he fucking jumps off a cliff or has a major strok

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15 minute looks even better

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I day trade x3 margin 100% all in, I'll fight you mate.

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lol you didn't see that bounce coming? How long have you been here? Dude, seriously, at least read investopedia or something

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I'm still waiting for the bounce from yesterday's dump.

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I didn't see it or not see it happening. I didn't make a prediction one way or another. It just as easily could have stayed down if a few whales decided for it to.

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