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/biz why you aren't in SENT yet ?
Sentinel is the first blockahin project with actual users that is not gambling related
live numbers: https://stats.sentinel.co/

sentinel vision is to allow users to evade surveillance, offering an open source dVPN which provably doesn't log data and offer safe encryption, no centralized vpn is able to offer anything similiar.

sentinel is part of tendermint/cosmos ecosystem with projects like binance dex althea foam matic etc.. cosmos ecosystem will see huge growth once alt bull starts again.
Cosmos blockchain will be interconnected by 3 major hubs (cosmos, iris and sentinel)
dpos chain will have the equivalent boom that erc 20 had during 2017, 66% of the supply is locked at all times for the DPOS security
>features alredy delivered:
-dVPN app on ethereum (running from april 2018)
-dVPN app on tendermint (running from jan 2019) https://youtu.be/Iaa7Jwd5sy8
-tendermint testnet with closed validator set
-android app
-own crypto wallet for ethereum and tendermint

>planned features
-DPOS tendermint blockchain in q3-q4 (test up and running for months)
-decentralized chat app https://youtu.be/T1H8exU6D7I
-wireguard implementation (linus torvalds endorsed wiregaurd making it the standard)
-multi hop relay net (first of its kind truly revolutionary tech for a VPN) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYK1BPXSji4&t=1s
-tor exit nodes
-private nets ( this will allow corporations and banks to set up private networks that only employees can access)
-zk snark mixer
-interblockchain communication protocol
-IOS app https://youtu.be/pzy5APfng0c
with DPOS you will be able to earn staking rewards by delegating your tokens, the current mcap is around 2m$
i see 1bn$ by 2021 as a realistic market cap for seninel a project that has achieved real usage and has a steady development,you guys can try the dvpn right now for FREE till main net hits , also worthed to know that binance labs is searching for a dVPN project to support

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Excited to announce the release of the Sentinel Hub v0.1.0 in prep. for the Sentinel-Turing-1 TestNet.

Install Sentinel Hub & submit your gentx (genesis transaction file) to validate on the Sentinel Network right from genesis!

GitHub Release : https://github.com/sentinel-official/hub/releases/tag/v0.1.0

Text walk-through : https://docs.sentinel.co/Testnets/Sentinel-Turing-1/Sentinel-Hub_Setup/

Video walk-through : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJzcoh9twyQ

Completed installating the Sentinel Hub? Keen on submitting your genesis file and be a genesis validator on the #SentinelTuring1?

Follow the URLs below:

Video walk-through: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieD131qcofA

Text walk-through: https://docs.sentinel.co/Testnets/Sentinel-Turing-1/Sentinel-Hub_Validator-at-genesis/

Important dates to note for the submission of the genesis file in prep. for the #SentinelTuring1 TestNet:

1) gentx Submission Start -- Already started on 20 July, 2019

2) gentx Submission End -- 11AM UTC 23 July, 2019

3) Genesis Start -- 11AM UTC 24 July, 2019

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Where all the lthn shills at? They used to be everywhere lmao. Sent is by far the best vpn coin on the market

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So sentinel has actually released, their public test net?
By reading the last threads I thought sentinel overpromised stuff that would never get delivered like most crypto projects do

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Probably lthn shills shilling contract ended and never had an actual organic community

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sentinel track record should speak for itself
sentinel team has released working products always on time.
steady delivery of code has been the number one mantra in sentinel community from day one.
sentinel will not get recognized by the market cause it spends huge amounts of funds in marketing, but because of the working products and the trust sentinel team has created and the crazy part is they managed to create trust in the community while being anonymous

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sent team is anonymous? why?

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cause of the delicate nature of the technology7software being developed, my opinion is that sent team is from a country with heavy censorship (like china) and they are developing this product cause of a true need, if they revealed their identitys they would get rekt very fast

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It's a bit shady

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lol dude, you want them to get rekt, just so you can see their faces ?
also the steady delivery of code should speak for the team not their faces.
those coins that build cult of personality around team members end up always being PnD


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Yeah I guess you kind of right, those LINK faggots for example follow blindly Sergey nazarov, and have lost any kind of rationality, at this point its just a cult

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Hey Op so Will i get tokens of i set up a validator node ?

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At least BRAPposters post tits and ass, all these guys do is post boring shit

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if you wanna get tokens right away you can participate in the dvpn node incentivization program, and share your bandwidth


team said plan about incentivization for validators will be disclosed soon if any

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the state of /biz, you actually get annoyed by coins with an actual working product, users and solid tech discussion ?

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aren't i liable for the content someone else downloads/or views who uses my bandwidth?

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there will be 3 types of nodes that you can host with increasing risk/reward
-first one is the relay node, this type of node won't get in contact with the end end requests of users, this is the safest node and only relays data through the multi hop protocol
-second type is an exit node that tunnels all requests for data through tor
-third type of node is the pure exit node that come directly in contact with the data, this type of node is for users that already run tor relays or are more experienced

most users will probably run either the first or the second type of node which are safe.
if you need more clarification let me know

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A validator node is going to make me rich?

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How many tokens do i Need to run a validator node ?

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validators node work this way:
people delegate tokens to you and the more tokens you own the more likely you at are getting selected for block validation (which gives a reward like in btc)
think of becoming a validator like setting up a btc mine, its how POS chain work.
keep in mind that you will need to give constant uptime tho

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you can run a validator node without having any tokens yourself, you just need to make people delegate their tokens to you, and you will get proportional reward depending on how many people you manage to convince to delegate to you (cause you will get selected more when validating a block)
its how EOS and cosmos work, and how ethereum will work if it ever switches to pos

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The delegates /biz/, hand the to me

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Sent community is awesome, they care about cypherpunk ethics, like btc in the early days, sent if it truly realizes fully the ir vision it will make the internet a better place, free from government surveillance

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you can set up a /biz validator node lol

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yeah SENT vision is to truly make the world a better place, and have a sustainable businness model with actual users, not just get rich with speculation backed by no tech like 99% other crypto projects

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Nice roadmap, what you just said is exactly why i decided to get a SENT suicide stack, i want to be part of a project that can truly save us from governments increasing censorship.
And if i can get rich while doing so, why not ?

