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Official discussion thread. Price talk & Project

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Inb4 200sats

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inb4 coinbase september

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Out before 50 sats

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coinbase listing

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Not gonna happen

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For anons that aren't able to connect the dots, remember that Harmony is the first platform LINK is porting over to. All of LINK's connections, nodes, smart contracts, will be running on Harmony alongside ETH. When this happens, choosing to use ONE over ETH will be a fucking no-brainer due to the speed and sharding. ETH 2.0 is still at least a year away, once mainnet for Harmony comes out next month, it's going to explode.


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Can someone shill me on ONE?

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this makes my pp the big pp

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It should

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very nice

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Expect it to drop to 120, pump to 125-130 and then dump to sub 115, screencap this we are going to 105

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Not you again, fuck off. We don't want you here

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based schizo poster

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Mad cause I've been right the entire day? I've been literally telling you guys what to do I just don't understand why you don't follow what I've been saying and profit out of it *facepalm*

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Should I sell half my link stack to buy this? I assume this will do a x10 before link... Right?

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what's a realistic price eoy

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your shizo ass has not been right. keep coping

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I'm genuinely curious at this point, why 105? What's your basis for this price.

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harmony is on mainnet wtf

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A early phase yes, not mainnet

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After what CAPSLOCKS ANON did, I want be listening to anymore TA Pied Pipers.

I got in at 184 sats and Im hodling till 1000 sats +.

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Just sold 100k

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70-90 sats. Unless ""coinbase"" happens.

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big if true

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Checked but not gonna happen i think

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Testing the support at low 100s again (99sats was the lowest and instantly pumped while BTC dumped at the same time). Anyone can see that pump was artificial to test support and resistance lines now that the project is gaining attention. All you have to do is look at the charts and understand them (in this case 2 hour, 1 hour, 30 mins and 15 mins and combine them all) . Remember "the charts never lie"

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What does it mean?

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Waste of holy gets

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Massive waste

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fuck you retard

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Harmony 100EOY

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> shill 105 sats bottom
> biztards line up buy orders at 110 sats to be sure
> 110 sat wall draws attention
> ppl start loading their bags at 115 sats

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Harmony (blockchain) is irrelevant in the world and do not have their trademark

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>What does it mean?

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dont forget to combine the btc chart, and the btc pair chart

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I am convinced 105 fag is CAPSANON

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Mari is fucking stupid.

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* takes picture with CZ * LOOK GUYS THEY ARE FRIENDS lmao you guys are so fucking retarded its unreal

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you are the only retard here

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Harmony 00000 end of week.

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250~0 sats

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Is there a wallet for One yet? Where do anons store their ONE? US residents will be kicked out of Binance soon. Not much time left till Sept. u am worried I might need to sell my 2 mil ONE for more linkies at these prices.

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Use Trust Wallet

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More like sharting

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I dont see the ONE in trust wallet in the select list.

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>Where do anons store their ONE?

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What we gonna do in sept bros

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We Ameri fags will be kicked out soon from binance. At this time its not quite certain Binance.us will list ONE or not.

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Just transfer them to my Binance acc. I am not from US, so I can keep an eye on them for you.
There will be a caretaker fee tho. But it is nothing compared to the sense of security I am offering.
Contact my secretary if you want the details

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Thank you so much anon. Appreciate it. Please tell me your Binance one wallet address so that all of us can see how much poor fag you are.

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Token swap in August (?) and they'll release an official wallet.

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Ahem attention anons... I told you so

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hahaha this is the new deep brainless changchain

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ledger nano s in conjunction w/ binance DEX wallet. Just use a vpn you brainlet

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It will show up if you transfer to your BNB address, you will also need a small amount of BNB to transact for fees.

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How many do you need to become a millionaire?

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link didnt choose to be on harmony harmomy choose link

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Also, when is it going up? I get paid next week and I need to accumulate more.

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Going exactly as I predicted 2 hours ago, pump spike happening now, enjoy the ride Boys but remember it won't last as we are bound to reach 115 and likely to go under

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Harmony One best rating Binance IEO projek and very good team. Easy 10-1000x

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1 mill is the supposed 'make it amount' but looking at the total supply it will probably be way more than that unless this really becomes a top 10 coin in a bullrun. (not informed on how future supply is released)

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I will never have 10k to put into crypto

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How come? It shouldn't take too long if you save some of your wagie money every month. How many expenses do you have lol?

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I have 5k but I'm moving across the country in a month so I can't afford to go all in. It'll also be the first time I live alone so I don't know what all my expenses will be. I'm 19 so I haven't been saving for long.

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Except anyone with half a neuron knew cloud computing was a meme.

>> No.14801803

You'll probably have a while to accumulate this anyway. I doubt its moving fast anytime soon, so if you're that desperate look at picking up a job or something.

