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Wagies welcome. Post your job and how much you make hourly.

Do you hate your job?

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boring as fuck
low stress environment. It could be waaay worse

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housekeeper, $19/hr, hate it but have BTC that's given me hope these last few years DCA. Next top I'm buying rental property.

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stock broker, 20, yes i hate it. nobody wants to do the damn job so people drop off like flies. my hiring class only has 9/31 people left including me, and the hiring class finished training around this time last year.

i keep at it cause i think it's my only way into finance. but now that the job has become unbearable, especially since the drop offs have been increasing my workload, i am looking outside the company. if i don't get a lateral position i'm gone.

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Warehouse wagie
Dear God yes I hate it. Idk what the fuck I'm doing with my life. It's been one mistake after another since middle school lmao

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Accounting "associate"
Most days, yes.

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Exactly the same as this but $25 an hour. Still relatively new and I could get a raid to potentially $40 if I continue to work at this company.

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Why does it suck so bad? What do you do every day?

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Reposting since you also posted this thread on another board.

Plastic bottle factory.
I like it a lot. Manage inventory and work on various things. Learn new shit every day and get to work with my hands on the machine(s).

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Slide thread. I literally saw the same thread and pic on a different board earlier today

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I'm an engineering school drop out with no hard skills. I wanna hero every day and I hate it

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Pharmacy tech
I hate dealing with people
I'm hoping my shitcoins can carry me out of this hell

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$59 an hour, plus frequent overtime where I get $118

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I dont enjoy the lifestyle of waking up at 3am and commuting 2 hours one way, it fucking sucks. But the money is good, so...

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What trade are you in anon? I should have fucking gone the tradie route.

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27 years old. Work in QC at a factory. $24/hr in a high cost of living area. I make around $20/hr off the books delivering pizza on the side as well. I hate it but it's okay for a single guy with no kids and allows me to buy $300 of BTC weekly

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I'm on a phone queue. I'm licensed to trade and give advice but since I'm not supervised by a financial advisor, I can't give financial advise. I get calls from clients and advisors and basically it's my job to fix their shit. Most of it is moving money around or placing a trade.

The shit part of it is that the phone never stops ringing; it's like working at an assembly line. They have a certain amount of time you're required to be in the queue and you literally have to call in to get a 10 minute segment to do work outside that queue. Everyone comes in hot with a new problem and you have to figure out how to fix it before they get their ass all puckered up. I'm pretty good at that part but putting on the micky mouse voice and playing the role they want you to play is degrading. getting some smug asshole on the other line is the fucking worst because I can't just tell them to fuck off. best I can do is de-escalate or just be completely stoic.

I'm taking a shot at moving towards specialty trading, who focus more on trading options/bonds/UITs and such. And I'm hoping that all this is going to lead to a financial analyst position if I make the right moves and get my CFA. But goddamn does this job work up your nerves. I feel like I NEED to drink when i'm off the clock.

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ChemE consultant. $150/hr. I enjoy it, but I work so I can not work.

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Acoustical ceiling installer in the bay area. We're part of the carpenters union.
How old are you, and where are you located? Construction is booming right now, and its a really good time to get in to a trade. I know theres a big shortage of electricians in my area right now, and those guys make a couple bucks an hour more than I do

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Have to pay for my own health insurance.
6% 401k I put in to get a 3% match.

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i don't work, i just swing trade SNTVT and ETH.

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McCuckolds Grill Staff
Honestly, it's not that bad when the GM/Good Goy Managers aren't around, can zone out and throw sausage muffins down the line and roll burritos while jamming to my headphones.
When the overlords are in though, absolute nightmare, constantly nitpicking at any opportunity, trying to get you to work harder when they intentionally understaffed the shift to "save on labor", etc.

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why are you faggots working for scraps

When I consult I'm charging between 95-125

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How'd you even find that job, like what company?

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interviewing for convenience store cashier tmrw
labor market for entry-level is grinding hellhole. I tried working for Bezos but the shifts were terrible (only 4 hours with an hr long commute) and nobody else responds to my applications.

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investment banking

salary worker so idk hourly, but I make ~130k this year. graduated college a year ago

not sure if worth

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Looks like they're W2'd fren

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Technical Project Manager
I hate every second of it

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Look up fortune 500 investment banks and check their job listings. It's close to a ground floor job; from the people I've seen come in (and wash out), I'm sure most anons here can get a foot in the door. At the very least you can walk with a series 7 and 63/65, if you can pass the tests. they paid us to train for it.

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Im 32 and live in the central valley anon

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What would you rather do anon?

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Software "engineer"
$64 if your take the hours from the contract, $74 for real time.
Nope. Nice team and challenging work in interesting area.

>he fell for the CS meme

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>no engineers
disappointed in you /biz/

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Insurance compliance technician
$16.85 an hour
It's a data entry job with some mad puzzles. The job is pretty mindless but also busy. So I try to listen to podcasts etc on shift but same time actually need to focus to read legalese and complete unique paperwork all the time. Job sucks, but could be way worse.

No degree
Low debt
3 kids - my income plus side hustles

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Early/mid 20s Administrative Assistant in NYC 75k plus bonus and 8% match on 401k (putting in 15%, will max in Q4)

My boy makes about 115k doing lab work plus some e-commerce, we're waiting on his MCAT scores and me to finish up my meme degree.

We have a 6 month emergency fund, no debt, and it's pretty cozy. Nothing outside of our normie retirement accounts for now.

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So confused? Your boy? Are you gay or a woman?

