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you know its a shitcoin if you need to use thots to gain any attention. it's dead on arrival faggot

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Imagine missing this moon mission when it was right in front of your eyes.

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Will x10 in the next month or two. mark my words.

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>they are buying chink coins called one/elrond/insertmadeupnamehere

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Look who's back, it's the "it's dead on arrival faggot" faggot again.

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>Will x10 in the next month or two. mark my words.
i think so too. i will only take out my initial after a 10x. i believe it can 10,000x over 8-10 years

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>Look who's back, it's the "it's dead on arrival faggot" faggot again.
oh no. i was that guy. that was me fudding to buy lower.. some anon started parroting my fud comments

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This actually seems pretty solid. Whats the catch? why is the marketcap so low?

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new coin idk

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Just look at the lack of diversity in this team
RSR is our crypto

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New project. Biggest exchange is huobi so americans cant buy yet unless they go to idex or some shit exchange.

Youve actually stumbled on a project where you can get in early anon. How does that feel?

Also, one little thing: check out the investors of rsr.

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Just the right amount

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What do you mean lack of diversity? I can clearly see 2 trannies, Jamal and a philly cuck on the team

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You have to hire a couple of browns & roasties just to keep HR happy they probably make the coffees

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Real talk. Can we stop posting pictures of women? It's getting old

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t. triggered incel

>have sex

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Not incel, but gay and at work. Can't browse with all these gross roastie pics

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>Look who's back, it's the "it's dead on arrival faggot" faggot again.

Struck a nerve did he?

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how many rsr do you hold faggot?

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What’s the best exchange to buy this on for a burger?

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idex or huobi with vpn.

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Gayest shit I've ever read

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>Youve actually stumbled on a project where you can get in early anon. How does that feel?
this. congratz. 7 billion people will use rsv in the future.. we are the lucky thousands who got in within first 2 months of launch. we will be the future ruling class

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I can buy RSR on idex right? What should I swap. ETH of BTC. And who has cheapest fees for buying and moving? Coinbase or cashapp

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It's fucking 0.003 US cents brainlet we only need it to 10x before we dump on reddit

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Holy fuck how do you not know this? This is your average RSR buyer

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also end of 2020 for mainnet. just

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Yeah, thats gonna be a hard pass

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why should it appreciate in value? The value of RSR is based on what?

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>hold term from devs
Than you anon, I am gonna pass this moneygrabber

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did you even read it? Or did you just read the title?

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I've been browsing /biz/ for months but have only bought crptyo on Robinhood. I've decided I really want to get into it. I have a coinbase and cashapp account, I just didn't know which is the best way to go without getting raped in fees

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it's a moneygrab project

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You idiots know this a stablecoin right? It's like investing in Tether expecting gains.

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Watched some videos on youtube too

Holy shit, how boring is this

Fucking stable coin dude, thats all? And boy, solving the venezuela eletricity problem with your stable coin? Omg wtf these guys are on

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There is 2 tokens, one stable and another one that will be used to stabilize it

Sounds like some basedboys got together and decide to start a disruptive business with blockchain tech. Fucking LMAO

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