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Next stop 40 sats. Do your research on this gem and check out the real time stats of their dVPN:


Look at all the technical development updates they have been consistently putting out:


This one was obvious if you took the time to research it. Fundamentals couldn’t be any stronger. Price was destined to take off.


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im basically all in anon

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Can you fags stop shilling this until LINK moons due to microsoft conference early August? Thanks.

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Wish I’d known sooner. This is just the beginning. It’s not on any major exchanges yet.

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I poo on the street but this shitcoin's pretty neat

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This run real useage win. Sentinel is the prove of hard work. Accumulating is over and cz will show up again. i will sell it on binance.

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Adoption and usage comes first, then price follows. Combine fundamental analysis with TA - every now and then you will find the stars align on both sides.

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yeah i agree anon , also ive seen cosmos team has directly endorsed sentinel team with a 500k atom stake, thats a lot of money, thats close to the amount of $ sentinel raised during ico i checked on bitcointalk

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OP you are a god. I put 3 eth in after reading your thread when it was 16 sats. I should of bought more.

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loaded up a small bag on idex. too bad there's not much volume to scalp on the pumps

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there are no sellers sell side is dry as fuck

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SENT the new LINK. Take your profits in LINK and board the next train.

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When is this mooning to? 1$? 2$?

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Downloaded the dVPN and works great. Why is it free though? How are they making money??

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What* fuck

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It is free because this is just a test net. When they release the main net, node hosts will be paid in SENT, BTC, ETH, XMR, etc for their bandwidth. Think of it like AirBNB but for bandwidth.

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token not required

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You have to define what timeline you are looking at. Long term, this is a no brainer. The VPN market is around $35 billion - if SENT is able to capture just a fraction of the market, this will be a top 100 if not top 50 coin. Look at the real time stats on how many people are using the network. Always follow adoption first. The price will follow.

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I was thinking within 1-2 years.
Could we potentially see a link situation where it moons to 4.50 or more?
I think it has potential, that’s for sure, but I’m not sure on how much potential.

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Where the fuck can I store this shit? MeW?

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the mcap valuation would be 8 fucking billion, how much of a pipedream fantasy are you in?

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VPN market is 40b and rising more and more every year

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What is this garbage coin lol Sentinel there are like 3 sentinels now.

all the VPN coin are fucking trash, mysterium, substratum holy he'll piece of shit I've lost so much on both.

this sent shit doesn't even have a team profile and they'll probably make a run with my shekels broke ass bitches

fuck all you VPN sluts, I'll try this trash app on my phone and let u guys know how much it sucks fuck u garbage

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Do it anon. You know it's for the best.

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you named 2 epic fails, not every vpn coin has to be garbage.

unironically going to wait for an entry point, this shit is unsustainable regardless of daily volume/mcap and faggots will take profits. if not I neck myself

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But really this is just generic fud

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Been researching the project since you mentioned it OP. I missed this run, but will hope for a pullback and buy some there. Solid fundamentals and nice trend breakout.

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Fuck this coin is not stopping

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Classic cup/handle formation with breakout on triple volume. Nice TA op. Need more posts like this here. Will keep my eye on this project.

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Just because you are a retarded incel that can’t figure out basic trend lines doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. Maybe read some trading books and if you study hard enough you can one day leave your parents basement.

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kek destroyed

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I think anon is mad because skycoin has bullshit tech and can’t handle another project having a better development team with an actual working product. Anon I’ll keep focusing on the fundamentals, you keep posting porn with skycoin logo in the corner. Deal?

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HAHAHAHAH really stop every time i re read that comment i picture you as pic related HAHAHHAHAHAHHA i cant HAHAHAHA i just cant HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

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Could care less what you think faggot. Notice how nothing you say has any actual substance. Just kys already and end your misery.

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Do you have some sort of disorder? Maybe a little bit on the spectrum?

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Token is for staking and collecting fees. You can pay for bandwidth in any currency you want like BTC, ETH, Monero, but to be a hub validator you will need SENT. Once mainnet hits, I’ll stake my coins and collect a nice variety of fees from the network.

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Good thing i listened to the shills and bought some sent

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I have learned to follow the popular /biz coins early. Double check the fundamentals, but it is a good signal once you see multiple people talking about it on biz and twitter.

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yeah i will be accumulating for main net, thats when the real pump hits

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Anons if you wanna get into sent, wait for correction then accumulate slowly

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How is this any different than buying a VPN service with BTC or ETH?

