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Sentinel is the first blockahin project with actual users that is not gambling related
live numbers: https://stats.sentinel.co/

sentinel vision is to allow users to be truly safe from surveillance, offering an open source dVPN which provably doesn't log data and offer safe encryption, no centralized vpn is able to offer anything similiar.

sentinel is part of tendermint/cosmos ecosystem with projects like binance dex althea foam matic etc.. cosmos ecosystem will see huge growth once alt bull starts again.
Cosmos blockchain will be interconnected by 3 major hubs (cosmos, iris and sentinel)
dpos chain will have the equivalent boom that erc 20 had during 2017, 66% of the supply is locked at all times for the DPOS security
>features alredy delivered:
-dVPN app on ethereum (running from april 2018)
-dVPN app on tendermint (running from jan 2019) https://youtu.be/Iaa7Jwd5sy8
-tendermint testnet with closed validator set
-android app
-own crypto wallet for ethereum and tendermint

>planned features

-DPOS tendermint blockchain in q3-q4 (test up and running for months)
-decentralized chat app https://youtu.be/T1H8exU6D7I [Embed]
-wireguard implementation (linus torvalds endorsed wiregaurd making it the standard)
-multi hop relay net (first of its kind truly revolutionary tech for a VPN) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYK1BPXSji4&t=1s
-tor exit nodes
-private nets ( this will allow corporations and banks to set up private networks that only employees can access)
-zk snark mixer
-interblockchain communication protocol
-IOS app https://youtu.be/pzy5APfng0c
with DPOS you will be able to earn staking rewards by delegating your tokens, the current mcap is around 2m$
i see 500m$ as a very realistic market cap for seninel a project that has achieved real usage and has a steady development,you guys can try the dvpn right now for FREE till main net hits , also worthed to know that binance labs is searching for a dVPN project to support

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where lthn boys at? their shitcoin dying and sent is only getting stronger

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ETH is capitulating the entire market

everyone thinks BTC is the bear

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All people care about today is if their IP changes, and they lack visibility beyond that
A vpn provider can fully decrypt your data and do very malicious things

“The Department of Homeland Security has issued a warning that some VPN packages from Cisco, Palo Alto, F5 and Pulse may improperly secure tokens and cookies, allowing nefarious actors an opening to invade and take control over an end user’s system.

The DHS’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) warning comes on the heels of a notice from Carnegie Mellon’s CERT that multiple VPN applications store the authentication and/or session cookies insecurely in memory and/or log files.”

Even 90%+ of the 'technical' community does not realize the true need for a dvpn because they don't consider the provability aspect

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FUCK you faggots, cosoms coming out top 20 out of no where. WHAT THE FUCK . EOS BLEEDING ME

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eth is pure cancer, bitcoin is not dying it just had 6 months of straight pamp.
smart projects are switching away from ethereum into tendermint DPOS chians


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dude you bought into larimer ponzi its not my fault, just buy some proper tech next time instead of rebranded steem

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you would trust a ledger, because ledger has proven to the public that no one else has the ability to take your private key once its generated on the hardware device. Meanwhile in a closed web wallet, the owner of the web wallet could easily store your private key and access your account (if you logged in using the private key or generated the private key using the web wallet)

ProjectAutonomy, [16.06.19 06:13]
likewise, would you trust a VPN with access to your networking card that doesn't show you whats going on in the background (fully closed source and obscure) - or would you trust a VPN which proves to you that it is doing everything that you expect it to do as it is fully open source and provable

ProjectAutonomy, [19.06.19 00:17]
All people care about today is if their IP changes, and they lack visibility beyond that

ProjectAutonomy, [19.06.19 00:18]
A vpn provider can fully decrypt your data and do very malicious things

ProjectAutonomy, [19.06.19 00:18]
“The Department of Homeland Security has issued a warning that some VPN packages from Cisco, Palo Alto, F5 and Pulse may improperly secure tokens and cookies, allowing nefarious actors an opening to invade and take control over an end user’s system.

The DHS’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) warning comes on the heels of a notice from Carnegie Mellon’s CERT that multiple VPN applications store the authentication and/or session cookies insecurely in memory and/or log files.”

