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>ceo himself confirmed upbit+bithumb incoming.
>mainnet in august, hence token swap and new exchanges in august, confirmed.
>testnet is working charms, state sharding performance is splendid and it has 100% uptime
>marketcap sitting at 30m

these are the facts. the mainnet+korean exchanges+t2 burger exchange is happening no matter what happens and this is enough for a 200m mcap for harmony. now let's do a little speculating.

1-.cz is out for blood nowadays, he wants to make his binance coins look shiny so he is promoting. a matic-like pump short term is totally possible.

2-.eth 2.0 is LATE. someone is gonna fill the gap and if the word gets out that harmony is the one that'll do it, this will pump so bad that i dont even wanna talk numbers here bc i dont want to jinx it.

3-.if you followed harmony AT ALL, you damn well know that coinbase listing isn't a meme. just dig a little bit and you will find the sauce.

the last three points are all 100x materials for themselves. now let's say any 2 of these overlapped. and let's remember that this is still only at 30m mcap...
yeah, i know.

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bags are heavy not gonna lie

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moon mission imminent, imagine if they did the proper promotion like eos did, they would be already 10x

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I hope your right OP. I bought at 290.. though not selling until 1000

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I only own 100k Harmony. How fucked am I?

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you already passed the ching bbq hell nightmare, but you gonna maket

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Bought at 100 sats feeling comfy asfff my God

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cz is so confident in harmony that he have not ever pump it, just accumulating more at lower prices, predict the debacle of ethereum when harmony launched successfully, basically harmony will flip ethereum in a couple months.

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>>mainnet in august, hence token swap and new exchanges in august, confirmed.
token swap is a very slow process especially in binance, zilliqa's token swap took 6 months before it reached 80% in binance and i doubt other exchanges will immediately list this after the token swap is complete

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does binance have some kinda bot swarm they just turn on to stabilize CZs favorite coin?

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that's a nice number, don't be to hard on yourself

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This. Token swaps take fucking forever. Unless those exchanges are listing the erc token and supporting the swap this isn't happening. Coinbase in September is almost impossible.

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If the swap is done b4 ONE escapes Binance, it could be fast.
> Binance swaps holder tokens
> Devs swap their tokens
Finito. Zilliqa took that long, cos ZIL was all over the place and needed 100 agents to swap it.
I dont think CB listing counts as much as in 2k17. Also,
> charming sharding

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Coinbase listing will soon count more than 2017 once binance, idex, and basically every other exchange starts limiting trading for Americans. Starting in September anything not on Coinbase is basically DOA

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retard here, how does a dex ban trading from a specific country ?

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titanium wall support, 105 guy gets btfo

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let go bois

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based bbq, look at the tweezers at the floor, they eat the meant with bare hands, based

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One thing I know, Im not selling this after x5.
I once sold REQ at x4, and then it pulled another x4 from there.
Time to get greedy, especially now that BTC is spooking everyone

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What an obvious scam all they do is BBQ I have never seen them coding.

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How do I keep it? Without Binance Dex and BNB bullshit
Are they gonna make a proper wallet with Ledger S?

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>mainnet in august
last night's curry-tier shill thread said mainnet was already live. you jeets need to get your story straight

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its a fucking gigantic cup handle get in bbq bros

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kek nice fud mate

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>June 28
do you like all this green?

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105 guy got utterly btfo

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it's phase 1

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Require KYC for all users

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btc candle is ruining me again. this pain will never end

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comfy hold as hell, never sell until 10x

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Why is ruining u bro?

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check the ONE/BTC pair. We'll be at 115 soon if BTC continues rising.

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How many do I need to quit wagecucking for life

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Calm down, Harmony is holding well. The accumulation is between 120 - 130.

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it will unironically either pump to 140 or dump to 115 within couple of hours. Cap this

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100k is pretty comfy, I'm only sitting on 2k.

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one btc pair rebate, this will moon hard

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You will need 200k to live a NEET lifestyle

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I have no idea how you guys live so expensively.
100k would have me living pretty well for a good five years.
I can do crazy things with the knowledge I've gained from here in five years.

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this. i'm just going to live the same way except maybe more holidays and no wage slaving

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100k would already be the world for me, so many opportunities, room to breathe etc.. if you dont throw money away for useless things 100k$ are extremely valuable even in the west. remember more money, more opportunities. and its only a 10x to millionaire

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I'm actually in my early-mid twenties.
I have a part time job.
If I get like 50k+ I'm just going to quit my job and trade, maybe learning a spare language in my spare time or something.
Everyone's sounding crazy to me with "you need 1m to make it"
That's absurd

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I'm debating taking a loan to buy more. Stop me, anons.

