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Sentinel is the first blockahin project with actual users that is not gambling related
live numbers: https://stats.sentinel.co/

sentinel vision is to allow users to be truly safe from surveillance, offering an open source dVPN which provably doesn't log data and offer safe encryption, no centralized vpn is able to offer anything similiar.

sentinel is part of tendermint/cosmos ecosystem with projects like binance dex althea foam matic etc.. cosmos ecosystem will see huge growth once alt bull starts again.
Cosmos blockchain will be interconnected by 3 major hubs (cosmos, iris and sentinel)
dpos chain will have the equivalent boom that erc 20 had during 2017, 66% of the supply is locked at all times for the DPOS security
>features alredy delivered:
-dVPN app on ethereum (running from april 2018)
-dVPN app on tendermint (running from jan 2019) https://youtu.be/Iaa7Jwd5sy8
-tendermint testnet with closed validator set
-android app
-own crypto wallet for ethereum and tendermint

>planned features

-DPOS tendermint blockchain in q3-q4 (test up and running for months)
-decentralized chat app https://youtu.be/T1H8exU6D7I
-wireguard implementation (linus torvalds endorsed wiregaurd making it the standard)
-multi hop relay net (first of its kind truly revolutionary tech for a VPN) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYK1BPXSji4&t=1s
-tor exit nodes
-private nets ( this will allow corporations and banks to set up private networks that only employees can access)
-zk snark mixer
-interblockchain communication protocol
-IOS app https://youtu.be/pzy5APfng0c
with DPOS you will be able to earn staking rewards by delegating your tokens, the current mcap is around 2m$
i see 500m$ as a very realistic market cap for seninel a project that has achieved real usage and has a steady development,you guys can try the dvpn right now for FREE till main net hits , also worthed to know that binance labs is searching for a dVPN project to support

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another day, another sent shill thread, cant say my baggy back doesnt feel happy seeing this, sent is gonna be top gainers in 2019 no doubt about it

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Anon, I love this threads but whats the big deal about sentinel? Im using nord VPN for years tell, please convince me why sentinel better thanks

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Nice meme Op these threads have Always top tier images

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centralized VPN cannot be trusted with not logging data https://www.computerweekly.com/news/252466203/Top-VPNs-secretly-owned-by-Chinese-firms
sentinel has provable encryption that can't be turned off by nodes otherwise they get disconnected from the network.
also sentinel allows to monetize your own bandwidth by hosting a relay node, which will allow user to hop between multiple nodes, thus ensuring safety as more nodes you pass through, no other vpn can offer anything similiar.

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Mainnet is imminent, pump soon boys

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nice knowing that you share this bag with me, we will enjoy together the trip to the moon

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yes soon everybody will be able to stake their SENT and earn new coins, most of the supply will be locked, like cosmos

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moon isnt the right word here anon, market cap is what? 2/3 m? this puppy can go easily to 200 market cap and not be overpriced, its only a matter of time

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Thanks OP very interesting I cant believe i never heard about this, NordVPN and other sucking money from all of us and then sell our data also wtf

where can i try sentinel dVPN? is it free and for how long?

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Post more memes pls, will need to get a nice collection for when i get a suicide stack of sent

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yeah , if you compare sentinel with shit like augur or any other retarded eth project you can see clearly that either those eth projects are overvalued or sent is undervalued, it deserves at least 100m cap right now, and 1b in 2021

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https://sentinel.co/ you can download it here , yes its free till main net, and also after if the community decides to host some free nodes

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dude ive got a tons of SENT memes lol, minimum sent stack to be happy when it moons is 1m IMO

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I heard grin team is behind sent

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1b is hard anon, 500m though is reachable imo

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team is anon so we will never know who is behind SENT

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Thanks OP, i will download now and try, i see it's listed in hitbtc... may get a bag after I check a bit more, will see how the dvpn works

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idk dude look at the size of the VPN market cap today, sentinel offers better tech then any of the centralized ones , and also governments don't seem to wanna back down on surveillance and censorship, so i think SENT will surprise us to the upside

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It is true lol

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How much time did It take to make all these memes ?

