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>Last attempt at posting information, if there's demand i'll post again or atleast another Anon can also start one of these
>Feel free to contribute, ask for charts, constructively critique

Here are the tools I use predominantly:
>Bollinger Bands (50 and 200 lengths)
>Support and Resistance
>BTC price overlay
>Highest timeframe to lowest timeframe analysis

Closing words by Mark Whistler in Macro to Micro, which I believe are a good summary of the approach I use:

Prevvious threads here:

Here are the posts from yesterday that included analysis specifically. Please take the time to skim through the threads and actually read the information before asking for a new chart:
>Charts included in these threads, in order: BTC, XRP, LPTX, RSR, LINK, TESLA, IOTA, PYX, BTC, VIDT, ONE, USOIL, BTC V GOLD, REN TRADE I TOOK, XMR

>taking requests for charts that are available on TradingView
>post a resource or something constructive

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>I wanted to post this again, after seeing a lot of BTC VS GOLD comparisons just to get an opinion on it.

I always see a lot of 'Gold vs BTC' pattern comparisons, where the Monthly Gold pattern is being compared to the Daily BTC pattern, and I don't disagree that sure BTC will follow a similar pattern to BTC.
But I think we're all being blindsided by the fact that we're all expecting bullish sentiment straight away and are biased into thinking that the shorter time time frame on the Daily BTC will follow the longer term Monthly Gold patterrn

>Just a comparison of the similar/same pattern across BTC Daily, Gold Weekly (which is the precursor to the Monthly pattern which most are assuming BTC will follow), and the Gold Daily (which was the precursor to the Gold Weekly pattern)

It's my belief that BTC will have to complete the lower time frame pattern on the Daily chart before it ever attempts the Weekly longer time frame pattern, and then before it ever attempts the Monthly pattern.

1. Test of the mean.
2. The retest to see if it can hold the mean.
3. Price stalls before it gets too bearish , participants weary of a bear market.
4. The test of the mean from below, which holds, followed by the tests of the upper bands to push the market into a bullish sentiment. It's looking successful short term, prices are driven higher.
5. BTC/Gold fails to hold the upper lowest band (1.25 multiplier), price falls to the mean, trades under the mean, trades above the mean in a narrow range, fails to do anything significant at all, dumps.
6. New pattern on the higher time frame has emerged, the pattern continues.

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Why are your EMAs?

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Are you asking why I use 50 and 200 lengths?

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Based. Actual useful thread in the ocean of shill threads

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I thought i'd give an answer to the question I think you've asked, I gave an answer in a previous thread.
>You could just stick to the 200 period length, as i've been doing so far for the lower time frames in this thread and the previous. But it's handy to keep the 50 length around to see how price is moving on the quicker time frame. Realistically, i've tried using lengths that MOST of the participants will look to when they open up their chart, I don't know why but 14/25/50/100/200/500/1000 lengths seem to be the 'obvious' choices for newbies and for the experienced. Sure there might be some lengths that convey data better, like using the 21/55/250/350, and if you find success using these lengths go ahead, but I use them to confirm the smaller details.

Please scan the other threads too, some questions and resources that were insightful/useful were posted in the last threads
>Any chart I can look at for you?
>Post a good resource?
>Post any techniques you use?

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Nvm I see now you don't use moving averages.

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Also, do you post/belong to any price callout groups or discords?

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I use Bollinger Bands which are really effective if used correctly imo, if you don't have experience with them or don't know why they are effective I urge you to read the book below, one of the best books I read that made it all 'click' for me in an easy to understand way.
>Mark Whistler - Macro to Micro

I don't, would that be something there would be demand for? I believe you could learn this approach yourself desu, being spoonfed 'calls' doesn't give you any real experience of how it all works. Though if you have a chart I will look at it and try to give a short term outlook/go over the historical data and make points to why and where my approach was/would have been useful and 'show off' the utility of it.

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Hav sek

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Do you go to a chart and edit BB settings until the chart makes sense to your theory? Or do you always use a set number and deviation per time frame?

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the 1000k eoy for link is just a meme right?

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here's your (You)

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I'm just using the same numbers Mark Whistler used in his books, I used them first to compare some of that approach with crypto charts. Originally I was using 55/255, but it made little to no difference, all it did was flatten the distribution slightly on higher time frames (nothing wrong with that but not necessarily needed, the 200 length allows you to see more 'slope'), and on lower time frames with that amount of data it's negligible, try it yourself, the points where prices breaches these benchmarks doesn't vary a lot (on smaller time frames). It's more important to use the SAME LENGTHS across the time frames you're looking at, don't change the length of the indicator to suit your time frame keep it consistent.
I think it also makes sense because you want to find the lengths that the MAJORITY of the volume is going to be looking at, that includes 'noobs' and 'professionals'. Round numbers are good for that, 200/50 = 4, it's also a nice way to split up the time frames going up from 5m > 15m > 1h > 4h.
>read Macro to Micro, really cool book about how we've been taught to believe the mean is 'stable'

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Are there any good guides for trading options?

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I don't know any personally, I've never seriously looked into option trading yet.
>If any other Anons can shed some light into good option trading resources, that would be great.