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>a lot of money
Poor people are like animals

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How long till burgers get to buy?

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My 600k stack is all from a loan, anon.

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>Harmony founder Stephen Tse claims to have sold Spotsetter to Apple.
>A different, Dr. Stephen Tse is actually reported by Bloomberg to be the chief of technology of Simple Rules Company: the company that created spotsetter.
More likely than not, this Stephen Tse in charge of founder is a scammer using a credited doctor in technology clout to scamaz your money. You've been warned.

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I understand it's not actually a lot of money, man.
What I'm saying is I know how to be frugal. My critique was their lack of conservatism.
this is also me acknowledging I need more capital to be more effective.

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>being this retarded

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kek. you weak piece of tard. you wouldnt survive 10minutes in my world.

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however long it takes to use VPN

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>>Harmony founder Stephen Tse claims to have sold Spotsetter to Apple.

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fuck that is concerning

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As annoyed as I sometimes get when people don't answer my questions, I can't help but acknowledge that insisting they find their own answers is much more effective and conductive to the type of environment we ought to wish to maintain here.

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If the market cap went to 200mil I'm predicting .8 cents
Am I bad at math or is everyone here crazy for
8k USD seems pretty low

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Ignore the FUD
Research the team

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This time, the proof IS the pudding.

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It is literally on the Harmony team page as well as his linked in profile. But again, a DIFFERENT Dr Stephen Tse looks to be responsible for spotsetter making this project look very concerning

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Are you even reading, retard? It is a high possibility that these are padded/lying resumes. See:

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The whole team?

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It as a nice FUD, but it didn't even take 10 minutes.

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If the Founder of Harmony is lying and stealing credentials of a credited doctor, yes. It is highly probable the rest of them are lying as well. It has happened before many times now lol

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Don't be that hard on yourself. REQ is completely in the toilet now so you at least made a good profit

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Stop your FUD.

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What are you talking about?
You can literally find harmony's Stephen Tse being linked with Spotsetter all over the net


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Bloomberg, that sells information to stock traders for millions of dollars: Likely to fuck up the title of two guys + an app acquired by Apple? Not likely. You can even see that this Dr Stephen Tse is a different person. They look nothing alike lmao.

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kekt and rekt

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Dr. Tse has a PhD in mechanical engineering, why would he be the founder of spotsetter? And the blog has a picture of the Harmony Tse in it.

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Because I trust Bloomberg more than I trust scammer shills on /biz/.

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What title faggot? Are you on drugs?

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Stephen Tse is a doctor, it's in his profile. Also the other guy is a engineer.

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that's how I feel when they try so hard to try to hide the brightest gem on the market

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bullish fud. added more

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This might the closest there is to an Apple coin. That loan is looking tempting.

>> No.14857647

You're never going to make it.

>> No.14857677

so weak fud, look in the web page of spotsetter, you can see the same one of harmony

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these threads are fllooded with pajeet chinks.

Where do you all come from? Where is your main board?

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This. Guess these haters are mad they're holding other shitcoins not doing shit

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So there's obviously two people named
Dr. Stephen Tse
Doctor (medical) Stephen Tse
Or am I missing something?

>> No.14857747

poo bags

>> No.14857750

You're talking to the scammers themselves

>> No.14857752

No. Obviously there are more than one Stephen Tse. The Harmony is on Spotsetter's blog so he's not lying.

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That's... what I said.

>> No.14857890

oh hell i think i just misunderstood. my bad

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So the code is basically licensed to Apple but it's also open-sourced. What does it mean to Harmony?

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Money follows money, anon.

>> No.14858089

Look at all the wash trading the team
Is openly supporting https://hummingbot.io/blog/2019-06-introducing-liquidity-bounties-harmony/

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u wrote it exactly liek me lmao harmony to the moon

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What's with all the obnoxious shilling ITT?

>> No.14858187

have to bounce back the fud
they're wrong.

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Looks interesting. Whales are gonna love this.

>> No.14858302

can you guys explain what this matters for little guys like us? i'm still sort of new.

>> No.14858364

I don't think it matters much to small fry like us but I understood that you get ONE rewards for buying ONE. The more ONE you buy the more you get, Liquidity is what enables you to sell at a loss and make sure someone will always buy (that someone is the exchange usually - they get paid for this).

