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I have what I think is inside information on Oracle and Link, but I don't know how I shouls go about giving away the details. It could be good or bad.

I don't want to come off as one of those LARPers who promotes fud or causes fomo bullshit. Is there a way to divulge information like this in a specific way that shows validity without getting narrowed down as a source of information leaks? I don't want to be like that Q faggot either.

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I'll keep talking to myself until someone appears. Does anyone know just how susceptible Link could be to being bought out?

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What do you mean

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Technically they could be bought by a company but it would not effect the link tokens. Theyd just be moved over to the ownership of the new company (the majority of link tokens) and theyd just keep trucking.

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didnt read not selling

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This is important as the speed of which link takes off is determining factor of some parties which are being debriefed soon on the west coast.

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Not very susceptible at all. They have millions of tokens. They probably wouldnt seriously consider selling unless Microsoft apple etc offered them billions

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Okay, that's good news. How do I go about giving credibility to my claims without people just LinkedIning my sources and calling them niggerkikes, thus getting me into deep shit?

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Just share what you know, and we will judge it based on the info's merrit. Then there will be a fight between moobois and discord trannies. I would personally like to know, and then I will move on with my life and not sit here through 50 posts of horseshit.

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The real rad pill is that him, ari, hal, and a lil help from nick, dids bitcone. They are all apart of that cult and mkultrad vitalik into didsing ether. Knowing its dids the orkle troubles. They basically exit scummed BTC and dumped it into eth which was the bull prepping of 17 so they could mkultra swift and Blythe. And then they spent there 17 profets on buying fivr pajeets to be in their delphi gang. Dan gave Blythe foot herpes so she got fired by swift. Swift knew Sergey was just trying to use them to hack a bank in Crimea so they hired Dan selman to fix them but the Sergey bought dan with his money from domain squatting cryplets. But then dan was mad so he had madelyn moss spell there flyers and then tell her AI bots to spread the story about Blythe foot herpes. Ari was nervous so he convinced craj to cry in court and throw a bigmac at a judge but it only buried the foot herpes story for a few days so nick called in a favor and had john eat his dic on TV. As a last ditch to avoid getting caught Sergey convinced Steve and rory to stop playing madden and they fixed the Orkles trouble and got Blythe the dr. Scholls brand valtrex. Make of it what you will

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This is what I have confirmed knowledge of:

Major Oracle debriefing in Seattle at the end of this month. My source is high up in cloud sector of the company.

If Chainlink gains enough speed, fast enough, they will offer to buy them out.

My source confirmed a heavy partnership, them AND Google, so those faggots fudding over the "Google blog post" can go fuck themselves.

Wipro (pajeet shit, I know) is investing in blockchain API applications semi under the radar

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What if they refuse the buy out offers?

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Oracle is partnered with Azure not Google

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That's why I asked earlier how strong you all think Sergeys hands are

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I'm parroting what I heard the highest guy in their cloud computing sector tell me, make of that what you will

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If we get bought out this early wouldn't that be bad for investors?

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if someone buys out chainlink what happens to tokens? :O

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kek, your faggit company is ded in the water w/o link. Sergey is satoj and already worth billions, link is the backend to swift gpi/Microsoft cryplets/web3/accord/openlaw/aws kaleido/salesforce/DocuSign/google big query/digital asset/r3/and the isda master agreement which will enable f5000 adoption of smartcontracts all powered by chainlink. We are not working with oracle, oracle is working with us.

Also, all Medicaid and medicare will use smartcontracts and dlt backed by chainlink and soon after the entire us healthcare market will be forced by law to do the same. You just win.

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That's why I said in my OP that I didn't know if this information was good news or bad news

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What part of NEVER SELLING do you not understand?

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A philosophy major would not sell out.

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you seem crazy
eoy token price?

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have a bamp

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Asia insider here. Sergey won’t sell. I’m fairly certain he’s had offers for the entire company and also large stakes in it. Maybe a large technology investment group centered in Asia tried to buy a stake and was directed to buy the tokens + run a node instead :-)

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What sense would it make to "buy out" Chainlink if it is going to be open source? The whole point is eventual decentralization and buying it out, whatever that means, removes that decentralization.