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don't worry you won't get disappointed in both your goals

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Most current 4chan shill projects have product, its crazy the shit that neets buy, they believe that next alt season they will be able to sell scams that will never get actual users and have no businness model

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So sent already has 20k client downloads?

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Sentinel has both, working product and users

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yeah dude , people get mad when their shitcoins get rekt and they don't ask themself why, its cause their shitcoin had no actual product, most ethereum dapps will never get used by 99% of ethereum holders, and they are lucky if they have 100 users in a week.
other then gambling and dexes everything else is just a transitory trend.
sentinel on the other hand has actual users ( https://stats.sentinel.co/ ) and a solid plan to grow in the market by offering more usefull products that people actually need like the dvpn or dchat or the mixer

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yeah in the mobile app this is the amount of downloads as of 2 months ago, now its probably way higher, keep in mind that the desktop software downloads are not counted in this infographic so the real amount is probably even higher

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also you can notice , the downloads come from regions where people actually need to evade surveillance from governments, you can check the stats on the android page of the dvpn on the play store

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You will be able to stake right? Do we know the Staking amount?

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sentinel is DPOS so you will be able to delegate ANY amounts to validators, and you will get the staking rewards
it works the same way as cosmos or tezos

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btw is anyone interested, here is today amount of users and data consumed, i think we are going to breach ATH soon

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also we will soon breach 1M total sessions on the dapp

this is how real usage and a usefull product looks, steady usergrowth

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Solid stats i have jot seen ever another crypto dapp that has those amount of users other then brave

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sentinel will be the first dapp that truly bring mass adoption for a usecase that can be done only with blockchain tech

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I will be trying the dapp today food job at shopping It OP

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22k client installs in the middle east

very good. BTC full nodes are only at 9.9k? I know the machine requirements are much different and more intensive to run a BTC full node but pretty interesting to see such a small cap shitcoin have propagation like this

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you can download it and use it for FREE from https://sentinel.co/ or from google play store, before main net the IOS app will also come out that will give the biggest boost to user counts

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How much was sent ICO compared to brave?

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SENT nodes have no big requirements on hard disk ssd like BTC and also provide a consumption service

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Bitcoin was "shady" back in the day to. Glad I participated in the risk in 2012. Is 4chan the main discussion now days for micro caps? What happened to bitcoin talk?

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ico happened during december 2017 and sentinel raised 1.89m$

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Understood, the machine requirements for BTC full node are pretty intensive, so the incentives to run it are not really there, unless you own a decent amount of BTC. 5 or more, you should prob be running a full node. Pretty crazy to see 22k client downloads abroad in a censorship market. This was all done with gurellia marketing?

>> No.14906699

bitcoin talk is still used i guess, but its full of spam and useless projects, its very difficult to stand out there

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dam, small raise. Nice. Lots of work for such small amount of capital. What are the tokenomics? Total outstanding float ect?

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yeah, all funds raised during the inital raise are fully used for development, no amount has been spent for marketing other then the website

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Yea I have not had much luck in there, I saw the Chain link digital influence operation on 4chan a few months back, so i grabbed a bag. Decent gains for middle bear season.

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total supply is fully released on market, there is no locked amount, if you check most addresses there is no sellers at these levels

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Insanity, 22k client downloads with 0 marketing. This would make firms in the bay area WET in the panties! The market is needed so bad, people are searching themselves it seems! I been accumulating cosmos. I am thinking Cosmos and its derivatives will have the same buzz as ETH, but actually have longevity in engineering, application, and scale

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keep in mind ive only started shilling sent on this board a couple of days ago, before it was never mentioned here

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Yea I saw the heavy influx of memes, and got interested! Than the 22k client downloads, plus cosmos, plus micro cap. Seem to have decent community in telegram. The % opportunity on this is juicy as fuck

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sentinel is part of the cosmos ecosystem and will be the privacy coin of all tendermint projects, offering mixing services

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sentinel was one of the first projects building on tendermint sdk, and its fully recognized by cosmos team , sdo much so that they have delgated close too 1m atoms to sentinel team validator

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around 2b, nice. Pretty small float! DUDE, this is like a microcap GEM. All the other microcaps don't have even near the same industry symbiosis. RVN was decent, but that inflation is nuts!

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Tits and ass? Woman don't make you money, unless your a pimp. What is wrong with these kids. I want dank info, cause I want dem % gains

>> No.14906871

Yes it's a microcap with an actual product and a future revenue stream that makes sense. It's golden

>> No.14906885

Yo op, I GTG. Im try this client out prob on monday, will drop by this thread later to see sentiment and FUD. Thanks for the post!

>> No.14906915

no problem dude, im always here making daily threads, ive spotted this gem between trash and im committed to making it moon

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yeah dude, im glad more people are understanding the value of this microcap, if user growth keep up i fully expect this to be valued at 1b cap by end of 2021

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Hi, was in cosmos telegram

I heard cosmos Wales have delegated atoms to validate the sent eco system

Is this true?

