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My friend makes around 20k a month as of late staking DECRED. He got in while it was cheap.

I am wondering everyone's favorite small cap coin that will actually deliver a return on staking, that isnt some bullshit master node set up.

My Favorite is Sentinel, its very cheap. x8 and its still 1.5 pennies. Hosting a node allows you to sell off hour bandwidth downstream to those who need vpn, while also validating the security of the network. You can get paid in Bitcoin,Cosmos, Eth, or SENT. Right now user growth is outpacing node growth, so opportunity is ripe for hosting a node. Please mention any other Delicious treats

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I am baking tezos right now, its notnas great as i thought it would be

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Tezo's is a good scam. They raised 4 billion. It should turn around soon??

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I am a cosmos validator so I dont play in shitcoins.

Decred is nice tho.

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Cosmos is a shitcoin. Chainlink is like owning a data base.

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ive been hosting a sentinel dvpn node, people need clean non data center bandwidth

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Tezo's is a bigger scam. The Breitmans. Says it all in the name. Buy chainlink faggots

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what does that even mean ?

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Quit shilling your shitcoin anon

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everybody has chainlink already there is no more buyers left nigger

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Well I used to like Staking but hasn't turned out well but this actually has users and will receive money, seems to be interesting, thanks for pointing it out.

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Chain link moon.

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it already mooned dude, at least diversify in some other solid project

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The romans hated christ, chainlink is the disruptors

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I really like Loki but this is so close to being delivered and it's a part of cosmos, this might actually be something. Will that mean it's easy to use what you receive in the cosmos network?

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you are the one thats fudding my low cap shitcoin, i haven't attacked chainlink

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I manage cosco servers

Going to run sentinel enterprise nodes at all estbalishments hehe

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never throw the first rock

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My cousin is dev ops for Walmart hehe sentinels are like fungus


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costco will become a node for freedom, keep up the good fight anon

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The mcap is damn low and looking at the top 100, it's a lot of crap there that will never be used, it sounds advanced but no real usecase except in theory. How much you think I should accumulate to get like 500 usd a month in like a year?

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you don't need to stake for dVPN nodes, you will be selling your bandwidth so you can scale up as usage increase, use profits from your first batch of nodes to fund a second batch etc....
by delegating your sents you will also get interest

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100k anon, sentinel is fungus where censorship exist. 22k downloads in iran and saudi Arabia

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you will be able to gain from multiple services, that sentinel will offer not only the dvpn node and validator
also dchat and the mixer

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500 usd it depends on the mcap and users maybe we should have a look at e.g. Express VPN, what I found is that it has a revenue of 3.5 musd and that's just the revenue which is higher than the mcap of sentinel. And I mean, since this is more private and decentralized word of mouth will go insane. But as to 500 usd I don't know, anyone have a feeling?

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also sentinel is already being used:
June 2019 saw new $SENT records:

1) Max sessions in 24hrs - 9743
2) Max sessions in a single month - 179,172
3) Fastest 10TB exchange from 65-75TB in 2019 - 20 days

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yeah dVPN market is insane , sentinel will offer a cheaper more private alternative to any centralized provider so its only logical that SENT hets to at least 10% of total VPN market cap

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heard of moon3d? 10x or 100x your crypto. ez money..

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Sentinel node = data center (: that sells fungible bandwidth to clients

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Fuck off with your meme shit coin linkie. The adults are talking.

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You will need to wait for sentinel main net to see actual revenue from nodes, the from there its easy math

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It means he tasted his first pump and became delusional like most linkie scum

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i get them i truly do, chainlink is good and has made lots of people a fuckload of money, but its retarded to not diversify into smaller cap stuff (even better if they have users and a solid businness model)

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I was thinking about running 50 sent nodes myself when main net comes, i think i can slowly scale up

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If i set them up at launch i should get most of the traffic, and i will slowly fidelize users

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Skycoin generates an inflationary parallel currency called Coin Hours (SCH) for its holders, 1 SCH per SKY per hour held.
It is a commodity backed currency in that its initial use case is paying for access (vpn, bandwidth and data storage) to their decentralized incentivized mesh net internet Skywire.
Wider applications within the Skycoin ecosystem will include gaming & gambling dapps and paying for fees on the Sky DEX.
SCH are about to IEO on LBank (July 29th) with a SKY/SCH and the process of price discovery will begin.

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should mention that Skywire in its testnet already has more than 10000 nodes globally (twice as many as TOR) and the SCH-incentivized main net will be rolled out as soon as the Coin Hour Bank is implemented

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I think you shouldn't compare just revenue, I mean how much of your bandwidth are you using? Its kind of like having a self driving car people can use when you are not and you earn money, but instead of the car losing in value you "only" have the benefit.