ProjectAutonomy, [19.06.19 00:19]
Its not just a game to pretend you are in a different country
Even 90%+ of the 'technical' community does not realize the true need for a dvpn because they don't consider the provability aspect

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these are some info from sentinel TG chat

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Sentinel dVPN is only blockchain project with real users and a product


Love it

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Sentinels are here to protect you while you traverse the digital sea

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ETH bags, EOS, Aternity ico scam WTF. COSMOS and her projects are going to walk out of the room at x30 while we fking bleed

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Dude you should follow the anon in this meme, pay attention and you will be happy and wealthy

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4chan /biz such bullshit. Bunch of faggots buying Chain link. IBS and google joint venture Larping as an open source venture.

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tendermint based projects are the next big wave after erc 20 scams and IEOs, get on the train before it leaves the station anon

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LOL the Scarf masked the milk man

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FUCK BNB is going to be cosmos asset hub to. CZ is burning the majority of the float

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And sentinel is recognised by cosmos as top projects on it, soon launching mainnet. Do I need to tell you what you should be doing right now anon? Or will you let me dump on you when it pumps?

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Cz understands the importance of tendermint ecosystem and they are going to help spread the tendermint meme and all ecosystem projects after they accumulated enough atoms

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Wem moon Op?

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the closer we get to main net the more lickely the chance of pamp will become

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Centralized VPNs are doomed, those scammers selling VPN users data have days counted

I cancalled PIA and ExpressVPN subscription permanently and been using sentinel for the last few days since i say one of this threads thanks OP

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Interesting concepts here seems like the switch to a dvpn Is obvious, so i can try the dapp for free ?

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yeah you can use the dVPN for free till main net (and also after if the community decides to host free nodes) https://sentinel.co/

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What big ears behind you anon

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Will try the app and come back of i have questions It looks pretty shiny if It truly has provable encryption, Will see if It truly works as advertized

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sentinel is here to truly offer a superior service and protect its users from authoritarian regimes and over-reaching middlemans, sentinel DAO purpose is to offer easy to use software that ANYBODY can use and don't be paranoid they are being monitored

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If BNB can't show a shitcoin market beyond just baseless speculation the segregation is going to keep happening by regulators. Makes sense industry needs a real system that works, so that dapps can thrive beyond speculative degen assumptions

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Op frankly I don't care about all this tech jargon, I only care about making more money, so why should I buy this token, OK the tech might be cool and all of that, but the token is worthless

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TRUMP happy:

-he wants to be evil


-he CANT be evil

Thanks Sentinel

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the token is not worthless at all, it will be used to secure the sentinel blockchain and to participate in the governance of the protocol (like cosmos eos decred and other pos/dpos coins)
you will be able to delegate your tokens and earn interest on them + every service on the chain will be able to be payed in sent token.

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So it's a dpos chain mmm how many txn sec it does? I'm still not very convinced about the token

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This guy gets it.

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Pajeet's shitcoin of the week:


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you didn't even research the project or try the DAPP, sentinel is one of the only non gambling or speculation dapp that has actual real usage, you can check out the dapp stats here https://stats.sentinel.co/

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currently on testnet it does more then 200 txn/ sec but when main net launches and real validators have access to the infrasturcture they will bring better hardware making it much faster.

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Anon, eth/erc20 are shitcoins useless, staking tokens like ATOM or SENT are used in bonded proof of stake and token holders earn rewards.

Dude, by holding staking token like SENT or ATOM you are like a miner in bitcoin, earning blocks rewards and fees

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Good luck op, if this shitcoin gets on a better exchange I might buy a small bag, but for now I'm not touching it cause it's on hitbtc

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its better, no need for a fucking jet plane like noise in your home lol, staking is great

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Oh yea, and at 14 sats a piece it's a real bargain huh pajeet? This piece of shit hasn't seen 24 hour volume above 20k in a year. This coin belongs on the street you use for shitting. Pic related.

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its up to you dude, buying now its more riskybut at the same time upside is greater

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you are too retarded to understand actual usecases, you are used to coins that pamp just based on speculation and have no solid tech behind it
dVPN is one of the blockchains niches with lower mcap, its bound to pamp.
also cz is supporting tendermint a great deal and he is very vocal about VPNs

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what jet plane are you talking about dude? staking is the new mining anon, in ethereum bag holders just pray price up, ATOM and SENT holders enjoy the block rewards and transactions fees easily delegating tokens to some validators while drinking a beer in the beach

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one of binance labs mandates is to support dVPNs so don't be surpised if sentinel gets listed on binance or binance dex which is built on tendermint (like sentinel)>>14841307

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Dude, team has been busy developing code in github. That's why the sentinel hub mainnet is coming, while Binance chain will be just a zone

Pajeets like you just use scam coinmarketcap to get information and make decisions AHAHAHA

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I gave Op a chance and downloaded the app and tried It, It works fine, at least they deliver what advertized

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>you are used to coins that pamp just based on speculation

>with lower mcap, its bound to pamp

Uh huh... and I'm the one speculating right?

