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Anyone else thinking that his attitude was much different than normal? I'm sure alcohol may have had some effect, but he was definitely more passionate and aggressive with the cookie cutter speech. Hell, he even called traditional insurance contracts bull shit. He was BTFO the people asking questions with great answers. You can really tell this dude is passionate as fuck about this project, and he's trying to find the answer to one question.
>What is the minimum amount of decentralization in order to be considered 'secure'

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Think about how much money he made in the last few months.

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>he’s been drinking more and dumping on us so that means we’re doing good
the absolute state

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Think about how much money he and we will make when he sees this through.

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His true self is slowly coming through.

Anyone who doubted Sergey was a brainlet. We are literally looking at the next Gates, Bezos, Jobs, but most of you are too stupid to see it.

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I don't think Sergey cares that much about money desu. He wants a legacy.

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If he was doing everything legit then he really did spend the majority of funds on ChainLink but has now started selling some of his Link allocated during the ICO. So hes finally having millions in his account and feeling bolder.

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Any of you losers finally found out that while all of us neets are making fun of Sergey he is 100x more chad then any of us will be


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He is getting arrogant

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he is the ultimate autist. Hes growing stronger and stronger everday

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Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between confidence and arrogance. He blatantly admits the obstacles that the team needs to overcome before chainlink is widely used, so I doubt it's arrogance. He's just been gaining more confidence because a lot of enterprise wants to use chainlink, and he's realizing that his project is THE answer to the oracle problem. I'd be pretty damn confident too.

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This is literally true.

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I'm sorry if I'm putting you to sleep, my voice can do that to people.

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"I know you are all tired of hearing about decentralization, I mean, I've dedicated my entire life to it." The guy is in love with what he's doing.

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Passionate about selling 700k per day

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i was there in person and i can confirm that the only thing sergey had to drink was a can of la croix at the request of the event planner. i've seen him speak on several occasions and the overall impression he gave off was far more confident than usual. as he said during his presentation, he's been all in, so it gives me confidence to see him confident at this stage in the game.

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he sold millions of linkies the past week and I guess he rewarded himself with 10 good whores and plenty of bigmacs, would have been happy as fuck though if I held 350 million linkies... still think of how he feels, he knows he doesn't ever have to work again, yet he does, that's some crazy shit right there, if link hits 1000$ his 350 million linkies will be worth 350 billion $, that's richest man in the world shit, he'll be the new rockefeller and prove that data is indeed the new oil.

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It was fucking refreshing to hear him speak more candidly and passionately. He made a point to preface the presentation with the backstory to how the space evolved and got to where it is, and how it will succeed into the future. Because he has been working toward this vision since before bitcoin's inception.

For all we know the theory that Satoshi = Sergey may be accurate. Regardless, Chainlink is a far mightier vision than BTC because at the end of the day, ensuring incorruptible Trust, is itself far more valuable than money itself.

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I watched the presentation start to finish and did not sense even the slightest hint of arrogance. You can hear just how passionate he is about his work when he gets talking, hes super excited to be discussing possibilities and scenarios

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I was literally going to make that same post. I never seen him so excited about the future

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>I've dedicated my entire life to it
>I've dedicated my entire life to it
>I've dedicated my entire life to it
He's not even trying to hide it anymore.

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watching the talk right now and with them aproving of nodes right now
will there ever be neet nodes?

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his 'performance' was rather professional
mannerisms and lingo of an /biz/ autist shitposter leaked at times
watch him begging and threatening the organisators to take the video down

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Yes. They will onboard a bunch of enterprise services and data providers which will all run nodes eventually and then there will be a massive pool of independent nodes to tack on requested decentralization. They are just whitelisting the most legit ones with kyc first to foster trust in the early stages when it's an infant.

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It better have been STILL la Croix. Everyone watching the feed learned that Sergey does NOT enjoy sparkling water.

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jealous cope, kys.
I hate people like you that confuse arrogance with confidence.

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Insider here.

The team are in full panic mode after last night’s event and are dumping the rest of the dev wallet whilst they can. Sergey's mental health has recently taken a turn for the worse. You guys have ruined him. Sergey turned up late to the meetup, his face covered in bruises, stating that he had a fight in the McDonalds parking lot with “the dumb fucking nigger” that got his order wrong. He also went for Adelyn, screaming at her for allowing the ‘Jewgle’ blogpost to be posted, because he doesn’t want any ‘kikes or trannies’ getting LINK tokens. When he finally realised that the event was being live-streamed he shouted into the camera, in fluent german, about bringing on the ‘Fourth Reich’ for 2 hours straight.