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Yeah you could absolutely market your TA as a price callout group if your can provide your customers with semi consistent results. A lot of guys I know of charge like 0.3BTC for 3 month memberships and have hundreds of guys paying in. Yeah, I plan on mastering the skill myself, but am currently a total scrub. I can vaguely do the most basic shit like spot supports and resistances and bull/bear divergences, but it's as far as my skill goes. Do you have a recommended courses/books/channels to get me on my feet with trading?

Pic is my current dog shit chart. It's extremely basic, but I was able to successfully call out a long position when I knew the price would produce a nice green candle after it breaks that downward sloping resistance. I also figured the price would dance around the 11k mark if it broke upwards, so I took my profit there. I am currently waiting for another move upward if we can break $11100 to open another long, or to get rejected where we're at now, open a short, and retest a low at $10000. Let me know what you think, and thanks for advice

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I recommend, roughly in this order, just based on what helped me learn:
>Learn all you can about the simplest basics, no matter how silly it is, no matter how basic, the deeper the understanding of the simple things the more you can manipulate simple indicators/tools to give insight into the complex
>Support and Resistance
>Ray Dalio - Principles
>Alexander Elder - Trading for a Living
>Mark Douglas - Trading in the Zone
>Order flow of trading
>Anna Coulling - Volume Price Analysis (learning about why volume was important was a huge turning point)
>Mark Whistler - Macro to Micro
>A lot of observing
>Mark Whistler - Volatility Illuminated
>take your pick in what interests you, try out some approaches

I really recommend Macro to Micro though, if you can grasp the ideas it makes for a very powerful tool. Of course not all information is absorbed the same for each individual. I hope it provides some insight for you though.

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The language you use indicates a lack of clear concise understanding and faith in why price did anything at all, sure it's fine to make profit off support/resistance and some triangle formations, but realistically you want to know exactly why price is moving the way it did, essentially you want to know why participants were pushing price around the way they were, what were their motivations for moving price this high?
I think you're not using one some of the best free indicators which would potentially bring your analysis a bit further:
>volume, how will you know when the move isn't a fakeout? if you have volume atleast you can see where the people who have the money and motivation are coming in, but you won't know why
>multiple time frame analysis, you need a clear CONTEXT of the the time frame you're looking at, how is the 1h chart moving in context to the higher time frames

I don't want to sound like i'm preaching that Macro to Micro is the gospel, but these topics are covered in a way that brings them all together nicely, it's a great book if you're patient, open minded and willing to make some notes!

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>/biz/ doesn't have to be a shitshow board full of discord shills and useless FUD for fucks sake

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Chart ONE, OP.
I know there's not enough price history for meminger memes but still

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>Here are the tools I use predominantly:
>>Bollinger Bands (50 and 200 lengths)
>>Support and Resistance
>>BTC price overlay
>>Highest timeframe to lowest timeframe analysis
How do I adjust those on Binance?

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>ONEBTC on 21JUL2019 @ 0000UTC

1. The 50 day length BB has appeared, that'll probably be our guide for the next few 4h/1h candles at least.

2.Price since crossing the 4H lower 1.25 benchmark has been only trading in the 1h CONTAINMENT ZONE (which is between the upper and lower 1.25 benchmarks, the thickest red lines). No clear indication on the 1h chart that price has 'decided' to do anything yet, the distribution is flattening out, lateral trading to come, if the 4h flattens out also (which it might considering the daily 50 length is literally just forming.

3. It seems like this is a pivotal moment, price could either try to test and hold above the DAILY LOWER 1.25 of around 107 (also near the blue horizontal line I marked on previous charts), this price around 107 would also coincide with the 4hourly lower 1.25, so a retest could be very likely before any movement upwards, the retest could also be a precursor to the dump down if that level fails to hold, you'd have to wait for a few more 4hourly/daily candles to full form and close out before you could make any judgement.

4. Seeing as this is seemingly a pivotal moment, it means that price is most uncertain right now, volume is the lowest it's ever been, participants are unsure which way to take prices. We could assume that price would then go to the closest mean available (price collapses to mean when uncertain), I don't think we could use the 1hourly or 15minute time frames as volatility has been collapsing endlessly back to the mean from the containment zones for a while now. The closest place to hash out uncertainty right now seems to be the 4hour mean.

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5. It's a matter of the 1hour and 15minute time frames of now holding above their respective means and making successful attempts at the upper 2.2 benchmark on both and consistently holding on both. It seems like RIGHT NOW, that price would have to soon ATTEMPT and HOLD above the 5minute upper 2.2 to actually try and attempt to move to the 4H mean, an attempt and hold about the 15minute upper 2.2 would then need to be followed by the same happening on the 1h time frame. Right now price is below the mean on the 1h time frame, and will continue to remain there unless the 15m distribution brings price up.