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I work in something super similar. I have to fix issues with SAAS, be super friendly, AND I have to sell $2500/day to keep my job. I make ~$48/hour. Shit is so fucking mind numbing I can't even talk to people on the phone anymore. It makes me genuinely hate my life some days.

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People who make good money always say this shit. Like they can't contemplate that they are making double median income.

Bet you still feel poor.

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Chemist, 21/hr, kind of shit but going up to better pay and 4 days a week in a few months, comfy

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Air Traffic Control: 44.50 hourly

I hate the people I work with, but I love the job.

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How do you even get into this?

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>Lumber yard wageslave
>$14 hourly on weekdays, $17 on weekends

I don't hate my job, I hate my boss. Fuck you Dan.

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If I was making close to $48 I'd feel alot more comfy. Hell even $30 and I'd stop bitching. But for the level of knowledge I must have on trading, taxes, liability, ownerships, navigating multiple convoluted systems, and whatever other hot trash gets thrown my way, I'd like to get a decent paycheck. Hell, even $50k would be fine. But I'm not there, and it looks like I need to move laterally to get where I want to be.

But yeah, talking all fucking day sucks. I mean, you do pick up some tricks on working people and that's pretty useful, but yeah, halfway through the day I'm braindead. I literally chug water at work just to keep talking.

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1) Military ASVAB test above 90, pick air traffic control and wait for an opening (2-6 months wait)
2) Do 6 years military ATC and be discharged at end of your enlistment
3) Go work for the FAA or a contract company as a prior rated controller, basically wherever you want since you are an invaluable resource, having already been trained and certified.


1) be fit, healthy, sane and with no criminal record or drug use
2) submit application to FAA 'off the street' bid on USAjobs, be sure to claim that you are a minority (even if you aren't, they aren't allowed to ask)
3) wait and pray you are selected for schoolhouse training (can take up to 1 year to find out and go through the selection process)
4) spend 2-3 years in training and crawling your way up the ladder till you can select the facility you want to work at

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>be sure to claim that you are a minority (even if you aren't, they aren't allowed to ask)
lol kys

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found the butthurt spic

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no i'm just not a useless welfare queen that lucked into a chair force tier job

imagine thinking you need to claim that you're a minority to get a job while simultaneously admitting that they aren't allowed to ask your ethnicity. pathetic

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Shit, I'm 32 years old so the military option is out since I'm an old boomer

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Love it, would do it even if rich

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knowing that you are this mad makes me happy
stay seething, pleb

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i work in asset management. the firm is basically dead - our aum has declined 95% this year. just waiting to get fired.

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If you say you make >$70/hr you are larping and you know it

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>no, you’re mad!
What’s your favorite sub to browse on the job?

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I'm a bartender/gaming attendant and I make 26.50 plus penalties depending on when I work and length of shift. I also do labouring at 30 per hour a few days a week, plus 20 bucks travel money per job. I usually clear 1400 a week between the two after taxes.

I don't hate either job, but I'll go back to uni soon and study to be a teacher.

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/r/wallstreetbets, because I also trade options while doing nothing half the day
any other burning questions, peasant?

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$18/hr plus commission. I average about 80k to 100k selling people cell phones.. College drop out. The writing is on the wall for retail phone sales.

I could've bought the BTC bottom in December, want to neck myself everyday. Definitely fucked.

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Phone sales are going to shit huh

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>any other burning questions
yes, what is your favorite star wars movie?

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250k/yr pre-tax

But I pay 1275/mo on rent, since I live in SF.

Only been at the job for a year, dumping very thing into bitcoin.

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$12/hr lifeguarding
worst part about the job is how fucking boring it is, so I guess there could be way worse complaints

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Yes, too many people have followed the path of Scientology (iPhone). Huge social stigma surrounding Apple products, very little profit margin...

>> No.14673858

>when they intentionally understaffed the shift to "save on labor", etc.
thats fucking cancer management practice

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Warehouse pleb. 28 AUD per hour, though I tend to be on time and a half since I work late. Easy shit. Moving boxes and shit talking with the lads. I like it and it will do me well until I graduate.

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60 bucks
I can’t complain too much...it’s better than working retail.

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All too common in fast food wagery. However, unlike the other good goys I work with, I don't work any faster to subsidize management's poor choices. I get shit all the time about zoom timers and a bunch of other nonsense, but I just ignore them lol, I get paid the same and they're desperate for morning workers so they don't cut my hours

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€10 an hour. Petrol station cashier.

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Just use a binary to ASCII converter and you are good to go

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i was in this exact situation 3 years ago
you can still make it fren

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80/h swe. i dont hate it yet.

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32 /hr
No i dont hate it

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Other than the ETH thing seems like that's been a good move

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What you've never been to middle school? Granted it was like a decade ago but heyu

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$62.50/hour, $125k/yr. Not on either damn coast, thank god. And with PHP no less, lol

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litigation/i.p. attorney

100 hr but firm bills me out almost triple that, partly because not every client pays and partly to "keep the lights on"

I hate most of it. Courts are incompetent government bureaucracy and navigating them is tedious.

That said I telecommute most of the time and spend most of my work day in boxer shorts drinking coffee, trading, and shitposting.

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You are so poor you are in disbelief.

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M&A Investment Banking Summer Intern


£1500 a week for 10 weeks work

Basically being paid 15k to learn valuable and transferable skills making me employable in a huge range of industries

Why do none of you have real jobs lol

>> No.14675483

software dev
started a year ago
super relaxed job, literally god tier of wageslaving

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>all these actual jobs
I'm a manager at a restaurant for 23 nz bucks an hour, I basically do nothing but deal with shitty customers which rarely happens, so it's a pretty chill gig
I'm in my last semester of my maths degree so hopefully that goes somewhere
in my last semester of my maths degree so hopefully that goes somewhere

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Data Analyst
$36 CAD
I mostly fuck around in Excel and SQL server all day. Usually I pretend to work until something real gets thrown my way.