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More like 1k nodes at best

CEO sounds like a lunatic who lies and exaggerates about everything

Community manager Sudo has created a toxic community of moonboys (their telegram is just 'when moon, when lambo' repeatedly

Team is mostly anonymous, nobody knows who’s really in control of anything

Telegram room is dead - mostly just bots and schoolkids bickering about the price

Insider trading among the early investors seems to be very common according to reports

Partnership with self-confessed drug taker John McAfee (bad for any crypto project)

McAfee's "tattoo" may be fake and was most likely paid for

SkyCoin lied about a partnership with Binance (Binance has never confirmed it)

Sold "miners" to idiots for $20,000 to mine a pre-mined token WTF?

Claim to have 9500 nodes deployed but each Sky Miner has 1-8 nodes so it's really only 1000-2000 actual nodes

Desktop wallet doesn't work, takes forever to sync and then the SkyCoin tokens go missing

iOS wallet has been rejected by Apple in China due to potentially breaking the law

Their much publicized antennas for the Sky Miners still doesn't exist (all they produced are CGI renders)

They released a hardware wallet but it hasn't been independently tested - beware, it could steal your coins

Coin Hours tokens are literally worthless

SkyCoin token has no function on the network, not used for anything

The SkyCoin "blockchain" is just a database running on a server (no consensus algorithm)

The only games or apps running on Skycoin CX are literal rubbish like pacman and flappybirds

Very little real GitHub activity (mostly just updating PDFs) which suggests team has stopped developing

SkyCoin CEO already faked his own kidnapping as an excuse to dump millions of coins

All the ICOs/projects launched on SkyCoin Fiber have already exit scammed

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I told the bishop of my city about sentinel before and he told me for this Sunday mass he has prepared little logos of SENT in the bread haha, he said he could hear God supporting Sentinel and now he is so passionated making sent logos in the bread, and planning also for the wine glasses

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Also nodes can see your ip on skycoin

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Skycoin was a good scam but all relevant actors already exited now only bagholders left

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As long as it's easy, to use, cheaper and safe I believe many will start using it. Generally I'm not sure the masses will care too much about more private but that doesn't mean its not good.

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How do you stake? How many coins do you need? How much inflation is it?

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>My friend makes around 20k a month as of late staking DECRED
What is decred?

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skycoin bestcoin bestfud
skywire doesn't use ips. nodes are hashes of public key pairs, the nodes are only visible to their neighbors, and the traffic can only be read with the private key.

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>chain link is christ
>chainlink is the 4th industrial revolution
>link pill

This is why you're a fucking retard. Link is one of the many 10x's in crypto.

Nothing special for you retards to act smug about.

Quant killed link in ROI.

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staking for SENT will be enabled on main net which will launch before the end of the year.
sentinel is built on tendermint the same consensus algorith as cosmos so it has changing inflation rate depending on how many people stake, but it should fluctuate betweet 7-10% for example in cosmos right now its 7.64%
on top of staking your sentinel you can also run a dvpn node which will allow you to sell your bandwidth and make a healthy profit

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Skycoin is old news

No more juice left

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Isn't this just a dead cat bounce?
And in terms of staking, in which project has it been a good idea to stake longterm?

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Nice how you didnt even try to argue against any of my points, youjusy silently accept skycoin is a scam, and you are a bagholder waiting to dump on noobs

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EDGE (dadi) monetizes bandwidth, storage and compute. There are three tiers of nodes, hosts, gateways and stargates, with different staking amounts and earning potentials. https://edge.network/en/knowledge/network/earnings-as-a-staking-node/

You can even make up to $5K a month with a stargate, if you are lucky enough to get one.

The cool thing about edge is that, they have over 6M revenue in the pipeline already, all will be brought to the network together with self-onboarding end of August. Also, no new tokens are minted, every payout for nodes is bought off the market. Right now edge/dadi is sitting at only 4M marketcap, which makes it an legit 10x potential from the revenue alone, maybe even 100x if speculation hits high.

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SENT has completed a 9 sequence on the weekly, downtrend is broken, now its moon time

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channel of happyness boysss, im already up 25% on my SENT buys

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But the max amount of coins is already set so it won't be more than 2 billion, it's only based on fees?

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when it switches to main net inflation will be enabled to secure sentinel tendermint blockchain, so you will earn interest on the stake and revenue from the fees of people using the dvpn service , mixer and dchat

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Oh that's nice! In eth, btc or usd?