Honestly the way it's looking RIGHT now, the price seems to be failing to hold the 1h mean, it already failed it just recently (the light blue line), and the 15m chart has price volatility compressed VERY tightly.
Personally the price heads back down to 113-118 before even attempting anything else, it's barely holding the 122 price it has right now with conviction

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Greetings men
what we have here is an opportunity of gold. a great possible victory if you might think
have you ever looked at a token or coin and thought to yourself that you would have purchased it if it was early btc? i know what it feels like to buy the early stuff - i am a big holder myself actually
and when i look at craig and do my own research into him, he is definitely the maker of btc
all of the signs are there for him to be the true mind behind the excllent product. so if you had this hope in the past, you may wish to consider what you have not been paying attention to up until this time
me? i am all in
if you are smart you will be also

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>state of /biz/
Hopefully the thread quality improves, i'll try and make new threads but I don't think they'll go anywhere, only a minority here are willing to take the spoon out of their mouth and learn something.

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This is FUD

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Keep making these threads I learn something everytime

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i'm learning something barnacle man

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I've been trying to learn TA for some months now and this is the most eye-oppening thing I have encountered. Btw if you switch the first multiplier to 1.3x it appears that the 1W bottomed out there in the past and in this particular instance http://prntscr.com/ohvc1i

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I've been trying to learn TA for some months now and this is the most eye-oppening thing I have encountered. Btw if you switch the first multiplier to 1.3x it appears that the 1W bottomed out there in the past and in this particular instance. Is there any particular reason for selecting 1.2, 2.2 3.2 ? Could you do one an analysis for ethereum in the future as well?

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What would you tell me if I told there were two artificial sell walls at 127 forcing the price down?

>> No.14897906

How are you privy to that info, it could just be someone unloading their bags.

>> No.14897939

Because he just took them down without filling them and a buy wall appeared at 118. Besides that's not the best way to unload your bags. No, this is textbook manipulation.

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Sorry guys I'm a poorfag, has anyone found a free pdf for that book?

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He could be spoofing and trying to suporess price and accumulate and you could choose to believe that but you can't be sure. Just ignore this for now on and focus on TA.

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It gets tedious is all, i'll try to.

No other reason than that's the settings Mark Whistler uses in his book, I have also seen those same multipliers used in a few other places, I have no reason for now to not use them.
>It is nicely lining up with 1.3, interesting How does it affect smaller time frames? I havent attempted any fine tuning yet.

Not be surprised, someone with the motivation to move the market and the resource is clearly waiting to see how the longest time frame charts are looking. Last I check there was bearish slope on the Daily 50 length time frame.
>99-101 might be the lowest you go though if the daily lower 1.25 holds. Gut feeling tells me that people will be shaken out by a move down to around 80, probably will wick but not close convincingly below around 100

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People will listen in time. You have to realize that 85% of /biz/ are larpers that invested like $15 in LINK and other shitcoins, 14% are serious about trading and actually wants to learn and 1% are "professionals"(pretty much /madeit/) that barely post but lurks. However, 95% of everyone here are autistic so you can't expect them to read anything.. especially not 50 posts that is pretty much a boring wall of text in their eyes.
You will gather a tiny following at first but keep at it, post like 2 a day or something when you have time to spare.

I'm personally decently new to trading, all I'm using is major support/resistance and looking at the chart if its more bullish or bearish. I tried using indicators like MACD, RSI, Wavetrends, etc etc. But it's honestly just a waste of time in my eyes.
Vwap, major support/resistance, control your emotions when you enter a trade, SL, PT's and you're set.

What book? Price action trends?

>> No.14898463

I only have a Kindle copy but you can have a look at my notes, which is literally me reading and copying the sentence/rewriting it slightly so I understood it better. With the images (which I hope are all aligned properly
>quickfileshare . org/1Oax/VPA+M2M_notes.pdf
I hope that site isn't too cancerous

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>Vwap, major support/resistance, control your emotions when you enter a trade, SL, PT's and you're set.
Do you have any recommended resources for any of those areas? I'm known to them but the more the merrier

The idea that something worthwhile can be learnt in a 'meme' format is ridiculous though, I just want that to change and make long form ideas and discussions live in harmony amongst the noise.
I don't want a following, I just want to learn something from here instead of this place instilling fear and greed when I browse haha

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I can tell you how I usually trade if you want just to give you an idea, how I use my stop losses, profit targets, vwap and so on. I've been sitting here learning about trading for roughly 2 years now and from my experience, using the MACD, RSI, etc etc.. are just a waste of time because you want to be in a position before for example the MACD signals a bullish trend. Not to mention that if you keep too many indicators and shit on your chart, it will cloud your decision making.
I simply just ignore 99% of the indicators because it's just too much information that doesn't really provide you with enough answers.

What gave me this perspective was this book, check it out if you haven't already. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wjtowqcwau4a305/AABI161cKKm-nInl_AAXV2Uea?dl=0&preview=Al+Brooks+-+Trading+Price+Action+(Trends).pdf

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is there any meaningful TA you can do of low market, low liquidity shitcoins like, for example, the eden token? Seems like it's too easy for to break the price upwards (or downwards) because of the extremely low volume. If you look at the chart recently there are some pretty decent 10 - 20% swings every few days.

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I lurk /biz/ a lot.. call me a newfag or whatever.. but some of the shit you've been saying is extremely fucking helpful..

How long have you been doing this?

I hope you start accepting donations soon.

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File: 1.25 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_20190721-034700_TradingView.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah those indicators are for the final confirmations, when I started I was using them like blunt instruments to trade 'muh crossover'.
That's great, anything that's helpful! Thanks for the contribution Anon.