I hope you starve to death you fucking con artist thief.

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Dude, download and try the dVPN... Sentinel has real working project, not just vaporware in CMC lol

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how am i a con artist you retard im just talking about a project that solves an actual problem that you are too dumb to even understand, you probably don't care about centralized VPN providers logging all your data or being able to switch off encryption at will.
you are probably so dumb you don't even use a vpn and let google spy on you

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hahahahahaha I got it: you are NordVPN shareholder

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because you're pulling the old pump and dump scheme you fucking criminal. Buy low, hype the coin, sucker in the idiots who don't know any fucking better and then dump on them (like the street you live on).

Remember biz bros, if you buy into this scam coin you're only giving up your money to buy pajeet a new phone and some curry. Pick literally any other top 100 coin and you'd be better off.

>> No.14841590

Im here on biz to find low mcap coins that have potential huge upside, thats how i got rich in the first place, dont discard something just cause it has no volume at the moment, also if you check out the chart you will see that this shitcoin pamped pretty hard in the past i see no reason why it shouldnt pamp again when accumulation is finished

>> No.14841633

probably nothing i will say will make you try the app or change your idea, so i don't get why you are even wasting your time in this thread.
sentinel team has been steadily delivering code and the product solves an actual problem, cause you are just a speculator and not an investor you don't see the potential in the dvpn tech, thank god there are smarter people then you, just look at the commits on github and see the actual value of the coin

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Way to switch ID's and still use the word pamp (which literally no one else on this board does) and give yourself away. You're fucking shit at this you know that?

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Jesus, you don't get it. Why would BTC miners burn or dump their ASICS????

So same, ATOM and SENT are like virtualized ASICs for Proof of Stake? Why the fuck dump instead of holding and getting block/fee rewards?

Erc20 shitcoins are the true pump&dump, no other use case, very different from staking tokens like ATOM or SENT

Anon, you got a lot to learn

>> No.14841743

Ok what happens if someone sends cp to the fbi while using my ip

>> No.14841752

Oh I'm sure I do, but the one lesson I don't need to learn again is how to get dumped on by pajeets. I hope your bags are heavy and losses are catastrophic you fucking scammers.

>> No.14841753

I dont get what your point is, you are just a mad fag that doesn't know how to recognize good projects other then from price action and volume, you are not a trend maker but a follower with your retarded mentality you would have never invested in bitcoin in the early days cause lack of volume

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There is also mysterium and privatix as competitors in the dvpn market, but I think sent is leading at the moment.

The general idea of dvpns, however, is just too good to not succeed.

>> No.14841788

I wouldn't have invested in bitcoin early because it wasn't being sold on major exchanges and it's only use was for buying drugs on silk road. No one then could have dreamed of what this was going to turn in to.

>> No.14841798

Why would you trust centralized VPNs to not sell your data to whoever pays the most for it?

Still you want to be anonymous, for file-sharing, just out of principle,...

Tor is also not really a solution as it is slow as fuck and you can't surf anywhere without 7345 captchas everywhere.

Decentralized VPNs like sentinel are the solution to these problems.

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there will be 2 types of nodes, one relay node (thats hwat normal users will host which only relay traffic between themself and to a exit nodes)
and exit nodes which will require more expert users and will be subject to the same precautionary measures as when you host a tor node,
also you will be able to exit directly into tor think of it as a way to rech security through layering:
your pc > relay node 1 > relay node 2 > relay node 2 > exit node > tor
(you can add as many relay nodes as you want, if even one of them is safe you will be protected from surveillance)

>> No.14841847

Yeah thats exactly your bias
This kind of mentality will make you ignore ridicule and insult potential opportunitys, fearing the unknown is not a good way to make money

>> No.14841877

theres no wash trading thats true but theres plenty of days with 20k + volume and thats almost 1% of supply changing hands, its all relative nigger

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centralized VPNs are not safe and they are controlled by mostly the same entitys and governments, decentralized VPNs try to break this and offer a safe alternative which will have way more nodes then tor cause users will be able to get payed to monetize their unused bandwidth.
"host a node during the night and browse safely on a dvpn with the money earned during the day"

>> No.14841897


Bro, if you got scammed before it's your fault. Why come here to fud one of the few blockchain projects producing good code in github and with working product and real users?