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i feel you

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Yeah, thanks anon, that gives me hope. I have a job at the moment, looking to transfer since they're a global company. I know it's all guesswork but how long do you think I'll have to accumulate?

>> No.14801845

One question I have though is why so many tokens? Do they really expect to get that broad adoption?

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Not entirely sure otherwise i'd be a millionaire as well haha, but iv'e experienced what you're going through now before. That feeling of 'missing out' because you think it will moon and you dont have the money right now. It never does lol. Just look how long it took linkies to get their 10x. I'd guess you have until atleast end of 2019. Just look at graphs from other shilled coins compared to this. Pumps on release and dumps to oblivion for months.

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Actually all of CZs backed tokens have eventually 10x in the few months after offering sorry

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If you're referring to that picture with the likes of Matic on it with 17x then i'll just sit and laugh.

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Yes even matic did a 10x , suck my dick

>> No.14802138

Thanks again anon, I'm young and naive ig. I remember begging my dad to buy me some bitcoin in 2011 or 2012, believe it or not, I feel cheated outta my millions. I have 15k ONE so I guess if it goes up significantly I can use the gains to fund the next moon mission.

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Rankash, what is this shit?

>> No.14802180

Lankesh, go home.

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how many ones to make it?

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But matic started at 5million

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1m ONEs to make it
100k ONEs to be invited to their BBQs

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You can still access your wallets on Binance, and send them to other exchanges. You just won’t be able to trade your funds until Binance US releases or if it lists on other exchanges.

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As predicted we are losing steam by the minute boys. Are you ready to see 115 in the following hours?

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>Selling before psd2 rollout
Never gonna make it

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I've 100% predicted the price today and everyone said that to me. They said I was gonna "eat my words" when it was over 130 today and would "never even reach 120". However I profited and they didn't. Feel free to read this entire thread plus the other two about ONE here on biz and you'll see :)

>> No.14804415

yeah man you already said this in something lke 150 different posts

>> No.14804448

But have I been wrong?

>> No.14804582

what price eoy?
please help nostradamus

>> No.14804592

You'll only be right when we reach 105, not before.

>> No.14804679

Still too early to make a solid prediction on that but is the rumors that a coinbase listing on September are true this will moon for sure

>> No.14804700

The prediction of 105 wasn't originally mine, I merely backed it up stating that we are going to test the support on the low 100s again. With all the shilling going on today on bizz support for ONE and attention on it has soared but I still believe it's entirely possible. What I said is we are hitting sub 115 in the following hours and we can see that support is being torn every minute and price is going down :)

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You are literally on crack if you think we're going to 105 sats

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How can we go to the moon if NASA engineers say we haven't made it past the Van Allen Radiation Belt?

>> No.14804819

I'll share it with you once we do brother maybe then you'll get better at TA

>> No.14804832

122 and 123 sat support destroyed, we will soon break 120 and head to 115. See you guys there enjoy the ride

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>orange man banned btc
>biz still asks how much of 1 cent coin to make it

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Please go away ffs

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Anon sold high and is trying to incite a panic down to 115-105 so he can reenter at maximum gain without killing the trend. He's not giving you a headsup because he cares about you. He's trying to incite the very thing he's "warning" you against.

>> No.14805749

Anon has already bought back in some ONE when it fell to 122 and 119 and sold back when it spiked at 127 because that's how I predicted and that's how it's going to go. However you do you I am not making anyone blindly follow what I say, you are free to disagree, however I have proven over and over today that what I said has been right and we are scratching the 121 support as we speak so disagree all you want I'll just be laughing when people start panicking again that it's dumping after it "pumped"

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Never said you wouldn't be effective.Could you do me a favor? Start posting these predictions under the same username? it's too easy for larpers to take credit for your predictions.

>> No.14806051

...I believe you

>> No.14806052

Do you really talk about yourself in third person faggot?

>> No.14806057

Heh maybe next thread I'll do that, desu I don't care if they take credit for them it's not gonna serve them of anything, after all I've never changed the target so I'm assuming people would be able to spot a fake, also it's not like I made a long term prediction, this is happening most likely in the next 12 hours or so so there's not much for them to take advantage of what I said anyways but I do understand your point of view

>> No.14806071

Lots of love to you too my friend

>> No.14806123

Lets keep it simple faggot. whats the bottom here? When reversal and whats the upper end target if and when reversal happens.

>> No.14806129

And I sincerely hope I helped you profit today my friend :)

>> No.14806193

We are testing the low 100s support again in my opinion so Id say 105. Before that I would expect it to hit 110 and probably spike a bit again and drop a few hours later just like it happened today at 119-120. After we hit the low 100s I would say we go slowly up testing 150 Sats and it we break that then all hell breaks loose here on biz and we can expect 200+. But hey that's just my opinion I've been right until now I might be wrong so do your own research and analysis and feel free to consider my hypothesis in your investments.

