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Everyone take a seat and pray.

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damn buying op

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'H-hi bros'

*take a seat*

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>Bob ID

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Holding 252,000, bought at the absolute bottom so far.
I have been praying for a dip so I can buy more.
Use the lows to accumulate, it really isnt that difficult guys.
Value, price and cost are 3 completely different things.
The value of harmony is high.

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>I want shitcoin to moon hence the value is high
I hold a fucking lot of ONE but they haven't really proved so far that value is high. I do think it should be priced higher than many other shitcoins but it is still a shitcoin until proven otherwise (ie real world partnerships)

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How high will this go in USD??!!

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so like an easy 100x

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let's break 150 sats before lmao

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They are partnered with Apple haven’t you been keeping up ?

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just stare at this picture instead.

lmao God? Eternal life?
fuck that bullshit.

i want to do what i want.

i am my own person

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it’s an apple project. they are good at keeping secrets.

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fuck off ranjeets

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Imagine being this sad, nice Id tho 2500 confirmed

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Keep looking at that picture, that is where everyone who does not take God seriously will go. Hell. And Hell is eternal.

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Get the fuck out this thread you little pussy ass bitch. You seem like a depressed hoe

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Make me leave, nigger

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Anon last night figured out that Apple owns the licensing rights of OWN. Go look at Harmonys github licensing if you don't believe it. Then fact check with Bloomberg and the apple acquisition of Spotsetter. Harmony is going places.

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*ONE not OWN right

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Just bought 20k, putting me on 100k

There can be only ONE.

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It's another Stephen Tse... He is Dr. Stephen Tse

looks like we were chinked yet again

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Yeah, my apologies. I just woke up.

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Op this is blasphemy you will burn in hell unless you repent you filthy sinner

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Nice breadcrumb there
>t. comfy 250k ONE marine

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To my understanding that guy isn't working on the Harmony project at all. He simply was a part of the company that was acquired by Apple that the Harmony project states its licensing belongs to.

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Why would you put other guy with same name as a chief technology officer if he isn't part of the company? This is a textbook China hustle

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Oh shit wait. Is that dude on the team page of the Harmony Project? That only makes this even more bullish.

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Just snagged another 48k at 125 sats.

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No, Dr Stephen Tse from Rutgers is one guy and Stephen Tse from Harmony is another. First is a professor and second is a chink scammer, apparently

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Yikes. Dump this shit coin. Bloomberg shows a different Tse in charge of the company responsible for Spotsetter. This anon is on to something. Harmony now looking like a scam coin

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this is old FUD

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This is concerning for me. Also why are there so many goddamn Stephen Tse's around?

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iHarmony announcement next week confirmed

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