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yeah that amount of the supply changing hands each day its pretty big, at some point sellers will be exhausted
also volume follows price not the opposite

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clearly people disagree with him, and the usage of the product has been increasing a lot in the last period

>> No.14841978

Even if you do not give a fuck that your data is sold by centralized vpns, decentralized vpns will eventually be cheaper just because the market will be more effiicient.

Sell your bandwidth during the night so that the chinese can access western media and then during the day torrent hbo series over russian server.

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also most downloads of the mobile version come from places that are under heavy government surveillance, this should show the actual utility >>14841978

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After Bitcoin, the biggest thing in blockchain has been Tendermint used by IBM and the Cosmos hub launch that uses tendermint and BPoS

Now as the Cosmos ecosystem is growing, Sentinel will launch the 3rd hub with the dVPN as first zone, other zones will be dChat etc... The Sent token will be staking token to secure the different zones, for governance and get fixed income for securing the network

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Once again, this is a shit coin only available on a shit exchange being shilled by one guy using multiple ID's to make it appear as if other people actually share his pajeet opinion. If you like losing money, buy this coin.

>> No.14842165


ahaha sell your NordVPN shares and buy SENT anon before NordVPN become a thing of history books

>> No.14842172

anyone with half a brain knows this is a scam dude nobody but you is paying attention to them

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did you check out the other threads on biz ?
its either LINK or low volume coins, you are talking as if biz people are not used to buying low volume stuff, while the whole businness model of biz people is buying low volume shitcoins before anyone else notices them.
i remember PASCAL it was a coin with very solid foundmentals got shilled here then after some days got listed on polo and had the biggest pamp ever on listing (and btw pascal tech is still solid)

>> No.14842182

mh how could he get so many different IDs, could it be that he is already using a blockchain based working dvpn to quickly change his IP?

>> No.14842213

Look at the speed of the pajeets responding lmao.

>> No.14842214

how it this a scam, it has a working product (and thats more then 99% of the project out there and actual usage https://stats.sentinel.co/
you call it a scam just cause it has no volume ?
the team has dedicated funds only to developing and no advertzing thats why this coin is not very well known and has low volume

>> No.14842238


what scam? download and try the dVPN for yourself dude

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Someone shilled this the other day and I ended up buying 20k after doing some research on my own about it.

Great project, comfy hold

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how is your LINK ETH and ADA bag doing friend ?

>> No.14842274

You gonna be holding it for the rest of your life there pajeet because no one is gonna let you dump your bags on them.

>> No.14842293

Pajeets, it's not one dude with many IDs, we like this dVPN, try and you will be converted too

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File: 70 KB, 719x623, tendermint_hubs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

glad you see the good nature of this coin, HOLD at least till main net to see the true potential of this coin and use the dvpn till its free , if you have any feedback you can chat with the team on tg

>> No.14842372

Oh yea great comparison pajeet, this piece of shit is definitely on the same level as those coins. I remember when they all pumped immediately to their ATH right off the bat and then plunged into an eternal abyss of no volume and near 1 sat price to return in a blaze of glory to rule them all. Yep, that's definitely what's gonna happen here for sure, without a doubt.

>> No.14842379

check order history, there has been plenty of market buys every other day, the only reason why its not flying now is that because theres rekt people everywhere and sent is one of only coins that held above ico value through bear

>> No.14842399

Just buy projects in the top 100 like this guy says, buy stuff that has already pumped, and has little upside left dont buy cheap and new stuff with low mcap with low amounts cause thats totally irrational why would anybody wanna make money ?

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as you showed above you only problem is the lack of a more legit exchange for SENT, when it will get listed on a bigger exchange come back here and lets talk again

>> No.14842444

This coin is currently sitting at 14 sats, if it has held above it's ICO (which it hasn't btw) then you'll excuse me if I'm not exactly impressed. 14 sats people, that's where this thing is at. On HitBTC. 14 sats. You literally don't need to know anything else. DOGE coin has over twice the value of this coin and far more volume. An imaginary coin based on a meme dog with zero use and no tech is kicking your asses. Let that sink in.