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sentinel allows users to monetize tehir own data "run a node during the night, browse for free during the day"
also sentinel is fully open source and thanks to its own multi hop relay net built on wireguard it provably allows you to not get logged.
also tor exit node implementation will make sentinel into a layer 2 solution for tor and will allow to safely host exit nodes
when main net launch you will be able to pay with any crypto connect to sentinel chain.
sentinel dvpn will have way more non data centers ip that can't get get geoblocked and a more various range of speed and latency.
also sentinel dvpn will be CHEAPER then any other centralized alternative , you can try it now for free from > https://sentinel.co/

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Sentinel has solid foundamentals anon
Lol 10k daily users, thats a lot

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yeah only a fool would be ignoring real usage and steady delivery of code

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gross discord indian shills group, clearly the same as RSR.

buy UND if you really want to make it. no disgusting PND groups.

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weak fud, on the top addresses no one is moving tokens to sell.


clearly at current prices insiders think its undervalued so they are not moving coins

also RSR is a clear ponzi and stablecoin don't work don't put it in the same category as SENT the only project in crypto with real users
see live stats for yourself https://stats.sentinel.co/
and download and try the dapp for free and you will see the quality of the product

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Very bullish no big holder is moving coins, also i check dvpn usage stats those are mindblowing

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Notice how the only time people are talking about UND it is shit like this?
>token being discussed is shit. buy UND
All paid shills are cunts, but at least some of them are intelligent enough to be amusing or original.

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SENT is quickly climbing Idec for top volume coin

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I tried it on PC, seems to work as in I was connecting from the locations I selected.
I got airdropped 500 tokens and used them to pay the servers, you pick from a list(there were like 6 choices) and it says how much they charge(50/100 tokens each GB of data). You pay the full price for 1GB of data and get refunded the unused amount once you disconnect.
Tried three locations, two in EU and India. Indian server unironically got the payment and disconnected me instantly without sending back the tokens. I guess it can happen since I'm based in EU and this is in testnet, there is a function to request a refund in this case, you need to wait 24h to submit it. After this I uninstalled.
This is the extent of my experience so far.

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Ive been using sentinel dvpn for a whole week cause its free, i checked in the Telegram and sometimes when there Is too many users connected at once It wont connect, they should fix It in the next release with a counter, other then this i had a nice esperience using it

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Binance and cosmos will shoot there sent bags to a new galaxy. Sentinel is not only a dvpn service. Sentrix and Swixxer updates will change games.

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Nice will download the dvpn dapp too

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How do I become a relayer?

>> No.14981080


follow the guide , just know that monetization won't be enabled till main net.
and its better to wait to relay nodes release to host a node from home

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How does it work if you want to pay for a service, the node cost x sent, you start using it in the morning and sent goes up 50%.is it only linked to sent or usd or?

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for now the price is set up manually by node operators, i guess in the future sent team will integrate some oracles with live price feed to account for volatility, but because daily consumption is very low oscillations won't matter a lot and will average themself out on a month basis

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And Jesus was a scam and still made it that big, sent is science

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>microsoft conference early August
sauce? how do you know they're discussing chainlink?

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So how price will actually work is not set in stone, rather they will adapt it when it's starts growing and they see which way to go then. Well well trial and error

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A good friend works at Apple headquarters and he said totally confidential but apple is considering adding Sentinel dVPN as default VPN in iPhones. But here it's anonymous so I can share haha

>> No.14981847

the current model is giving 100% control to node operators (they will be the ones in charge of setting the most competitive price)
think about it if a node doesn't keep up with price changes, less people will use it cause more expensive and it will make less profits, so bad nodes will be outcompeted fast, if a better model is found sentinel team will adopt it

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Agree with this, the market will correct itself. Might be worth upgrading my internet to 500/500, it will pay for itself

>> No.14982063

or just rent some VPS and scale them up with the profits, so you don't have to manage the physical machines and you can have any amount of them , i saw yesterday some VPS being sold for 2.50$ each month

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That's clever, shit this can change everything

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yeah you can make quite a lot of money this way, while providing people in need an actual usefull service


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I like SENT, but I sold a lil bit ago and set my buy at .00001 eth. Hate all you want, but this isn't sustainable and it's already showing signs of slowing. Good project, much like VIDT, but this is the worst time to buy in. Best of luck to the FOMOers.

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SENT is a good project for long term, short term volatility is only noise, just slowly DCA into it so you take out the emotions from the trading

>> No.14982692

I stay profitable because I sell in profit. I am looking to buy back into SENT, like I said, but "just slowly DCA in" and "take out the emotions" don't mix. That isn't trading, that's HODL. With BTC looking so imminently bearish and signals for SENT suggesting a heavy correction, I'm out. It's also arguably overvalued for the time being, but 99% of crypto projects are to some extent, so that's not a big deal.