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cosmos team delegated 831755 to sentinel cosmos validator thats around 3m$ in stake delegated to sent team, thats more then double the amount raised during ICO

>> No.14907181

yeah see the message above

>> No.14907191

This is very interesting. I read some of the previous threads. I noticed a lot of FUD about the true privacy of the sent dvpn/ ecosystem. I think that is secondary. This graph proves it. Vpn/dvpn user growth is going to go parobolic reguardless of the validity of the tech. It is more what the perception of the crowd is. Again, this graphic proves that. So the validity of the tech is secondary. The market seems to think a vpn is as pure as god. I am ready for them to apply the same to Dvpn

>> No.14907218

Thanks anon

What about delegation to binanace?
Nice to see wales interested btw

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if you are talking about perception of the masses then dVPN will be seen as more pure and safe then centralized VPN, also by riding the growing blockchain trend sent will seem the most obvious choice to normies
but now i notice that i haven't talked about the biggest strenght of sentinel, which is putting consumer and producer directly in contact this will cut significantly the costs of VPN service,
its like buying the eggs directly from the famer its healthier and its cheaper.
the best long term effect we can expect is putting out of businness all those centralized vpn companys by undercutting their costs

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binance has not set up a validator yet for cosmos i think, maybe i haven't understood your question

>> No.14907348

Perception of the masses is what matters first. The fud was really anti investor not very intellectual. Look at vpn growth, regardless of their ability to have "pure" tech. Slap dvpn on it , and the crowd will flood in. On top of that, market censorship, cultures of fear, and paranoia is going to make the crowd run from faceburg and totalitarian govts. Saw above that android client is already being used out east??

>> No.14907365

How the fuck do I buy sent?

>> No.14907490

I am on HitBTC, no one wants to sell. Like all the hodlers know something we do not..

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yeah everything you said is right,
send advocates have been mainly people that actually need thsi prduct so there is more of them out east yes
VPN market is at the bottom of tha range and will start climbing up like crazy, probably even higher then current projections, with governments like france andgermany banning hate speech

>> No.14907534

hitbtc and idex are the most liquid markets

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>> No.14907840

Hate speech? That is a very broad paint brush

>> No.14907890

yeah and if you wrote anything online that goes against the current political status quo , you will get rekt
thats why its better to take measures to safeguard ourself from wanna be totalitarian governments from now by first of all learning good opsec and hiding your IP

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how much you are holding? I tried to withdraw 900k after whitelisting my eth address and the fuck niggers blocked my withdrawals for 2 days.

Joined the telegram and visited the subreddit just to see the horror histories about this exchange FUCK I WANT TO DIE

>> No.14907971

Need fungible data asap.

Scary shit anon

>> No.14907992

just wait and you should be able to withdraw without issues.
sentinel next being step will be getting on a new legit exchange

>> No.14907994

Just kyc/aml processing , Its not 2016 anymore annon. Hitbtc been in the game since 13. They are cool as a fan IMO

>> No.14908006

yeah hide in the crowd and you will be safe
sentinel gives you the crowd in which to hide

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Man protonmail vpn. Kek

>> No.14908472

Ooo freedom. Privacy and moon gainz

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>> No.14908500

I think 4chan is very relgiouse

Sundays are fucking boring on here

>> No.14908505

protonmail is probably one of the shadyiest centralized VPNs

>> No.14908521

they are probably too busy mowing their parents lawn to be here shitposting

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Nice graphic anon. Man everything such a scam. High fructose corn syrup, Chinese vpn, nsa vpn. This life is getting exhausting

>> No.14908544

Yea, i feel like a retard man. Facebook got me years ago.Protonmail selling my data.

I am just tired anon. I want some honesty and gains

>> No.14908556

what you just mentioned there are products that have passed through a middleman.
everything that is local and organic is healthy
sentinel vpn lets you buy healthy bandwidth from neighboor router

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File: 29 KB, 593x521, photo_2019-07-15_22-22-50.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14908865

I am still wrapping my mind around a lot of the concepts. Really glad I didnt FOMO market in 2017. Been taking positions in new year. Really interesting to think that everyone can be a piece of the mirror.

>> No.14908958

its something new that has not been done before, we will truly start to see the true scope of sentinel tech only after we will reach a critical mass of people, think about it everybody feeding off eachothers bandwdth,the government will not be able to tell who is who.
sentinel team is top tier, tehy have created some cutting hedge tech , the multi hop relay net is something that has never been attempted before by VPN companys

>> No.14909061

The dvpn dapp works fine thats for sure

>> No.14909113


>> No.14909123

Is it in the android store?

>> No.14909140

yeah you can download sent dvpn and use it for free from google play store, the IOS version will be comeing before main net

>> No.14909144

How does the mixing service work? Is it available now? Or on main net?

>> No.14909145

What happened with the 1 sent token that is missing from the circ. Supply?

>> No.14909180

mixing service will be available on main net and sentinel will be able to offer the mixing service to everybody connected to sentinel chain through IBC so also binance dex if they decide to connect with us

>> No.14909195

i have no idea it has probably something to do with the testing of the contract

>> No.14909206

North korea has it

>> No.14909216

Tried the mobile dapp works fine too

>> No.14909224

Apple will have it? (:

>> No.14909263

yeah sentinel is currently also released on MAC devices but for ios you will have to wait

>> No.14909275
File: 77 KB, 622x829, photo_2019-07-17_22-16-07.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

glad to hear that, sentinel has put lots of time in guaranteing the best product possible, cause this product will get used from people that need protection, and sentinel can't compromise on quality, thats why the full amount of funds from the raise has been put into development and not marketing

>> No.14909291

I liked the product i will be getting a small suicide stack, how much for heppyness ?