>> No.14842448

You're retarded, just use a real VPN implementation instead of some bullshit proprietary android app. OpemVPN has never stored any cookies. You have no idea what you're talking about.

>> No.14842464

price has no meaning, what matters is market cap
also it held over ico cause the actual opening price when it got listed on the exchange was much above ico

>> No.14842494
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It has stayed above ICO pajeet, ICO was below $2m, not greedy like other raising billions for a shitcoin like yours

>> No.14842498

You're losing (badly I might add) to a coin based on a meme dog. More investors trust a meme dog coin to make them money than your shitcoin. You absolutely cannot defend your position. You are losing to a meme. Go scam somewhere else.

>> No.14842502
File: 280 KB, 1024x767, serveimage.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

your centralized VPN is probably logging data and cannot prove to you he isn't , also encryption can be switched off at any moment, good luck being safe with a closed source protocol.
also sentinel uses open vpn for routing, but soon it will offer also a wireguard implementation cause thats where the industry is mving towards after linus torvalds endorsed it

>> No.14842524
File: 111 KB, 1536x839, the-sovereign-boys.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dogecoin is an old coin with an established miner community that is used by chinese for capital offshoring, doge has true utility hidden behind fun memes.
also sentinel is not competing with doge , sentinel will be offering dvpn services and services to the cosmos tendermint ecosystem

>> No.14842548
File: 42 KB, 554x353, index5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The only one losing is you, if you think this is shitcoin why you come here every day and religiously check whole thread. Anon you are hidden lover of SENT, come out of the wardrobe HAHAHAHA

>> No.14842572

Not only are you a scammer, but you're in full cope mode. You're in denial about having your ass handed to you by a meme coin so you use some pajeet mental gymnastics to convince yourself that your continued shilling efforts will be rewarded with bag dumping despite being throat fucked by a meme coin. You truly are a sad little pajeet.

>> No.14842643

Thanks for proving you have no idea what you're talking about.
You have no idea how encryption works.
You have no idea how OpenVPN works.
You have no idea what closed source means.
You're a fucking idiot. Also, no one "endorsed" wireguard, he just merged it upstream. It's slightly more efficient, but yet again, you're showing that you know absolutely nothing because it's functionally working on the exact same principles as OpenVPN.
Tldr you're a retard and you know about as much about tech as you do about the English language.

>> No.14842660
File: 52 KB, 640x480, 2bP4pJr4wVimqCWjYimXJe2cnCgn4TFnPAPtGZTjS2z.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

other then ad hominem you haven't actually managed to formulate a single logical argument this thread you just deflected all my trys to start an actual rational convo.
at least if you wanna fud research the project and come up with some actual critcism, your only talking points have been the lack of volume and the fact that its listed on hitbtc, and that has nothing to do with the actual solidity of the tech, but you being a retarded and insecure speculator you don't care about the tech but only price and volume

>> No.14842673

then come at me with actual arguments instead of just saying i don't know shit

>> No.14842698

nice trips but your logic is retarded af anon, price doesnt mean shit, market cap is what matters, and yes it indeed has remained above ico price, ico was for 2 mils, it held much better than 99% of shitcoins

>> No.14842737

the fact that the code in any centralized VPN can be changed and nobody will know it is the problem that closed source implementations face.
with an open source implementation regulated by a decentralized blockchain you can ensure encryption or node code is not being changed or messed with.

>> No.14842748

Why would I bother giving effort to some retard that doesn't even know what closed source means? You don't know the most basic things about software, and you've demonstrated it over and over again. The onus to prove you know what you're talking about is on you. Prove to me you understand encryption, or even how a fucking VPN works, because so far you're regurgitating shit trying to shill your shitcoin.

>> No.14842772

Again, you still dont even understand what closed source means, dumb fuck.

>> No.14842775

you are already wasting time here writing comments without actual rational criticism

>> No.14842800

So you're admitting you can't prove you know how anything works.

