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Sentinel is the first blockahin project with actual users that is not gambling related
live numbers: https://stats.sentinel.co/

sentinel vision is to allow users to be truly safe from surveillance, offering an open source dVPN which provably doesn't log data and offer safe encryption, no centralized vpn is able to offer anything similiar.

sentinel is part of tendermint/cosmos ecosystem with projects like binance dex althea foam matic etc.. cosmos ecosystem will see huge growth once alt bull starts again.
Cosmos blockchain will be interconnected by 3 major hubs (cosmos, iris and sentinel)
dpos chain will have the equivalent boom that erc 20 had during 2017, 66% of the supply is locked at all times for the DPOS security
>features alredy delivered:
-dVPN app on ethereum (running from april 2018)
-dVPN app on tendermint (running from jan 2019) https://youtu.be/Iaa7Jwd5sy8
-tendermint testnet with closed validator set
-android app
-own crypto wallet for ethereum and tendermint

>planned features

-DPOS tendermint blockchain in q3-q4 (test up and running for months)
-decentralized chat app https://youtu.be/T1H8exU6D7I
-wireguard implementation (linus torvalds endorsed wiregaurd making it the standard)
-multi hop relay net (first of its kind truly revolutionary tech for a VPN) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYK1BPXSji4&t=1s
-tor exit nodes
-private nets ( this will allow corporations and banks to set up private networks that only employees can access)
-zk snark mixer
-interblockchain communication protocol
-IOS app https://youtu.be/pzy5APfng0c
with DPOS you will be able to earn staking rewards by delegating your tokens, the current mcap is around 2m$
i see 500m$ as a very realistic market cap for seninel a project that has achieved real usage and has a steady development,you guys can try the dvpn right now for FREE till main net hits , also worthed to know that binance labs is searching for a dVPN project to support

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Look at usage increase OP, this puppy is ready to moon any day now

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OP I like tendermint and cosmos, I used to be ethereum maximalist but got tired of waiting for "Ethereum 2.0" thanks for sharing this, will check the dVPN

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yeah, when main net is deployed price will start following usage as monetization is enabled

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Literally one of very few daps with actual users, cant make this shit up

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ethereum is a dead shitcoin these things haven't been spec'd out yet:
1. On chain randomness
2. Wire protocol
3. Clients to slash surround votes
4. Decentralized network time protocol

eth 2.0 won't launch on jan like they promised, also the first phase of eth 2.0 is just a big ponzi to lock up eth, it won't make the chain work better or faster

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siiting here all comfy and shit, dumping my shitcoins buying more corn and sent, life is good when you buy legit shit

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https://stats.sentinel.co/ yeah sentinel has real usage, and it has been stedily been going up

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my portfolio is currently 75% BTC nad 25% sent,
even if low volume sent has been very stable against btc lately, its probably forming a strong bottom

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Orders building up, sell pressure is looking exhausted af right now, its hard to buy a decent bag without pumping price a lot

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I've been trying to buy some of this shitcoin, but there doesn't seem to be any seller left at these prices

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Op said main net Is close, maybe thats why there Is no Sellers left, they are all pricing in a future panp, Also just looking at the chart you can see It didnt have a pump in Jan when all other alts pumped, so weak hands have capitulated already, before other alts, probably sent Will anticipate any alts price action

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yeah 1% of the supply changes hands every few days, holders have been already reshuffled and only strong hands should be left

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wow OP you are really all in in Sentinel, why do you trust this project so much?

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sent ;)

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its cause ive seen the steady delivery of code and the actual product, with real users, also im a big tendermint/cosmos ecosystem bull, i think blockchain interoperability is the future, where various blockchains will be able to offer services to btc (almost like being btc sidechains) we will be switching to a btc centric ecosystem where projects are built around btc on tendermint chains.
sentinel will offer dvpn dchat and mixer services to btc holders cause the team has understood that creating a walled garden like ethereum won't work, forcing your shitcoin on people is a failed tactic and adds friction no one wants to learn about how to use gas

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bag received

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how do I get the vpn?

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Yeah thats a big amount for a Coin at this mcap, It Also seems ti be fully organico volume and not faked

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its available on all devices for free (iOS version to be launched soon)

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https://sentinel.co/ here you can download it and use it for free till main net, the monetization will be enabled (the community should host some free nodes anyway)

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why the homepage have some problems with the design?

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yeah also if you check out other project competing with sentinel (mysterium , rpiuvatic and lethan) they have all died and have even lower volume.
when orchid dvpn (100m raised and pantera invested) gets released sentinel will be surely be repriced to the upside cause its better and more mature tech also orchid is building on ethereum which is dying while sentinel is building its own chain (while also having an ethereum version for the unlucky ones that still think eth is not a shitcoin)

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i loaded the page myself and it doesn't show the same problem as you, maybe it has to do with the browser, try to reload the page

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Yeah when orchid gets release on market sentinel should see a nice pump as investor from orchid dump some of their orchid tokens to hedge the risk into competitors

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wow that's huge anon, heard Orchid was backed by many funds, when will Orchid released? If sentinel beats orchid because they are building in ethereum jesus sentinel will pump hard. Maybe i'll buy some tokens need to research more first

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orchid is a joke, all that funding and money and they cant deliver shit

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i have no idea when orchid launches, they are probably waiting for alts to pamp again, and retail money to start flowing in again, so they will be able to dump their tokens at a high valuation, keep in mind that they raised 100m$

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Surely the dvpn niche in the crypto market is one of the most overlooked ones, everybody talks about prediction markets oracles privacy coins gambling and nobody talks about dvpn, as awareness will grow people will value dvpns more fairly

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well said anon, and between all the dVPNs projects sentinel is surely the most mature one and the one with more users, also its the only dVPN that is building its own chain and will accept bitcoins and any other crypto that connects as payement

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Well, if orchid raised $100m it looks like a fair valuation for Sentinel

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So if I read correctly the VPN can be currently used for free, will give it a try later

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chill dude , whats your problem ?

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yeah it can be used for free then when main net hits (before the end of the year) monetization will be enabled so you will be able to choose between payed and free nodes (if the community decides to host them)

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So anybody can host a node and get payed?

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yeah sentinel mission is to unlock all the unused bandwidth that consumers have access to, imagine being able to turn your node on during the night and browse with a vpn with the tokens you earned during the day

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That's very nice, when monetization is enabled I will host a node seems a no brainer to me

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yeah and you will be also able to host a decentralized chat server, allowing people to have secure encrypted federated communications

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Good stuff OP I like this project

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sentinel is truly a gem, it has actual users and a strong product, with a team that steadily delivers code on regular basis

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Where can i buy this ?

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hitbtc idex have the most volume

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yeah thats right sentinel is built on openvpn but soon it will have also a wireguard implementation

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Nice dubs, sent has no volume, but i guess thats the nature of low mcap coins

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whats your point anon? Most vpns use openvpn, what sentinel is doing is allowing anyone to host a node and earn a buck also no-logs claim can actually be confirmed cause its all open sourced

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the lower the mcap the higher the possible upside anon

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yeah you cant have huge volume when coin has market cap of few million but thats the beauty of small caps, when they pump, they PUMP

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yeah sentinel as i said above wants to unlock a massive untapped market , that alone is worth a lot, and its also a very ethical project cause its helping people that actually need to protect themself from government surveillance,
so security won't require setting up a VPS hosted in the basement of some neckbeard with some huge friction, but this product will make privacy services easy to to use for everybody

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yeah low caps are high risk high reward, but if you pick the right one you will be rewarded, anyway always don't invest want you are not willing to loose and be diversified

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seems like fun, how do I host a server? I have a gigabit to spare

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embrace sentinel anons, retiring is not that far

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anon, that's because mainnet is coming in Q3 with the Sentinel hub, the 3rd in cosmos ecosystem and also token swap from SENT erc20 to native cSENT token

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yeah dude, more than retiring financial freedom

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if you have any questions there is a telegram group for node hosters, however i advise you wait till main net to host a node cause thats when full incentivixation will be enabled and full relay net will be released to to protect users from illegal content being viewed through their nodes

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ah ok

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OP you're shilling this hardcore but I don't think you're a pajeet so I'm intrigued. I also think its an interesting idea, but answer me this ; why should I buy the token? Why not just use the dapp? I think this has an important use case but do you really think something like this is going to be widely used enough to moon?

