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Is that there’s nothing to fud, it’s literally top 3 coin in 1-3 years beating ethereum. Also it’s the new /ourcoin/, because we dumped stinky linkies

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You’re literally buying in less than x2 of seed investors. What a rare opportunity to make a lifetime choice.

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Not sure bout ethereum killer, but the unanimous all in across biz is indeed link-style.
Memes are still shit tho. Sergey is a strong memetic persona. What is such a persons in ONE. That dyke? Meh, not even close

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>dumped links

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So it'll be over $300? You honestly think that?

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Bbq One!

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No, cause the supply of coins is much larger. I do think this is a potential ~$5bn market cap project though

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It's the antshares of 2k19, without the shady chink factor of ans (one is silicon valley based, so not even chink as ppl like call it).
200x imo

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You're FUDing right now.

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20 cents eoy

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>he doesn't know Brad

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you should really check out the project.
I dumped pics like this the other day. Take a look at just these two. See, this picture alone should raise some eyebrows, but then you scroll through the rest of the people on the team and your jaw will, without any doubt, drop to the floor.
get in while you still can, faggots.

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Another shitcoin, useless fucking piece of shit. Look at their marketing and tweeter. It is like teenagers tweeting all the time and trying to create unnecessary hype. Just by RSR and LINK

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those names mean nothing though.

I know because I live in Palo Alto, everybody works at google/apple/fb/tesla/netfli/etc. It's not too special.

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Neither of these have memetic potential. No toilet leitmotif, no trademark clothes style, no couchsurfing reviews. Nothing. I dare you to make an appealing meme with any of these two. You cant

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Not the two people.
Go down the list.

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There's no way you guys don't see the pattern. Other boards have known about the process for quite a long time.
Compare this team to other teams for other big projects. Note the very obvious differences.

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It should be very obvious by now.
How does money flow through these systems?

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You just reposting screenshots. Your pajit is showing.

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>It should be very obvious by now.
>How does money flow through these systems?

I don't know, please explain

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harDmonEy Gone

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Sminem has blessed Harmony ONE from on high. Praise him! Hosanna in the highest! He will lift our gains up to the heavens

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those young chinks are top tier, they have the experience and the credentials

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Is there anyway for anons in the US to buy ONE?

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A lot of these things are laundered.
If corporations consolidate on a project, they're likely to make good money off of it.
With something like ONE, they very likely want to stay ahead of things.
ONE is a pump with genuine opportunity to break out just based on who's associated with the project.
How many other teams can you look at where each of the members of the team has a corporate ethos to elicit?

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sorry you are banned, you will buy my mooned bags

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Only if you're not a newfag from ribbit.

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Fug man. At least I have my 20k viddies

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The mean IQ of the Harmony team is off the charts.

Guys we are going to be fucking rich.

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Not enough fud or dubs for my liking.

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one bbq for all

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There's been plenty of FUD and digits in the megathreads. If you wanted a way to increase your stack of stinkies this is it.

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Fucking faggot kys

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contemplating selling some of my link stack for more one.. i believe in both but would like to diversify more im only a 23k onelet

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Everyone keeps talking about how they only have <100k one and I have a 2.3m stack am I legitimately going to make it? I literally don't know how to feel

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Buy BNB on kucoin use binance DEX on trust wallet

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good fud:
harmony has no legitimate non-crypto partners. none. ethereum is already tied to a lot of corporations.

the harmony marketing head kind of sucks. they need someone better, more professional and with more charisma.

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>harmony has no legitimate non-crypto partners. none. ethereum is already tied to a lot of corporations.
Well, the main goal short term is to become a crypto platform I guess.

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the tech side is more important, look ethereum, the creepy vitalik, but he delivered

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Ty anon

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>this team of former employees at some of the biggest corporations and universities around the world needs better marketing
you have no idea how stupid that sounds, do you?
if half of your team is from google and its competition, who do you NEED to market to?

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lol, they have been on the binance for less than a month and see how everything has already spread.

you will definitely make it, 70k bag holder here.
Probably 2m is better than 2.3m being a full number, so ... you could send me those 300k that you advance and I will be your slave forever.

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Shoot I'd do it if it hit like $3

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stfu. projects and teams still need people with business acumen and not just dev coding skills. i heard from a VC investor who likes the team but knows they are more nerds than business savvy types.

i have more than 7 mm one so obviously i want this project to make it.

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do I send you my wallet address, baby?

in pic me rn

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>projects and teams still need people with business acumen and not just dev coding skills
when your whole team is stacked to the brim with representatives of the oligarchy and their subservience-training centers, you're bound to shoot for the moon, anon
I might be cracking the egg a bit on you guys, if that's the case, my bad. But if you don't know how to see these things and take advantage of them after spending a considerable amount of time here, you shouldn't get so upset when people explain this obvious shit to you.

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imagine being As retarded as OP.
ETH will use LINK
ONE will use LINK
BTC will use LINK
LIBRA will use LINK
[shitcoin] will use LINK

link will be #1, because its a cross blockchain project, it will suck in a % of each blockchain shitcoin out there.
ONE is just 1 amongst many other shitcoins. link is the common denominator.

stay poor

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>nothing to fud
Token distribution. Otherwise you're correct

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where are the coins currently consolidated at?

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why would i buy this over Fantom?

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105 tonight.

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>gook scam partnered with sandniggers with no volume
Idk anon FTM looks pretty hot right now

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Just because your edgy ass doesn't use Twitter doesn't mean that everyone else doesn't. I doubt you know two shits about marketing.

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yeah, if the team doesn't look like this >>14843321 there's no comparison.
after looking through just a few guys, based on the team alone, i'm going with ONE still.

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you've been spamming this in every thread for three days now on this coin. go to sleep pajeet.

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Was actually my thought exactly when I checked this project a week ago.

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Volume isnt much lower than ONE. And speaking of partners Harmony doesn't seem to have any at all?

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what is your price target EOY?

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jesus fuck you are deluding yourself hardcore

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ONE is the new Chad in class

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Sad he’s not a chad like Sergey

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Whoa, they have pajeets? I'm going all in.

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