>> No.14909311

Ty, I try mac. Also interested in node configuration. You have tele channel for this. Not very technical, i migjt need a walk through

>> No.14909331

yeah there is an official tg channel you can reach it from the official site https://sentinel.co/
there is also a channel for node support on tg

>> No.14909373

Thanks OP.. I’m seriously interested in the mixing service, beyond fed up with the governments ability to track my every move

>> No.14909415
File: 37 KB, 564x490, photo_2019-07-21_17-09-16.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

People need to understand these basic fundamentals. Sentinel only raised 2m 1 1/2 year ago, and in that they have been able to build on next-gen blockchain technology. Have found a usecase that leverages blockchain for the its most useful properties, trust and security and understands that most people don't want to use utility tokens to pay but instead would rather pay with btc or eth.
Everything that has happened till now is just a preview of whats to come. Once host can get paid to host on top of the upcoming relay network is when things start to get spicy.

Also, the market chosen was perfect and industry that desperately needs decentralization. See even CZ from Binance has confirmed this.

>> No.14909447

CZ shilling next listing LOL

>> No.14909501

yeah dude sentinel will offer top tier mixing service with zksnark also to BTC chain so you will be able to mix your soverign money from any chain connected

>> No.14909515

yeah sentinel will try what no other blockchain project has done before:
not force your shitcoin on people but let everyone decide what they wanna get payed in

>> No.14909528

cz doesn't say stuff randomly he is a smart player thats how he got on top of the exchange game

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I’ve been following a sentinel since it’s start. They were one of the first project to recognize and build on Cosmos long before Cosmos went mainnet and the community was much smaller. Now look at cosmos, has 50+ projects on it, 1 billion market cap and a growing developer community.
Sentinel has been recognized by a variety of different institutions for its conviction and its starting to bear its fruit now. Check out this report from Binance Labs where Sentinel is mentioned alongside other prominent projects building on COSMOS. https://info.binance.com/en/research/ATOM-2019-4-28.html

>> No.14909572

The user stats are nice, same with downloads.

Thanks anon, nice thread. Not much toxicity

>> No.14909588

looks like other people noticed the same stuff i did , thats why i decided to get a bag of sentinel

>> No.14909598

Nice link anon. Thanks. Didnt know binanace had news letter. I like bitmexs news letter. Really foreshadowing info.

>> No.14909601

yeah i wanna keep these threads full of informations and interesting so the retarded shill get de incentivized and don't buy, i want only smart people getting in at these levels, ive literally started shilling at the bottom

>> No.14909693

I am back Op

I decided id rather do more DD than go fishing today. Downloaded the Windows and android clients. Working smoothly. Telegram group has tons of funny sticker packs. nice stuff. Going to read through the other threads shortly.

>> No.14909733


i can link to you the old threads if you want

>> No.14909845
File: 61 KB, 796x580, photo_2019-07-15_22-34-04.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14909984
File: 104 KB, 760x718, photo_2019-07-16_22-45-12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14910046

nah, id rather swim on my own. Fuck off shill :troll:

>> No.14910107

lol, anyway if you need any other info just tell

>> No.14910112

I am using facebook vpn

>> No.14910123

hello mark

>> No.14910181

if you wanna switch to an alternative that doesn't spy on you and doesn't wanna own your soul (like zuckVPN) you can download sentinel dVPN and use it for free https://sentinel.co/

>> No.14910222

Good concept, but my scam radar is going off the charts. I might just be paranoid, but it seems to me that at least half the posters in this thread are esl. I want it to be true and I want online privacy to prevail, but I won't be able to stand getting scammed again.

>> No.14910257

Yeah and these mspaint memes seem like an organized shilling campaign

>> No.14910263

look to people that self define as paranoid i can only say this, try the dapp, see for yourself is the product act as adevrtized

>> No.14910294

if you think that way there is nothing i will do that will change your mind
DYOR and see if the project is legit for yourself try the dapp read the docs check out the tg

>> No.14910360

how many people currently contribute to the VPN function, how many are currently involved in staking, and what is the plan to increase these numbers?

>> No.14910374

This is a nsa project like tor was to the navy

>> No.14910403

Yea only the nsa uses paint, trumps paid shill used Adobe

>> No.14910407

right now there are 55 nodes active, but keep in mind that this is only the testnet phase , when monetization is fully enabled on main net we will see the number of nodes grow.
the staking function is not enabled yet it will be enabled once main net launches which is before the end of the year.
once main net hits we will be able to do referral programs through DAO funding
also this project is perfect for self advertizement and erferrals cause whoever runs a node will be incentivized to bring more people to the network so they use his node

>> No.14910420
File: 7 KB, 225x225, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pinky promise in neither nsa nor trump shill

>> No.14910429

Who cares if NSA built it, the Navy intelligence built Tor, and 4chan loves Tor

>> No.14910452

yeah, thats right 4chan is itself military tech to weaponize teens autism

>> No.14910459

Are the tokens in my sentinel wallet (TSENT) the real sent coins or must I buy those from exchanges?

>> No.14910464

thank you
what is the actual vpn mechanism itself? what sort of encryption does it use? is it homegrown or have they used proven libraries to make it happen? how is client data hidden from node operators?

>> No.14910493

the tokens you get from the wallet are testnet tokens if you didn't send them there yourself
the testnet tokens are free and can be used for the dvpn

if you want the real tokens that will be used on main net you have to buy them on exchanges

>> No.14910527

Can I currently xfer any tokens I buy from exchanges to the sentinel wallet? Or must I leave them on the exchange? Also as soon as I open the wallet it appears to snap me into a VPN (and the VPN I have on turns off) is there a way to stop this? Is the VPN the only thing sent will do?