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On this telegram you can find:

-Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)
-Very cheap items (iPhone XR $300)
-Paypal transfer

Link: https://t DOT me/z33carding

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policy processing for an insurance brokerage
30 an hr

I don't hate it, it's just dull. I get to travel to malaysia every 2 months which is nice. The work is simple enough I can watch youtube while I work too and my boss likes me enough not to care that I do.

>> No.14675985

architect from eu
39k/yr pre-tax
fucking hate this high stress shit

getting into it and code right now

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How much education do you need to do this, or is it another networking based shitty annoyance?

Could really help in my career (medical technologist)

>> No.14676321

Currently I am in the closing stages for pursuing a career as a firefighter - $59,000 annually. I'll be able to wake up and make a difference for people in need; I don't give a fuck about my enjoyment of it.

>> No.14676406


>Hourly wage
Don't have one, but usually around $20 plus some random good days or sponsorships.

>Do you hate your job?
Nope, pretty much a dream job. Although I do get worried about the health of my wrists/hands.

>> No.14676428

Butthole whisperer, currently looking for my next big job.

>> No.14676747

English Tutor / NEET
9€ an hour but I work sporadically :(

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food delivery driver (with bike)

>hourly wage

>do you hate your job?
no, I like it actually. I make my own schedules, I work when I want and as much as I want. plus my wife makes enough money to support both of us, so I don't have to work during the winter.

>> No.14676938

Basically be Shawn James from My Self Reliance (Youtube), minus making the videos.

Realistically, I have no interest in doing anything else work related. So I may as well do this shit and make bank.

>> No.14676996

>9€ an hour

How old are you?

>> No.14677005

€10, I work the till in a small shop.

Should start maths tutoring soon though, where I can make €20-30 an hour.

>> No.14677104

Fuck the trades. You get treated like dogshit and it's super cut throat. I regret this shit every fucking day. I wasted time on an associates on the electrical trade and shit was wack

>> No.14677136

retail 27 an hour
get two shifts a week in a small town with no jobs


>> No.14677163

How the fuck do you make 27 an hr in retail? Sounds like larp.

>> No.14677226

I worked with a lot of tradies and it didnt seem that bad, the electricians were treated like rock stars

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I am a trader

I swingtraded lately

LINK 70%
ARPA 3X25%
COTI 3X10-25%

I CHECK fa +ta both are imporatn if it fails no problem check FA can also pump
ony solid projects

>> No.14677585

Math "mentor"
I get paid for sitting there and helping the kids with their homework whenever they have questions. Usually they don't have any so I literally get paid for reading literature on my laptop.

>> No.14677749

My wife manages a fast food place. Labor is the largest cost they have to deal with. While you may be a decent employee, i guarentee you there are 5 other retards who cannot make a sandwich to save their life that bring down your speed of service. Which affects bonuses and labor.
Being a GM is shitty. You have to deal with snot nosed wagies who can barely cook sausage patties, then they have to deal with their bosses who wonder why their snot nosed wagies aren't getting their speed of services down to an acceptable level.

Production Controller for the USAF
GS-9 Step 1: 27$/hr after locality pay.

>> No.14678100

80 sek? If yes, then that's a bit low fäm. Tell them to give you a raise.

>> No.14678123

How do you get a job like this? Did your dad play golf with the boss?

>> No.14678154

Part time insurance customer service.

Equivalent of 14.75 usd/hour

Don't hate it, don't really like it either. I get a lot of free food and snacks at least.

>> No.14678214

Petroleum engineer intern, $35/hr, pretty interesting
Math/science/engineering tutoring, $45/hr, boring and I hate it when a kid still fails even after their parents paid me a lot of money
I'v made a couple thousand dollars from data science competitions. Though I spent countless hours and they really stress me out.
I also have an economics 'blog'. Made almost no money from it, but I find it useful for organising my thoughts.

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Just quit a job because of this shit. I unload large appliances off trucks and put them on shelves with a lift. Found out recently other stores with the same volume have 3 guys doing my job. Store manager gets a fat bonus for keeping labor costs under a certain number.

>> No.14678462

Have you met your wifes work husband yet?

>> No.14678733

Not really that hard desu
>quit smoking weed and drinking
>work reasonably hard for two years on A-Levels
>get 3 A*s
>study a decent degree at a target school (Oxbridge/LSE/Imperial/UCL/Warwick)
>stack CV with a bunch of random bullshit that doesn’t require any innate skill but makes me seem interesting (Volunteering, hiking etc...)
>read a 30 page online guide (The Vault Guide) so that I can sound genuine when I say why I want to do investment banking
>do a free course in excel online
>reach out on LinkedIn to alumni from my uni at banks I’m applying to
>beg for a call
>mention in application “really resonated with X at your firm”
>apply online to 30 different banks (they all offer summer internships)
>got 3 offers chose the best one
>75% of interns get a full-time return offer

Starting salary will be £120k out of undergrad rising to £300k after 3 years. Then I can escape to private equity with the financial modelling skills I’ll acquire and ride the path up to >£1m yearly salary by my mid-30s

>> No.14678772

she said I'm the only guy she loves, so I have nothing to worry about

>> No.14678835

what is

>> No.14679000

I make 12 euro an hour .
I bought a rope last week but I didnt use it
yet because I remembered how friend of mine became a millionaire through btc and how he used to browse this board.

>> No.14679245

Work for a stockbroker and I feel your pain. Fuck all those retard clients constantly whining and have no patience.