>> No.14842806

you are just insulting again with no actual criticism, let me do the same you are doign, by the sound of it you are just a bneck beard with no actual knowledge on the argument that pretends to know his shit and uses the appeal to authority and assumed expert fallcy to derail the actual thread into some ad hominem bullshit

>> No.14842825

im not admitting anything , now you are using the classic SJW tactic of putting words in my mouth that i never said,

>> No.14842841

It's culturally acceptable to mercilessly insult and harass pajeets on /biz/. You are at a disadvantage here.

>> No.14842847

either post some actual criticism on the tech or GTFO >>14842800
i bet your next comment after this won't include nothing about the tech just another ad hominem

>> No.14842871

so you are admitting that your intent is just trolling without reason, just to waste the time of both

>> No.14842881

My intent is to save people who don't know any better from your predatory attempts to fleece them of their cash.

>> No.14842905

Again, onus is on you to prove you know your shit. So far you have presented a bunch of misinformation and a misunderstanding of any underlying code.

What is closed source about OpenVPN?
What is closed source about Wireguadd?
Do you understand how the encryption algo works on each of the protocols?

I'm still waiting.

>> No.14842908

I barely spent any money, like 25 bucks or so. I'd rather lose 20 bucks than miss an opportunity to make money anon

>> No.14842935

is sentinel tech legit ? yes
is code being delivered steadily ? yes
does it have actual products ? yes
does it have actual users ? yes
has the team delivered all they features they promised on time till now ? yes
i don't see how this is a scam, either tell me an actual reason or stop wasting your own time

>> No.14842968
File: 19 KB, 182x278, IMG_20190622_112253_184.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Pajeet, go buy some buckets to fill with your tears after sentinel goes to $200 mcap so you won't damage the floor of your mum appartement where you live in the basement

>> No.14842972

save cash from what? its been litterally above ico price since the begining and right now its very close to milestone releases and entry price is extremely good

>> No.14842984

you misunderstood what i said above i never said that wireguard or open vpn are closed source i said that the various implementations of them are (nord vpn, protonvpn and all other centralized vpn have closed source implementaions on top of that open source protocols)
also its not a polite to answer with a question again come at me with actual criticism

>> No.14843032

You sound no different than the other 50,000 pajeets who shill their fucking coin. They all claim their tech is legit and that it solves this problem or that problem and that they have real products ect. ect. None of that fucking matters, if experts in the field thought there was potential in it they'd be sinking money into it, but no one is. I don't trust my knowledge of this tech to make a decision, I don't trust the devs of this coin to make me money and I don't trust some pajeet on biz shilling me yet another coin using the same tired phrases and explanations. What I do trust is greed which is reflected either in volume, price or shilling. This coin has no volume, it has no price but it sure as hell has some serious shilling going on. This tells me that the only greed to be found is in the shillers and that tells me all I need to know about whether or not to buy this garbage.

>> No.14843076

again thats just a very subjective way to evaluate a coin and a protocol, what you said it doesn't mean sentinel is a scam but just that it lacks liquidity (which doesn't make it a scam)

>> No.14843084


We are not asking you to buy any token anon, just use the dVPN and download it, it's free

>> No.14843100

your whole argument has been "this coin has no volume , SCAM" you could have dropped this comment at the top of the thread and not waste both of our times

>> No.14843101
File: 2.24 MB, 1242x2208, 030FA7ED-CFC8-4C63-9E28-3D8EEF27D324.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Emm how about that sentinel already has a working product and many users. Main net at Q4 bishes

>> No.14843140

Again, you're a fucking idiot. Thats not what an "implementation" means. No one is also forcing people to use their clients, every VPN service worth anything distributes ovpn configs.

You're also being retarded, yet again, and spouting false information.
>also encryption can be switched off at any moment, good luck being safe with a closed source protocol.
Your own words. All false. Prove it. Point to me where in the code you can switch off encryption. And yet again, "closed source protocol". You dont know what you're talking about.

No one gives a shit about politeness, you're deflecting your ignorance. I can't prove a negative. The onus is on you. Prove to us you understand what you're talking about. You can't, that's why you're deflecting and posting misinformation.