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Decred is the closest thing to bitcoin

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i track my gains only in BTC , if you are up in usd on a coin but you lost BTCs you actually lost money

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I am in the process of scaling up my self

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looks like the only non scam aside from decred in this thread.

SENT pajeets, please stfu up with your fake conversations, no one is buying that shit.

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Well if you belive in usd longterm yes but if you keep cashing out then usd is fine as well.

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I am pretty sure Peter Theil is invested in binanace

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btw its very easy money to scalp SENT just sell on the top of the channel and buy on the bottom like showed in my chart

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Quit flexing your Decred bags so loud

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TA is the best

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SENT has been so easy to swing trade. Now to follow the uptrend to mainnet, then dedicate profits to hosting nodes.

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Loki isn't a scam either though.
I'm not sure as many projects are scams as one might think, there are just many incompetent people running them to the ground by only knowing technical stuff and not business and usecase.

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don't miss the rocket anon

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yeah im investing my sent profits into nodes too, like ford did back in the days.
like a true capitalist every penny of my profits goes into a long term investment into nodes

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Even if this ain't a scam I mean, how many normal people do you know that are using vpn, or yeah dvpn but who gives a shit. People are streaming Netflix and don't give a shit about anon since they are using insta and Fb for everything anyway, so anonymity, who gives a shit.

>> No.14954039

fuck me dadi

>> No.14954044

NOIA's partnership with Tomochain will allow you stake NOIA at some point. They are cheap now with a low supply.

>> No.14954049

yeah i agree, td sequential tells you exactly when to buy and when to sell

>> No.14954070

sentinel will be hceaper then any other VPN cause you pay only what you consume and open market competition is allowed

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also 1 every 3 interent users uses a VPN i bet everybody would like a CHEAPER more secure VPN that pays for itself if you host a node (which you can do easily from every laptop or pc or even a raspberry pi)
also look how many people disagree with you, sentinel is used in regions that actually need safety from government surveillance

>> No.14954115

Keep using centralized VPNs then retard. Not everyone just sits on their ass and watches Netflix all day. There are journalists, crypto traders, privacy advocates, corporations and enterprises with trade secrets that need to protect their data. Just because you live a sad life of watching tv all day, doesn't mean decentralized VPNs are not important to the rest of us.

>> No.14954119

Isn't it already open market with the current vpns though lol

>> No.14954120

I'll be delegating my fantom stack in this quarter for those juice returns

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yeah but not on a node by node basys, also because you don't need specific infrastructure like centralized VPN do, they get undercutted by a lot.
imagine like everybody had free money lying around that he never knew he had, thats what sentinel does it allows you to get free money from a resource you had freely available all along (your bandwith)

>> No.14954166

This! I mean look at it longterm, where is the market headed?

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Ok now I see 4 coins being shilled:
skycoin got absolutely and irrevocably REKT so it's down to 3.

>> No.14954219

Im a trader so i need to secure my browsing history and data, i find sentinel very convenient, ive been using their dapp in the last 5 days , i might never buy their coin tho cause i will be able to pay for the service with btc

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I mean, Fb can't keep dying what they do, this is just the beginning of the anon discussion, I mean snowden? And when people start to realize that it's important.... Then it will be a fucking boom.
Wasn't there a vpn provider that gave data to government? Remember reading about it, this will not be possible with sent right?
And e.g. Russian or Chinese government won't be able to block it right?

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sentinel coin is not forced upon users thats the beuty of it, and validators and stakers will earn from the fees anyay so its a win win

>> No.14954269

But doesn't this prove the point? Most projects are only about buying the coin, but what you just said is that you don't care, you just want the tech.

>> No.14954270

Suicide stack 100k anons

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sentinel can evade the great firewall and its currently used by people in the east: iran saudi etc.. cause it helps them evade gov surveillance


centralized VPNs have been selling your data to chinese for a long time

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Yeah i just care about the tech and im willing to pay for it

>> No.14954332

sentinel validators will be getting fess from all the transactions happening on sent blockchain in any coin so BTC ETH XMR so become a sentinel validator and get a diversified fees portfolio

>> No.14954353

That means that the mcap will increase even if the price is the same right?

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File: 1.85 MB, 1000x1566, Dont get rekt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If all you care about is Netflix, then keep using centralized VPNs. If you are actually doing something worthwhile with your life and want to protect your data, then your only option is a decentralized and provable dVPN solution.

>> No.14954466

He's lucky then but people Staking dash would have been better off selling which is usually the case

>> No.14954482

As an example, is Staking still a thing though? Was popular with ultra high inflation for small cap for a short while but I mean... Will the coins be locked up?