>I'm pretty good at that part but putting on the micky mouse voice and playing the role they want you to play is degrading. getting some smug asshole on the other line is the fucking worst because I can't just tell them to fuck off. best I can do is de-escalate or just be completely stoic.
So much this

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Work in broadcast and audio/visual 21 an hour. I like everything except running cable.

>> No.14679280

Waiter. 8 pounds an hour. I fucking hate it and I will soon quit. I don't want to because I need to keep buying crypto and saving up, but if I don't, I will end myself. I'm at uni, doing a "meme degree". Even if I make 20k I will still be better off than anyone else at that fucking place. I can't imagine waiting tables for more than ten years. You literally need to be retarded to do that

>> No.14679295

>Hell, even $50k would be fine
Oh yeah, I get under 40k, and I have a finance degree...

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Job: NOIA Cache node owner
Weekly income: 200 NOIA
Working hours: 3 seconds a weeks
Sentiment: Euphoric

>> No.14679797

need to stop working for others, and get away from major city, so I currently hate it

>> No.14679809

75K sounds like a lot until you realize its NY.

>> No.14679811
File: 548 KB, 995x723, 4308D7F5-0CC4-4000-9550-61DB726DCDA4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Local govt 16.79 an hour .. I’m 37 in US .. giving out govt money to the elderly that didn’t save and single mothers with kids that can’t work cuz too many kids ... it’s been an eye opener

>> No.14679952

>construction contractor
>27 y/o
>$30/h w/ profit sharing bonus, $65k in 2017, $70k in 2018, on track for $72k this year.
>incredibly stressful, but I’m still hourly and flying in at 38 hours a week. Sales and commissions are good, but it’s hard work.
>I don’t hate it but I’ve done it for 5 years now and I don’t think I’ll be able to do anything else until I retire from this, ideally at 50
>then I’ll build guitars and sell them for the rest of my life

>> No.14680119

i knew a dude who was a paramedic and he had to do cpr on a guy. He says most of the time the people puke into your mouth when your saving a persons life.

>> No.14680134

I've been living under a rock, what's happening with the iPhone and apple products?

>> No.14680154

25 years old
video production

>> No.14681172

Cook clean barback trash basically everything the bartenders don't do which is pour a drink and smile

I make between $15-20 an hour and the job is easy as hell, but one of the bartenders takes like 4 bars of Xanax an hour and had to quit cold turkey so she's been a turbo bitch ever since to the point where people are getting their schedules fucked up because she's paranoid and snitching on things that aren't happening.

I hate to give this job up but I can't afford the stress and my girlfriend is going to suplex her next time she goes up there

>> No.14681397

how did you get that job? Im in bay area and I have a hard time getting software jobs here

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Where did it go so wrong?

>> No.14681570

office admin for a small biz
$20/h CAD

Yes I hate it. I want to quit and do something different. I'm so sick of it all. Small businesses are fucking cancer to manage, no one listens or appreciates you.

I was thinking of going to england and learning some sort of artisan trade like cob masonry, or dry stone masonry etc but its all just a crazy dream

>> No.14681605

QC for utility mapping software startup.
Make 30 an hour before taxes.
Low stress, cool coworkers. I got very lucky but I still want more. Subject matter can be dull but it's important shit. Keeps your lights on, ect.

>> No.14681651

Currently hung over and sipping chilly miller light, smoking a thc cartridge, but dont be fooled, at any moment my master welder friend can call me and i would have to post haste to the clinic to use my fake piss to pass a drug test to get hired on as a helper making 60k after taxes. Ama

>> No.14681863

convenience store
it's okay, not really what i expected to be doing

basically shitpost all day and interact with customers.

>> No.14681913

>But I pay 1275/mo on rent, since I live in SF.
Is this fucking supposed to be much? You pay as much in Europe where salaries are 10% of your salary pretax. How can you complain about paying 1275/month while earning 250k... You can easily afford to pay 5k/month in rent

>> No.14681944

Salesman at smoke shop

I hate customers, but I love discounted cigars.

>> No.14682039

>Starting salary will be £120k out of undergrad rising to £300k after 3 years. Then I can escape to private equity with the financial modelling skills I’ll acquire and ride the path up to >£1m yearly salary by my mid-30s
Will it have been worth wasting your entire youth 18-35+ being worked to death doing useless bullshit, just so you can (maybe, if you are really lucky) earn 500k after tax when you are mid 30s?

>> No.14682075

Can Confirm, the first two years are just like this

Worked on AXAs Desk for 2 years

>> No.14682172

Retail banker

22.12 plus about 15k commish a year with 20 days PTO. It could be worse, I skied 70 days last season

>> No.14682235
File: 110 KB, 749x926, 918C7BFE-5634-41F7-8578-3D091A0CEFD4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

68k a year as an recent grad Engineer for automotive, so like 32.5$ an hour.

It seems pretty low stress but I’m struggling to learn/perform. I’m afraid they’ll decide I’m useless and fire me. Help

>> No.14682291

Are people at your job aware of FOAM? If so what do you guys think of what they're doing?

>> No.14682373
File: 8 KB, 202x250, 154957141335.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Latin American
>Living in Mexico
Now that I got that out of the way
>Digital Marketing
>Pretty relaxed, I only need to assess numbers and help with the strategies sometimes
>32K pesos a month (roughly 1600 USD
I want to make 3K USD a month, but that's pretty far for me, considering that I still have a Jr position.
Most of my disposable income is going towards crypto tho.
My job is pretty comfy tho, like I can home office most of the time

>> No.14682401

Working as a bank teller atm
Job is fine, low stress

How did you get into retail banking? Any tips?