>> No.14843153

look this dude >>14843084 is right , you can just download the vpn and use it for free you don't need to buy the coin

>> No.14843231

Ok pajeet, I might be able to agree to that

>> No.14843296

i responded to your questions with an actual argument you didn't
>Again, you're a fucking idiot. Thats not what an "implementation" means. No one is also forcing people to use their clients, every VPN service worth anything distributes ovpn configs.
if you are connecting to a centralized vpn server by definition you can't know what they are actually running and if encryption is actually on, also encryption keys can be made public or shared with the wrong people, same reason why russian gov is asking telegram to sghare their encryption keys

>> No.14843328

>phoneposting an anonymoose picture unironically

You have to be 18 to post here

>> No.14843349

"Returning to the classic client-based IPsec VPN, keep in mind that each VPN connection has two parties: the VPN client and, on the terminating end, the VPN gateway. Misconfiguring VPN clients to compromise security can occur in the manipulation of Phase 1 and/or Phase 2 proposals of the IPsec connection. If the client is configured to work with AES128, for example, and the user changes the encryption algorithm to DES (assuming the gateway allows DES as a valid security proposal), this would constitute a severe reduction in overall security because DES has much lower encryption strength and can be easily compromised. Thus, some control can already be exercised from the gateway end to not allow security protocols that do not meet state-of-the-art VPN security."

>> No.14843365

if any of the nodes attempt to manipulate by not choosing an encryption standard on sent lets say - they automatically wont be able to connect to the dapp and feature themselves as a service provider. Otherwise with nordvpn or any other mainstream provider you have absolutely no idea about whats going on in the back

>> No.14843380

the most important point is the provability of encryption and routing - in a normal centralized vpn you have absolutely no insight into whether your data is actually being encrypted or whether the routing protocol is being manipulated or not. There is a reason why you trust btc open source wallets and not closed source web wallets - that same reason must apply for the usage of VPNs

>> No.14843425
File: 96 KB, 1028x721, photo_2019-07-18_00-22-23.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

https://theconversation.com/is-your-vpn-secure-109130 this article should clear things up

>> No.14843426

Spreading misinformation again.
You dont know what they're running ASIDE from OpenVPN, which cannot be forced to "un-encrypt" data server side. If that's your argument, then you should never use your shitcoin, because an individual node could sniff metadata, which is about the only thing you could do.

>and if encryption is actually on
Not how it works. You can't disable encryption server-side.

>also encryption keys can be made public or shared with the wrong people
Not how it works, learn about key authentication, rotation and reneging. Public key is worth fuck all to anyone, because it's, you know, public, you idiot.

Thanks for proving you don't know shit and are only shilling. I'm still waiting on you pointing me to the piece of code that can actually do everything you're saying here.

>> No.14843456

IPsec is not being used for a good decade. Yes, if you use a broken piece of software, it will break, no shit.

More buzzwords that mean nothing.

That has nothing to do with VPN protocols, that's about broken connections. Of fucking course you can't tunnel thru a broken server.

>> No.14843478
File: 38 KB, 689x213, index2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Another nordVPN shareholder HAHAHAHA

>> No.14843503

again all centralized VPNs can switch ancryption standard at will at any moment, also more centralized VPNs clients are closed source so you can't check how the routing was actually implemented and what code is actually being executed on your pc, same problem most people have with windows and why governments are switching away to linuz open source > closed source

>> No.14843547

i mean if you are actually interested go have a chat with the devs they will be able to answer your questions better then me

>> No.14843570

you might discover that sentinel protocol is actually solid and has a real usecase and good tech behind it

>> No.14843587

>again all centralized VPNs can switch ancryption standard at will at any moment
I have no idea what you're talking about. What the fuck is an "encryption standard"? Are you talking about protocol? Key length? Cipher? Because the worst that could happen is they downgrade the cipher, and guess what, you see that, because the client logs it. So yet again, you're an idiot and you proved nothing.

>also more centralized VPNs clients are closed source
And that's why no one uses them.

I'm still waiting for you to actually prove any of this shit. Point me to the code which enables any of what you said in this thread. I'm waiting.

>> No.14843643

https://github.com/sentinel-official here is the github the code of the dvpn is fully opensourced, the code of the wireguard multi relay hops will be open sourced after main net, there is a video showing how it works but i guess you want more then that, i will continue making this thread and when the code for the relay net is fully open source i will share it
if you don't wanna wait have a chat with the devs

>> No.14843662

>more deflection and dodging the questions
Just admit you're spreading FUD to shill already.