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Great another scam token.

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The pajeet's are back again with another edition of:

Biz's shitcoin of the week!

Stayed tuned folks for more empty promises and an infomercial style conversation conducted entirely by one man with multiple ID's. You'll be amazed at the absent volume for the last year and dazzled by the fact that it's only available on HitBTC and was pumped and dumped down to 14 sats immediately after it's ICO.

Yes folks, if it's bankruptcy you're after look no further as we enter into another episode of:

Biz's shit coin of the week!

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you can just use the dapp by paying in any coin when monetization will be enabled, or use the free community nodes and you won' need to purchase sent token.
sent token will be used to secure the dpos chain and govern it dao style also sentinel will be offering more services other then dvpn, it will offer dchat and a mixer services, allowing anyone that wants to anonimize their coins in cosmos/tendermint ecosystem.
so sent will be the privacy coin of cosmos ecosystem.
also most of the supply will be locked cause its dpos.
it will have the same supply/market dynamics as other pos tokens like eos atom decred etc...
so tldr:
fee revenue
mixing revenue
dvpn revenue (all nodes will be able to accept any coins they like but they will be forced to take sent)
dchat revenue
and more services will come after these have been delivered

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its not a scam token its a staking coin for a DPOS chain

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the difference with scams here is that people are atcually using the dvpn product and the number of users is growing fast, if you wanna speculate on adoption of a solid product then sent is the coin for you, if you only wanna buy stuff on legit exchange with millions in volume that have already pumped then sentinel is not for you

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if you any more questions please ask

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1) You dont need to buy any token or invest, just try the dVPN for free and then come back with an opinion

2) Why buy the token?

2.1) Because it is a staking token in one of the 3 majors hubs in cosmos ecosystem (Tendermin/Cosmos, suddenly in top 20 in CMC, you heard of it?). Binance chain will also likely be another hub
2.2) This staking token give holders block/fee reward

First of all, what is the cSENT token? The Sentinel hub is like a router to connect other blockchains (zones) like dVPN, dChat, etc. In order to choose a validator (like a mining pool in Bitcoin) to propose a block, a weighting mechanism exists with the amount of cSENT tokens delegated to each validator. In other words, the more cSENT are delegated to a specific validator, the more frequently this validator will be block proposer. So why would you want to buy cSENT tokens, and then, why would you want to delegate these tokens to a validator?

When you buy cSENT tokens you are not buying just a token. What you are really buying is a virtualized “mining” machine. Also, when you delegate these special tokens to a validator, you are actually like contributing “mining” power to a “mining pool”. In other words, by buying cSENT you become a “miner” in the Sentinel hub and also, unlike with the atom token currently, also a “miner” in all the Sentinel hub connected zones.

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Now, the key questions is: ok, but what benefits do I get by becoming a “miner” of the Sentinel hub and zones? Many people think that the benefit would just be block rewards and transaction fees in the Sentinel hub and zones as cSENT tokens, however it is a lot more than this, and here it is where the great potential of the cSENT token actually is. The block rewards are really just a mechanism to punish the cSENT holders that are not delegating tokens because their cSENT will lose value due to the inflation mechanism in place. cSENT holders delegating their tokens will earn a reward after each block that they could delegate again, therefore compounding the rewards. But, again: this is NOT the main benefit.

After the Inter Blockchain Communication standards (IBC) are released and completed in the coming months, many zones (blockchains) will be connected to the Sentinel hub, including the dVPN zone, the dChat, etc. All the transaction fees going through this router, the Sentinel hub, and also within each zone will go to cSENT token holders and validators will take a small commission. But the most important is that these fees won’t be only in cSENT tokens, they will be in all the whitelisted fee tokens which could be pegged USD, pegged EUR, pegged BTC, and so on.

So, in summary: buying cSENT tokens makes you a “miner” of the Sentinel hub and all zones and you will not only earn block rewards for compound interest but also transaction fees going through the Sentinel hub and zones paid as pegged fiat, pegged btc, etc. This is really huge: you buy cSENT tokens, and then you will have a growing revenue of USD, EUR, BTC and other fee tokens.

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when cosmos enables IBC sentinel will be able to offer mixing services to binance dex, imagine all the traders that will want to mix their coins after trading them

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what does it take to run a node? and i don't just mean staked cones.

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anyone can run a node on their pc, even a shitty laptop (the new raspberry pi 4 should be for good enough)
keep in mind tho that the better specs of your pc the more users you will be able to service with your dvpn node at the same time, so the better specs the more profitable it is (the cpu is mostly what gets overloaded when there is lots of users connected at the same time)
if you instead wanna become a validator of the network you will need some proper hardware

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if you want more info there is a tg group if you need technical support while setting up a node

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>if you instead wanna become a validator of the network you will need some proper hardware

learn me. i would go read this but you seem to be a particularly energetic shill for this, i also appreciate that you're not 1 post by this id talking to yourself in broken english.

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because sentinel uses tendermint, the same protocol cosmos is built on, you can refer to the technical documentation of cosmos.

Validators should expect to run an HSM that supports ed25519 keys. Here are potential options:

YubiHSM 2
Ledger Nano S
Ledger BOLOS SGX enclave
Thales nShield support

The Tendermint team does not recommend one solution above the other. The community is encouraged to bolster the effort to improve HSMs and the security of key management


What it will cost

This is a simple estimation of equipment, and should be considered a ball park price. The ATOM price is based on the ATOM exchange rate on March 27th, 2019. All values are in USD, and North America equipment and rental prices.


Server with firewall= $ 10,000
HSM = $150
Backup Server with firewall= $10,000
Backup HSM=$150

Operating costs

Monthly cost for firewall and server operation = $900/month
Backup location operation = $900/month
5 Sentry nodes on AWS = $300/month

this is if you wanna be completely up to spec
consider that the better specked you are the more people will delegate to you and the more profitable you will be, you can also try running a validator on your laptop, but nobody would delegate to you

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sentinel will probably set up a low requirements zone tho, for people that wanna host a validator on non specific hardware, most cosmos chains will be cross validated, that means that validators will be able to cut the costs by validating more chains at the same time, tahst why for exmple cosmos validators will also validate sentinel chain

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sentinel is not aproject ran by pajeets it will require some proper sunk in capital and understanding of the tech.
same way a pow miner needs to invest a lot of his money and time to perfect his businness, but once tendermint ecosystem takes off the profit margins will be very nice

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Yeah thats some pretty high costs

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yeah, some of those costs can be lowered and you can pool in with people, but keep in mind that being a validator in the tendermint ecosystem is a serious job and you need to be able to provide full uptime and high quality service, or you won't be selected for blockcreation.
being a validator is the new job blockchain industry is creating right now is very early (like in the early days of mining, and it can be very profitable) cause not very people have catched up on it yet, also with a proper set up you will be able to validate multiple chains like cosmos polkdato ethereum(if they ever switch to pos) iris foam and all the other projects building on cosmos

>> No.14862245

It seems very cool, but im not technical enough to do this

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i don't have a validator either , but i can surely see the profitability for people that are willing to put in money and time, some of those cosmos validators are truly making a killing every week

>> No.14862279

damn about double what i was expecting lel

>> No.14862318

shoooowww mmeeee theee wwaayyyy

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yeah its a very high requirement job, if you are interested there is multiple groups for cosmos validators, they can explain better then me.
keep in mind that i showed you the fully specked out build tho, you can probably cut the costs a lot

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Cosmos and Sentinel are dope

Even beyond the speculation, Cosmos ecosystem is like having infinite tools at disposal