>> No.14682450

>I’m afraid they’ll decide I’m useless and fire me. Help
That always happens when you just got off school, don't worry, soon you'll find out most people don't know anything about what they're doing, they just have been through more than you. Get involved, break some things, ask around, that's what people like: commitment

>> No.14682463

Train conductor up in canada
About 115k use a year, don't get paid hourly so not too sure how it averages out.
Awesome job besides that hours.

>> No.14682486

You at work right now? Post a pic, sounds pretty fucking comfy to be a train conductor

>> No.14682515

Got a job as a teller in salt lake city. Topped the referrals list after 3 months working there and remained top for another 3 months before they bumped me to banker. That job paid 17ish/hr with shit commissions, went looking for a better place to work with my resume as a banker for a year where despite my branch having no foot traffic I was second in the region in sales. 1st was a guy who lived in a town of 6000 people and he was the only bank for 50 miles in each direction. I interviewed very well, and got offered a job at another bank where I am still in training but just building my relationships, so I'll be ready to go in another week. Honestly, it's about sales and relationships with coworkers. Pretend to be a team first guy and you will get places.

>> No.14682534

digital marketing
$30 an hour
in general it's okay but i spend like half my time each day shitposting on /biz because it's not challenging at all
still unsure if i should look for a different job or just quit and travel for a while

>> No.14682574

Thanks for the reply man. Finishing college in a year and I’m trying to figure out where to go from here.

>> No.14682583

3k a month in mexico is ballin

>> No.14682594

Finally some retail bankers, I did that until I lucked into a very small privately traded commercial bank, i make 15/hr to deal with old boomers and young hot chicks who run the deposits, I help like 10 people max on a busy day, thinking about asking for a raise

>> No.14682652
File: 175 KB, 2560x1320, received_10156136795645266.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not from today but.

>> No.14682747

Truck driver in murica

>> No.14682774

Lol, I thought I was the only one. The only challenging part of it is making the reports, and those come at the end of the month anyway. >>14682583
It is. 60K pesos allows you to live comfortably and have a nice appartment, but you can also live with the minimum expenses and just put everything in crypto.
Have you fugged girls in your truck?

>> No.14682795
File: 302 KB, 1600x900, 1__ycbwmbbdcjMoc67Q7qSvA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I contemplate suicide every day.
Crypto is my very last hope. You won't believe me because it sounds too pathetic to be true but there you go.

>> No.14682832

fucking based

>> No.14682870

I actually did my 34h reset in vegas last week which turned into a 50h because of hookers and coke

>> No.14682876

Customer service at an online broker.
50k per year.

I just answer the phone all day and send emails but it’s micro managed as fuck and its basically in a call center with super thin walls so I have half a dozen people listening to everything I say and correcting me all day.

We do get corporate logins for lunch delivery though.

>> No.14682931

literally me

>> No.14682943

Senior Manager, B4 firm
155k year + 25k bonus
age 30

clearly too old / rich for this board

>> No.14682974

This right here. I learned during my mech engineering internship just how much if a meme university was. Everything and I do mean everything is learned on the job

>> No.14683005

Right there with you man, 28, decided to try to get an EE degree for hopes of a better life. Now I'm the same wagie piece of shit but with debt and a worthless degree no employer cares about. Also I haven't had sex since 2012. This life is a nightmare I can't wake up from.

>> No.14683028

Wow are you me

>> No.14683044

We’re all going to make it, bud. Hang in there.

Hang in there too

>> No.14683306

Truck driver EU. anywhere between 35-45$ hour. I like it

>> No.14683436

Thanks guys. It’s just crazy seeing how well versed some of these guys are in the field, but they are 10-20 years older so I guess it’s to be expected

>> No.14683756

Based as fucj

>> No.14683770

Fee-based financial planner

Company pays 80k salary and I collect a portion of advisory fees for AUM.

Based in NYC, I love the job, literally no stress and no prospecting necessary. I work with bankers that the firm owns and they refer clients to me that walk in with large deposits.

>> No.14683864

I don't know how to get out of the shit job spiral

>> No.14683889

Military. On salary for $96 per day. I get 2 hours worth of breaks and "work" maybe 5 hours total in a day. Will get more hectic when I go on course tho

>> No.14683942
File: 123 KB, 780x580, Workaround_d141e6_5429938.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Software engineer, recently quit my job, about to start another one.
I hated my job, but make 120k a year base salary so not too bad.
Next job should pay more and be less stressful.

>> No.14684213

Systems engineer
~ $34/hr
I fucking hate this job I literally don’t do shit all day hence why I’m posting on biz right now

>> No.14684791

will start working in a bakery at monday for the next 2 months, i only get 9,19€ minimum wage...
thanks merkel

>> No.14684854

what do i do with my life

i hate it

>> No.14685197

entry-level data administration (dunno what to call it in english)

>> No.14685251

business analyst
46.15 usd
wfh, very little stress

>> No.14685386
File: 129 KB, 640x360, chainlink4closers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Commercial Real Estate Developer. I'm managing the redevelopment of 3 dying malls in smaller towns around the midwest. Buying up vacant mall anchors, re-purposing them as self storage, hotels, apartments, movie theaters, grocery stores, medical office, etc.

I make $70K a year plus commission, so anywhere from $80k - $150k annually.

Wish I could get mall leases to be done with smart contracts and wish our accounting system was on blockchain. We waste massive amounts of money on paper invoicing and enterprise accounting software.

>> No.14685430

Just flew in contractors from IL for our vineyard in Sonoma to do some small home improvement work without permits. We will see how this goes.