>> No.14843726

i answered your question with saying that the code for the multi relay hop is not open sourced yet , whats more straight forward then that ?
and i said that if you are truly interested go talk with the team developers on tg cause they can reach a way deeper level that i can in a technical discussion

>> No.14843865

You haven't answered anything. I didn't ask about Sentinel sour e code. I asked you to prove your assertions. Where is the proof? You've made a fuckton of factually incorrect statements you're refusing to prove or address, because you know you're full of shit.

Show me where you can "disable encryption".
Show me where you can "make encryption keys public".
Show me where you can " switch encryption standard".

You asked for arguments. I gave you arguments. You can't do this shit and I can't prove a negative. It's on you to prove your claims. What you're doing instead is deflecting and trying to wriggle your way out. You're not fooling anyone. Show me your proof.

>> No.14844150


there are multiple papers and articles that show that at least 18% of the commercial VPNs don't even encrypt data.
to know if your centralized VPN is actually encrypting your data you need to use monitoring tools like wireshark which most consumers will never do (to actually check the plain text), not counting that the VPN can be using a broken cypher or one where the secret key is known , the VPN server must know the encryption key to actually tunnel the traffic, any vpn provider can share the encryption key with whoever they want.
can you be sure that nordvpn has not shared their secret encryption key with various governments or that they simply just not log data when it passes through their server and sell it to various agencies?

>> No.14844262

because centralized vpn providers code is not open sourced they can't actually prove they implemented the code right or straight up implemted a malicious version of encryption, while the packet might look obfuscated if you analyze it, because you have no idea if they implemented AES128 or some closed source broken version of it

>> No.14844319

the government may have been given access to private keys voluntarily by the organization that controls the keys

>> No.14844400

>that at least 18% of the commercial VPNs don't even encrypt data.
Yes, those are data farms for mobile market and no one with IQ bigger than the room temp would install them. It's all those "free VPN 100%" Chinese apps on Play Store.

>to know if your centralized VPN is actually encrypting your data you need to use monitoring tools like wireshark
Absolute nonsense, OpenVPN and Wireshark both clearly show you everything you need to know. You can't undo encryption. More FUD from you.

>not counting that the VPN can be using a broken cypher or one where the secret key is known
OpenVPN and Woreshark both rely on OpenSSL and LibreSSL which already deprecated such ciphers, so again, bullshit.

>VPN server must know the encryption key to actually tunnel the traffic, any vpn provider can share the encryption key with whoever they want.
That's not how key exchange works, more FUD and misinformation. Go read up on it before spouting bullshit.

>can you be sure that nordvpn has not shared their secret encryption key with various governments or that they simply just not log data when it passes through their server and sell it to various agencies?
I dont use NkrdVON, so I dont give a shit. But I can be damn sure that they can't magically un-encrypt data that's sent to them (encryption happens on local machine) with just your public key. The absolute worst case scenario is a malicious actor sniffing metadata and conflating that to already known in formation, which can happen on any node with Sentinel as well. For that, you need to already have data on your target because the data themselves show only login times and amount of traffic passed thru.

>because centralized vpn providers code is not open sourced
They literally run OpenVPN. Open means open. Sentinel is not any more "open" than that, you dont get root access to each node to inspect which OpenSSL version they're running either. You have no idea what open source means.

Any more misinformed FUD?

>> No.14844422

>because you have no idea if they implemented AES128 or some closed source broken version of it
OpenVPN tells you the cipher used. More FUD. OpenSSL doesn't have any "closed source versions" of ciphers.

Again, not how key exchange works. Keep proving you understand nothing.

>> No.14844448


>> No.14844617

when the secret key is negotiated both partys know it , so a centralized service provider can share it with the government.
if the encryption is implemnted correctly it can't be broken but the keys can be stolen compromised or leaked

>> No.14844704

Are you the guy doing the XSN threads too? This one is surprisingly similar in structure. Thoughts on XSN, if not?

>> No.14844949

i don't know what XSN does, for the first post of the thread i just copied the strucure of some threads i saw cause i tought thats an actual good way to explain a coin and its feature

>> No.14845062

I see you still have no idea how key exchange works. Keep being ignorant.
Hint: there isn't one key, and there is no super scary master key, AND even the public keys (which are useless to anyone) are reneged every few minutes.

Stop. Spreading. Bullshit.

>> No.14845179

lol this thread gone to full shit, but it got attention so I guess I am buying more

>> No.14845221

Yeah i cant understand most of the shit about encryption being safe or not, but this thread got on top of the board, i guess people arguing is good for shilling on biz

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