>> No.14862372

Do not limit yourself, you are as technical as you let yourself be! Do not let the high priest hood of computer languages rule you, get on their level and learn the language of the new ruling class

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yeah cosmos ecosystem is very cool, they have built a proper SDK for developers to build upon, thats why more then 80 projects have switched away from ethereum to tendermint/cosmos ecosystem:



>> No.14862398

80 projects, I wonder how Eth is doing damage control lately. They have weesh vitalik dancing on stage again like a monkey? Chainlink, Cosmos, SENTINEL. That is CHAD level asset investing

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yeah these fuckers are stealing away the power from bankers, developers will be the new ruling class in the coming years

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vitalik is in full damage control, he wants to use bcash as dumpster for eth data cause he knows eth doesn't scale and will never be able to scale
they already pivoted away from dapps to defi then they will pivot again when defi will switch to cosmos

>> No.14862427

Thats why all the FUD is stupid. The Smart ones are learning, and helping build distributed architectures. Cosmos, Decred, Bitcoin LN, SENTINEL bandwidth hubs. Why FUD, when you can build bridges , and right scripture for the plebs to be ruled by

>> No.14862443

LOL i saw that, use Bcash for dumpster data. A true MLM scam. Like Tony Robbins and Tai lopez meeting up to scam the plebs

>> No.14862470
File: 85 KB, 800x370, photo_2019-07-15_23-02-42.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah here we are building the infrastructure on which the new web will be based on we are participating to the same great effort, most projects during the dot com bubble started the same way, with small teams of committed individuals willing to discuss how the current system worked, sentinel like bitcoin and the lightning network and any other good crypto project is trying to do the same,
take away power from centralized entitys

>> No.14862484

/biz is a bunch of finical and accountant / business degree kids who bought ONIONS certificates of virtue from the university for 100k in debt. These cucks can't code, or build the new architecture that will control the plebs of the future. So all they can do is FUD coins that are anti thesis to the asset they bought. Because they can't build, they don't know what they are buying. De chainlink team luv dumping on the new illiterate class.

>> No.14862486

Dumped poly when I saw then with thai Lopez, cant get scammier than that

>> No.14862500
File: 57 KB, 996x458, photo_2019-07-15_23-05-04.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

they shouldn't let vitalik speak in public he is such a mess.
i guess thats how rational people see him when he post retarded shit,but to his cult followers he is a genious saint, while the only thing he did was lending his face to a fenbushi money laundering scheme

>> No.14862516
File: 27 KB, 495x371, photo_2019-07-15_22-10-52.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah from a tech POV chainlink is a pure hot mess, but i have to agree that they have the BEST marketing team and the best MM so can't really be mad about it

>> No.14862528

The war on censorship is exponential. The Pontiff lost the control of being the custodian of all information. Because of this, new resources by the pontiff have ravaged into the war on censorship. The easiest way to make money is to LONG CENSORSHIP while also LONGING devices that defeat central authority censorship. Don't be a pleb, Speculate both ways. People who can't see SENT utility while the censorship market is producing the best returns in decades, prob can't see the forest for the trees.

>> No.14862577

Peter Theil gave him the foundation award, ETH Was all funded by Bo shen, and Theil. Just a hero story like those faggot movies Disney puts out. You can be a black Aerial to, You can be a vitalik, you dirty incel. Mean while, Peter tops boshen out in hong kong flat, dumping the 100 ICO scams they ran together. I bet these fudsters are bag holding Boshen coins like TNT still

>> No.14862586
File: 19 KB, 408x415, photo_2019-07-18_23-40-41.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah, most people don't get the whole purpose of sentinel,the team behind it probably is living under a high censorship regime and thts probably why they started building it, sentinel is aimed at countrys thats truly need it like china

>> No.14862603

It is good to define the Nature of the mold

Who molded the team

What makes the best counter regime tool

A mold that is formed under the nature of a regime

>> No.14862617
File: 198 KB, 996x1280, photo_2019-07-15_22-08-03.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

those people sitting on armchair all day that mans that don't live in usa and eu have to actually work to survive and take on responsability, everybody easily criticises the software but nobody has ever tried building something similiar
"how does it feel to be a faggot with someone elses ass?"

>> No.14862650

exactly, a bunch of wheesh onions boys from the suburbs living under the comfort of the largest nation state deficits in world history

>> No.14862693

Everyone is a cuck, and they know that their talk is cheap. Other wise they would not be running around, wondering what memes they should believe from the holy high priest of developers, wondering what Shitcoin they can trust so they can make it out of their boring monotony slave hood. FUD is equivalent to saying I am ignorant of the internals, and do not have proper risk management, therefore I project this inadequacy by toxic fud. Just Common SENSE

>> No.14862698
File: 125 KB, 1280x720, photo5839099784164651658.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and they also manage to complain without understanding the huge luck, they have, they trash the fiat system that has made them rich and comfy as fuck,
they don't get that blockchain tech will mostly benefit non first world countryes.
western middle class will get completely fucked when blockchain gets deployed from daddy gov or if bitcoin becomes widly used, very few will be able to afford first layer sovereignity of btc chain, the fees will cost a fuckload (and thats agood thing)

>> No.14862727

yeah its like the huge attack that has been going on for years from ethereum community towards bitcoin community, it has been one of the most toxic efforts in crypto and no one can see it cause they think vitalik is the shiny genious jesus boy, while he is only here to get your btcs cheaply by fudding it

>> No.14862735

Yep if you want to protect aged western purchasing power from debasing and competeting with the purchasing power parity of china, india, Indonesia, and others. You better margin up on some good crypto projects. Other wise you will be living like low caste Neo feudal slave in peter theil's singularity

>> No.14862748

Thats good, the onions boys self select who they want to emulate. if they want to emulate being a beta cuck they can buy ETH and be just like daddy vitalik. They then loose it all, neck themselves, and save the rest of society from the low IQ sperm

>> No.14862758
File: 115 KB, 668x809, photo4927466814942849038.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nobody in usa will do it, they are too lazy and occupied in sucking trumps cock or any other fake muppet president that will folllow him, not getting that democracy doesn't exist in america, andburgers are just the collateral for financial assets:
"my treasury bond is backed by one fat american boomer with diabetes and addicted to opioids"

>> No.14862778
File: 16 KB, 381x304, photo_2019-07-15_21-58-26.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just wait when btc starts truly pumping and eth gets obliterated into dust, when the cheap QE money ends there will be no more money to pumping funny digital penny stocks only BTC will be left

>> No.14862837


I like the project after taking a look. The client running smoothe

>> No.14862844

Guys chill with the redpills or you will give /biz an overdose

>> No.14862849

LOL treasury yields backed by obesity. They will be begging to use distributed architecture like SENT when daddy Faceburg cucks them

>> No.14862863
File: 61 KB, 796x580, photo_2019-07-15_22-34-04.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nice to hear dude, if have any questions please ask

>> No.14862901
File: 105 KB, 668x809, photo4927466814942849034.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

currently congress is negotiating with facebook how much their subject data is worthed, people think this is actually about saving consumers, when the truth is its just a negotiation process between very thirsty predators, currently they are sniffing eachothers assses to know how much they have eaten and what, if you noticed during the hearing many senators asked how much profits facebook will make that was just a polite way to tell them facebook can buy their vote but it will be costly

>> No.14862903

this is red pill now? these were basic talks on bitcoin talk back in 13

I guess the chans have changed. Soon the Faceburg will come after the chans, better have distributed architecture so you can access the chans...