That's great, hopefully we can distract the shills long enough to create a thriving environment.
Not long, maybe learning for a 1-2 year, but applying it took a lot of emotional regulation and control, different people have different hurdles to overcome.

>Same OP, just phoneposting

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I tried, but the chart only loaded the Daily data Anon, if you can load up these time frames 5m, 15m, 1h, 4h 200 length bbx3 I'll have a quick look before I go to sleep

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>claims to be proficient in Mark whistlers books but doesn’t use WAVE PM, the single most integral part of his strategy.

You can not accurately form predictions using only benchmark distributions and their mean period volatility. You’re using outer standard deviations without the relative metric of distributional width to determine their validity.

>> No.14899298

I use WAVE PM on another chart sometimes, but don't I have this covered by using looking at other time frames/
>find the time frame that's holding the attention of the 'market movers'

Please explain why/how I'm wrong as well.
Maybe I dong understand WAVE PM as well as I thought I did or am misusing it to not be using it now.

>> No.14899448


Force is buying and selling, pushing price.
Acceleration is how fast price is moving. Everyone likes to measure this in a vacuum which is inefficient.

Mass is distributional width, the readings wave pm give as a relative metric.

Without the variable of mass shown for every period you measure you lose a filter that can point out areas your trade will fail. Extreme values are only a state of expansion without high distributional width readings.


I knew mark personally, I rant about my developments on his concepts here.

Also, hi! Happy to see the strategy is out there organically still. Shoot me a dm on TradingView so I can show you the developments my team has made.

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Alright op you seem pretty big-brained. Give it to me straight, should I keep holding onto this substantial ONE position or let it go? I'm not too far underwater on it yet, so it's not a huge deal

>> No.14899612

Great explanation on the link you provided, cleared it up a little for me.
What makes it necessary though? Or is it because it's measurable it's a worthwhile tool? Doesn't scanning the time frames and watching for failures along known stall points achieve the same thing even though less straightforward? Or does that put me at a disadvantage because I could have known the mass beforehand and acocunted for it?
I'll have to reread this when I'm not falling asleep.

>I hope this thread stays alive

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Redpill me on why LINK will never reach $6?

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File: 269 KB, 2155x1322, 61D7753C-8A8C-415B-A665-21104A914029.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not using wave pm is like betting on whether or not Micky mantle will hit a home run but you don’t know if the pitcher is throwing a baseball or a bowling ball. Sure, you’ll figure it out once the bat makes contact with the ball, but you could have known that variable before you ever exposed yourself to risk. Mass matters, in every scenario. Seriously, I have an entire community of a hundred plus people I’ve taught volatility theory to in a discord channel. I’d love to see how someone who evolved into volatility theory without my influence gets different findings. Click through the signature on that TradingView idea on the discord invite link.
A lot of the problems made by multi period jankiness (caused by changing resolution but fixed period lookback) was solved by printing every single period of wave pm as a heat map. You can create comprehensive multi timeframe distributional width readings from a single window, which tell you vastly more relevant benchmarks than, well, the commonly accepted benchmarks.

>> No.14900481

why is OP pretending not to recognize that he literally stole generic ideas from dadshark and made his own faulty "strategy"?

>> No.14900488

i redpilled u, link will never go below $6 once the target has been reached.

>> No.14900503

They have similar strategies because they're both heavily influenced by Mike Whistler. Read the thread

>> No.14900525

are you saying that coincidentally OP ALSO happened to have stumbled upon whistler's books independently well after dadshark has been harping on it here for months and OP only came up with it now, considering that whistlers books are more than 10yrs old?

>> No.14900535

Can you do REN?

>> No.14900553

dev's are dumping their insane supply.

>> No.14900565

the more supply there is the harder it gets for the price to grow. like not linear but likely even exponential. 1bn in total suppy is insane. if thats completely dumped on the market the price will stay below 5,- for years

>> No.14900609

Long on a successful bullish retest of 833?

>> No.14900617

it's going above 1k today

>> No.14900644

Maybe but right now it's under resistance.

>> No.14900696

whales want to move that 2-4h MA into the red

>> No.14900870

What are your plans for BTC? Any charts?

We could at least have one decent thread on /biz/.

>> No.14900897

I'd appreciate one done on ET, it's a relatively obscure pipeline services company with some very high price targets being set, and not a lot of hype around it.

>> No.14900995

>obscure service
>doesn't give full name of company

nice one man

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>> No.14901883 [DELETED] 


BitGreen Airdrops in their Discord with only 21 Million max supply

Stakebase listed them also as their pair (BITG)

20/10% incentives means 5 friends/family staking and trading will cover the fee.


https://youtu.be/s3SJ2TMIXZI - New BITG Wallet
https://youtu.be/OIamCXZ6CZI - Stakebase

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before i get into all this.
do i need to be able to program?(bots)
does it work on recent coins (vidt)
if not what kind of coins does it work on and wont announcements matter more?
do i need to get pay programs or can i just do it on graphs binance or something?