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you do you dude

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>5m mcap
>10k daily users

>> No.14982936

When is mainnet launch?

>> No.14982950

before the end of the year, depending on how testnet goes, you can check testnet here > https://explorer.sentinel.co/

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Yes. Like most projects in the crypto space. Even taking that number of users and projecting it relative to current worth, you get a hypothetical revenue of 400-600k a year. Considering this is a movement to destabilize traditional VPNs, and most nodes would host for lower cost, it's likely on the low end or even lower. Given valuation of mcaps being 5-8x revenue, it is overvalued. Not by much compared to other shitcoins, but I said most crypto projects are overvalued initially. From this point on, the value assigned to SENT over a 2-3mil mcap is speculative. The initial valuation at ~50mil mcap was also speculation too though, so who knows - it could eventually go back up.

PS: if it double tops here, it should fill my buys in a week (maybe less) and I'll have doubled my stack. I like SENT a lot. Just being realistic.

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you really think each of their users is worth $500 lmao yes this is overvalued, shoulda bought when it was shilled over a week ago

>> No.14983330

initial raise was 1.89m$ it was firstly traded on yobit so there is more chart history then hitbtc and coinmarketcap chart

>> No.14983358

sentinel not only has the dvpn app it will have also private nets for corporations enterprises and govevernments (which some are already talking behind the scenes"
also it will have interblockchain mixer
and a dchat module
also sentinel is a privacy coin so you have to account for that
if sentinel is overvalud look at augur it has at best 20 daily users and market cap is 140m$

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>stablecoins dont work

>> No.14983535

This is true

>> No.14983975

Stable coin is a language misnomer for the uneducated. A stable coin is just the Dollar. Its not even a derivative instrument. its a direct representation of the underlying currency. This is what is stated in the underwriter contracts. Stable coin is just branding trick retards.

>> No.14984033


It seems you can't run a node on windows? Can't install docker if it's not Windows 10 pro or enterprise.

>> No.14984098

windows 10 basicc nodes will be available after main net launch for now only linux works

>> No.14984129

>RSR is a clear ponzi
How is it a ponzi?

>> No.14984195


read this, its a piece on all stablecoins, they can't keep the peg without depletion of reserves

>> No.14984417

When you guys say early...what kind of time frame are we talking here? I've been lurking here for the guts of a year now and only now am I really starting to trust shit like this.
But is a week in already too late? Is early like as soon as it's posted? To me this seems extremely early.

>> No.14984445

it all depends on what you think are the long term capabilitys of a specific project
you need to do your own research and think what might be the market cap a sepcific project can reach and for what reason and how fast

>> No.14984568

Quit using the term stable coin. They are just the dollars. You don't called a whole foods gift card credits stable coins you noob

>> No.14984602

Go to trufflecon and search chainlink dummy

>> No.14984706

already dumped links for x4, been dollar cost averaging down during this dump. Quit following the crowd anon, be early. Scoop some SENT before it is over a penny

>> No.14984956

good job anon, LINK got me some nice gains too

>> No.14985389

Thank you for bringing this to my attention OP. Centralized exchanges should never be trusted. Sounds like TOR on the blockchain. Will research this project more.

>> No.14985491

sentinel actually integrates with tor tahnks to the tor exit nodes that funnels the data directly into tor network.
if you want additional security you can also pass through the multi hop relay net before entering into tor.
sentinel fixes the problem of tor nodes working for free and not being incentivized

>> No.14985611

Seen there is around 20k downloads of the andorid app. Is this true ?

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yeah anon its true, but keep in mind that this image if outdated now it should be higher also this image doesn't counts desktop pc and mac downloads of the clients so its actually much higher here is the pic >>14982378

>> No.14985708

Dam, startups in the bay area would die for that type of growth so quickly

>> No.14985724

10x your crypto with moon3d. bonus schemes awaits..

>> No.14985770

thats exactly why they don't get it, for sentinel team this is not a matter of growth but a matter of resisting the totalitarian dystopia that their government is creating its a surval need

>> No.14985813

Op 300 sats next.

>> No.14985964

Sent team Is based, truly cypherpunks fighting for Freedom, fully committed to code delivery

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Just look at these posters anon, nuff said

>> No.14986369

I can get behind this for once I like an ethical Cypher punk project with fair distribution and with a solid usecase

>> No.14986373

Old news op

Sent is pumping way past that

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Yep, devs barley own much of the network

All OG who got wealthy on btc rumors have it

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SENT is a human rights project. People don't get it. When you live in a culture of fear, society erodes into a totalitarian nightmare. You can't have a healthy market system, if every entity in the market is being watched, and all their data is custodian to a monopoly gate keeper. FUCK YOUR LGBT, This is a real HUMAN rights project.