>> No.14858438

So they're saying that if you pump a bunch of money in to it you can make rewards on pumps for it (the idea is it allows for use of more funds, making it more popular and efficient to use). Whales love this because they can just sit there and put tons of money in and take the same amount out over and over, while making worthwhile amounts of profit for just letting them have the liquid for short amounts of time?
This doesn't effect us much because we can only really make use of the whales doing this, but wouldn't benefit much if we tried because the liquidity rewards are so low that the small amounts of cash we'd be doing this with is so small such that it's not at all worth the time and effort to do the same thing, and that our energy would best be spent somewhere else?

>> No.14858515

Basically yes, but there must be some guidelines and targets for liquidity. It doesn't matter to us since whales can already crash and pump the market at will anyway, they just get more money for it now.

>> No.14858745

105 bro moved his target up I guess. Fuck off pajeet rakesh shirksshami

>> No.14858775

But there's room for us in there too, right? Since they're more likely to use a service that let's them accumulate money while they're accumulating money, which just means more money in total, which even spreads to the little guy, eh? Am I still following correctly?

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I hate that you faggots try to scam out bizlets from buying LINK by shilling this shit. This is gonna be REQ/ICX 2.0 cap this. Getting into FANG is not a miracle regardless of what you NIGGERS think, kek at you marking Google/Apple ex jobs as if that's something of note. Anons beware of this shitty shilling, I've seen this many times and it always ends the same. Just buy LINK and chill.

>> No.14858850

anons know how money flows around. i'm not claiming google, apple, microsoft, amazon, etc. are reliable or ethical, my rational is their having money... which is the thing we want. pretty simply, if you want money, look for where money goes to and buy that shit. that's as basic as any of this gets.

>> No.14858894

That can either pump or crash the price, it depends if the whales think it's worth accumulating ONE.

Linkies are so obnoxious. Link mooned already, pajeet, I'm not buying your bags.

>> No.14858911

We'll see when they hit their roadmap milestones for 2019. That being said LINK is my biggest holding followed by ONE.

>> No.14858943

Forgot to add, if ONE gets some action like the exchange listings before the major LINK events then it'd make sense to have some ONE, wait for the pumps then roll that into LINK later on.

>> No.14858953

so then the question is how to delineate between artificial and organic pumps?
what's the first step there, then? because, for me, getting past the idea that the whales will manipulate it no matter what seems hard for me. i'm just overthinking it at that point, right?

>> No.14858988

For me, this is my current plan:
ONE moons > transfer to LINK
LINK moons > transfer to BTC
BTC infinite moon as dollar crashes, gold standard returns and i make money forever off of holding both.

>> No.14859002

My thoughts exactly except I'll never sell all my linkies.

>> No.14859088

The way I see it if ONE is worth accumulating they'll pump or crash the price to accumulate on rewards then either wait for organic pump or PnD themselves. If it's not they pump and crash to meet targets then sell at one sat higher because they're cunts.
>so then the question is how to delineate between artificial and organic pumps?
There's no way to know this outside of fundamentals. Don't chase pumps, if the project is good hold, the whales will help you, if it's shit you can still profit with whales but it's a gamble.

>> No.14859104

Oh i wouldn't sell all of anything of something like that after the value blossoms.
I'll probably only sell off half of my ONE or LINK after we hit moons on them. The LINK will be great to keep around if I can actually make good money off of passive shit and from the sounds of things ONE could potentially be so big that it'd be stupid to sell it off too soon before it starts crashing back down to earth.

Also, am I stupid for wanting to try to build up a masternode for passive income on XSN while trying to do this? I'm looking at sub $3k total port. I'm still starting out but I'm a quick learner and I've been told I seem to be headed in the right direction but I'm still curious about this particular aspect of my port. Thanks either way

>> No.14859170

These next two years are gonna be an exciting time for crypto. We're just getting started from all the government regulation FUD floating around and we're starting to see real use case products get picked up. Even if the US tried to ban crypto, people in 3rd world countries that are desperate for a currency that doesn't inflate 100+% a day are increasingly using BTC as a hedge (see venezuela and parts of africa). Even if we're late compared to everyone that made it off of BTC, ETH, LINK's first major pump, etc the space as a whole is growing fast.

I really like what XSN is trying to do but I think they are still very early. If you have the cash to get a masternode go for it but I'm looking for a couple pumps before then. I think XSN's price will be crabbing for a while so you might not miss out on a cheap node.