>> No.14902630

>do i need to be able to program?(bots)
>does it work on recent coins (vidt)
No as well.
>if not what kind of coins does it work on and wont announcements matter more?
Announcements can matter more but it's unusual for scam coins team to time their announcement with good TA (Justin Sun does this).
>do i need to get pay programs or can i just do it on graphs binance or something?
tradingview.com free tier lets you do a lot and pro isn't expensive

>> No.14902639

>No as well.
Not as well. If there is no price history it's hard to know where you're going.

>> No.14902707

this is cool af

>> No.14903106

Is there an indicator for Wave PM on tv?

>> No.14903185

buy from dadsharks' website

>> No.14903212

so it's just an ad for his product

>> No.14903263

OP took his time to educate us on a matter we are unfamiliar with. Then people like you come here to shit all over his effort, because dadshark does a similar thing apparently. Unless he has a patented method there's no point bickering about this, it's fucking petty. And yes it is possible for 2 people to research on the same book and reach similar conclusions your fair dinkum maniac.


OP and dadshark have a similar method apparently and yes that's an ad for a paid indicator made by dadshark.

>> No.14903575

google is your friend.

>> No.14903691

Yeah faggot Dadshark and his team are always spamming the rare TA threads we get on /biz/.

>> No.14903714

seems like the best ta is selling ta

>> No.14903890

Very cool, could you explain 'how to use WAVE PM' effectively? In a layman easy for noobs to understand way for those who aren't familiar, seems like your best placed to do so.

We've all been standing on the shoulders of other giants in every industry, it's how we progress and improve. More importantly is the bringing together of different and even similar ideas for open clear honest communication, I mean just by having this thread hopefully people are learning something and sparking new ideas/thoughts.
I know I've certainly learnt some things and hopefully flared the itch for learning in others.
>more important than 'muh grugg used the wheel first not you!'

The concepts and ideas can be learnt for free.
When there's a gold rush, you sell shovels Anon. I don't agree with it but it's the harsh reality. For now these threads and ideas should focus on free methods that everyone can use to educate themselves.

>make this a plug and shill free thread, information and education online. this isn't reddit where we're taking advantage lf lazy Anons, although it will still happen

>> No.14903985

I have seen a few Discord paid groups that pull more than 30K a month for a bunch of wrong calls. The few good calls they had they constantly retweet on Twitter so members keep coming to get rekt with the privilege of paying for it. Very lucrative business.

There are maybe some groups out there that give good calls but from what I heard dadshark isn't one of them. Which is why he needs to be in every TA thread on /biz/. Check the archives and you will see this is constant, shilling the same links, etc.

>In a layman easy for noobs to understand way for those who aren't familiar
From my experience most TA that isn't easily understandable like Eliot Wave and such is mostly bullshit and less effective that good old support/resistance TA.

>> No.14903993

why not keep the shovels and dig the gold up yourself?

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>TA in crypto
>trying to TA against tether

>> No.14904093

Exactly what I'm planning to do. Ideally wouldn't it be nice how to teach and inspire others to make their own shovels? Find their own patches of gold?
That's the idea here. Here we have a larger outreach and I guess a larger
spectrum of people who can't be taught the same way,
>we're obsessed with transparent decentralised databases, do we practice that in our daily life in any way? why not turn /biz/ into something people look at for information and a wide range of discussion

>> No.14904110

Same OP, just phone posting using mobile data.

>> No.14904129

yea i dont buy the altruism

>> No.14904177

I don't expect you to, bur you have to try and practice what you prrach right? Hopefully you'll benefit from the shared collective altruism and autism from other like minded individuals.
The combination of ideas without worrying about recognition is more important and fruitful than not doing so in my opinion.

>> No.14904765

bumping for some good resource drops and ideas

>> No.14904836
File: 315 KB, 1689x1200, gfghf,jhghlkjhfssgfxfgh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

please OP tell me what come next

>> No.14904907

Could you give the name of the coin you're looking at? Or the reason why you haven't included it?
I'd like to have a look using the BB for a clearer historical context, i'm sure another Anon more familiar with mainly using price action patterns and support resistance lines could tell you more if not.

>> No.14904944

I'm not gonna give you the name since this is an old screenshot and the price has changed since
I just want to see what you would have done at the time but I can give you a screenshot with the BB just give me a sec.

>> No.14904968

Ok no problem, could you load the indicator I use (triple bollinger band, 200 length 1.25/2.2/3.2) and show me the time frames going down from daily to 15minute, same as you've done here but add on the hourly and 15m frames on one chart if you can.

>> No.14904995

He is mad that he didnt long

>> No.14905118
File: 135 KB, 1555x1162, jhhjg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

can't go back that far on the 15, and it look like trash on the daily

but yeah if you saw the previous thread you know what it is

>> No.14905151

it's proof you can't rely on TA in this market, if you're trading

>> No.14905172

Isn't it more profitable to hold shitcoins till they moon instead of learning TA (meme)?

>> No.14905204

honestly yes just chose coin which are still very early and haven't mooned yet, diversify and hope you get a good one
DO NOT go all in a 2017-2018 already mooned shitcoin those will most likely never pump again

look at the 2013-2014 shitcoin they mooned then all died with a few small exceptions

>> No.14905241

yes, funny how many summerfags think that 2017 will happen again. All those shitcoins won't ever get close to ATH.