>> No.14986475

yeah thast exactly right anon, SENT is built by og for people that need to evade surveillance, OG have not lost the initial spirit of bitcoin and they are still carrying the torch of decentralization and de empowerment of governments

>> No.14986507

God damn this thread is based, unironically buying at least 500k when I get home

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Based as it gets. Our entire political rhetoric is gobbled up by discussion of genitals and sexual preference. Mean while privacy/ purchasing power is being destroyed via totalitarian measures and rapid inflation. The only place to make money is where information asymetry lies, and that is not in the discussion of LGBT social justice warrior bullshit. The information Asymmetry lies where the majority refuse to look, talk, and discuses. The total EROSION of Prviacey and freedom of speech. People are being kicked off the fucking visa network because of their opinions. The time is near, SENTINEL ideology is going to spread faster than sour cank to corn stalk

>> No.14986670

not betting on governments trying to accentrate more power again (like they did countless times already in history) is retarded.
sentinel offers a way out.
sentinels are just a group of soverigns individuals that decide to operate together towards a common goal which is freedom
their tools are simple, sharing bandwidth on a global decentralized digital market.
"the uberization of bandwidth is here"

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Okay so, the idea seems cool but explain to me how is this a decentralized VPN? I am connecting to random people running nodes across the world instead of connecting to a company's servers, how is that an improvement?
Seriously, explain to me how connecting to this basement dweller in Germany makes me safer than connecting to NordVPN for example?

>> No.14986805

YEP!!! That was the point of public private equity relationships to begin with! the fucking tax payers paid for all this infrastructure, and than the ISP took it all, created market monopoly over the commodity that is only created due to tax payers paying for all the infrastructure. Its fucking ludicrous shit. So were back where we started, Public equity paying for the free market competition and lowering the cost of bandwidth because of that. Not only that, the monopolization of the commodity bandwidth made it non fungible, meaning every person connected to the ISP has an identity that is related to the tax id dam near. DANGEROUS shit. When everyone is spouting bandwidth out, its de facto fungible again, just like if everyone grew corn you couldn't target one producer of the commodity at the market, nor its buyers.

>> No.14986867

sentinel whole software stack will manifest itself and be complete only when the multi hop relay net and the tor exit nodes are released.
when that tech is released you will be able to bounce your encrypted traffic through multiple nodes, and into tor thus assuring 100% anonimity.
this way no single vpn will be able to log your data and connect it to your ip.
safety ensured by open source software.
also everybody will be able to bring down vpn costs to 0 by hosting a node at night and browsing for free during the day

>> No.14987050

If this claims are true sentinel Will eat up the whole VPN mcap which Is in the billions of dollars

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>Volume: 7.58 BTC

Fucking kek

Back to your designated shitting streets

>> No.14987195


You must be bad at math. Its a % game son. Also pro tip here. Assets pump on thin books, and low volume. Why do you think corn, and gold never pump. Quit being such a noob

>> No.14987228


Dude, no one is talking about this. The public/private equity systems are rekt man. Our parents and grandparetns paid for all this infrastructure with tax money, and the monopolies took it all, and than create a buyers market with false scarcity. Wish i could up vote this. I will check out sentinel. Much love anon, keep spreading the word about the corrosive muncapitality/bond markets.

>> No.14987548

Dude rotten bond markets will cause the next financial crysis, but till it happens I will be riding this low cap gem
BTW btc will reach 300k next ath

>> No.14987748

Thanks op. Never heard of this project before. Total under the radar gem. Looks like huge support from Cosmos. This will be the next evolution of the VPN

>> No.14987994

HitBTC going for it! This is not slowing down.

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FOMO, you can't stop the propagation of the Sentinels

>> No.14988497

Insane prediction OP. From 11 sats to 33 sats in a couple days. /Biz/ has been blessed by SENT anon.

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File: 49 KB, 740x554, photo_2019-07-15_22-37-16.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14988880

Op was right, its almost 40 sats. Jesus

>> No.14988895

Your post is a Lot of time and work just to fud, starting to realize fudsters are always wrong. Its pumping anon.

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File: 125 KB, 1280x720, photo_2019-07-15_22-56-46.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 80 KB, 1061x747, animugurls.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14989636

you will be joining us soon nigger

>> No.14989649

he doesn't get it yet that he has no choice, but he will understand soon

>> No.14989757

30 sats on HitBTC! Not slowing down

>> No.14990212

I was able to pick some up at 29 on HitBTC. Nobody is selling this coin. This is just stage 1.

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File: 61 KB, 719x623, IMAGE 2019-07-13 09:58:40.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Its going to be great as the cosmos eco system expands.

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