>> No.14910556

AES-256 from proven open source library is used
sentinel vpn currently uses open vpn for tunneling but soon also a wireguard version will be released

to hide traffic from node operators sentinel will release a multi hop relay net that allows users to route traffic through multiple nodes (and even exit into tor if needed)
here is a video of the multi hop protocol working:

if you have additional questions please ask either me or the devs in the tg chat (if you want to go in depth in the tech)

>> No.14910596
File: 684 KB, 992x1413, Screenshot_20190621-130931_Gallery.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14910609

i advise you to hold your current sent tokens that you bought on any exchange in your preffered ethereum wallet that you use for any other erc 20

sentinel will have other services after main net :
private nets
and other will come after these one have been delivered

for the question about the vpn turning off its better if you ask directly the devs in the official telegram group they will be able to better help you

>> No.14910682

Wait until you dive into other threads anon

>> No.14910724

probably most /biz tards will never put effort into finding the older threads they are too lazy

>> No.14910821

Proud sent holders fuck the trolls

>> No.14910831

105 degrees. my palms are sweaty

Sent is moon coin. Its one of many moons in the cosmos

>> No.14910909
File: 55 KB, 1377x875, photo5879840276271444299.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah there are many projects switching away from ethereum to tendermint catch the trend before it becomes public


>> No.14910955

Quit underplaying it anon

>> No.14910973

im not underplaying i said it from the start that sentinel is the project better positioned to bring mass adoption to crypto

>> No.14911084

Sent is only token that has unbelievable % gain opportunity

I am going to marry 12 girls when my bags pamp anon

>> No.14911100

can't handle more then 12 ?

>> No.14911134

Fuck you

I didn't buy btc in 2011

>> No.14911156

just get some viagra dude
anyway when pump comes your dick will be hard all day

>> No.14911163

Sent is worth less than an usd cent. Hitting first PAGES of 4chan. This is a no brainer, any moment we have a x5.

>> No.14911183

its very low market cap, and there are no sellers left

>> No.14911186

I am going to have to report these threads Anon. I am not going to be able to accumulate in peace if you keep shilling

>> No.14911200

you had months to accumulate anon, just look at the chart

>> No.14911224

It is already starting to sell at a premium! How many multiplies is it from a penny. I am to buzzed on 40 ounces to do math anon. I am the only black guy on the internet.

>> No.14911249

seems like the smart lurkers reading these threads have not been listening to the vocal trolls that fudded sentinel, smart people see the value and accumulate

>> No.14911290

LOL this meme is fire

>> No.14911319
File: 65 KB, 747x704, photo_2019-07-15_23-03-46.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here is a trash one to equilibrate

>> No.14911363

Anon. 0.002 x 8 = 0.016$

A x8 puts sent at about 1.5 cents.
You better go fomo hehe

>> No.14911417
File: 7 KB, 329x323, photo_2019-07-16_01-55-47.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14911555
File: 162 KB, 1280x721, photo_2019-07-15_23-32-32.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14911574

The crowd is still going to think sent is cheap at a sent hehehe. By then it will be x6

>> No.14911586
File: 154 KB, 1411x711, earlybtc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

people tought btc was expensive at 0.10$

>> No.14911596


>> No.14911612

Play on word ticker is ultimate mimetic hehe

>> No.14911642

people that are reading this thread and will not get what sentinel is or does need to remember this day and regret when they will not have a piece of the decentralized global bandidth market

>> No.14911658

LOL, that farm fetish. Poor kid

>> No.14911676

The cypherpumk culture is better than boomer. But comon anon. X10 and were barley at 0.02 sents. This is moon pudding

>> No.14911683
File: 27 KB, 495x371, photo_2019-07-15_22-10-52.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here at sentinel we don't judege people, not because we are not judgmental bastards (cause we are)
we just can't judge people cause we can't see what their doing through their dvpn

>> No.14911754

lol fucking asshole, I made this

>> No.14911764

at 10x its still sub 30mil market cap, this shit has potential to moon x100

>> No.14911786
File: 8 KB, 281x179, 1562970871550.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your shitcoin of the week status is almost up pajeet. Better shill harder than this if you hope to dump those bags on the people you sucker in. In a few more days a new shitcoin will come and replace you and you'll be stuck bag holding. Tick tock my friend, you're running out of time.

>> No.14911834

lol what will replace it? sentinel is literally the strongerst vpn coin on the market

>> No.14911879
File: 374 KB, 608x336, raw.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Another shitcoin, no one cares about the fucking technology you imbecile. This is a shitcoin with niche tech that no one really cares too much about in the first place. I mean if people in mass don't really care for your tech except a few privacy nerds then people in mass sure as fuck aren't going to buy your fucking pointless as fuck coin. I mean next week you could just as easily be replaced with a coin based on huffing the fumes of fermented goat piss and it would do just as well as your vpn coin. Literally no one cares and this coin will never make anyone (but potentially you and your pajeet buddies) any money. Ever. So you better shill harder.

>> No.14911970

ok listen up nigger, vpn is by far not niche tech in either mainstream nor crypto, fucking everyone needs vpn right now with all the cracker regulations by the US, some projects already showed interest in using sentinel on its validators to protect them against cencorship in regulated countries. as for mainstream- all fucking major vpns right now shill the fuck out of them through youtubers and over social media platforms, they are paying big bucks to educated plebs why they need VPN now imagine small portion of these newly educated plebs trully get the point why they need vpn, you present sent to them and its fucking obvious as fuck why its better, provable non log policy and you can run node yourself earning shekels for litterally nothing other than what you already paid for

>> No.14912049

Its still cheap after a x10 hehe

>> No.14912054

oh and dont forget that on sentinel you pay for bandwidth you use, not time like those scammy mainstream ones so you actually pay for what you use, I like that a lot

>> No.14912057

Sent on binanace soon, than market makers bring it to x30. Just ask cz

>> No.14912075

exactly at 30m market cap it would be just 10x from now, litterally nothing for a decent coin like sent or any coin for that matter, its not some fucking pow scam that gets to couple mills market cap max and just stays there, sentinel has full time team that delivers non stop and has connections to cosmos