I can't bother with TA, my investment is still too small to waste too much time on it instead of learning new skills or simply cucking.

>> No.14905255

It's about percent. Imagine rolling a 100 sided dice, you win at 51 and above. 50%. 1-1 odds. TA (to me) is stretching those odds a bit in your favor. Imagine a 100 sided dice. Now you win if you hit 50 and above. You gain 2% there. TA is free and you increase your odds of choosing correctly by reading TA. In game theory you take 52-48 EVERY TIME over 50-50. I will roll a dice a million times with 50.1% odds. You increase your odds without decreasing your payout. TA isn't perfect but if it gives me even a 0.01% better odds I will use it (and I'm quite sure it's above that even for me and we'll above that for more seasoned ta guys) it's not perfect, but anything it gives you over 50-50 is pure fucking game theory gold.

>> No.14905278

Posting a few screenshots of certain time frames without any larger context isn't 'proof' of anything?
Did you factor in whether BTC was going up or down? Where were the 15m-4hr time frames in relation to other benchmarks?
>Any and all 'TA' is irrelevant without the broader picture

The daily and 4 hour looked like bearish divergence RSI so I guess I would have waited to see for a successful close and hold above the upper 2.2 on the 4hourly, see how the lower time frame distributions are narrowing and the watch out for significant slope anywhere on smaller time frames (I wish you would have also shown me the daily chart with the bb's, no matter how 'shit' it looked, data is data). If lower time frames were convincingly holding means and upper 2.2s while the 4hourly was hugging the it's own upper 2.2.
I can't tell you much beyond that, I don't know what I would have done because I wouldn't have just looked at the screenshots you're giving me.

With proper risk management you can definitely profit, because the end long term goal is LONG TERM PROFIT, not just a year of moonshots then quiet for 5 years because everything is sideways and you don't know what to do.
I think its more about being confident in why and how price moves in a certain way, once you have that understanding you can manipulate the information to your own benefit.

>> No.14905287
File: 17 KB, 1040x631, Discord_2019-07-21_17-59-50.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

minimalism gang

>> No.14905375

well TA fucked me good in that >>14904836 case
my guts told me to buy as I had finally received all my funds on coinbase, but I decide to look at indicators and to me there was gonna be a move to the downside, but I guess you know what came next
I completely stopped using TA after this

I guess you know exactly when those screenshots were take then.
about 12h later someone market bought 20 000 BTC even tho most indicators were calling over bought on pretty much all time frames ( max out stoch rsi on the weekly ) as you pointed out
it was a beartrap and I felt for it.

>> No.14905380

Not to shit on anything 'Dadshark' does, I respect that it takes time and energy (which is essentially 'money') to learn and put out quality information and products. But I was just looking at his website/products page:

>1) The Fundamentals of Volatility Theory and Distributions
>2) The Four Types of Volatility and Their Application
>3) Applying Distributional Volatility and Weighted Volatility for Trend Identification
>4) The Application of CCI for Entry Signals
>5) Wave Pm, Distributional Mass, and Physics for Trading
>6) Bringing it All Together, Advanced Techniques for a Comprehensive Trading Strategy.

You could really learn the broader concepts outlined here for free or for the small price of buying some of Mark Whistlers books, then make the judgement whether or not his indicators are effective or useful as it relates TO YOU, i'm sure some people find utility in them, whereas others might be using them as a blunt instrument.

>You wouldn't buy the top x equipment that well versed traders use until you know broadly how to effectively use the equipment/tools.

>> No.14905407

I still have NO idea what that coin is and when the screenshots were taken desu.
It's just a matter of observation to see how the lower time frames reverberate up to the higher ones and where the reverberations stop.
>One period of failure isn't indicative of total failure, use this as a learning opportunity

>> No.14905432
File: 65 KB, 1350x1068, trhhsgf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I still have NO idea what that coin is and when the screenshots were taken desu.
My bad I tough you knew it was BTC on Aril first, and yeah this is what happen 12h later

>> No.14905463

TA is kind of like them dark arts.. rarely works extremely well, like a map you pullout and look at on paper. RSI can work well, the thing with TA is that everybody has to be on the same page of looking at the same chart to make the same gains.

>> No.14905554
File: 394 KB, 1798x937, CENSOREDBTCANON.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there a reason why you aren't looking or using the highest historical data period?
>If you had used the Macro to Micro approach, then maybe you could have taken a position much earlier, prices were clearly reverting to the mean or attempting to since like March on the Daily and Weekly time frames?
>The white line is the first of April, arrows show when price penetrated and the lower 1.25 benchmarks (just like an Anon earlier mentioned, the only 'filter' I didn't have was the 'mass' of the volume coming in)

>> No.14905591

>dark arts, synonymous with 'magic'?
'Magic' is just science we don't understand yet. Did you know that there exists a field called econophysics, where economists use the principles found in natural physics to superimpose on top of economies?
>Your whole life is Macro to Micro

>> No.14905639

>t hen maybe you could have taken a position much earlier,
I had no money for that earlier ...
I was actually here telling peoples it was a good buy when we hit the 200WMA and bounced in December

>> No.14905717

You should always be considering the 'other side' of your trade and keep in mind the order flow.
>Where do you think big buyers would be looking to buy? Lowest price possible, and at the point of HIGHEST LIQUIDITY, where they know a LOT of people would be willing to sell at that price point because of 'oh damn looks like bearish divergence guys, better hit the sell button'

I honestly recommend you read Macro to Micro (there's a file i've linked above somewhere that has my notes on two books if you fail to find a free copy/can't afford the kindle copy) it was the best resource to change my perspective and gain the knowledge that gave me confidence therefore control of my emotions.

