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Come on... I want my poorfag portfolio to moon, I need to leave my parents house and forget about their problems.

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Dumbfag trying to apply the TA threads of the other days here
Would say we don't have much chance of dropping lower than this on the short term. Convincing resistance at the 2.2 band

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The other day I bought a small amount at 117 sats. I am sure I am far from making it, but the TA seems pretty correct.

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i've been involved with cryptos for 8 years and held 650 btc in 2011, 10,000 DRK (now DASH) in 2014, 100,000 XMR in 2015 and tens of millions of pounds worth, of HUNDREDS of different cryptos, inbetween.

i'm also a drug addict however so my portfolio is under 2k usd.

i'm the reason cryptos are worth anything.
i'd post a donate add if it wouldn't get me banned.
i demand thanks regardless.

also please send masses of help immediately.

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That support is broken

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I bought this garbage at one point and lost a lot

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you are into the right track fren, its the eth 2, just it would take longer and maybe dump more

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It's not

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Could you please share your predictions?

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I'm personally rooting for at least $2 eoy

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Lol, if that happens half this board will walk away multi millionaires

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Could you say, you will be surprised if ONE is not $3.50 by May?

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which would be awesome.

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I really shouldn't be predicting trends as I'm too new to truly offer any clout to a conversation like this, but I could see it emerging a genuine contender to ETH so long as what people are saying about it is true. All you really have to do is view the section of their website dedicated to their team and you'll likely have a good idea.

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Yeah, and it also goes to show how delusional you are

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Are you sure you just don't want it to go that high? Do you have ETH stacks, is that it?

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one will rise to $2.5 in two months

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unrealistic. $1 is long-term max. (at best)

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That's a pretty optimistic prediction, why do you think that?

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Go all into iExec /rlc brudda

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Can you imagine that REQ once was >$1?
Dont underestimate the power of bull runs

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you also need to leave India, Pajeet

your 0.75 Rupee portfolio is anyway a bit too small for you to even leave the Designated Shitting Street.

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Fucking retards. This shit has done nothing but bleed for its entire existence other than a brief pump on the first day of trading and still these discord trannies are talking about $1+ valuations. Look at the fucking volume. This shit is done. You can tell the Harmony team already spent all their shill money too since there is only like one thread per day now. Get rekt Harmony fags.

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$0.50 when we hit Upbit/Bithumb in August.
$1.00 when we hit Coinbase in September.

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I own 7.8 mil. I’m in a telegram where guys own 10’s of millions

All I’m saying is this is delusion. I’m not gonna be worth 16mil by holding a shitcoin

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Ehhh its unreasonable (and likely delusional) but its not necessarily impossible to reach a $10B valuation

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if you guys were indifferent about our purchasing patterns, you wouldn't care if we dumped a bunch of money in a "shitcoin". you would silently laugh your asses off as we lost our investments.
why, then, are you guys so adamant to FUD this project?

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>held 650 btc in 2011

HODL !!!!

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They’ve spent their ieo money on bbqs

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Now, reality check
> $0.018
> 160 BTC daily volume

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one is the barebone of cz masterplan

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ETH bagholders are scared shitless of Harmony flipping ETH. Imagine the brick they shat when Vitalik commented on Harmony's protocol.

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It's like an asteroid is coming at their city but they decide to move a block over to avoid it...

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Hitting the hopium a bit strong there man. I'd unironically jizz my pants if this happened and expedite my ONE tattoo... but hitting the Korean exchanges alone isn't going to 38x the coin.

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You know what to do

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trust me guys, it will be huge. the last bullrun, it will massive and ballistic

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do you catch something here??

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I can't see the majority of this board having more than suicide stacks in this. I personally only have 100k.

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Nope, I own nearly 1M ONE

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how much ONE do we need to make it?

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Unironically thinking of dumping my link down to a suicide stack and going the rest in on ONE. Someone fud me out of it

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smart contracts will govern the future of the blockchain
if one token has an essential monopoly on smart contracts via the oracle concept, you want to own that token.
LINK is ONE's exception

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Explain oracles and the oracle problem to me in a manner that anyone could understand.

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good choose sir, many money sir, cure poo

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Why is circulating supply so low? do we know when its released?

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70M tokens are released per month, with the circulating supply reaching the total supply in 2025.

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oracles are blockchain middleware - more or less a courier service running between nodes that updates the blockchain ledger with information about smart contracts
more simply put, the oracle is the middleman for the smart contract and the blockchain ledger
what's unique about chainlink is that its oracle service employs a decentralized system wherein the process is both expedited and further secured. this decrease in manpower and increase in efficiency is what has defined chainlink in its top 100 position.
granted, i'm admittedly somewhat new to chainlink itself, but I've had a vague understanding of the crypto world up until recently, when i began to be more involved. although i'm still learning, the gravity of this trend does not at all evade me.

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Anyone holding this now expecting returns is a retard. I will personally be buying this late next year when were will at 25 sats before commencing the bull run to 2500. It will be a pleasure taking your bags gentlemen.

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105 sats guy had to pay some bills this month I see. Can only afford 25 sats.

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>cure poo
What did he mean by this

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one cure paejts from poo

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I only comment in Harmony threads to make fun of dumb bag holders. And since literally everyone who holds this coin is a bag holder (pic related makes me kek every time I look at it) its a whole lot of fun. How much have you lost so far anon? You can be honest.

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Screen capped this post and added to future suicides folder

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Just the right amount to want to keep accumulating.

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You do realize most people on this board bought at around the 120 sats mark?

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I bought the first 40% or so of my stack at 145, a bit early. Once it traveled down further I ended up more than doubling my stack at 122.
I plan to get more with certainty if it continues to fall. I can't wait.

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