>> No.14862934
File: 232 KB, 394x220, BUYSENT.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the chans have degraded in quality a lot after trump election now they are full of hedgy teenagers and kids, thats why most discussions on /pol are very narrow minded and hedgy cause the only ones talking are teens full of hormones that are angry cause they don't know how to fuck a vagina

>> No.14862935

AND you get paid silver to speak and gold to shut the fuck up

Consumer Protection LOL

That data is about consumer cucking. How can a predator spam you consumer goods from china using the perfect advertising vice. How can uncle sam predict your next move. Why did you guys not listen to tom cruise? There is a movie about this. Listen to tom cruise, buy SENT

>> No.14862969

These teens living on edge should check how steep that edge is on epsteins island

>> No.14862970

sent is a old grassroots project that tries to keep the old cypherpunk movement alive, no scam vc or scam presale , it was fully self funded by people that fully understand the dangerous world of surveillance we are about to step in

>> No.14862992
File: 95 KB, 1193x670, photo_2019-07-17_21-56-34.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

these teens on /biz don't care about actual real world problems they only care about speculating on shitcoins and they can't see actual true usefull tech if you put it in front of them, and the reason is obvious, its cause they don't need it.
they don't live in a place thats actually needs censorship resistance or encryption their degeneracy is fully subsidized by uncle tom,
thats why they will loose their freedom if they don't WAKE UP

>> No.14863038

Just like grin
Use sent to stack sats, easy

>> No.14863044

yeah grin is also a nice grassroots project done by OG whales

>> No.14863056

They need it the most. They all know what facebook, google, and others do. It is easier to pretend your a man, than to have faith, build, and attempt change

>> No.14863071

lol you saying this while probably most of the kids reading this have their cock in their hand and fapping to some porn while readin /biz
they will never be able to build anything just speculate or fud shitcoins cause they are jealous

>> No.14863076

The worst part is the surveillance apparatus is held up by coporate bonds sold to pensions and endowments

So the more cucking the apparatus does to the people. The richer , the limited pensioners get. Boomers got ya again

>> No.14863107

yeah its all a scam pension ponzi
boomers sold their children future for a nice boat and house on the lake

>> No.14863115

The only way out is to make data fungible or scarce via obfuscation and encryption

This is why sent is appealing, or schorr sigs on BTC

>> No.14863145
File: 213 KB, 1002x1280, photo_2019-07-15_23-36-11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah sentinel makes dta fungible again thanks to an open market where everybody can participate and not only data centers
before everyone was blocked out cause of high costs now everyone can profit from their bandwidth

>> No.14863151

It is just like Bitcoin back in the early days. To purchase and play with it you had to be educated about the nature of the world, and have a cynical view. Or better yet, acceptance of the freakytotalitarian bankrupt state the boomers are handing off to the offspring. SENTINEL is the same, You either can see the twisted story line in front of you. Or you are still addicted to the lies of the priesthood who are just trying to buy their time before the big boomer ponzi spoils and starts eating its offspring alive

>> No.14863172

Not only that, if data is not attached to the individual ISP, it becomes fungible. Making it a near worthless commodity, and or vice to use against the plebs

>> No.14863217
File: 104 KB, 760x718, photo_2019-07-16_22-45-12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah sentinel solves a huge problem, its like the amazon of data, before amazon everybody had to sell only locally and advertizing was expensive,
now everybody can send goods all over the world and everybody has access to a global marketplace
sentinel is the same it unlocks a huge market of unmoetized and resellable bandwidth that before was locked down by the incumbents and middlemans
no more internet borders for bandwidth and data with sentinel

>> No.14863267

Nice i just got invited to some boomers house on the lake. Said he quit talking to his kid cause he got violently addicted to a substance called eth

>> No.14863302
File: 100 KB, 996x458, photo_2019-07-15_23-14-19.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

eth kills, tell him that now the dankest shit to use is tendermint, you can't find it on the streets yet, you have to actually find it but its worthed, make a big stack now before it gets too expensive

>> No.14863355

Plebs want passports and borders, because they need daddy to protect them from competition of immigrants. Real chads launch SENT nodes on the high ethereal plane, and make money off of the adversity. Subway sells sandwiches to everyone bitches

>> No.14863376

yeah everyone readin this thread that calls himself a cypherpunk should host a sent node and help the fight for freedom

>> No.14863431

fuck freedom, Yang gang, free money, pot, kraft beer, porn.

>> No.14863458
File: 117 KB, 960x1280, sent6666.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dam SENT team already got the thots addicted to freedom

>> No.14863462

yeah thats the only thing soys understand free shit
its like with shitcoin they believe that shitcoins just pamp, and no actual work is behind the price action, for example having the highest amount of memes on thread in the board requires dedication

>> No.14863833

these facebook hearings are spooky

>> No.14863851

huxley was not kidding

Shit is getting deformed quickly

>> No.14863859

yeah they are anon facebook will use full biometric auth on users i bet and they will decide who gets to buy what

>> No.14863881
File: 97 KB, 630x944, photo_2019-07-15_21-40-36.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14863899

They can segregate classes online, and make new caste. In 10 years one class may not even know it has the same market purchasing rights as another class

>> No.14863928

Op, I do not get why people can not even put the pecies together

Some of these projects are the last hope

>> No.14863930
File: 154 KB, 1411x711, 1563482910419.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

people don't get how it always starts, small and with fudders.
grassroots coins like SENT are the only way to escape from your class

>> No.14863948
File: 65 KB, 544x253, CZ_dVPNs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

people are too dumb to put the piece together, why cz has listed atoms right after launch ?
why has cz built his dex on cosmos ?
why is cz saying this in his tweet ?

>> No.14863963
File: 159 KB, 564x490, CZ_dVPNs2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and what did cz mean by this ?
literally half of biz will be too dumb to put the pieces together

>> No.14863989
File: 11 KB, 964x107, why?.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


why was sentinel mentioned on cosmos research page ?

>> No.14864006

put the pieces together /biz

>> No.14864015

Niggers can't see opportunity cost from their upper lip

Thats why they have 50k debt and thought that was "opportunity cost"

>> No.14864052

"projects mentioned on binance research, cz actually interacts with sent advocates multiple times"
what does this mean ?

>> No.14864063

CZ is behind sent IMO

If he cant create speculator fungibility and keep order books under same price indexing union. Instead of segregation that is happening. Shitcoin industry will have hard time staying a float. Only option is to drop the proper tools to the market.

>> No.14864085

i wonder why sent was the first project after cosmos thats started to build on tendermint

>> No.14864123

Knights of Malta want sovereignty in capital markets again. just like Pre WWII. Binance is apart of that, as well as sister projects, hidden under the veil of "Binance labs". SENT will have enterprise solutions for Malta govt

>> No.14864144

people reading this are probably thinking we are just joking or shilling hard, but the smart ones will see we are dropping info before the narrative actually becomes public and develops

>> No.14864194


>> No.14864214
File: 86 KB, 481x381, photo_2019-07-17_22-10-31.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14864232
File: 17 KB, 406x357, photo_2019-07-17_22-57-33.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14864279


Micro sovereigns will hold more power than nation states as the only well capitalized entites after these big states fumble.

>> No.14864299

yeah staying in urbanized landscapes or in big citys will become only for low tier classes cause they will be full of criminality
secure enclaves will be only for the BTC Holders

>> No.14864312
File: 201 KB, 387x517, SENT_logo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14864332

btw while we are here shitposting, btc bulls are actually working those orderbooks nicely, people tought btc would go bear just before bakkt launches bringing ICE bad advertizement LOL

>> No.14864361

Everyone is sentinel soon (:

Node incentivizes , propagation of the network in redhat and white hat communites. People love freedom and privacy. Its like underwear for the internet

>> No.14864406

sentinel will be sure to distribute stake to relevant open source contributors after main net launches, and sentinel will be able to do this cause of the dao like structure tendermint allowes and the chain treasury

>> No.14864553
File: 188 KB, 1155x764, photo5839099784164651521.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14864609
File: 20 KB, 416x416, 416x416.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

shoooowwww mmmeeeee thheee waayyy

>> No.14864646
File: 103 KB, 1280x960, photo_2019-07-15_22-03-11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14864834
File: 144 KB, 1200x723, photo5911535172115869693.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14864970

how many nodes are de way

>> No.14865021
File: 1.84 MB, 180x150, 1363467319566.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jesus Christ pajeet give it a fucking rest. You've spent enough time talking to yourself today, go outside and talk to some real people. No one believes this is a genuine conversation between real people and no one is going to buy your shit coin or download your shit tier app. Fucking christ man, you have to at some point realize that the juice isn't worth the squeeze.