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Bump if companies want link they can buy them market price

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This. Chainlink is worth trillions and google and oracle knows it. The banks know it, everyone in the corporate world knows it. 100 billion to them is nothing, They are literally worth over 1 trillion. These companies and banks will bend the knee to sergey via swift in the future. If people can't see this they deserve to get out early and lose their stack because of their weak hands.

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100 billion to them, meaning microsoft is nothing. Microsoft is worth over 1 trillion. Forgot to mention. Google and oracle have billions to blow too.

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What are the implications of Sergey never selling a majority stake in the company or never accepting to be bought out? Is that why he 35% public, 35% node, 30% company'd the links? Did he anticipate getting 51%'d? If he structured it that way it would be proof of his intentions not to sell amd it would also mean he would never dump more than a specific % of company shares.

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100k eoy 2028

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If Sergey did this to prevent any buyouts then it's almost a moral prerogative for us to perptuate the never selling meme and hold out. AB said 50-100x market speculation moon shot is inevitable once practical application begins rolling, but if this is true that Sergey is trying to monopolize then 50-100x is nothing compared to the long-long term hold.

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Ok all fun but without any proof you could've as well not made this thread from the very beginning, you know how it works

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I’m sure they would considering selling a stake in the future once the project is up and running. Selling a stake now is like selling apple stock in the early 2000’s. They need money for expansion and selling some of their links is unironicly the best move for them as it helps the nature of the product. Funny that with all the links being dumped the price stays around $3

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checked, theory time
sergey is dumping 700k link not only to fund the clause 5 mill and new hires, but also cuz he was being inundated with token requests cuz we wont sell, so he added a lil liquidity to the markets to get the token beggars off his back and using the network. This token sale was timed with big money buyers who needed the tokens for their own nodes and sergey was unwilling to give them away. Once again, bullish af.

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Yes. :-)
This is what a lot of people don’t understand - the real value will come from staking your node and not selling the top of the bubble. This is why I said to have more LINK then you think you need, one stack to stake and another to sell. Lots of people are going to see their stacks be worth >1 million USD and sell.

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I felt like I owed it to biz for some reason. I've been thinking about how to go about it since Friday. I capitulated because if Link does take off I owe it to random autists on this board.

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So how are you gonna give proof?

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I mean, thanks for telling, but desu its a nothing burger. We know oracle/google and a few others are late to the game and trying to catch up, but if you know you know that this is never gonna happen and just validates wut we already know about link. Its funny tho to watch faang co's of this size beta orbit chainlink and try to become the focal point of its network. Pro tip, Microsoft, swift, and DocuSign beat ya to the punch.

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I'm blotting out my screenshots to hide identities one sec

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don't do it retard

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Okay here they come. Context is a friend of mine has a relative at Oracle. I asked him to ask his father some information. More to come

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….and he doxed his frens senpai at orkle

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Why do you have 2 batteries?

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Alright you got me spooked I'm out

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$1000 EOY

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That pic is comfy as fuck.

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I’m thinking larp but IF you’re legit then interest in chainlink from the oracles and googles, even around buy outs, is bullish af

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one is a cap of his phone on his phone
his actual battery lvl is 13%, which is gross and he didn't blackout the title properly and the oracle anons (my fellow marines) browsing will know exactly what position he is referring to.

so to recap:

>thinks satoj nazarov is gonna sell
>doesn't realize how big link is gonna be
>keeps his phone at 13%
>doxxes his frens senpai for shit tier info
>doesnt delet shitty blackout info doxx img
op confirmed retard

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Phoneposters should be drawn and quartered. A decent deskposter could have used better tools to censor these images but instead he used whatever dumbshit finger-painting tool his phone came with, only scratched out 80% of his sensitive info and now we've scared off OP.

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Bruh just do a better job here on out. Stop leaving letters showing if you're trying to hide shit. Jesus you're retarded but hopefully not larping

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at least delete the pic you redit shitter

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