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Unironically how do people work withouth killing themselves? How can normies handle 9-5 every day for 40 years?

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most start drinking or taking the happy pill.

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I’m asking myself the same thing and can’t come up with an answer

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You keep working so you can buy the next thing. And drink on weekends. Material items make normies happy. Gotta keep working to pay the mortgage and finance the next vacation, car, etc

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because they are brainwashed NPCs.

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Unironically marijuana. Helps me find joy in things that are not mindless consumerism

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>How can normies handle 9-5 every day for 40 years?

by not working every day

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Drugs are a downgrade from mindless consumerism.

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I work at least 80 hours a week. There's a light at the end of the tunnel though. There is for everyone.

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They become bitter/jaded. That's why people are consumed by getting promotions so they feel like they're achieving something (kek).

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drugs are consumerism for even stupider people

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Drugs are the exit route from mindless consumerism. Do drugs

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It’s called being a functioning member of society, you fucking degenerate.

Find a job where you create something, help people, or progress the future.

Not work retail for 30 years and think you accomplished something.

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Unironically I've swallowed the reality of working for possibly decades and developed a skill (software engineering) that is at least somewhat interesting and satisfying. I also make more money than most people. That's about it.

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Build something that people find useful. You're not an idiot anon you can do it.

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All sorts of different copes. Toys, job promotions, drug habits, racism, travel, it is all ridiculous shit, often to flex on other people.

Only things worthwhile are having kids and a hobby you like, and most hobbies don't cost money besides plane-flying.

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They do something they like.
Otherwise they just get drunk and high to cope

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Well i can stay home and be bored, getting depressed a little more every day. Or i can get paid to get out & do something while interacting people... until that starts to bum me out. Then rinse & repeat

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Quite easily. You did get a decent degree and end up working in a field you enjoy with colleagues that respect you, right anon?

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Just get a job that you like.

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>Unironically how do people work withouth killing themselves? How can normies handle 9-5 every day for 40 years?
Alcohol, drugs, affairs, risky behavior, poor health

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