>> No.14865047

Nice to see EU using sentinel enterprise

>> No.14865059

Can I store them on metamask?

>> No.14865129

Sentinel is a bot net that can spool unlimited identities

Who got drumpf into office

>> No.14865315


>> No.14865400

yeah its erc20 token (for now), there will be swap when mainnet launches though

>> No.14865415


Almost 50 right now

>> No.14865491
File: 291 KB, 1080x2148, Screenshot_20190719-040136.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Price been climbing up lately, with mainnet close to the launch this is going to have a really nice alt szn

>> No.14865528
File: 68 KB, 700x700, 09-roll-safe.w700.h700.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

People with common fucking sense.

>> No.14865540

Hey you went up two sats, almost time to dump huh on the unsuspecting morons you conned into buying this garbage eh? Gravy train can't 't last forever man, get while the getting is good.

>> No.14865592

lol what exactly makes it garbage? it has working product and users chart has been climbing up steadily, consistent releases and recognition from major players in the field such as Sunny from Cosmos and CZ from binance. Its one of most legitimate projects around and unlike most of the actual garbage it has always stayed above ICO

>> No.14865609

Stay poor nigger, cant even make up some legitimate criticism

>> No.14865651

how many sats it goes up doesnt matter, % is what matters cuck, this coin going to have 100 million market minimum, stay in knee cap business anon, it suits your character better

>> No.14865682
File: 71 KB, 961x1276, me and the boys enjoying privacy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14865775

Keep shitting in the street while attempting to pump a shitcoin so you can afford to buy a pound of rice to feed your family. I'm comfy as fuck in proven viable coins, I have no desire to get rekt investing in this pile of horse shit.

>> No.14865833

Tell me honestly do you still expect to make decent gains with your multi hundred million cap coins that have no users, no funds left and didn't manage to deliver shit for years? Sentinel might be small cap but it had delivered time after time, has legit working product that many people use daily and is surely not gonna have issues doing even x10 cause even then it would be just 30million cap coin, nobody is saying to go all in but having small position in a project that has managed to deliver so much is a no brainer

>> No.14865985

Thats what i thought nigger, enjoy your max 30% gains while i will be making 10x on a breeze of wind

>> No.14866421

where all the critics at?

>> No.14866763

Its so funny that people call any coin with low volume or weak exchanges as garbage. I think these people have never heard of low-cap markets in traditional equity ecosystems before.

The most important thing is to really see if the team can sustain and if code work is being contributed. If so, hardwork always beats 'marketing/exchange' resources in the long run.

Lets see the github and properly validate, if it checks out it can be an authentic low cap

>> No.14867248

so far majority of crypto has been nothing but "marketing/exchange" and that left shitcoins out of funds in the middle of bear, look at sirin, raise over 100 mil, its their second attempt at making a phone and they still managed to fuck it up, nothing beats true utility in the long run

>> No.14867446

Lol these idiots dont understand percents

>> No.14867462

These niggers werent shit coining in 2012 either, just plebs that have to purchase everything at a premium to feel secure, thats fine, wales sell at premium

>> No.14867476

Aint no critics of CZ, cosmos, and BlackRock capital funded projects via Malta mirror programs

>> No.14867520

>buy 500m $ marketcap coin
>go up 20%
>feels good
>go down 98% during bear
>coins runs out of fund
>"crypto is a scam"
Seen this story so many times

>> No.14867669

Just cucks, their parents prob didnt make it thru 08

>> No.14867700

08 gonna repeat itself eventually, crypto gives us opportunity to get enough money to avoid getting cucked by economical collapse

>> No.14867800

Nodes of all networks will be akin to castles

>> No.14868037

getting some spare cash from unused bandwidth is going to spread world wide, most households have unlimited data caps and more than good enough speeds, its a no brainer. sentinels network going to be huge

>> No.14868376

Cucks gonna cuck

>> No.14868415

Wait. A coin that actually does something? Outrageous.

>> No.14868644

Diversifying into coins that actually do something will be the best move you can make right now when next alt season comes, last opportunity to make big buck without grinding daily scalping on bitmex

>> No.14868650

No I take that back. Bitcoin very efficiently wastes as much energy as a small country solving puzzles for the sake of puzzles.

>> No.14868654

Jesus, you can't even spell properly. The only thing with an 'S' in it you should consider buying is SNTVT.

>> No.14869024

securing network worth 190 billion usd is a bit more than solving puzzles

>> No.14869031

good luck when the other half of the supply unlocks anon

>> No.14869062

better then getting fucked over by RSR, I swear that is the shittiest coin in existence. Exit scam in progress while they try and recoup some money before Libra launches.

Get cucked RSR people, this coin and SNTVT on the other hand. I can see those being biz moonshots.

>> No.14869091

I must say I like small caps for pump potential they have, its hell a lot easier to double your investment with small caps, you should download sentinel vpn and try it out, its always good to have bags that you can use

>> No.14869606
File: 90 KB, 1091x616, IMG_20190717_213200_748.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Follow the progress in github, and the growth of real users

>> No.14870425

How are coins distributed?

>> No.14870733

209 posts
25 posters

why should I trust this?

>> No.14871927

Download the product and try it let the code speak for itself, also read up the thread and judge for yourself

>> No.14871938

Sentinel had a ico, coins were distributed durind the raise, if you wanna earn sents you can set up a dvpn node or become a validator for the dpos chain

>> No.14871947

I only buy coins with actual working products and users

>> No.14872246

Yeap, thats what smart investors do

>> No.14872799
File: 247 KB, 1280x1280, photo5931799721171594981.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14873174

You pay your bills in grammer? No

Stfu school boi

>> No.14873191

Your an idoit. You can transfer billions in capital cross border almost instantly with out bias

Leave your village. And step into the international arena

>> No.14873203

Call your daddy to figure out who you can trust, quit asking strangers cuck

>> No.14873220
File: 33 KB, 732x487, photo_2019-07-19_15-01-34.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

to be honest shitcoins don't even compete in the same domain as btc
its like comparing penny stocks with gold

>> No.14873559


unlike comparisons are for the low iq. Shitcoins still need a few years to a decade to win the hearts of the masses via the metric of protected custodian faith. Buying btc now, is for the rubes.

>> No.14873576

Yeah cause most of them have completely different use case, they are not designed to compete

>> No.14873595

yeah, just saying any shitcoin that sells itself as btc killer or btc competitor like ethereum is major ponzi garbage

>> No.14873631

Well in all fairness there are a lot of shitcoins that conpete with bitcoin in use case level and often they are much faster and cheaper to use, but the thing is, Bitcoin is not just tech, its security, in 10 years not even once was it hacked and its brand name is stronger than ever, cant possibly compete with that

>> No.14873650
File: 129 KB, 1200x674, photo_2019-07-19_15-56-59.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


btw sentinel is running an incentivization program, where if you host a node you can get payed in SENTs

>> No.14873689

Bitcoin is legal minted currency in Japan, and Germany. Some of the Largest GDP nations in the world. Nuff said

>> No.14873699

btc doesn't need to be faster, btc first layer is going to be a settlement layer, for fast payements there is going to be layer 2 tech like LN, liquid tendermint sidechains, channel factorys etc...
btc has many qualitys that shitcoins will never be able to replicate like the UTXO distribution set , and actual censorship resistance and predicatble monetary policies.
also there is no central authority controlling btc while for every other shitcoin there is someone centrally controlling it.
there is an easy test to check this :
"if the lead developer of blockchain xy died in a car crash how would price behave"
if vitalik died in a car crash eth price would dump like no tomorrow

>> No.14873704

Nothing can compete with bitcoin. You assume the security risk don't exist on shitcoin networks. The Security is so bad on those shitcoin networks, its not even worth the resources to attack them

>> No.14873705

>host a node
>get mi ip banned
no thanks, tried the vpn and all ips are banned from 4chan, literally useless

>> No.14873723

VPNs don't work on 4chan, they range ban them, when the relay net launches you will be able to monetize your bandwidth without being the exit node so you won't get banned from 4chan

>> No.14873724

Sounds like your ISP black balled you. You must be on the "taking out the swamp list" .. like Epstein

Works fine over here

>> No.14873770

shut up Epstein is based and redpilled

>> No.14873788

Transmutations and metaphysics can take years to decades for the abstract idea to morph into a physical reality that is present. Money is purely a socio economic concept held up by the social consensus on faith in the monies, and trust in the monies. That trust is first created on the concept of scarcity, small float, and the early birds trusting they will not loose purchasing power to inflation, or loose monies to attacks. Not one other crypto currency has embarked on this trans-mutative meta programming on the masses besides Bitcoin. The BTC Ticker is displayed next to the most holy symbol in the world. The DOW JONES INDUSTRIAL AVERAGE . Buying BTC now is for the rubes, the % gain is not there. Shitcoins are where you get your % gains on margin to stack sats.