>> No.14859195

pajesh shilling this coin, chinks also chillin this coin, bbq and now doctor tse food i dont know what to think

>> No.14859255

>ONE moons > transfer to LINK

>> No.14859297

Thanks for your response.
I know that it's hard to even speak about this with the annoying ass shills that frequent this place never shutting up about XSN, but I do think they're well intended and correct, even if they're acting like annoying kids.
I've actually considered doing exactly the thing you're saying - waiting for other projects to take off before I put money in to XSN. Do you think that's worth it? I don't want to miss out on the low price for a MN, but currently don't have the funds for it.

kek i would never in hell sell all of my ONE if it blooms. I would, however, take big portions of earning and put it in LINK to swing its moon in to BTC so I can ride the true golden bull

>> No.14859578

Yeah sure you are the only retard who think that’s, Arrington owner of TechCrunch and Crunchbase hanging out with them they have all that data faggot

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posting again

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>> No.14859705

and what price do you expect it to reach to? $.1+?

>> No.14859716

105 sats incoming

>> No.14859764

doctor tze is not justin sun sorry

>> No.14859819


correct, which makes it even more bullish.

>> No.14859847

not to normies

>> No.14859874


next alt run is about quality instead of airball quantity.
harmony delivers and has everything necessary to go moon into top10

>> No.14859884

>16bi marketcap
Jesus Christ anon that's a 400x. Can CZ run his bots so high?

>> No.14859903

There isn't going to be an alt run retard. Regulation is here. Alts are finished. If harmony gets on conebase it will pump hard, if not, it will bleed to zero. Nothing else matters.

>> No.14859930


CZ is the crypto overlord, he can do whatever the fuck he wants. And HarmonyONE is certainly his baby. (just like TRX was his baby back in the day. Reminder: TRON was the VERY FIRST Binance IEO in history, and... it went 400x or something.)
And BNB has also one of the best performing coins throughout the last years.
so yea.... go figure

>> No.14860025

No, it went 50x for TRX, but TRX has something of 60bi coins circulating. EOY Harmony has 3.3bi circulating. If CZ can meme 16bi into existence Harmony will be priced around $4 per coin. Also TRX chart is interesting because the first sell off is around 10x, that'd be either 1000sats (late anons bought at 100sats) or 2500(majority of anons bought at 250). Expect two sells off before the moon and we'll have two targets to accumulate.

>> No.14860135


trx went from 20sats bottom or smth to 21000sats, meanwhile BTC quadrupled aswell..

>> No.14860156

sry 2100sats*

>> No.14860194

Is 245k harmony enough to make it?

>> No.14860238

depends on what u call making it. will be 245k$ at one point most likely if you have iron hands

>> No.14860242

No TRX pump happened after the BTC bubble burst happened and BTC was falling. I was there, I had sold TRX a day before kek. You must not look at multipliers, look at market cap. CZ (and normies) pumped 100mi to 16bi, the chink is fucking crazy. Supposing he can do the same again he'll be pumping 34mi to 16bi.

>> No.14860270


yea well you might be correct, but whatever, if it's 100x, 200x or 400x to be honest. 1bn+ MC would be insane for us already, double digit bn i dont even wanna think about rn

>> No.14860374

>I had sold TRX a day before kek
thats sad

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File: 466 KB, 1537x1239, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

are you retarded?

>> No.14860463
File: 541 KB, 1040x1140, Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 5.27.14 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

for the pajeets fuddling like he is not Dr. filthy uneducated ignorants finish your fucking high school or stop flipping burgers he is a Dr. because he got doctoral degree in security protocols and compiler verification from the University of Pennsylvania. little bastards like this fud people are trying to hide this gem

>> No.14860509

now you're learning, anon.
apply your knowledge from other areas and you will learn so much more.

>> No.14860569

sems like fucking chink dream team, those guy are heavy

>> No.14860611


her are also all reports from Stephen Tse at Upeen



>> No.14860651

scroll up i posted some pics of the team and there's a few white guys too. it's (as much as i hate to make a phrase, but it's relevant) a pretty diverse team

>> No.14860734
File: 540 KB, 2688x1606, Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 2.43.20 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.14860835

Not just third world. Countries such as Iran that suffer from US Sanctions. The based Ohio Congressman put it pretty well in saying that you can't just make it go away and that our way of handling it isn't the best idea.

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