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File: 165 KB, 1353x677, team(1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 158 KB, 1371x639, team(3).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Well hopefully you understand the point. Other mentions are Oxford, Columbia, Google, Android, Microsoft and Madailicai.
This is your sign.

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this is not a coincidence.

>> No.14806656

just imagine when Raulito start to pump our bags


>> No.14806735

I think they should get a better guy than Nick for interviews.

>> No.14806747

I got in real cheap, too.
I'm super excited.
When do you think we'll see it push to $1? When it hits a big exchange?

>> No.14806761

0.3$ range when we hit Huobi. Coinbase seems a bit delusional to me

>> No.14806770

kek i meant when it hits others...

>> No.14806782

Uhg fucking waste

>> No.14806854

I'd unironically cum my pants

>> No.14806917

Alright, frens, I've got to ask you a real question. I know there's probably going to be faggot shills that try to take advantage of my asking this, but should I drop what I have in LIT and put it in here? There's been too much noise about it here lately for me to consider selling it, but after looking at the dev team I don't feel super confident in them in the ways that I do other teams.
Any advice?

>> No.14807183

Last place you want to be asking for an advice

>> No.14807446

>Any advice?
Buy a suicide stack of 100k just in case if you can afford, but I won't tell you to sell your bag.

>> No.14807663

You're thinking 10 then, eh?

>> No.14807673

i am not buying this shit until i see quality memes

>> No.14807688

Do double of what you think, sell half on first double, freeroll. It will easily double soon.

>> No.14807711

10 what?

>> No.14807728

it's looking like you're suggesting it hits $10

>> No.14807753

No, you buy a suicide stack of 100k ONEs, which is around $1500.

>> No.14807757

Trash Discord paid shill PND.

Buy UND.

>> No.14807783

It's 1394 I think.
But I was saying it's looking like you think it hits $10 because that would be the make it number off of 100k ONE.

>> No.14807792

>and so I posted the same comment in every thread thinking no one will notice.

>> No.14807795

XD hilarious

>> No.14807798

Oh that. Yes, it will hit $10.

>> No.14807828

What sort of timeframe do you think we're looking at?

>> No.14807845

One year. It will it hit $50c by October and $1 EOY.

>> No.14807896

what do you mean?

>> No.14808937

I tried creating new binance account using nordvpn connected to canda server. Surprisingly binance detects that i am using vpn from USA and rejects my signs up. Have anyone came across this issue?

>> No.14809194

Buy BNB from kucoin use the binance DEX on trust wallet.

>> No.14809204

huawei and one ... fk me

no matter how retarded it sounds, normies will go shitape

>> No.14809218

Guise im all in on ONE and my money keeps going up. What does this mean?

>> No.14809311

btw on 1aug ONE is doing the token swap, so it then can be officialy listed on other exchange

>> No.14809318 [DELETED] 
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$2 eoy

>> No.14809326

it means you are a pajeet shill. I swear to fucking god ill dump this shit harder than your mom when you are through pumping this.

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$2 eoy

>> No.14809757

> wake up to below 150 sats
What am i even expecting from a paid shill ieo?

>> No.14809761

Should have just bought SNTVT anon

>> No.14809763

I bought at 240 sats and held all the way down

>> No.14809775

imagine going trough this chink hell nightmare, and having delusional pump fantasies

>> No.14809782

But can you hold all the way to 70 sats?

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Jeez that massive sell orders

>> No.14810125

Thanks anon

>> No.14810167

Faggot telling price targets all day because he sold at the fcking bottom and want to buy back at 100 sats

>> No.14810250

ETH is basically cucked https://cointelegraph.com/news/buterin-proposes-bitcoin-cash-integration-to-scale-ethereum-in-short-term

praise the shardening ONE

>> No.14810602


they have an autistic (and not in the aspie zuck way, but in a real autistic child way) as their leader, who tweets about legitimating childporn.
eth had its run, but this is not maintainable longterm under these conditions

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eth is dying the price and buterin constate that, other coin could take advantage of this and flipping eth, i hope one chinks know how take advantage of this, eth could recover in the future, turn the bot on or die

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my fucking stop always tests but the limit doesnt take

ONE TA anon said it would hit 115 but it hasnt

>> No.14811775

This is the /biz/ coin. Let's face it LINK is great but I mean, come on, Sergay promised mainnet, like what, over a year ago? What?
ONE already has a team going. A mainnet. With sharding. Staking. Maybe go full NEO and get the chinks to use it as their ICO of choice.

1B is assured, beyond that is plausible. Overtaking ETH, kinda improbable but still possible.