>> No.14873790

also you can just rent a droplet from digital ocean or any other cloud provider, if you calc the costs and end up in the leaderboard it will be very profitable

>> No.14873793

Dead project from april 2018. You should've gotten WAY more done by now with the cashflow your team had

Just use TOR and/or an OpenVPN service

Just bagholders hungry to exit. Look at the charts...it was overhyped bullshit and people got burned on it

>> No.14873801

Whats next, anti Semitic Canard ? Get out of here pedo boi.

>> No.14873815

Just use TOR and open VPN like it is 1995

You faggot boomer, go back to your NSA pension and mowing your lawn

>> No.14873829
File: 381 KB, 1050x1374, 1562534360549.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Just use TOR and/or an OpenVPN service
This, why is this thing better than TOR?
TOR is a lot easier and free

>> No.14873833

dude you are just a mad armchair opinionist who has probably not worked one single day in his life, nor knows how to build a working software.
just look at sentinel competitors like mysterium they don't even have a working product and they have been developing for much more time.
sentinel has many working products and a working DPOS testnet for its own blockchain, lol you think building a blowckchain is as easy as copy pasting code ?

>> No.14873844

Faggots said that about Visa vs btc in 2012

Like you cucks have 0 idea how to take risk. To easy of a life in the suburbs? Go back to eating your kraft singles, and playing your video games, enjoy your 50k in college debt, and your shitty finance degree

>> No.14873864

sentinel adds a layer between you and tor, for people that needs additional privacy, also it allows for a better/faster service cause people are allowed to monetize it, also it unlocks massive amount of unused consumer bandwidth
sentinel will do to bandwidth what amazon has done to retail goods selling

>> No.14873876

Its banned from vpn because 4chan bans ip ranges thst belong to data centers, residential nodes should be working fine

>> No.14873886

These Cucks are not systems engineers

They are kids trying to escape their debt, and monotony of the boring created consumer culture that is fed to them by transnational corporations. The mask eats away at their face, as they struggle to pick where to put their tiny amount of purchasing power. Shaking scared... knowing that Vitalik scammed them, that robots will replace their shitty Finance degree, and staring at the bottom of 50k debt, and inability to even build a bird house. No appetite for risk, might as well fag up and let a true man take care of you

>> No.14873896
File: 16 KB, 500x322, 2342425556.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Faggots said that about Visa vs btc in 2012
I asked about TOR and SENT why do you reply with that? I guess because TOR is better and free

>> No.14873978

>He doesnt the potential of allowing neets to monetize their mom and pop unused bandwith while offering additional security to tor users

I would just neck if i was you

>> No.14873980

Look at all the same IDs jumpin on posts critical of the project

It's just 1 or 2 bagholders using their VPNs to shill some useless VPN token bullshit that was overhyped and crashed.

Nobody wants to use this bullshit when you can already pay btc to get OpenVPN services, or even just host them on your own VPSs.

>> No.14874030
File: 56 KB, 1369x448, athusage.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Nobody wants to use it

https://stats.sentinel.co/ usage literally going for ATH, stay mad with your baseless FUD

>> No.14874064

>sentinel adds a layer between you and tor, for people that needs additional privacy
A near zero market, most of the privacy market is completely satisfied with TOR
> also it allows for a better/faster service cause people are allowed to monetize it
I don't how monetization can make it fast LMAO
>also it unlocks massive amount of unused consumer bandwidth
>sentinel will do to bandwidth what amazon has done to retail goods selling
I remember birdchain tried to unlock the massive amount of unused sms, that didn't end up so well LMAO

>> No.14874070
File: 7 KB, 513x326, photo_2019-07-16_01-55-18.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

also when main net gets released and cosmos releases IBC you will be able to pay fro sentinel dvpn also with BTC.
sentinel allows everybody to easily monetize their bandwidth in the same place, while also creating cutting hedge tech like the multi hops relay net

>> No.14874121

I think your the guy who bought all my shitcoins at a premium in 17. When this is derisked enough for you, ill sell to you too.

Nothing is free, your grandpa taught you nothing. Tor is not free, not at all. All exit nodes are supported by US tax payers.

>> No.14874147
File: 17 KB, 941x87, photo_2019-07-15_22-19-33.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

TOR by itself is not enough, by allowing any consumer to monetize its own bandwidth sentinel will reach a higher node count then tor by 2022, also sentinel relay net allows to decide the amounts of hops your node goes through thus ensuring probabilistic privacy.
monetization can make it faster cause if you pay more you will have higher priority and access to nodes with higher bandwidth and lower latency, premium service > free service in terms of quality , also sentinel allows to host free nodes too, so you have the best of both worlds.
comparing unused bandwidth to unused cellphone messages is completely retarded its like comparing apples to oranges

>> No.14874183

Using tor alone without any additional lauer inbetween is retatded proxy or vpn makes way safer.
Also run tor inside a whonix VM if you are not a pleb that likes to be spied by NSA

>> No.14874211

Tdlr: Do not build new things, do not take risk

The govt has you covered


Nsa agents larping as open source devs be up in here thick today

>> No.14874343

Perfect. All the shitcoiners are terrified of risk right now as daddy btc pamps.

>> No.14874349

yeah no sane person uses only TOR for safety, having a layer inbetween you and tor is common knowledge.
after main net sentinel will allow a special kind of exit nodes that allows users to exit directly into tor after tunneling through the relay net
sentinel wants to be complementary to tor
sentinel is a layer 2 solution for tor like the lightning network is a layer 2 solution for bitcoin

>> No.14874362

sentinel even at low volume has been forming a solid bottom way before btc started dumping, just look at the chart

>> No.14874421

Tor is bunk if your a non state actor and dont have own resources to run multi threaded exit node strategy. Which 99% do not. At best it is a govt utility supported by deficit spending via NSA agents larping as open source devs. The amount of complacency in here is staggering.

Tdlr: uncle sam has us covered, fuck risk. And work. Anime, govt supported utility, yang bucks, porn, and pot.

>> No.14874506

People on /biz are so ignorant that they think dowloading tor and running it on their windows OS makes them completely safe from nsa, retarded neets

>> No.14874593

>TOR by itself is not enough
Yes it is, at least for bypassing IP blocks and anonymous browsing.
You don't need superhigh privacy tech for browsing facebook, watching cat videos on youtube and porn on porhub which is basically 99.99% of the internet usage.
The rest is covered with a simple VPN.
The shady ones use TOR, sure they need more than TOR but the market there is basically non existent.

>> No.14874656

Why is bitcoin better than SWIFT. If you could not understand that in 2012. I do not feel bad

>> No.14874666
File: 50 KB, 640x306, vpns.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just look at this image and you will see that with the growing trend of internet censorship VPN usage is crossing ath after ath all over the world, if sentinel offers a safer alternative then centralized vpns that at the same time allows to monetize your own bandwidth "host a node at night brose for free with a vpn during the day"
how many centralized vpns offer free non scammy service ?