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Based af.

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Anyone else notice that his shirt is different? It has black buttons instead of white ones.

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this is actually shadow serg

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bullish af

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dammit I'm crying laughing in my office you sick puppy

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His best presentation to date in my opinion. I have enormous respect for his intelligence and the stuff he’s pulling off. He was genuinely excited and super confident.

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he can't stop working. 350 mil linkies, you can't just sell that. if he stopped working on the project, it would dump immediately and he'd be back to being poor.

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Only have 700 link.
Am I making It?

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Depends on how long you wish to cash out 7 million USD

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lol sergey really has blown up

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Thanks fren, we are alll going to make it.

I will have to pay a loan of $900 june 2020, I hope I can pay it by selling 1 link.

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How has this not been checked?

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Is it just me or is He getting fatter

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I'm really interested to see what he's gonna do when he becomes a billionaire. He seems like a really genuine guy so I can't imagine he'll be a lizardman piece of shit. I just can't think of what he will do.

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I'd be happy as fuck if I made 15 million dollars by dumping on racist incels in 2 weeks.

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He was like an empassioned Hitler

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posts like these are unironically better than 1000eoy

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And that is why you will never make it

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Great minds are rarely humble.

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Personally I am all in.

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If BTC goes to 1 mil, what will the price of link be?

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Post the link faggot

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He changed his shirt like a year ago. First appearance with the new shirt was on the Ocean Protocol talk afaik.

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Around $1.53

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first rate gif

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Anti semitic foreskin kyc when

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I was cringing the entire time

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Did anyone catch in the stream before the presentation where he farted audibly while talking to investors and tried to blame it on someone else? I seriously can’t believe how unprofessional this guy is, he has people in suit and ties wanting to invest in the tech and he’s wearing flannels and farting during conferences.

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is there a link? I unironically missed it

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Sergey nazarov is satoshi nakamoto confirmed

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"Smart contracts are an extremely idealist vision. This is the kinda shit you think about in magical tech utopias. Never mind them being very vulnerable (the DAO), they’re a meme. Decentralized oracles are an even bigger meme and in order for them to even work properly they would generate close to no money. That’s if you can ever truly make a tamper proof, reliable network of truly decentralized oracles free of all bad actors. Most of the data sources in the used examples are from singular sources anyway. What the fuck is the point in a massive network verifying the integrity of the same one source, like the weather station that reports the humidity level in Uttar Pradesh? You don’t seem to be aware that enterprise API aggregation services have existed for years. Just like Chainlink, if their data fucks with you, they lose your custom and go broke. These systems are up and running right now.

Chainlink is truly a solution looking for a problem."

-some anon today on ChainLink

possibly the truest words ever spoken about the token

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Not shilling, not fudding, but that text doesn't make sense.

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50% discord shills
40% people who are happy that Sergey is now a multimillionaire thanks to their money

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maybe re-read it again and if you don't understand the content, learn about smart contracts and API aggregation services, then re-read one more time

best advice i could give you anon

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He will literally disappear.

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Compare his swagger last night to his performance 6 months ago at the fireside chat. Him and Tom both seemed half-asleep and honestly kind of embarassed to be on stage talking about the project at all. I remember every statement about chainlink was couched in hypotheticals, "we'd really like it if enterprises used chainlink," "it'd be great if chain was used for xyz," etc. I get the feeling that even as recently as February/March, most of what we're taking for granted now (Google/Oracle/Coinbase) was not in the bag yet.

Now there are enough proven big names backing this thing that he doesn't need to be bashful about it anymore. The only real question is, is he flexing on account of the things Chainlink has already accomplished (Google/Oracle/Coinbase), or is it on account of things he knows are in the pipeline but haven't been disclosed yet? Hopefully the latter.

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you're pointing out the fact that some guy thought there would be no value to ETH as some sort of argument toward what i pasted?

ETH's price skyrocketing was strictly due to the era of crypto coming to light in a way where all these real world uses were promised

ChainLink promises real world uses, and it's already there, but the argument is there is no use for them

which leaves us with one question, what's the true value of ChainLink? there is no true value, it's whatever the market values it at based off of hype just like every other crypto out there

no real world use case will push the price a higher % than the coinbase listing itself did, and that's because markets are made up of people trying to make money off their trades whether they're going long or going short, and that's it

bottom line: ChainLink is a great idea but it's looking for a problem to solve where there is none (not a profitable one at least)

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low tier fud



helps me articulate

other peoples thoughts

instead of my own analysis

bottom line: You are a brainlet parroting the opinion of others

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>there is no true value, it's whatever the market values it at based off of hype just like every other crypto out there
anon how does a market work desu?
>no real world use case will push the price a higher % than the coinbase listing itself did
>imagine being this new

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it's clear you have no understanding of the token and what it aims to achieve and what the state of it currently is, etc. so there's no point in replying to you any further

all i'll leave you with is this, ChainLink is a great project, for the dev team. not for little dipshits like you who hold bags hoping you'll become a millionaire off of them by luck. that era's over. get a time machine, buy BTC and ETH.

