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He's making fun of us

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No no no no no

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Good... You deserve to be made fun of by some no name

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what did he say?

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That he's glad he doesn't invest in monopoly money

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He's a reasonable guy. He doesn't know that old biz got in early, but he started watching in time to see Reddit and old biz get burned.

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this guy should stick to his fan club and keep farming those "likes" and "subscribes"
he needs followers because he's been trained like a bitch in heat to look for social validation from others
his worship of himself and his attempts to hopscotch the hierarchy remind me of the games women play
the absolute state of modern men
what a disgrace

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he says his main board is /biz/ and he thinks you people are fucking hilarious

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nubiz, I mean

He's a funny guy. Biz has been my main for a while now, but I visit less and less. It's only funny as a dumpster fire right now, and the wojaks aren't nearly as pink as they were in 18.

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>That he's glad he doesn't invest in monopoly money
I've got some bad news for him...
>hint: it's all monopoly money
>pic related

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>I've got some bad news for him...
>hint: it's all monopoly money
>pic related

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