>> No.14874670

Bunch of college kids, who take the "safe route". Now realize there was more risk in their "safe route" than there is in buying shitcoins. Need proof? They are buying shitcoins now. LOL

>> No.14874692

Buying shitcoins will be the only way usa students will be able to repay their slave debt

>> No.14874698

It is okay man

Tor the govt LARP has us covered

Facebook libra is the next bill of rights

I cant wait to be cucked by peter theils singularity

>> No.14874709

LOL. Can't define risk in SENT vs ETH shitcoins
But thinks college is route to wunderlust and treasure

Takes 50k debt, Necks self

>> No.14874742


eu fully on board with libra, mass surveillance here we come.
there will be 2 types of class of users soverigns that use privacy preserving services like BTC nad SENT
and slaves that use libra , google facebook and nordvpn

>> No.14874783
File: 459 KB, 2205x2862, 2018-06_NSA_security_motivational_poster_6614846.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Security is responsibility. Incels hate that

>> No.14874795

Those 50k will be converted into shitcoins soon, just wait when every candidate will have a position on crypto during the 2020 election

>> No.14874821
File: 686 KB, 1378x1078, Screenshot_20190625-054907_Photo Editor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sent already propagating in trumps MIGA operation

>> No.14874865


This dude goes from posting "wow OP" and asking basic questions about the project to giving us paragraphs of information about the project

How fucking easy is it to spot this scam?
Just a 1-2 bagholders using VPNs, having a fake conversation, trying to sucker bizbros in to buying their bags of shit

>> No.14874892

Its so easy, You are going to miss the rocket ship

>> No.14874914

The courts decide what a scam is

Not you. You eat oreos because kosher capital meta programmed out. But get butt hurt when a kid shills a shitcoin. Lol, looser

>> No.14874915
File: 12 KB, 242x195, photo_2019-07-19_17-26-04.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14874937

So many angry NSA agents in here trying to convince everyone that the govt utility TOR is safe and sound for everyone to use.

>> No.14874966

>105 posts by this ID
Based jeet not even using proxies

>> No.14874979

Idiots actually think this is useful. A wire transfer completes the same function and you don't have a 10% dive costing you 100 million while transferring your bits. Bitshit is useful for criminals and poor third worlders.

And yes I own and trade them because there are enough retards to profit off of.

>> No.14874985

why would i use proxyies, im here to explain to people about sentinel, not to have multiple fake ids, and im not responsible for what other posters decide to do

>> No.14874991

Bitcoin has a tighter spread than gold now.

What OTC desk are you using. Thats right, you don't. Your just a poor as kid, who knows nothing about international finance

>> No.14875004

>Open a node
>Schlomo Goldberg uses it to download kitty porn
>Get arrested
>B-b-b-but muh nodes!
You guys really thought this through.

>> No.14875030

only poor people FUD btc, if you were smart enough you would understand that nobody cares about third world people and cheap payements, and that bitcoin is competing with settlement layers and central banks.
also criminal don't use transparent ledgers to move valuein big quantitys for small amounts they can use wasabi i guess

>> No.14875038

You my friend are brain dead. International wire transfers cost tons of money, are judged via the lens of the regime on purity of the capital, take days to settle. Your are totally brain dead to the global capital cartel regime that does not allow man to transfer information with out judgement and bias. Bitcoin has a tighter spread than gold now, settles way faster than any cross border capital system, and allows any capital pool to move value with out regime censorship bias. STFU noob

>> No.14875049

consumers will host relay nodes, exit nodes will be the only ones have these possible kind of problems, exit nodes should be only run by experienced users, also there will be a special kind of exit node that exits directly into tor

>> No.14875061

If you can not take risk, go back to your moms house faggot. My grandpa sailed the wide open sea, killed Indians, and ran a 1000000 acre plantation. Now don't take risk, and stay a poor pleb

>> No.14875082
File: 52 KB, 521x440, index4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


When you use centralized VPN like expressVPN you are just shifting the trust from your ISP to the VPN. TOR is not safe either since NSA controls most exits nodes and webs in darknet so they can easily identify you

dVPNs have enforced encryption by blockchain tech and any node that attempts to cheat is automatically rejected. Furthermore, Sentinel has developed also a relay net making users hosting exit nodes and monetizing bandwidth safe from DCMAs notices

>> No.14875123
File: 11 KB, 286x176, index10.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Dude, i asked basics questions and then got interested and read more info and copy/paste info from some of their nice article to make idiots like you learn

>> No.14875161
File: 1.70 MB, 1253x1600, 987565667.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

LOOSE talk, pitiful criticism that wouldn't stand to peer review, college kids in debt ready to FOMO SENT and CHAINLINK

>> No.14875180

LINK pamp was tasty, x4 was very nice in btc for my portfolio

>> No.14875183

Followed the source of the image, they say VPN users are big media consumers and use the VPNs to unlock blocked content. I don't really see why they need more than a centralized VPN.

>> No.14875206

for the consumers sentinel will be WAY cheaper then centralized vpn, cause with sent you pay only the data you consume, and you can cut down your costs significantly by hosting a node during the night

>> No.14875218

How is it different from Skywire Skycoin everybody forgot about

>> No.14875256


skywire is confirmed scammed by thenextweb: https://thenextweb.com/hardfork/2018/02/15/anatomy-of-a-cryptocurrency-scam-in-the-wild/

>> No.14875258
File: 53 KB, 1326x438, data2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i haven't researched skycoin that much, cause it seems a ponzi to me (when mcafee got involved itwas clear)
the main difference is that sentinel has a product that is already working right now with a growing number of users while skycoin never delivered a working product

you can check teh stats here: https://stats.sentinel.co/

>> No.14875276



>> No.14875284

>I'll be just like Gramps
>I'll facilitate child porn

>> No.14875301

you are not facilitating child porn cause sentinel doesn't hosts any data, what you are facilitating is for people to evade state surveillance and censorship

>> No.14875307

Guys stop jerking each other off. SENTINEL is going on testnet in 5 days!!!!

>> No.14875312

>International wire transfers cost more than the 10% losses you'll take in a typical BTC panic

>> No.14875333

Are you retarded?

>> No.14875338

so you are admiting exit nodes are fucked, also if they exit to TOR browsing sites will be slower than TOR.
If exit nodes are run by experienced users it means there will be a lot less than relay nodes, so the point of failure rest on the little amount of exit nodes, such descentralization wow...

>> No.14875380

I admire your dedication Munpreet

>> No.14875412

yeah if youuse sentinel on top of tor you will have slower browsing speed but higher safety

anyone that wanna take higher risk can host a exit node, thats a pretty big pool of people, and all data centers in non five eyes jurisdctions
so sentinel will be as decentralized as tor with the added benefit that people that run tor nodes can host a sentinel node at the same time and actually get payed for their very usefull service
tor has more then 10 nodes btw and the potential incentivization unlocks sentinel will reach a higher exit nodes count in few years

>> No.14875427

give a try to the dvpn dapp ,you can use it for free

>> No.14875452

also there will be a third kind of exit nodes , tor exit nodes that protect exit nodes hosters so when thats released the problem will be solved

>> No.14875457
File: 62 KB, 740x554, index7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


When phone were created and internet created, it also facilitated crime. Some people use USD or BTC for illegal things, so should we ban USD or BTC because of this? No. There are always criminals doing illegal things and they will also take advantage of the technology, nothing will change this.

