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It's over boys

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Microsoft is in, boyos

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This is unironically bullish

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I am financially scammed

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I am fundamentally whaled

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What's with the mixed reactions?

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This is a whale wallet or an exchange wallet. It has shitloads of tons of coins and it is currently moving everything out of this wallet?

My guess is that this might be security related or they are simply selling all of their holdings of every token in an otc transaction?

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bill gates bought in

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discordcucks are in full fud swing haven't you noticed?, those funds were moved from binance to a cold wallet, its bullish

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Same amount moved 29/6
Wut mean

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It's a 1\10th of the total Link market cap, and it's on the move.
Do you realize how fucked up that is?

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are we gonna make it
this is absolutely bullish

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explains everything

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its moving from binance u dumbfuck

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Sergey never stops dumping kek he knows there’s a lot of deluded stinkys out there trying to catch the knife...

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why would bill gates need 1.5mil worth of FUN

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Why move same amount 10 days ago


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It's an exchange wallet you mong

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So what? It means LINK holds 1\10th of it's value on an exchange wash trading, price manipulating and ready to sell everything at 1 single click

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why wouldn't they buy as much as they can?

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Not only that, every token in the wallet is on the move as well. This has nothing to do with link

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>Triple o seven
That is way huge than puni
>Double o seven
We are gonna get fuck'd lads !
Link $100 eoy

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the amount was probably agreed upon and withdrawn into a developer held temp wallet and only now given to Bill

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A lot of idiots think it's a good thing that devs are selling and millions of dollars worth are moving around exchanges.

Some think that means large partners, when they should probably be very concerned about a dump right down to below a dollar.

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It's moving away from Binance. Somebody bought/moved off from Binance almost $1 Billion dollar worth of LINK. Institution is 100% in. Either that, or we're fucked.

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Yeah, it's probably a new binance address or another exchange.

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We are gonna make it, institutions are in. 1000$ EOY

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It has to be institution, who would dump that much money into a speculative asset?

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Prevents bots from easily spidering/connecting wallet owners.

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You mean almost 100m

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It’s going back up. We are all gonna make it boys.

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please don't consider me one of the shitposters that are non-stop on this board which drives us all fucking insane.
this movement is interesting and likely bullish news, I just opened kyberswap and bought some more LINK and every time I do that seems to result in a x2 within a month.

It can go down, it can go up, the market can stay irrational longer than your ADHD price watching autism.
My gut hasn't failed me yet, I was hoping it'd go lower, but looks like it's load up time for me again.

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unironically a big nothingburger lads
it's most likely a new binance wallet. look at the transactions going into it.

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People who bought link at .50 cents and people from reddit* who bought at 3-5 dollars. Links been constantly shilled but unironically for 2 years. LINK is /Biz/'s coin and the 1k peak price is FUD

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This makes the most sense to me

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Yep, that's what I thought as well.

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