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kek Ive been saying that the Google/Oracle partnerships were fake from the very beginning. Looking at the price, looks like I was right. Hope you sold

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7 0 0 K D U M P I N G

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Have you looked at BTC? God this board is absolute shit nowadays.

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>>Bernie (((Madoff))): The (((Greatest))) (((Con))) in (((History)))
I can't wait to learn how (((evil))) he is!

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>people waking up about link being a scam
>linkers think the board is now shit
why am I not surprised?

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Have you seen the largest fucking bullflag in crypto history?

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So you're telling me this project has confirmed ties to the banking cartel, the cream of the crop of global legal firms and institutions as well as some of the biggest tech companies in the blockchain space focused on the soon to be mass adopted enterprise level smart contracts such as consensys, IBM, Intel and Digital Asset and that the solution to the oracle problem which it is aiming to solve is essentially the God protocol as described by the creator of the smart contract concept, ie one of the main pillars of the fourth industrial revolution and the backbone of the future blockchain infrastructure (10% of global GDP in less than 10 years) that will allow massive automation of post trade processing, thus saving all the biggest markets such as derivatives and insurance possibly trillions in saving, AND its the only project of its kind due to its decentralized nature and has the first mover advantage, but despite all these confirmed facts it's being largely ignored by the crypto community, although it has gone up from 120 to 60 ranking in a bear market with no marketing just in a couple of months, simply because a dozens of dedicated autistic neets down vote every possible clue about it on reddit because they're the only ones who realized this revolutionary project would basically replace all the lawyers with neet nodes where 1 link needs to be worth at least 5k usd in order to be sufficient collateral for the quadrillion derivatives market? Do you realize how delusional and insane that sounds? Personally I'm all in. .

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>Personally I'm all in.
who cares? most people have learned that LINK is all fake partnerships and has 0 users and have sold/are selling.

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Your FUD is getting lame pajeet.

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Stop lieing, Sergey !!!!
We down 50% in two weeks
Just stfu !!!

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You had 2 years

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nope, your shill strategies are. We all now know that the breadcrumps/partnerships are fake, and that's the only way you pajeets know how to pump LINK

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and you had 6 months to sell in profit. See you at 0.5 EOY

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Post pic. With meme lines if possible

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