>> No.14811850

I've never been so sure about an investment. The vibes I get from this are bullish af.

>> No.14811861


>> No.14811902


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we're tickling 125 for 4 hours.
anon will we break it?

>> No.14811935



>> No.14811994

Sub 115 is still coming it's just being delayed due to the massive hype all these threads have picked up

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File: 3.64 MB, 450x252, cope1.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


it's going up

>> No.14812068

lol see you at 200

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everything is droping but chinkone bbq

>> No.14812108


because the moon is inevitable. ppl want the moon.

>> No.14812131

Did I not make clear enough that the word delayed was present there? We are going up due to the massive hype there, most likely until 140 sats, but we are still going to test the bottom sooner or later. Like I said the biz hype is creating this and it's going to do exactly the same as it did to LINK, trigger a massive FOMO and then down we go

>> No.14812133
File: 2 KB, 125x91, 1530594361153s (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

eth is dying cz must turn the bots on now or die too with it

>> No.14812175


nah man, it's clearly going to test 200 sats again, then retrace to 125 area, then lift off for 1k.
the dump you are talking about is just very unlikely fren

>> No.14812184

that's a good thing. something have to take the ethereum place and it will be ONE

>> No.14812197


it will be an epic battle between EOS and ONE for eth's spot.
EOS already has it's fanbase, but ONE has the superior tech and for investors its much more attractive due to low marketcap.
im proud to be in so early

>> No.14812204

They called me a madman when I said we were going sub 120 and this was before the post gained traction and we banged on the 117 support. We will see, the hype factor in this is the most uncertainty of all

>> No.14812234
File: 44 KB, 1024x683, ThinkstockPhotos-178062396-1024x683.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14812251

>chink coin
no thanks

>> No.14812263


not a chinkcoin. it's a Silicon Valley company

>> No.14812285


>> No.14812442

I feel like it's extremely forced the way you namefag and keep calling ONE the new Link and /biz/'s coin. Just stop dude seeing this in every thread actually makes me feel more uneasy than confident. Lighting never strikes twice, calling it the next Link is fucking retarded, and having a namefag pushing it makes me, of all people that thought people telling others to GO BACK is stupid, to want to tell you to fucking go back. I'm sure the sentiment is shared.

>> No.14812472

stfu faggot

>> No.14812487

The namefag is the faggot.

>> No.14812640


yea namefagging is gay af, but complaining and bitching about ONE overtaking biz is in their own thread is even more gay.

>> No.14812679

105 sats before the end of this week.

>> No.14812938

Anyone else notice that the ONE team is taking the same approach as Chainlink in regards to not generating hype and doing the show don't tell method? Maximum comfort.

>> No.14813254
File: 511 KB, 840x488, 1536291193673.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

one chink bbq to the moon

>> No.14813276


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File: 29 KB, 758x225, onebtc_15m_ha.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There can be only ONE.

>> No.14813363

There's no rhyme nor reason to that curve.

>> No.14813488

Back on track to 115 its gonna take a while but it's coming, there's a lot of support still so try and sell as high as possible boys. See you soon

>> No.14813593

for me its a small fractal of the double bottom reversal pathern, we moon

>> No.14813646

All these tards itt not realizing they are sitting on a fucking goldmine.
Kek at you trying to pick pennies

>> No.14813662
File: 21 KB, 520x350, HeadShouldersReverseER2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14813696

It was at 135 a few hours ago, 115 is a 17.4% difference. Seem enough pennies for me to pick up. Have fun brother

>> No.14813744

there is no head below, is more like a double bottom

>> No.14813752
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>> No.14813884

i am referring to the 4h chart, but in the 1 day chart the head and shoulder is on the track too sempai, but the 105 would not be possible

>> No.14813916

The 1 day chart is not viable for ONE as it only has a 1.5 month lifespan check the 2 hour, 1hour, 30 minute and 15 minute and combine them. If you want extra TA also analyze the ONE/BNB and the stablecoin graphs

>> No.14813935


thats why this 105 BS is a total random number by this one guy who missed the boat and prays for a drop.
The bullish reversal is much more likely imo, and you also want to look at alltime chart for any sort of TA on this young coin.

>> No.14813990

ye its the same guy who claimed RSI crossed MACD daily bullshit right before it dropped from 173 to 112 sats
dont listen to him.. he's stealing your stack

>> No.14814034
File: 3 KB, 125x103, 1530757644208s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the two times one is pumping bigly is dumped by the bogs interesting

>> No.14814096

Why should you be scared though when it's all true?
How about you face facts and not your bias, anon.

>> No.14814152

link is porting to harmony too, i dont know why linktards would be negative about this, more when eth is dying

>> No.14814260

Why would I be the same guy who made such a stupid claim when I literally just said that the daily chart is not viable? Please think

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