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I need link to be $500 in order to be a mirrionaire. Is it possible?

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You already made it. What happened is that you made it so fast that your mind is unable to comprehend your new profound wealth. All you have to do now is wait until your mind catches up.

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i need link to be at least 5k to be a milllionariea

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Fundamentally, yes.

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Not for many years, if ever.

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fuck no Link is a worthless af scamcoin

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yes probably around next year after the halvening we should be at that price

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For me it's 80$

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$1000 EOY you retarded faggots

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If it makes it to 5k I'd be pretty comfy.
Just hope it's not going to take 15 years to do it.

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I'm already old. Can we hurry this singularity up? I don't want to wait any more.

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I need link to be 1,000,000 a coin to be a millionaire.

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Based film.

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link is getting 360$ maximum due to pure speculation, then it will fall down and remain relatively stable @ around 23$. passive income from staking will be very low

make sure to sell the top!

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>Hello 911?
>Yeah, I've got eyes on the incel

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