>> No.14912098
File: 972 KB, 1703x1077, GoD.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yea but my point is that 98% of brainlets out there are completely oblivious to VPN's in the first place. Especially cell phone users. The kind of mainstream money you want to recruit to make this thing moon cannot be tapped as the overwhelming majority of people who use the internet are completely blind to the Orwellian style society we now live in. Until they wake up in mass, they're not going to give a fuck about this. All they want to do is post pictures on instagram of their dinner and snapchat their genitals to everyone they know. All you're doing here is shilling tech that everyone here is already well aware of, you'd have one hell of a hard time convincing them to give up their current VPN's or proxies and you'll have an even harder time to actually invest in a coin about it. I get it, maybe Sent is the greatest VPN since sliced bread, but your marketing it all wrong and that's why this is wasted effort. You want to sell? Then create the illusion of need or demand and quit shilling here, shill on social media where you'll have much better exposure and it will be much easier to create a sense of urgency and fear in that population of imbeciles with money.

>> No.14912106

Malta govt going to be first on sent enterprise soultions. Malta will be hosting nodes. Same with cz

>> No.14912137

You like to write a lot. Your opinions are like buttholes

>> No.14912150

Or don't take good advice and continue to shill here and lose your ass holding bags you'll never sell. Hope you like getting rekt, because that is where you are rapidly heading.

>> No.14912184

Your walking down assumption lane. Please keep presuming my position. I will get the pop corn kike

>> No.14912212

It's not an assumption when you see how fucking retarded your marketing strategy is, it's a goddamn fact.

>> No.14912282

even those two 2% will be more than any crypto dapp currently has and with fiat gateways incoming it will be completely pleb friendly, needless to say majority of current sentinel vpn users (over 500 sessions at almost any given time on average) are phone users, slowly but surely its getting adopted and its way more adopted than 99.99% shitcoins on the market, but yeah you have a point that shilling on social media is good too, besides all these instagram thots and shit need vpn too, they travel and get georestricted, join telegram group and you will eventually see people asking if they can use it to bypass those restrictions

>> No.14912298

>marketing strategy
its litterally bagholders spreading sentinel gospel, no need to get stingy anon, we are all just here doing gods work spreading tech we believe in

>> No.14912385

Trump got into office on 4chan lol

>> No.14912433

lol exactly, the shit memes cant make possible is unreal

>> No.14912797

Go back to buying bitbean faggot

>> No.14912912

Biz is a lot less active during night hours in eu it seems

>> No.14912922

Or it simply became dead after crypto bear, its mostly shitcoins now anyway

>> No.14913151

I made bit bean

>> No.14913165

So much butt hurt in here, might rub off to it

>> No.14913190

Sentinel is the only project in the world that has raised over 1m anonymously
in the history of the world no one has raised over 1m and not scammed - anonymously
no institution, no formal backing

>> No.14913191

Its such a shit I wouldn't be surprised if you really did

>> No.14913216

anon post pics if you do

>> No.14913262

what pics?

>> No.14913445
File: 117 KB, 960x1280, sent.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14913487

lol yeah thats a nice pair

>> No.14913756

how do i get some sent?

>> No.14913776

Idex or hitbtc brother

>> No.14913788

It keeps slowly pumping holy shit I can smell mainnet fomo

>> No.14913887

yeah most of the volume is on either both of these, I prefer idex but it can take longer for orders to fill

>> No.14913889

The only thing with an 'S' in it you should be considering is SNTVT. Stay poor, fren-a-len

>> No.14913897

you keep coming here to shill your garbage only because it starts with same letter? get a life nigger

>> No.14914047

can hold on metamask wallet?

>> No.14914269

Cosmos soon. Mainnet pamp. No meta mask than

>> No.14914715

The fud attempts are weak at best lol

>> No.14914811

if privacy is gonna be as fundamental as people are saying it will be in the near future- decentralised vpn is going to be more important than us plebs are contemplating it to be and Sentinel $Sent is going to be the front runner. I tried the vpn application and it works wonders! I wish I had discovered it sooner.

>> No.14915241

Its erc20 token for now anon of course you can hold it on metamask, no worries

>> No.14915246

I got it on my phone too, use it whenever I can because why not?

>> No.14915626

Started using the dVPN yesterday, can't wait for the mainnet to be release and get rid of ExpressVPN, you know if it works on firestick?

>> No.14915658

A bit curious about what the cost will end up being in the end, for normal vpn it's a flat rate so I guess there will be a time of price discovery.

Is this the time for trying it out or will you do like e.g. Brave where you offer some free coins for people to test?

>> No.14915736

because the best anonymity tech would come from the most transparent source

>> No.14915787

Will it be simple to buy the tokens? I mean an exchange is not for normal people, they want to pay using credit card, yes yes not most secure but the project need mainstream users as well.

>> No.14915821

Price is gonna be dynamic, each node sets price that they think is fair so there will surely be price discovery on free market but I am certain it will be lower than mainstream ones, just for the simple fact that its based on data consumption which isnt very much for average person

>> No.14915835

Yeah man there will be fiat gateways and possibly credit card support maybe through people like emoney, not sure yet but they just launched euro pegged coin on cosmos yesterday and i think it might be good fit

>> No.14915857

How is it actually distributed though?

>> No.14915896

All nodes are fully hosted by the community (54 right now) and you can check their locations by opening dekstop client, its fairly well distributed anon

>> No.14915901

No, I mean how are the coins actually handed out? Airdrops? Mining?