Following your reasoning no technology progress should had been made so that criminals dont benefit from the new tech so we should be living in caves still? LOL

>> No.14875480

You only facilitate what you want, If you want to be like Epstein. Go ahead. We already know thats your character trait, since you projected the worry and insecurity

>> No.14875491

yeah thast the classic american statist luddite argument, its ok these people will be left behind by the sovereigns

>> No.14875502

Funny you tards call guerilla marketing a ponzi, Yet all the products you buy on a daily bases from your over lords have been spamming and meta programming you for decades

>> No.14875514

keep worshiping the govt utility TOR

Keep worshiping your inability to have vision

just keep it up bro


>> No.14875559

You are brain dead. There is 22 trillion dollars in cross border capital movement a year. All of which has to meet the transfer requirements of the USA. Bitcoin OTC desk in honk kong, london, dubai, indonesia, ect have tighter spreads than gold, and are facilitating multi billion dollar trades that can't be done due to recent censorship bias due to sanctions, and nation state fear of free capital movement, Which nation states hate when DEBT is at ATH. The only reason you don't see the upper market is because of your hoi polloi life style, which takes you to your 9-5 wage cucking job

>> No.14875576

Sent is so sexy. love how cosmos just dropped danks on all the noobs and appeared in top 20

>> No.14875612

>yeah if youuse sentinel on top of tor you will have slower browsing speed but higher safety
safer for you but not for the exit node
>anyone that wanna take higher risk can host a exit node
I don't know if I want to be fucking jailed for hosting a shady node only to get back the pennies I already paid for my internet service

It all sound good and fine and we are figthing the government and shit like the schizo says but if you can't protect the exit nodes then everything crumbles.


>> No.14875630


terrible critique, you sound like everyone during btc 2012 days. if you hate opportunity cost, thats fine.

>> No.14875662

its as safe as tor at worst, you don't agree people that run tor nodes might see opportunity in getting payed for the service they provide?
also this will become a unique way to monetize bandwidth thus it will attract more pleyers to the game.
if its profitable to run a node someone will run it, otherwise is just like leaving free money on the table, its all a valuation of the r/r

>> No.14875698

This thread is nice hoi polloi sentiment. Everyone terrified to take risk as btc shows everyone who is king. Funny the ones who fud sent, also fud bitcoin. I guess they dont know how to make money? Do these people own negative yeilding euro bonds?

>> No.14875739

having an additional layer between my pc and tor that is not a centralized vpn provider that can log my data seems very nice, will give the dvpn app a try

>> No.14875742

You can use tor nodes as exits, this will protect your node against any risk, besides there's laws in most countries giving you vurnability if anything illegal is going through your VPN or proxy node, you would still get slap on the hand in worst case scenario but surely no jail, besides most countries don't give a shit anyway as long as you are not straight up hosting cp sites

>> No.14875767

>Anonymity is the only argument for my technology (inb4 buzzword salad)
>This is comparable to cell phones and internet

>> No.14875790

Rofl this projection and assumptions. I'm self employed and I trade these shitcoins because it's easy bank. The reason I can trade them without any emotion is because I know they are all worthless. Enjoy getting fleeced (by me)

>> No.14875812

Then explain how the exit nodes are going to be protected.
Because if I host an exit node and someone consume CP through it I'm the one getting fucked
the r/r is useless when there is potential for something ilegal going through my node, now I give the reason to the schizo saying TOR is run by the feds because the exit nodes are still operating.

>> No.14875822

having the ability to easily evade government surveillance and censorship is a pretty big breakthrough, as governments like france and germany ban hate speech and crack down on internet trolls.
you are just downplaying the important of something that you don't understand, its ok tho downplay the importance of freedom and you will loose it

>> No.14875834

Thanks for projecting. Your so James bond slick at shitcoining you have to tell everyone. Gtfo out of here lol. If you were as good as you project, you wouldn't buy shitcoins from devs at a heavy premium, you be making them. Now quit larping, go back to your 9-5

>> No.14875845

>Freedom is the ability to hide in the shadows
k keep me posted

>> No.14875884

>the only people who profit off shitcoins are the scammy devs
You're one step away from realizing they're all shit. Next step is trading them to people who haven't realized it yet. You'll get there.

>> No.14875903

nice straw man dude, freedom is the ability to continue your businness without your data being sold by google or facebook and your freedom of action being restricted by government censorship, i don't even get how people like you end up on a crypto board you are the anthitesis of whaat bitcoin represents.
just know that you won't be able to continue living your mclife cause your gov is running on high deficits and your public utilitys will get soon privatized and you will become a debt slaves, only soverigns will survive after the great debt bubble start can't be propped up more by QE and rate easing

>> No.14875928

The finest dank is found in the shadiest corners

>> No.14875931
File: 44 KB, 912x281, TOP3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The only idiot here is you. We will $sent you photos of our villa and swimming pool after sentinel becomes mainstream and 500m$ mcap offering true privacy. Meanwhile you will continue in your mums basement criticizing all new cutting edge tech

>> No.14875972

I need to look into that because I'm sure cp laws are harsh as fuck in every country, doesn't matter if you host it or view it, maybe you won't end up in jail for hosting a node but surely in a sex offender list. But like I said I'm going to look more into this.

>> No.14876026

Thanks for keep devs like me eating prime rib.

Keep buying them at a premium from the literate presithood who speaks go, c, and java

Go back to your illiterate english luddite language james bond slick dick super trader

>> No.14876065

not every country cares about these kinds of problems, there are specific countries that allow it, check out five eyes jurisdictions

>> No.14876161

Lol pedos run the world like epstein, and than use cp argument against the masses to cuck them into being afraid of fungible information aka privacy. Anon your grandpa could make business deals in privacy in the park, at the home. Can you? No

>> No.14876218

using the cp argument is for retards, its the classic minority rule fallacy where the minority gets used to evaluate the majority, thats how they made all meat in USA kosher

>> No.14876293

Yeah its how politicins rule the masses, through repetition of bullshit narratives, like bitcoin is only used by money launderers and criminals like mnunchin said the other day

>> No.14876420

yeah , they will try to demonize btc ith "criminals use btc narrative"
the same argument used by posters in this thread that post about cp

>> No.14876472

Cp is in minority and its surely not what vpns are used for, cp fags will keep on using tor forever cause that's what they feel is the safest, literally non issue with sent imo

>> No.14876489

yeah i agree with you those fuckers are used to tor, and nsa nodes, old creeps

>> No.14876508

They are paranoid af, there's no way anyone would doing so risky would switch from something they know kept them safe for this long

>> No.14876542

anyway those fucks are just a minority, the users sentinel is targeting is journalists that need protection from surveillance states and citiziens in china iran suadi arabia which have truly a need to hide stuff from their gov

>> No.14876581

As goverments ramp up censorship, soon also people in usa and eu will need sentinel
Sentinel makes the first emendament a global right

>> No.14876589

And all the countries that legit need vpn to access blocked website's, you can already see sentinel adoption in those countries, do you have those statics? I saw them on tg group and previous threads

>> No.14876601

I really like this project will be joining the mainnet testnet for validators next week and run a node too

>> No.14876609

you understand, I bet you were dumping your 2012 bitcoins on all the nubs in 17 (:

>> No.14876614
File: 29 KB, 976x373, photo5966654295606667592.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14876636

Yeah and i will be dumping again on those plebs when btc reaches 300k

>> No.14876659

solid plan anon

>> No.14876662

CP is just same NSA shilling technique used against bitcoin back in the day. Snapchat is the biggest custodian of young girls images. No one cares. NSA comes and trys to derail a very sexy architecture with CP argument like they did with BTC. These faggots are the biggest pedos. Epsteins boys in blue. https://gizmodo.com/someone-uploaded-child-pornography-to-a-blockchain-ledg-1832398480. FUNNY cause the FED isnt telling SNAPCHAT To delete all of theris, they are telling them to be the protected custodian of the data so that "criminals" don't have access to it.

>> No.14876680

Solid annon, like your appetite for risk. Maybe we will sail across the ocean one day and tackle some big waves

>> No.14876689

yeah thing like snapchat facebook and twitter are just high profile network to make trafficking of illegal material easier and they are not running on tor darknet or onion service, they are just hiding in plain sight

>> No.14876706

risk is what differentiates sheeps from real MANs >>14876689

>> No.14876718

these networks have all the illegal and terrible images. They have to by law. The ignorance of the masses is starking. I bet all the fudsters are circle jerking area 51 memes, while epstein dissapears

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