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Help me understand this. This market, holy shit.

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Well everything lost that much

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it's a shit market set in a clown world

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the euphoria stage of btc bubble was a magic time to be alive

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How is BTC Gold in the top 30? Does it have any credibility to it?

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LINK will be there soon

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I have no idea. I never see anyone talking about bitcoin gold or diamond. Probably wash traded bullshit that only the most desperate still trade.

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How was Zcash over $3000?

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It was listed on Poloniex as soon as the first block was mined. The block reward was low (<0.5 ZEC if I'm correct). Basically a very low supply upon exchange listing made retards pay extraordinary amounts for it. The price plummeted the same day when more blocks were mined.

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the true redpill is realizing they will drop another 99%

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easy to be at the top of a shit hill

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The Coinbase chart for ZEC has it near $6000 ATH! Then that steep drop. Ouch.

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Coinmarketcap, I mean

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half of these have been shilled quite hard on /biz/

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Probably $5 of volume like BCH. BCH never "really" made it upwards of $2,000 and ZEC's "real" ATH is probably 25% of what's shown there.

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dammit, it's never coming back, is it? it truly was a once in a life time event

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nope, all the bubble bagholders are using this pump to cash out. Its over

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what site is this?

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>Does it have any credibility to it?
clown market

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the normies are hilarious
they don't even have any idea how these things converge

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>what is BTC halving?

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will we ever experience this again?

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Because 99% of crypto coins are fucking jokes, even some of the top 10 coins are jokes.

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10x your crypto with moon3d. bonus schemes awaits..

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-tons of bagholders
-bots wash trading at around where the bagholders placed their sells

The real value of all these coins is zero.

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You are mostly correct, but OmiseGO is different.
They have a confirmed partnership with McDonald's and substantial rumors on big upcoming partnerships with the company that has a fruit with a bite as its logo ;-))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) and a BIG search engine :OOOOO

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