>> No.14915922

oh, there was an ico, 2 millions were raised for 75% of supply, 5 % reserved for drops and community rewards, there were couple utility drops where if you wanted to get it you had to test vpn but that was a long time ago and amounts were minuscule so distro is mainly through ico

>> No.14916066

God damn it op, its up more than 50% since a week ago when I saw first threads, low volume but its surely climbing

>> No.14916278

anon even now market cap is just 4m, plenty more space for growth

>> No.14916453

Yeah, i saw they already have 21 validators ready to launch on testnet, seems like things are picking up closer to the mainnet

>> No.14916547

Whats your experience using the dVPN in terms of e.g. using netflix?
Referring to blocked and speed.

>> No.14916645

I personally pirate shit I watch in terms of speed i don't experience any reduction so its frictionless additional security layer as far as I am concerned

>> No.14916743
File: 711 KB, 483x699, Pirate.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Aye Aye Matey, I here ya

>> No.14916837

not spending anything on marketing is actually a bad idea if the goal is to grow the network, why not take advantage of the crypto ecosystem?

I hope they do some marketing at least

>> No.14916874


>> No.14916890

How download dvpn ?

>> No.14916976

inb4 glowniggers knocking on your door asking about all that illegal activity from your ip.
this stuff can put you behind bars for a while, but you get a few tokens in return.

>> No.14916986

bought 100k sentinels because you fuckers shill it so bad. not bad i only paid 0.7ETH

wil i make it?

>> No.14917102

Make it where? ^^
It's the only investment I've made where I have been very calm about the price and happy when it went down so that I could accumulate more

>> No.14917127

This project Is probably from NSA itself, they probably want to take down tor, and use sentinel protocol to tax people that want privacy, Also cia probably wants a safer network to do their shady stuff on
This smels like something that Will be pushed by the government like tor

>> No.14917148

Very lickely you are right,also i want some exposure to this very well done campaign sentinel bagholders have been pushing for days

>> No.14917260

You can download it from sentinel official dvpn

>> No.14917293

Sentinel relay net protects consumers from de anonimization and tor exit nodes will protect node hosters from getting shut down by governments

>> No.14917373

Tori is gay

>> No.14917426

thats a nice moobag anon, impressive

>> No.14917480

Sent x50 soon. Lol. Such a microcap

>> No.14917505

Guys this is seriously retarted

Cosmos first derivative. Tiny market cap.

This is ticket out of poverty

>> No.14917643

Yeah sentinel is the strongest project in cosmos ecosystem

>> No.14917720

Lets hope so my suicide stack will make me rich if that happens

>> No.14917773

Can a nerd explain to a brainlet how the VPN function is any different from tor?

>> No.14917853

Pajeets out in full force today lmao. I fucking hate this place sometimes.

>> No.14917992

Doesn't Sentinel use tor?

>> No.14917993

normal VPN are run by a centralized company, tor is a distributed system where everybody can become a node, also run tunnels your traffic between multiple nodes and has various obfuscation techniques to anonymize your data.
sentinel dvpn is more like tor then a normal vpn cause no central organization controls the network and the servers. sentinel will bridge the gap between consumer level vpns and the high privacy offered by tor, sentinel will also look to integrate with tor as a second layer with sentinel tor exit nodes

>> No.14918001
File: 111 KB, 1536x839, the-sovereign-boys.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah sentinel uses tor, and integrates with it

>> No.14918012


if you don't see the value in a project with actual users and an ethical and needed product that protects people from government surveillance then this thread is not for you

>> No.14918103

Nice meme

>> No.14918119

Ive been researching sentinel for the past days, and i have to say at first i tought it was a scam, but after trying the product and seeing the dev team deliver their own testnet i bought a small bag

>> No.14918243

Based and torpilled

>> No.14918272

I just joined the sent rocket OP make me rich.
You promised 1bn cap by 2021

>> No.14918342

sentinel path to mass adoption is clear, there is no one offering anything similiar on the market

>> No.14918352
File: 22 KB, 360x360, 2F6F75D2-1835-482B-A776-0F7BCA7BBFA3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Will 10k SENT be enough to make it?

>> No.14918368

it will surely make your wealthier

>> No.14918371

shits gonna be moon hard but lest be realistic anon, we are not retarded like xrp 500+$ shills, you gonna need slightly larger stack than that

>> No.14918394

Like 50k?

>> No.14918429

I would say 1m but 100k should be nice moon bag too

>> No.14918470

1b cap down the street at grandmas house.

Nice warm cookies (:

>> No.14918497

You fat lazy americans only know how to buy shitcoins at a premium, fud, bitch, and make hamburgers. All of the bay area tech companies have built head quarters in india. Pajeets are the new zoomers faggot. Now keep working hard for us europeans, we love that 10 year treausry note backed by your obesity

>> No.14918553

Ive got 500k anon, will i make it ?
Whats my rank?

>> No.14918558

I think its a decent bag anon, you will do fine, we all will do fine

>> No.14918679

i think 500k is a nice bag

>> No.14918713

Will try to get there too

>> No.14918742
File: 181 KB, 635x867, photo_2019-07-16_22-37-01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14918980
File: 137 KB, 941x1280, IMAGE 2019-07-13 07:48:21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

1m is buy your own island bag

>> No.14919024

I want a blue lambo so i will be able to get a woman

>> No.14919069

Has testnet already launched ?