>> No.14954495

Worthwhile? So what are you doing that is worthwhile? Lol

>> No.14954553

yeah if you analyze it in static terms yes, but in reality people that stake will be "stealing" value from people that don't stake through inflation (for security reasons, so that people stake more thus making the network more secure).
it will work in the same way as BTC were people make huge investsment in gpus, in tendermint blockchain tokens are your gpus

>> No.14954569

For example, my country does not allow Bitmex or certain crypto exchanges. It would be completely retarded to trust a centralized VPN to access these services.

>> No.14954574

this answer was for , forgot to tag the comment

>> No.14954697

helping people in iran saudi and china seems to me something very worthwhile to do

>> No.14954740

Some people just can't think outside their little Netflix and Facebook bubble. Can't see the trend of increased privacy and anonymity even if it is spelled out for them. Consume and don't think for yourself.

>> No.14954811

those are the people, which opinion don't matter, if you have the basic decency towards yourself to protect your data you are a retarded pleb an good analogy would be a similiar to going around naked while not covering yourself
not using a VPN is like not using clothes while walking on the streets

>> No.14954983

Even Netflix fags use vpns though, vpn is the type of product that any pleb can use so its a no brainer to take a bet on sent

>> No.14955017

Yeah i agree sent has a solid usecase

>> No.14955087

Sent shills have been very insistent in the last days

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I've been staking Decred since mid-2017 and made an extra 30 or 40% to my stack from staking. Could have made more if I were more on top of buying tickets.

Would have had bigger gains if I'd have just waited to buy but you can say that of any alt.

If DCR goes to $500 I'll be able to live off staking, which is breddy gud.

>> No.14955099


>> No.14955121

Have you researched sent anon ?
Researching It convinced me me of the food nature of the project, Also i tuoni It Will be certo profitable ti run nodes

>> No.14955187

Based. When IBC? Is cosmos the next ETH?

>> No.14955222

sentinel lets you host a dvpn to sell your bandwidth to people that need it , dvpn nodes can evade government tracking and restrictions thus helping peopel in iran saudi etc...

>> No.14955251


Sent memes are based thats for sure

>> No.14955253

Sweet, it's all about getting in early, everything is a bet though, but even in poker professionals get an edge by research.

>> No.14955265

Nice quads btw seems like lei likes producete with users

>> No.14955287

yeah decred is real nice stuff, i think as time goes on it might become a competitor to BTC (like in 5-10 years)

>> No.14955426

why sent is better than myst or prix?

>> No.14955507

sentinel doesn't force you to use a token you can pay with whatever you want
sentinel has a multi hop relay net, its the only project that hides your traffic from the node you are using (so it has the strongest privacy) also it ha direct integration with tor through special tor exit nodes, it has also a protocol to provably check how much bandwidth is being used, no other dvpn project has anything similiar with other vpn you could be getting scammed by nodes not proving the bandwidth advertized and you wouldn't know
sent has its own DPOS tendermint blockchain, which will offer also other service other the dvpn like dchat and interblockchain mixer
sentinel has both openvpn and wireguard versions and socks5

>> No.14955571

are they gonna to keep all the data on blockchain? even it will be crypted, isnt it worse than regular vpns which have to keep their data for 30 days only?

>> No.14955626

you pay through payement channels on a per byte basis, the payement is settled only once the channel is closed which can happen anytime.
the will pay a pool and the node operator will be able to withdrawl from the pool.
also sentinel has a zksnark mixer integrated in the protocol so everything will be completely anonymous.
so its not an issue.
also the only data that is on the blockchain is the payement data.
centralized vpns log your data and sell it to third party (and while they aren't required to log data by law they do it for profit)
sentinel data doesn't passes through the blockchain, only the payement information does but its well anonimized and unreadable to third partys, so its more secure then a centralized vpn

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so since i haven't got into any staking yet, what are the best options to eventually get to living off staking and how much would i need to invest to do that?

>> No.14955816

there are different ways to get a living from staking, you can either get tokens yourself and earn income from inflation so normal POS way
or become a validtaor in the tendermint/cosmos/polkadot/sentinel DPOS chains were people delegate their tokens to you and you earn interest on their tokens (part of the interest you can keep part you have to give to your stakers)
DPOS validating require a substantial investment in hardware and a good reputation
POS require an investment in tokens
if you wanna delegate to a validator in cosmos for example right now the interest is around 7.64% so whatver amount you stake you will get 7.64% of that minus validators fees

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Perfect cup and handle forming

>> No.14955892


>> No.14955938

so in order to get 60k a year id need almost 750k staked? I don't think this is plausible
t. brainlet.