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before i go, here's something you can't refute:

devs been dumping LINK on to cash out (you'd think they'd wanna hold onto it all since the project has such CRAZY POTENTIAL right? guess not)


now go justify and cope

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okay kid, u scared, is ok

(((reddit spacing intensifies)))

all i'll leave you with is this;
>ETH's price skyrocketing was strictly due to the era of crypto coming to light
>but the argument is there is no use for them
>one question, what's the true value of ChainLink? there is no true value, it's whatever the market values it at based off of hype
>no real world use case will push the price a higher % than the coinbase listing itself did
>token and what it aims to achieve and what the state of it currently is, etc
your words.
just read em back to yourself out loud and have a lil think, get u noggin joggin.
the absolute state of reddit.

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d i a l a t e

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looks like it costs $15m to hire a dev



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>no point in replying to you any further
>before i go
>looks like it costs $15m to hire a dev

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>posting a blog post by the very guy dumping on you explaining vaguely why he's dumping on you

it's probably about time for dinner anon, better make sure your ledger containing all 300 of your link is still hidden in your sketchers box in the back of your closet

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yet they've run through $32m with barely any news, barely a working product, and still aren't close to where they need to be and are selling their own token to cover costs


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>Libra confirmed
>Swift confirmed
>We own hyperledger
>nodes will be handling billions of dollars
Aug 2-4 trufflesuite/Microsoft

Aug 17 SF ETH Dev Meetup

Aug 19-21 Web3 Summit

Sept 23-26 SIBOS/SWIFT

>> No.14863163

>Libra confirmed
oh so you are actually retarded. i'm sorry bud, you keep on keeping on. i hope everything works out for you.

>> No.14863183

These dates are wrong.
Does any anon have the correct ones?

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>spoonfeeding anything to reddit

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top fucking kek, I love this board

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Can we get to the bottom of this please?
We need to know what the new shirt is

>> No.14863886

Same was said about ETH

>> No.14863935

>Hotel hot water
Normies will mock this but the scope and vision of the fourth industrial revolution will fuck them in the ass eventually. This was the most important aspect of the entire speech and was both exhilarating and terrifying at the same time.

>> No.14863949


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Really felt confident although nothing particularly new or impressive. Nice to see him in a good mood and more in control of his storytelling. Sometimes he still has moments where he's rambling and stuttering. I watched an old Bezos talk yesterday and he was awkward too, actually got similar vibes from watching the two talks in a row. No worries.

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LINK's price wont be dependent on the state of shitcoins/crypto currencies.

And no, BTC will never go above 20k again.

>> No.14864261

Imagine reading this and getting discouraged

>> No.14864316

I hope to meet Sergey one day, give him a hug, he gives me a soft punch on the shoulder. I tell him Thanks and that he is a great man and just walk away not seeing him for many years.

>> No.14864381

>And no, BTC will never go above 20k again.
If it is above $10k in August then I have some bad news for you

>> No.14864414

Post link to conference please

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I feel it too, OP. You're talking about a guy who in the last 18 months has downplayed everything, the picture of calm. Not just not hype but anti-hype.
And yesterday was the first time he allowed himself to be seen as excited, confident, powerful.

We're gonna make it, like, next month.

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Sergey cited Plato as most influential book. He doesn't care much about money.

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>Think about how much money he and we will make when he sees this through.

He's a literal billionaire, what incentive is there for him to continue developing some bullshit software surrounded by a bunch of faggots?

>> No.14864577

I'm sure they will ask him that in his Time magazine interview, and I'll certainly be interested to hear what he says.

>> No.14864588

You have 3 weeks

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>> No.14864616

Have sex

>> No.14864621

>billionaires don't want more money

What is Jeff Bezos's motivation to keep running amazon?

>> No.14864633


Sergey is NOT Jeff Bezos.

>> No.14864654

Lads lets not pretend that this isn't entirely speculation.
I just hope our optimistic speculation is right and Link will improve all our lives.

>> No.14864696

I need more time, 700 links is not enough!