>> No.14905730

Thats all you really need.

>> No.14905737

i'm sure they use whatever they can to increase the likelihood of making money, that's all they do is figure out ways to make more money. So i could give a fuck what an electrician is doing changing circuits..im trying to meet the Engineer.

>> No.14905772

you forgot the golden advice : buy a low cap like SNTVT (now at a floor), don't panic sell, and just wait a few months. Sell half if you wish, ride the waves, and don't be a wussy.

>> No.14905780

Gonna favorite this and read through it a few times. Thanks OP.

>> No.14905806

Different strokes for different individuals Anon, thank you for the contribution, hopefully some people find utility in 'Krown'.
>Do you mind expanding on that a little bit, what is 'Krown'?

No, you fail to understand the larger picture, the same 'patterns' that appear in nature ALSO can be used to describe something else, as long as the pattern is broad enough to cover the macro and then can be examined to the lowest point of the micro. Something along those lines, you can't separate 'trading' from 'nature' because inherently they are borne of the same 'reality'; the purpose of ANY education is to bring closer your expectation to closely match that of the actual reality.
>The pattern visible across all aspects of life IS the Engineer.

Instead of waiting for a blue moon event every now and then, wouldn't it be just as or if not profitable LONG TERM to be able to analyse and observe every situation and not just the 'muh moonshots'? And then trade them accordingly?
>It takes 1 moonshot to x10 your money sure, it takes ~50 5% trades to also x10 your money, which do you think are more abundant and come around more often?

>> No.14905810
File: 556 KB, 2627x1265, NEVER DELETE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

come on dude you know you could not have predicted that.
it was a massive short squeeze, there were article about it proving that it was mostly done on coinbase finex and bitstamp, itwas Donne perfectly at the perfect time counter trading almost all indicators, big buyer buy otc
I'm not the only one, this move fucked so many peoples here

>> No.14905882

Krown is a ta seller that posts daily videos. He's honest and correct in his analysis. Ive never bought anything from him but have learned much.
I have also read most of the books posted here.
He has some indicators that you only have access to if you buy a course but the indicators are not essential to success.
Using sma & ema to find support and resistance levels and basing trades around that. Obviously I look at other indicators, oscillators and timeframes to build up a picture of where the price may head too.

>> No.14905935
File: 29 KB, 911x725, 52525252.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>and to me there was gonna be a move to the downside
Well clearly you don't know how to TA. Look at BTC before that move happened, it was in a clear uptrend for a month+, it kept holding levels and showed no signs of weakness. You could have bought every single time it dropped down and held the support with a 2% SL.
The better question here is, why did you think shorting this move up was a good idea? Where did you enter for example?

>> No.14905956
File: 199 KB, 1796x938, CENSOREDBTCANON2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Again, look into order flow for trading. That's precisely one of the times when you should be most on alert, assumptions that price could go down is just gambling, without the confirmation data (volume) nothing is real.
You still could have caught the larger move upwards, even if it meant you didn't catch the initial 35% pump.
I would have looked to buy the local resistance breakout AFTER knowing that price had consistently been trading above the WEEKLY mean for about 3 months prior? It's about the context, looking at the chart blind for the daily and 4hourly chart was useless and gave you a false bearish signal, did you even see price had been stable/uptrend for the last 3 months?

>> No.14905985

Thanks for the contribution Anon, really great stuff. I'll look into it and see if I can utilise the ideas/tools somewhere! Could you post some links if you have the time available?

Great stuff, thanks for the contribution

>> No.14906110

bump, good thread so far, let's try and keep it active and informative
>post resources, links, your own analysis for critique, any trades that failed to understand why it failed, any trades that succeeded to understand why it succeeded. chart requests etc

>> No.14906165

Just search krown on yt
His most sought after indicator is the jewel. Again, not a necessity to success.
He is the only ta youtuber that I watch and can tolerate.
Pay attention he talks a lot, and voices his opinion but often goes against it in favour of the TA. He posts his ongoing positions at the start of the vid, uses derebit mostly to; long short, cross margin and options. He's uses a lot of options to cover positions during times of consolidation and uncertainty, Like rn.
Im waiting on a breach past 11100 for the bulls and 10200 - possibly lower I haven't checked in a couple days for the bears. It might seem spicy, oh look anon is waiting for it to go up or down.
But money management is key in uncertainty.
Buffet only made on average 27% gains pa. Compounding it is the real rich club.
If I was more skilled id look at options but its too much risk currently

>> No.14906188


>Well clearly you don't know how to TA
you TA guys always have 20/20 insight when the candles are closed, and I never talked about shorting

> You still could have caught the larger move upwards, even if it meant you didn't catch the initial 35% pump.
yeah I'm gonna buy on top of a completely manipulated 20% move in a 15 month bear market

>> No.14906208

We're bulldrilling rn. LMAOing at everyone who is seriously selling

>> No.14906371
File: 39 KB, 1581x489, Magnet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you TA guys always have 20/20 insight when the candles are closed
Look at the date of this pic, look where I placed the magnets.. we're slowly moving towards that target now is that also "manipulation"? Obviously nobody can PREDICT the market and know exactly where it will go, but there are signs on the charts and after a huge pump comes a retracement (or vice versa) to leave room for the bulls/bears to breath.. that's when you look for these STRONG support/resistance levels to potentially be the new bottoms or tops. You need to play the levels with risk management and you'll do great.