>> No.14685666

Very true. I was just at a wedding and had 3 Berkeley grads and a Vanderbilt grad at my table. None of them were doing anything exciting, one was a fucking diversity officer at Google. She kept yelling "Slay!" after women gave speeches. Took everything in me not to get into a massive argument with her.

>> No.14685755


Agriculture advice.
On the road a lot. But besides traffic its great.
Make 14 euro a hour, plus commission.

>> No.14685777

What kind of farmer hires an agricultural consultant? Is it for hemp start ups or something?

>> No.14685804
File: 53 KB, 1153x578, 1523456017860.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

10 a hour delivery driver.
28yr old
If it dosent get better within 3 years ill definitely kill myself.

>> No.14685840

>low stress
im going to be starting a similar career soon, and i cant shake the fear that 1 typo = something going completely wrong and me losing my job

>> No.14685871

Its really easy and mindnumbing, still trying to get out of here

>> No.14685907

You own a vineyard anon?

>> No.14685938

Warehouse supervisor
$20 CAD/hr
I do like 3 hours of work a day and the rest of the time I'm on my phone but it still sucks ass
Gonna go to trade school and be an electrician or some shit next year

>> No.14685945


>> No.14685947


Its mainly about ecosystem management. Stuff like soil life, natural predators to pests, selective pesticides and the like. I specialize in sustainability. Because modern farms often have millions of euro's turnover a second opinion from someone more specialized is often very valuable.

>> No.14685949

Not him but I’m guessing it’s for stuff like what would grow good with the soil, layout, harvest methods, etc.

>> No.14686017


What, if any, training do you need for a job like that? Is it entry level? Do they only hire mexicans/black ppl or can others have a shot?

>> No.14686045

105k/year + bonus no idea how much hourly but I rarely work more than 40 hours a week. Software

>> No.14686212

Thinking about law school since I’ve always wanted to go - is it common for lawyers to be able to telecommute ?

>> No.14686216

I did a bunch of internships when I was in school, and worked at different startups in SF afterwards. This job is one of the big tech companies which all pay well.

Yea I feel you, I try to save as much as possible on rent. My friend bought a house, so I'm renting one of his rooms.

>> No.14686301

My parents just bought it for about $5MM. 100 acres with little private huts and a main pool house. Making $1,500 a night on airbnb.

>> No.14686306

I'm in the Bay Area as well. I have no CS or IT background, but thinking of taking a coding bootcamp.

Would you say I have any chance at making that kind of money eventually, or at least 100k? Will any of the big tech companies hire a bootcamp graduate? kek

>> No.14686364

damn nice, glad to see you will make it

>> No.14686376

Well bootcamps are competitive, it is definitely possible. I use to interview and hire bootcamp grads for 100k+ jobs. that was like 2 years ago though.

>> No.14686474

Interesting, thanks.

Which bootcamps would you usually hire people from? Do you know which ones are considered the best in SF or SJ?

>> No.14686489

Trying to pay off my debts so I can have more take home money. I’m stuck in life right now. I’m 28 and live with my father. I make $1,100 every two weeks. I could afford in apartment but I’d be struggling because of where I live. I can’t get a girlfriend because I live with my father yet I can’t move out without a roommate

>> No.14686531

I remember hack reactor being a good one.

>> No.14686537

Sliding what you fucking retard? Go back to /pol/

>> No.14686585

IT intern
I got a BS in math
$20/hr -> $22/hr in 2 months

>> No.14686724

We're all going to make it, anon.

>> No.14686741

Heavy machine operator
Generally between $35 - $50 an hour depending on job/roster etc

I dont mind operating but i absolutely hate wage slaving, i'm a high school drop out with very little qualifications and missed my shot at getting a trade in my early years, i'm never at a certain job for more then 1 year and get drug tested randomly, long days and early starts, flat rate with no benefits (annual leave, sick leave etc) life is pre shit anons, i'm desperate to find something else to do

>> No.14686756
File: 125 KB, 876x960, 1542047591393.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

letting women vote was a fucking mistake

>> No.14686813

Retail meat cutter 18$ an hour. It's pretty easy work, just wish I made more. Not bad for no high school or college though.

>> No.14686815

Technical editor
20/hr ;have a freelance side hustle that brings in another ~10k/yr.
Going to apply for some higher-level tech editor/tech writer jobs that pay more soon. Might go back to school for a PhD after I have some more money saved up.

>> No.14686835

You know an industry is out of gas when they focus on stupid diversity initiatives and other non-productive nonsense. Can't wait for the silicon valley brain drain to crypto. Silicon valley are basically UX engineers, making shiny toys for stupid people to access decades old databases.

You want diversity? Let every human on the planet with a smartphone invest in an ICO, that's how you empower people. If these "diversity" proponents actually believed in a fairer world they would be balls deep in crypto rather than trying to hire muslims at google and adding prayer time to the schedule.

>> No.14686901

Aircraft line assembly. 28$ an hour great benefits and insurance but boring repetitive work. With overtime I average 75-80k a year, been here 12 years.

>> No.14686958

100k a year

I wanna kill myself

>> No.14686965

what should i invest $1000?

>> No.14686966

Unapologetically based

>> No.14686995

Is it really that bad? Ill take your job anon

>> No.14687005

I make 1200 USD per month

>> No.14687019

Just stressful especially when your in charge of people operating faulty machinery while trying to meet quotas. Could be worse but fuck it takes a toll on you.

>> No.14687029

Yeah stress will do that to you. How did you get into it?

>> No.14687078

>>14677104 I'm literally about to get my associates in electrical engineering. Fuck. Is it really that bad?