>> No.14956083

yeah thats the amount you need to have , if price would remain stable , but you have to keep in mind that your staked coins will appreciate if you choose the right coin.
there are coins that give higher returns the cosmos for example decred gives 10%
you have to play staking right by speculating on the inetrest and on the price appreciation of the coin and by playing cycles, for example selling staking tokens now would be retarded i would restake them componding and sell them closer to the top of the next alt bubble.
if you search various POS coins you should see that some offer higher interest and some lower.
but i would bet more on the appreciation of the coin its more important then the interest, if you choose the right coin it will pump on top of your staking roi

>> No.14956115

compare that amount of interest on what a normal bank gives you and you will see the benefit of it pretty clearly, for example soon EU banks will have negative interest rates so you deposit money in the bank and you are actually loosing it at a compounding rate

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>> No.14956418

Well holding my local currency drops so much in value so its both shit interest and shit storage of value

>> No.14956479

yeah for people with inflationary or weak currencys staking is a very smart thing to do or just holding BTC

>> No.14956580

Yeah sentinel is nice OP, got a good looking suicide stack

>> No.14956686

lol true forgot about appreciating tokens.

>> No.14956701
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Not as deep of a pullback as I was hoping for. Next scalp trade pick up at 17 sats, sell at 21 sats. 23% profit.

>> No.14956729

Solid targets anon, easy profits

>> No.14956929
File: 23 KB, 736x422, photo_2019-07-17_21-46-33.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14956937

Nice to see so many Sentinel soldiers. Was more curious about other projects tho

>> No.14956954

Its best to stake multiple coins and run a spread of nodes that deliver revenue.

>> No.14957019

nice tits, thots are running Sent nodes now it seems

>> No.14957067

Nice op, Yea Decred is really good stuff. Just to expensive for me now. I wish you luck down the lane of block chain government

>> No.14957185
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>> No.14957199

I miss the day of masternodes. Use to have a spread of dash nodes that pamped hard. Right now I am grabbing cosmos, sent, and tezos.

>> No.14957223
File: 110 KB, 1280x1271, 2019-07-24 14.37.17.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14957371
File: 437 KB, 1177x1600, photo5911535172115869689.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14957527
File: 250 KB, 1280x814, photo_2019-07-15_21-36-22.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14957839
File: 49 KB, 740x554, photo_2019-07-15_22-37-16.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14957912

Although it's dPoW Komodo has a ≈5% return for holding. I'm also cold staking Particl and getting daily returns. I don't have time to trade so im all in on passive income coins

>> No.14957949

when will particl marketplace launch ?

>> No.14957955

Can someone redpill me on SENT – do I have to stake coins to get a return, or are there payouts for running a dVPS?

>> No.14957976

I'm on the alpha right now, rumor is always soon™ – I'm hoping within the month

>> No.14958014
File: 112 KB, 784x830, Screen Shot 2019-07-24 at 2.54.12 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The VPN market is huge. dVPNs will disrupt the market and will be the next gen decentralized and open source solution. You can host a node on a VPS that costs $5/month and earn every time some connects to your node. Think of what the sharing economy (Uber, AirBNB) did to the taxis and hotel markets. These small market cap projects will exponentially multiply when they take off.

>> No.14958017

sentinel will migrate to its own DPOS blockchain built on tendermint where you will be able to delegate/stake and get a return (average return from cosmos which is built on the same consensus protocol is 7.64%)
you can run a dVPN without staking tokens and you will be selling your bandwidth and getting payed for it (full monetization will be enabled on mainet launch) you can buy droplets on digital oceans with profits and scale it up like miners did originally with gpus

>> No.14958032

i have found some VPS that cost 2.50$ every month but they are private if you search enough you should find similiar deals

>> No.14958057


>> No.14958072

Where can I read more about that scam?

>> No.14958393
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>> No.14958398

Which one?

>> No.14958410
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>> No.14958421

Please quit spamming thread

>> No.14958775 [DELETED] 
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force me nigger

>> No.14959034
File: 56 KB, 835x889, photo_2019-07-17_21-43-24.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14959317
File: 33 KB, 732x487, senteam.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14959379
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>> No.14960142

the irony is that even in that bubble you can see lifelock advertising vpn as part of their bundle. some people just want to be retards.

>> No.14960499

Kill shot.

I'd love to stick around but me and Sergey have a flight to catch (to the moon, but McD's first!)

>> No.14961008

man all these lazy meme images

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