>> No.14919114

Buy something usefull like an offgrid home instead of wasting your money on retarded shit.
Also a lambo will get you the worse kind of woman, the moment you buy a lambo it loose 50% of its value
Get confidence in yourself get out of your basement and go talk with womans, do it without stupid bragging tools like lambos they just show insecurity

>> No.14919142

testnet has not launched yet, these are the official timelines:
1) gentx Submission Start -- Already started on 20 July, 2019

2) gentx Submission End -- 11AM UTC 23 July, 2019

3) Genesis Start -- 11AM UTC 24 July, 2019

>> No.14919173

I have multiple wives now because of Cosmos ICO

>> No.14919216

Cosmos has made me lots of money too, sentinel is the small little brother of cosmos that will get me even more stacks of btcs

>> No.14919311

lots of people from cosmos have sent bags

>> No.14919510

Stop with the tech talk and just make this shit moon already

>> No.14919511

Cosmos is bigger than us, its universal like your soul

>> No.14919527

Just pump this worthless shitcoin you lazy whales, i have a bag i will get rich off your work, while i wont do shit

>> No.14919574

Why the offgrid home?

>> No.14919616

The main reason why this seems interesting is that all of these VPN companies today actually can see your data because they don't prove they are not decrypting the packets in the back-end.

Took a look at the github and it checks out, pretty well built docker image. Going to take a look but don't really know about it as an investment because i only buy bitcoin and other coins that are in the top 10 and stable

>> No.14919664

Smart, you know who works for you. Capital is nice isnt it?

>> No.14919669

even if you don't plan to invest in SENT coin, you can get exposure to sentinel ecosystem by setting up a few dvpns nodes, running a validator or running a dchat node.
also you don't have to put lots of your portfolio in SENT because its a microcap even 1-2% of your portfolio will give huge gains
its how barbell portfolios work 30% real estate 60% stocks 10% high risk
so for crypto it would be 30% btc 60% high caps 10% low caps like sent

>> No.14919707

Were going to the moon bois

>> No.14919994
File: 19 KB, 408x415, sentdoge.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14920075

How do i run a sent dvpn node, do i need to stake some tokens ?

>> No.14920081

PIA long thread to read. Save everyone some time on the juicy part.

>> No.14920119
File: 5 KB, 180x180, besafewithsent.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no you don't need tokens, you will be selling your bandwidth for coins when main net launches here is the instructions:


>> No.14920217
File: 380 KB, 801x798, photo_2019-07-17_00-11-42.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14920660
File: 28 KB, 562x426, photo_2019-07-15_23-35-11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14921007

OP you shilled sentinel the whole week arent you tired of repeating the same shit over over

>> No.14921021

making sentinel more known is a well worthed effort in my opinion, i will keep making these threads

>> No.14921051

You do you OP i dont get why you are so fixated with this particular shitcoin

>> No.14921089

cause its the only project that can bring mass adoption with a protocol that can only be built with blockchain tech, sentinel is an ethical project with growing userbase, and solid businness plan / products
for example when main net launches the mixer will be released : https://swixer.sentinel.co/
and it will allow to mix any coin from any blockchain thanks to IBC

>> No.14921104

Is token even needed?

>> No.14921128

you will be able to pay for the dVPN in any coin you want that is connected to sentinel blockchain which will be secured by staking SENT token like any other DPOS blockchain (EOS ATOM)

>> No.14921145

so that put sent in the same category of tokens as EOS or ATOM or any other dpos blockchain projects

>> No.14921349

I will be able to use the mixer to mix my eth ?

>> No.14921373

yeah dude, any connected blockchain will be able to get their tokens/coins mixed, btc included and after you mixed your coins you will be able to use them for any service offered by sentinel DPOS tendermint blockchain

>> No.14921397

I always wanted to mix my eth by itself it has real bad privacy, so how do i mix it?

>> No.14921410

right now the mixing module is not yet available, it will be available after main net launches (before the end of the year)

>> No.14921431

Ive heard many projects promising they will release stuff soon, they never do

>> No.14921486

yesterday sentinel released the testnet for their blockchain, the team has solid track record of delivering what they promised.
also while we are saying this the dvpn which currently is the main product is about to cross 1 million total session, so you can see that sentinel team has delivered a working product with actual users.
https://stats.sentinel.co/ <check the stats
https://sentinel.co/ <download and try the dvpn for free

>> No.14921499
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>> No.14921512
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>> No.14921538
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>> No.14921549
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>> No.14921564
File: 17 KB, 640x475, photo_2019-07-17_21-33-40.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14921625
File: 188 KB, 1155x764, senttoEU.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14921641
File: 35 KB, 736x452, become_free.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14921663

So it will atomic swap?

>> No.14921689

it will use cosmos interblockchain protocol to connect to any other blockchain

>> No.14921714

cosmos IBC will allow any tendermint blockchain to be connected to any other through 2 way decentralized peg zones

>> No.14921764
File: 89 KB, 920x651, photo_2019-07-17_22-44-15.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14921798
File: 91 KB, 1214x737, photo_2019-07-16_01-11-37.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14921811

Cosmos and Tendermint are based af. I think dApps using it should be able to securely interact with any token that can handle multisig.

>> No.14921882

which will be released in 3 months or something right?

>> No.14921883

yeah thats exactly what will happen any chain using multisig will be able to connect to sentinel chain

>> No.14921947

yeah around that time, depending on cosmos team timelines, i think testnet for IBC will be starting soon

>> No.14922066
File: 53 KB, 717x642, photo_2019-07-17_22-49-18.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14922077
File: 17 KB, 941x87, photo_2019-07-15_22-19-33.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14922093
File: 85 KB, 800x370, photo_2019-07-15_23-02-42.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14922109
File: 30 KB, 760x429, photo_2019-07-18_21-09-25.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14922217

shits gonna get real

>> No.14922273

yeah dude sentinel is here to redefine crypto industry with a product that has real users and not 20 users like augur that has a marketcap way higher and 0 usage

>> No.14922288
File: 198 KB, 996x1280, photo_2019-07-15_22-08-03.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14922300
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>> No.14922310
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