>> No.14687115

I applied for a warehouse job at a brewery and lied about experience brewing that I could kinda back up because my father taught me how to make beer and moonshine and they gave me the job in the brewhouse . I miss that position, no meetings just hanging with union workers and bullshitting. Went to college for 2 years to get a degree in it to advance and now I'm here.

>> No.14687146

I'm with you, I once got promoted to a supervisory role and hated my life. It was a better quality of life not having that daily stress and didn't have to bootlick pencil pushers above me

>> No.14687164

Try saving a dying mall with a $40MM loan on it that can't meet its debt service with an NOI below $1MM. Want to redevelop? You need to acquire all of the parcels in the mall to get approval control. Need tenants? You need to redevelop to get any interest at all. So let's say you get control and you get tenants interested, now you have to actually build the redevelopment which costs easily $5MM to $15MM+, on top of the original debt, and you're doing all of this so that you can get out of the original recourse loan on the property, not even make any money because no one on earth will buy a mall anywhere near $40MM.

The only benefit is we take management fees and commissions all along the way, but that's just to pay salaries, no one is getting rich and the company can't grow like that.

Basically if I fail at redeveloping these malls the entire 200 person company will go bankrupt and everyone will lose their jobs. On the other hand, if we figure out a recipe for fixing a dying mall, every bank that foreclosed on a mall in the country will be calling us to save their property.

>> No.14687265

Power Systems Engineer
Boomers are retiring soon so it ain't bad

>> No.14687285
File: 5 KB, 250x203, 1533196570694.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>i guarentee you there are 5 other retards who cannot make a sandwich to save their life
Oh no doubt, I often have to act as tard wrangler for a bunch of teenagers because most of the managers have either lost the will to live or are spineless. My beef is the bonuses point you mention: They'll give us breaks an hour into a 9-hour shift, even though they pay out the same at the end of the day, just so they can keep hourly labor percentages at certain thresholds, so they browbeat us just so our Jewish overlords can make a few extra bucks off of our hard (though sometimes not so hard) labor. If me and my crew are bustin butt, getting shit done, and management still wants to fuck with us, well, I'm not gonna stick my neck out for them to grab a few extra shekels phamalamadingdong.

>> No.14687312

Software Engineer
Cheap Midwest city

Shits good

>> No.14687338

Fucked up on a forklift today at work and put a long dent in the aluminum garage door. Hope one notices

>> No.14687387

>I'v made a couple thousand dollars from data science competitions.
expand please

>> No.14687614

$11 hr hurricane shutter and screening installer basically anything dealing with aluminum
loathe my job
aluminum is sharp as fuck and i have cuts almost all the time

been doing it for 4 months now only reason i havent quit on yet is that im waiting for my inheritance to be sorted out, Already signed the paper work just waiting for the lawyers to do their thing so very very soon.

Its a sizeable stack, but i dont want to just waste my life doing nothing getting divs from my retirement account, ill do nursing, male nurses earn bank, and eventually get into either owning carehomes those make super bank(i know a millionaire nurse) or be a nursing anesthesiologist thats 150k to 200k a year.

>> No.14687885

fuck it. im going to use it now

>> No.14687909

$25, literally pajeeting, it's okay.

>> No.14687924

Privately owned restaurant
Best people I've ever known.

Wouldn't trade them for the world.

>> No.14687941

How'd you get into that? Looks like a dream

>> No.14687956

So basically you just wanna fuck old people?

>> No.14687985

Electrical Apprentice
Terrible money. I should be making $50 an hour after I get my journeyman’s card. If not, then I will just start my
own business doing something else.

>> No.14687987

Power washing/roof washing tech.
About 10-13hrs a day, $12/hr + 1.5× pay for overtime over 40 hours

>> No.14688060 [DELETED] 
File: 3.91 MB, 260x260, 1556454067473.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

18/hr, GIS database shit for a telecom company. Kind of hate it because i have a mechanical engineering degree and this was the only place i could find that would hire me. Technically a temp position, but they really want to put me in a more permanent position when one opens up, which will come with a pay raise which would be nice.

Might leave before then since this isn't what i wanna do, but i just don't have the freedom to walk out on my job right now since i work two jobs to try and pile up cash and my student loan payments start soon.

>> No.14688072

how the hell do i get into this

>> No.14688139

To any entrepreneurial anons out there, take a look at your local mall. If you have an idea for a retail concept--whether it's a pop up restaurant, selling clothes, fixing electronics, whatever, malls with some vacancy will cut you amazing deals for space.
>can structure the deal percentage rent only, so you only pay them 7% to 10% of all sales instead of a fixed rent.
>can get a fully built out former retail space that would cost hundreds of thousands to build new.
>Landlord handles security and HVAC and the rest of the maintenance crap.
>Even though its a mall you still get more foot traffic than a downtown or some random retail corridor.

You literally just go in and open up shop, sign the lease with an LLC and you can just walk away if things don't work out.

>> No.14688165

How do I get that job?

>> No.14688225
File: 10 KB, 645x773, 1506488852536.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>current year
>local mall

>> No.14688319

Economist in a SSC.
About 834$ monthly after 42% gets taxed or mandatory taken for public healthcare and pension.
Mostly meh. Usually its a pretty low workload, but even when we are stacked due to month closing or multiple days piling up due to issues in another country its rather boring.

Studying to get my CCNA, the only issue is that IT is a special work category, and if i could get the skills without the accreditation i would be in a way better position to negotiate any raises.

>> No.14688383

>ur job
Regulatory excuse maker
>how much you make
65k Salary (USD)
>do you hate your job
No. I'd prefer not to work at all, but it's the best job I've ever had.