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LMAO!!!! Wtf is this??? will share it everywhere in twitter hahahahhahahahaha

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nice dude you can also check the live stats here https://stats.sentinel.co/

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Sentinel is like moon pie

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ive been buying SENT for months (cause right now the volume is quite low so it took time to get some) so every time i bought i made some memes, so i have a big stack of memes

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seem like kek agrees with your statement

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Your isp provider enjoys knowing what your kids do on the internet

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Ive been checking all the memes in the old threads you have made a fuckload

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Peek a boo. (:

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Sentinel team is anonymous? Maybe Satoshi could be behind sent for all we know

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All that chad capital buying sent and cosmos

All that pedophile capital making online kittens necking on eth. Weirdo's

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You have convinced me to download and try sent dapp, congratulation OP

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Yeah, privacy in the internet is big topic, Satoshi created bitcoin after 2008 crisis, then next big thing was Snowden revelations... so maybe Satoshi tought about a way to end surveillance, I think it could very well be Satoshi behind Sentinel or someone close

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SENT team is anon for a reason, its probably cosmos team itself doing a private spin off so they have no problems with regulators cause of the mixer and dvpn

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here are the old threads if anybody is interested

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its only the first step towards red pill of privacy, been using sent daily as my primary vpn, no regrets

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yeah that could be also, a hub is huge thing, even Binance chais just a zone, cosmos team itself could be behind sentinel

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idk about that dude , but its for sure someone competent enough to create a multi hop relay net on wireguard https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYK1BPXSji4&t=1s

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I will try sent dvpn for a week and report my experience anon

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after main net sent team will release also a chat dapp integrated with crypto wallet and fully encrypted, so you will be able to try multiple dapps soon

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Nice will try that too when it comes out, will it be free like the dvpn?

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yeah SENTinel will be one of the 3 big hubs in tendermint/cosmos ecosystem, it will offer mizing services to binance chain, imagine all the people that wanna mix their coins after they have traded on binance dex, the mixing volume will be huge

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fuck I forgot that vpn is not the only product developed by the team, buying this at 2m market cap is insane opportunity

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I never heard about sent before your threads OP ,the big amounts of memes surely show you are committed to this coin, i will give you a chance shill me why i should get a suicide stack of this shit

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yeah anon, how the fuck is sentinel $2m cap and other mega shitcoins like over $100m HAHAHA

crypto markets are dumb as fuck, even my dog could trade better in crypto that all those retarded traders

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dude look at the mcap of this coin is low has fuck for a crypto project that has its own blockchain (now on testnetsoon launched on main net).
the blockchain btw will be faster then 200 txn/sec depending of the hardware that validators use.
SENT will be the privacy coin of cosmos ecosystem, offering mixing services to all interconnected chains.
also sent has a real usecase with a growing userbase https://stats.sentinel.co/ check out here the stats, and if you don't believe me you can try the product for free for yourself https://sentinel.co/
sentinel also aims at disruping the security of banks and corporations communications offering them a easy to use protocol to secure the communication and data traffic of their employees.
so its a solution that faces both consumer and corporate entitys with multiple products
the dchat app also will be part of the whole offering and it will integrate perfectly with the dvpn giving every user the assurance no government or third party is listening/watching their convos.
also sentinel after main net will become a fully functional dao able to vote and govern their protocol, and finance third party developers to create new features and expand of sent offerings in a decentralized way

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up until now only shitcoins with good pr would make it, but as we seen in 2018 its not sustainable, without actual users projects just die off, sentinel uses different approach, acquiring users is first priority

>> No.14821834

I will do my research, and confirm if what you said is true OP, so when are the timelines of the stuff you mentioned ?