And no, I didnt had those 2 years

>> No.14864722

I Wonder how many links I Will make with a raspberry pi node.
And how much stacking will pay.

>> No.14864842

Gee whiz it sure does smell like summer in here

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>standing around like an autist at a party
>remembers the camera and that biz are watching
>dejectedly looks at stomach, checks buttons checks buttons

>> No.14864891

notice how he avoided the only question of substance from the Insurance guy? He cant answer why they would want to give up their own control in insurance agreements to the chainlink network.

Sergey isn't a business major and doesn't understand that companies that have centralized power dont plan to give it away for minor efficiencies when they are actively using funds to invest in other ventures. The insurance industry uses your payments to invest and earn a return, your payments will never sit in a smart contract balance to be distributed if you trigger your insurance because then they arent earning income off of your payments. There is no reason they would forgo this income and this fat plaid cuck dodged the question for a reason.

Securitizing their cashflows will not offset the lost income from actually storing all policy amounts and not utilizing them as investment capital.

Linkies were BTFO last night but are too unintelligent to understand it.

>> No.14864904

At least I can sue Microsoft if they fuck me over

>> No.14864908

Rolling for dubs

>> No.14864915

Rolling for trips

>> No.14864949

My roomate owns the old shirt.

>> No.14865131


you had two years

>> No.14865185


>> No.14865191

yeah, so I sold at $4.30 and I'm not re-buying until this shit hits $1.50 you fucking brainlet.

Link marines should KILL THEMSELVES.

>> No.14865203

Trips of truth
Bless you Sergey
We will see it too the end

>> No.14865222


two sun orbits

>> No.14865262


>> No.14865276


667 days since ico

>> No.14865313


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633 days 2 hrs ago

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We are making history.

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Yes he new shirt it. Go find it and report back new fag

>> No.14865778


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> Who here is a linky or a link marine???
Sorry sirs I don't shower and not get called stinky linky for nothing.

>> No.14865878

That is the old shirt, fuckwit

>> No.14865993

it's evil sergey

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How new are you?

>> No.14867000

thanks just sold 100k

>> No.14867085

find more fulfilling hobbies.

>> No.14867164

Precisely. This is also the answer to FUD about link held in reserve. These linkies will be given to data-providers as a foundation for the network (weather nodes, market data nodes, gps nodes etc.)

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Anyone else have their node running on mainnet yet?

>> No.14867224

>guy rambling on and on about question with obvious answer
>Sorry, I blanked

I fucking lost it

>> No.14867257

everyone knows Nick Szabo is Satoshi

>> No.14867337

>So I'm an Insurance company, wouldn't I rather stay centralized so I can audit everything?
asking about moving everything to a BLOCKCHAIN
Fucking brainlet.

>> No.14867512

You're right, he's better. Jeff bezos was a fucking nerd faggot who started selling books and consumer products to people. Sergey's Chainlink will revolutionize the way all enterprise business is conducted, including Bezos' Amazon.

>> No.14867539

He gave a great example you fucking faggot.
>It only takes one
Once one large company starts doing it, everyone else is going to be forced to or lose business. And no, not EVERY SINGLE INSURANCE AGENCY is going to use smart contracts. It wouldn't make sense to. Welcome to capitalism you fucking piss sniffing cunt.

>> No.14867585

Wearing the same shirt = Steve Jobs level of brilliance us plebs dont understand

>> No.14867595

Sergey i know your reading this thread. Your little army of autists here support you 100%. Just because we make fun of you doesn’t mean we don’t believe in you. Unless of course we find out you’re scamming us then you can unironically kiss a normal life good bye because that autism that was so pure and supportive will turn you into a walking shell of a human being ending in you wishing any amount of rope that can hold your fat ass dangling from a ceiling

>> No.14867614

When he said “I’m all in” I got chills all the way to my pecker

>> No.14867698

>smug Sergey
I know he's above such pettiness but this would make me rock hard.

>> No.14867723


>> No.14867819

Sergey, if you are reading this, what this young man is trying to say is that the jokes are all in good fun, and we love you.

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>why would sports stadiums go cashless
People said the exact same thing when the Tampa Bay Rays did it last season, but now virtually everyone is doing it and the World Cup is adopting it as well. Yeah, it sounds dumb on paper, but there are peripheral measurements that add up over time and make the switch worth it. I imagine a similar scenario will occur for your insurance agency example.

>> No.14868296

nigger how retarded are you

smart contracts will literally eliminate at least half of the work force of insurance companies. it will save them ludicrous amounts of money.

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