>and I never talked about shorting
So what did you do and where did you enter? If you weren't short then what's the problem?

>> No.14906418

>15 month bear market
We bull now
$7700 would touch the quarterly MA perfectly and still keep us in contention for breaking ATH this year.
During a bull market BTC typically retraces 30 - 40% putting it around $8400 which would also fill the gap on CME's
But gaps arent always filled. The next big move should happen fairly soon I.e. 1 - 3 days and will determine the price action for the coming weeks.

>> No.14906432
File: 235 KB, 1795x925, CENSOREDBTCANON3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We're just saying that if you had had a broader context, you could have made a few educated guesses on the types of scenarios that would be playing out, then it's about managing your risk to make sure you don't get rekt if you were wrong.
It was also a lead time of like 3 months where prices were making pivots while ascending. Just look for a contination of bullish confirmation from then on.

>There's nothing wrong with missing or sitting out on a trade if you're unsure, just reassess once you have more information and better guidance.

I think this anon was right >>14904995, just disappointed that the analysis the Anon had went against his assumptions. Nothing wrong with that, just understand the counter trade to the idea you had had in the first place.

>> No.14906518

Thanks Anon, i'll post the link to his YouTube channel here:
youtube com/channel/UCnwxzpFzZNtLH8NgTeAROFA

>Buffet only made on average 27% gains pa. Compounding it is the real rich club.
>>It takes 1 moonshot to x10 your money sure, it takes ~50 5% trades to also x10 your money, which do you think are more abundant and come around more often?

Play the long term Anon, your moonshots are unsustainable even though profitable.
>Do what is meaningful, not what is expedient.

>> No.14906567

>If you weren't short then what's the problem?
that I literally made zero on this move, beside for what I bough in 2017

beside that the fact that this move was a short squeeze isn't up for debate it was proven to be. close to $200M worth of market buy in 15m isn't a normal market move

yeah I'm just salty I believed TA and indicators instead of my guts, also why I sold all I had at $13200
I will never trust TA again and only trade on sentiment

>> No.14906793
File: 340 KB, 1803x934, CENSOREDBTCANON4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It wasn't a 'usual' move but there had to have been a breaking point for participants who were waiting to pounce, that moment was it. I think the initial pump to bring the price above the 4hourly upper 2.2 was the test to see if price could hold above the 2.2 and potentially break that upper horizontal local resistance and failing that it traded well above the 4h mean for the rest of the time leading up to that pump.

>> No.14906836

Can you please do REN?


>> No.14906868

Cope harder faggot. You don't understand markets and you don't understand crypto if you're still on about it. Fuck off.

>> No.14906966

Sorry Anons I completely missed these, i'll try to do these right now, otherwise it'll be after I come back from dinner/movie.
>REN. Still bullish on REN, but i'm expecting price to drop down to ~825 before I look to buy back in. Not convinced that price can hold around ~950 yet for bullish sentiment, if you see price reach 950, keep an eye out for any confirmation that the trend is to continue.

If you have nothing to say but 'muh you were wrong bruh lelelel' you don't have to say anything at all. Post something constructive and give the reasons he's wrong and you're right.
>Cope harder faggot. You don't understand how a discussion works and how to have a conversation with fruitful end product. Fuck off.

>> No.14907000

Is this Energy Transfer LP on NYSE?
Most likely i'll do these later now.

>> No.14907057

I unironically lost, over time, more than 10k in bitmex. I want to re-enter with 2k bucks and try to regain loses. How?

>> No.14907299

>don't use leverage again until you can afford to lose 10k as minor percentage of your stack, even then I wouldn't use (but that's probably because I consider it too 'risky' for now)
>find an approach that mitigates losses by prioritising the minimal risk you take compared to the expected profit you might get
>read, observe, learn until you hit a plateau of knowledge
>attempt a method while keeping the above in mind

There's no magic formula to regain losses.
>I know it's meaningless unless backed with the actual trades themselves but, 33 compounded trades of 5% on your 2k over time will get you back up to 10k

>> No.14907369

Hey, thank you for the work that you are doing.

Please don't think that your posts are not helpful for a large number of people just because of the number of replies on it.

I bet there are a lot of people like me who have saved your posts and go through them when they get time. I'm at work most of the times so it's not possible for me to reply to your posts, but I do have them saved up and study them whenever I get time

>> No.14907380

You need to learn to take the loss and play more conservatively. I would do FA and play spot before moving into TA, learn to manage risk as well.

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