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yeah sent team has been all about developing a product and create a growing userbase in countries that actually need it, look at the downloads of the mobile app they are based mainly in regions which are being actively censore by their governemments (btw more then 10k donloads on the mobile dapp as of last month)

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testnet is already up and running, and main net should launch before the end of the year, the dchat mixer and private net will follow (the team said they are already being internally tested).
yeah dude do your research and download and try the product it should speak for itself showing the high competence of the team

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hethis image explains what sentinel true vision is

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look at that map anon, sent users are from countries that legit needs vpn, cant make this shit up, its going to explode

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yeah dude when chinese posters will understand the potential of sent this shit will moon so hard, it will become as big as tor in no time, and will reach a higher amounts of nodes cause users will be payed to host them

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lmost a third (30%) of the world’s top virtual private network (VPN) providers are secretly owned by six Chinese companies, according to a study by privacy and security research firm VPNpro.

The study shows that the top 97 VPNs are run by just 23 parent companies, many of which are based in countries with lax privacy laws.

Six of these companies are based in China and collectively offer 29 VPN services, but in many cases, information on the parent company is hidden to consumers.

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when litterally anyone in the world will be able to run node from their home and get some moneys essentially for free, its gonna get bigger than tor anon, much bigger

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how can people still trust centralized VPNs after shit like this comes out, i have no idea>>14822172

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Downloaded vpn after yesterday's thread, working fine so far op, might get a small bag

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yeah SENT is a moonshot, there is no project that has similiar potential to reach mass adoption

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thats nice dude happy to hear that my effort to spread a truly private product that will make the world a better place is working

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One step at a time, both financial and privacy freedom will be achieved

>> No.14822361

Theres nothing better than getting a bag of something that actually solves a problem using blockchain tech instead of just using it to get quick monies

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true freedom is where sentinel is aiming at

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yeah projects with real utility will be the only ones making gains during the next alt bubble, all those wortheless scam tokens that nobody uses will die

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Is sentinel transparent and does it keep logs?

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sentinel code is open source, but it ensure no logs are kept thanks to its multi hops relay net, and allowing users to offer and monetize tehir own bandwidth

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you can use the sentinel dvpn dapp for free till main net hits ( and probably also after if the community hosts some free nodes)

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Sent so cheap, its not even a cent

>> No.14822586

Say if the NSA owns a couple nodes wouldn't that make sentinel vulnerable like TOR? How does sentinel ensure exit nodes are not vulnerable?

>> No.14822592

why do people use Chinese and nsa VPN when you could use sent

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soon brother, soon

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first of all you will be able to exit directly into TOR ensuring at least 2 layers of privacy, second sentinel allows users to get payed to host a node , thats was always tor main prblem normal users were never incentivized into hosting a node, sentinel allows to pass through as many nodes you want with its relay net , if even oven one of them is honest you will be safe, so its like tor but better, also sentinel is looking into partnering with other dvpn projjects to mix them as layers and ensure even a superior layer of privacy.
sent encryption can' be switched off cause if nodes try to mess with the code they get rejected from the protocol

>> No.14822687

if you need further clarification please ask

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its cause people needs to see the light anon, we must educate as many people as possible to the gamechanging difference bewteen centralized and decentralized VPN.
for example if i ask anyone in crypto if they would use a non open source custodial wallet to hold their crypto they would say im retarded, thats cause people have been educated for years about "not your keys not your coins".
but the same is true for decentralized VPN tech, "if you server is hosted in a centralized facility you are not safe and you 100% gambling with your data and browsing history encryption can be turned off and probably chinese corporations are using you data to create a profile on you".

>> No.14822835

I see sounds pretty solid so essentially sentinel relies on layering in order for its users to remain anonymous?

>> No.14822837

Preaching to my friends whenver I see them,
realizing the importance of privacy is a must in this age, just like "not your keys not your coins" privacy is not guaranteed if you have to trust word of corporations, sentinel is open sourced and theres no trust required, no logs means no logs

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yeah layering and routing traffic through multiple nodes and provable encryption that can't be switched off

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"not your keys not your coins"
"their single centralized server, their data"
if you don't own part of the network where your data is travelling its not your data.
own the pipeline of data through sent and you will own part of the first truly natively digital commodity

>> No.14822891

I heard sentinel will release dChat soon. I hope it help us from feds fapping to our convos

>> No.14822901

anonymous is anonymous, encryption cannot be broken and even exit nodes cannot see the data of user, relays and shit is more for dmca notice protection for those in cucked countries, it also adds extra layer of privacy so thats good too

>> No.14822902

You just converted me anon I'm in. Exit nodes are what scared me off of TOR.

