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Harmony rebounded too early, 105 was supposed to be retested before the climb to a 10x but whales decided to pump it artificially. 105 WILL be retested, these pumps are only delaying it (and thus delaying the start of the climb).

If whales continue delaying this into next month, this could have dire consequences on ONE in the long term.

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fucking asperger kid

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Do you have any actual rebuttal to this TA? Do you have any TA of your own? Did you buy at 142?

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You drew two lines and think you’re a prophet HAHAHA

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that's like saying, "do you have any rebuttal to this horoscope reading?"

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Do you have any evidence for muh whales deciding to pump it artificially?

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>Coin trades since 1.5months
>TA in crypto in general

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It's not a prophecy, it's very basic technical analysis.

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So then I was right, you literally drew two lines and make investment decisions based on that ? I know for a fact someone as retarded as you can’t have more than $5k to your name

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The massive volume spikes with no news and the massive buy walls. The buy walls today were around 20x the adjacent price total buy orders.

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>TA in crypto in general
The Asuka prediction was based on TA. When btc was at $13k, people called bullshit on it. It only reached $13k because of artificial pumps and now is returning to the trend. The same thing is going to happen with ONE.

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I will be getting "105 sats" tattooed on my body when this thing moons just to remember you forever, sitting there, waiting for years for 105

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You'll be selling the second it goes below 132.

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>hurrrrr 105
You're the most autistic faggot in biz history

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I can’t wait until we moon and then you become a meme

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>it was supposed to do x but it did y

That's not how this works op. There's a good chance it won't stay below even 120 for more than a ~4 hour period, if at all

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not gonna make it. feeling scared white boi?

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The reason it did y instead of x was because of a premature and artificial pump. Same thing happened with btc, it was supposed to do x ($9200) but instead did y (pumped to $13k). Because it was premature, btc is now returning to what it was supposed to be around this time.

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I think I understand now. You’re just really young and naive and think markets always move according to “the plan” and things always follow an orderly line. Is this your first time investing? TA is used to roughly predict general possible trends, not exactly predict short term price movements

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I held my 254k stack through the drop to 99 just a week ago ya dingus. My avg buy in is the low 100s

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Cringe concern-trolling, naive would be thinking that artificial pumps will lead to sustainable growth.

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I agree that btc's recent price action was completely unsustainable, but saying that it was "supposed" to do anything is a terrible perspective imo. ONE doesn't look nearly as unsustainable, it actually looks delayed and like it's barely about to start rounding off from the bottom. Idk. Do what you want but if you're interested in the project it seems greedy to wait for some correction that "has to happen" when we're already at the bottom.

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Let’s say it keeps moving up, you’d have to redraw your meme line and that would then be the new trend line. How do you not understand this? The only thing current TA shows is that the general downtrend has been broke , and that we might be moving up

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105tards, pepper your angus. this thing wanna pop

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Also trust me I’m not concerned for you faggot , I just think you’re a complete moron who probably has $3k or less in the game

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Lol at thinking that line two (the one which starts off lower) is based on anything past the X mark, read *between* the lines. Don't worry, I know you're young and naive. This is probably your first time investing which is why I'm trying to help you out a little.

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Pajeet back with the false 105 sat claims. Harmony is about to moon. Don't listen to this idiot. He's padding his wallet.

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are you the same guy that predicted 99 sats and the top (forgot what it was) before that?

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99 and 150, yeah.

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based yeah it was 150, I had some doubts but I did end up buying my first stack in around 120 before seeing your posts, selling around 145 then buying back in at 110.

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EOY predictions? i'm bullish on ONE, as any sane person should be
it seems some here don't understand what these indicators on ONE's team page mean...

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>x thing HAS to happen
only dumb traders say this
>x thing may happen, could happen, possibly will, probably should
much better

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10x by the end of September

Do you not understand the value in hyperbole and controversy in generating buzz around a project? Fucking brainlets on this board lmao.

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do you expect the trend to reverse around that time?

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