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keep in mind that the full protocol will be released when main net hits before the end of the year

>> No.14822930

Owning your network is luxury now. I can’t wait for Sent to be on my iPhone

>> No.14822938

Yeah just read the litepaper promising project though glad I went in to this thread randomly lol

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yeah dcaht will come soon, after main net

>> No.14822962

the whitepaper is a bit outdated and need to be updated after main net , check out the medium posts for a more recent news source https://medium.com/sentinel

>> No.14822984

SENT is one of those few projects with a real use case. Pretty comfy with my bag. Its due to mega pump sooner or later.

>> No.14822989

relays are very important for users that wanna monetize tehir bandwidth safely, also imagine chaining your data through a huge amount of nodes, it will be the safest protocol out there, it will be a bit slow but for true privacy for users that requires it it will be worthed

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IOS app should come before main net that will boost adoption a lot

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yeah SENT will have a mega pamp for sure , CZ has been very clear for the need of a vpn

>> No.14823036

Thanks I definitely see the demand for stronger and decentralized VPNS especially since government agencies around the world are more than willing to take down crypto exchanges and now dexes seem to be getting more popular. I'm guessing it wont be long now until binance or bitfinex get raided.

>> No.14823049
File: 159 KB, 564x490, CZ_dVPNs2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

also binance labs has in its mandate to find and fund a decentralized VPN project , and everybody knows cz has an hard on for projects built on tendermint (cause he built his own binance dex on tendermint too and listed cosmos right away when it launched)

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yeah thast why binance has created its own dex and its supporting all kinds of project to aide privacy like wasabi wallet for btc.
surveillance is a growing trend sadly and we must find ways to protect ourself from it, these fuckers will try to create their dystopian future but we must resist.
libra hearing of today shows clearly we will soon get money backed by surveillance and data theft, project like this help us push away that dystopian future

>> No.14823171

Interesting concepts here, i guess i kind of understand, as ive been getting into crypto more and more ive started using more and more open source software, for example switching away from windows to linux, i guess using an open source vpn with provable encryption is the next logical step

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yeah dude everybody getting involved into crypto would be irresponsible using closed source stuff like windows , the first step is surely switching away from that botnet, i agree 100%.
you can be sure you won't regret switching fully to open source software .
sent vpn will become more and more userfriednly and also the next release will be built on wiregaurd the next cutting hedge tunneing protocol, which linus torvalds himself has endorsed.
sent will be as convenient as possible to use when on main net you will be able to pay with any other crypto connected to sent chain through cosmos IBC, so BTC XMR ETH PIVX BNB and any chain that wants to connect

>> No.14823406

I like projects that dont force their coins on people

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yeah its the whole reason why sentinel switched away from ethereum, cause normal users can't be bothred with having to manage 2 coins and learn how to use gas, its the whole reason why dapps are switching away from ethereum and building their own chains
smart projects are building their own chain on tendermint/cosmos ecosystem

>> No.14823611
File: 38 KB, 299x480, photo_2019-07-15_22-09-20.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 28 KB, 562x426, photo_2019-07-15_23-35-11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14823656

this list is dope, years of development on eth while other great platforms ate shit not getting any and boom, cosmos out of nowhere with 80+ projects announcing sentinel to be one of top ones

>> No.14823714
File: 7 KB, 329x323, photo_2019-07-16_01-55-47.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah this list shows that good tech gets adoption fast, the smart devs will switch to cosmos /tendermint / ethermint.
smart people will see tendermint trend before it actually pops, tendermint coins will be like erc 20 in 2017 when alts bull start again

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