>> No.14688389

35 old
on call all the fucking time. just got off an 18hr shift, ask me anything.

>> No.14688435

no its fine this kids clearly just a pussy, its mostly the boys being the boys but they like to fuck with the new guys.

t. electrical apprentice

>> No.14688460

It’s not really wasting my youth to be honest. I’m working with the heads of some of the worlds most influential companies to orchestrate transactions that can cause significant change to the world. No two deals are the same and it’s genuinely very exciting.

I will have spare time but more importantly can do what I want with it because I’ll be making a lot of money.

I partied a lot as a teenager and I’m done with that now. I just want to be rich so I have the freedom to do anything I want in life.

>> No.14688477

how often do you do cocaine or meth,

also how often do you not drink on the job

t. coked out anesthesiologist

took me almost 20 years to get to where im at now. i hate my life so much

>> No.14688555

You mean niggers

>> No.14688581

Do you hate it? Is it worth it? How hard was school and residency?

>> No.14688584

never, we're not degenerates anon I work for a reputable company

>> No.14688591

chemical engineer in mexico
>tfw a wage cuck in McDonalds employ makes more than you
just end it

>> No.14688604
File: 19 KB, 123x128, funny frog.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Equipment Manager
boring and low stress, but it does occasionally get busy.

>> No.14688607
File: 36 KB, 262x384, 1561043065975.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So many high earners.

Meanwhile I'm just earning $45k/year in an accountingshit job.

I've been in this career for 2 years without a single day of schooling/debt, though. I think I'm advancing quickly.

>> No.14688626

>malls are typically located at prime real estate locations
>malls are large and costly, have immense value already invested into them despite their vacancy
>malls have more parking than any comparable retail space
malls today are the epitome of buying the dip. Right now you can buy a former Sears building for $500,000. A 100,000 SF building for $500K. To build that same building from dirt, as cheaply as humanly possible, with nothing inside it would cost over $10MM. If you think there isn't value there you're retarded.

>> No.14688639

Compliance Monitoring Analyst for a small private bank
$33 an hour
Some of it is interesting like anti money laundering investigations but there's not enough to do to keep me occupied all week. Angling to get a few days "working from home" to improve my work-life balance and reduce the amount of time spent counting down the clock

>> No.14688677
File: 254 KB, 1000x814, manufacturing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Aerospace Manufacturing Assembler
28 years old

Just landed this job. Trying to earn my undergrad degree in the mornings but going to this job at night. I'm trying to make it; immigrant family with no connections or money. Would like to at least pay rent on my own apartment- it would be a start.

>> No.14688692

iv wasted half my life to attain my present.
it was the politically correct move backed my family. i had no choice but to become this. the pressure turned to depression, the depression turned to what i only know now. drugs alcohol and infidelity is my current theme now. i would be happier working something non demanding for 40k a year 2bh

>> No.14688701

nobodys talking about buying an entire building retard. all of your assumptions are wrong too

>> No.14688735

>Starting salary will be £120k out of undergrad rising to £300k after 3 years. Then I can escape to private equity with the financial modelling skills I’ll acquire and ride the path up to >£1m yearly salary by my mid-30s

This is completely delusional, better get your expectations in check

>> No.14688760

what shithole do you live in, or are you a burger

>> No.14688771

I don't really know what I do but I think my title is data analyst.


I listen to a lot of podcasts and math lectures to kill time. Low stress but boring. Makes it hard to quit smoking, use it a's a reason to go for a walk more than because I want to smoke.

Hate is a strong word. It's less than ideal but I'm not particularly driven so it's probably a more productive use of my time than if I was left to my own devices.

>> No.14688846

Jesus christ, you literally made it career wise and your life is miserable, wtf happened man? I could only dream of making your salary.

>> No.14688920


You are the one who is delusional my friend :^)

>> No.14688921

I feel you anon. Medicine is such a miserable profession in every way.

t. Hospitalist

>> No.14688948


16$ an hour.

Yes. I work with niggers and white trash all day. It's not a job where you can just sit on your ass and make money you constantly do something and interact with "people".

>> No.14688951

panhandling @20-30$ per hour nyc

>> No.14688964

Why? You guys make bank and have one of the best job securities around.

>> No.14688988

What path would one take to become a phlebotomist? Does it take a lot of chemistry classes?

>> No.14688997

>Banks always go through a summer hiring lull
>Depending on where you're based you might have a few thousand former Deutsche employees to compete with for a new job
Good luck, friend

>> No.14689013

We're all here to talk about finance and investing my angry friend. My assumptions are all spot on, industry standard, and based off real world comps within the last 12 months. The average sale price for a former Macy's, JCPenny or Sears in towns of 50,000 or less is approximately $500,000. The most I've seen one trade for is $1.6MM and that was in a class A market. Construction costs from dirt are easily over $100 psf, excluding site work and running utilities, so $10MM to build is a very conservative estimate.

If I can buy a Sears for $500K, lease the entire thing to a user for 10 years at $150,000 per year ($1.50 NNN psf, insanely low), that's a 30% IRR with a 4 year payback. Realistically you should be able to get $3 psf, so it's a great investment if you can find an operator like self storage or warehousing.

>> No.14689032

kek. for real?

>> No.14689056

Average promotion to a managing director is mid 30-40s and you think going to be a there after 3 years lol

>> No.14689072
File: 180 KB, 648x648, 1536797691734.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Friendly reminder for those in the USA. Know where you are at.

>> No.14689100

>Find a plasma center.
>Start work as a dp.
>Get cross trained as phleb

>> No.14689118

Said mid-30s please learn to read, it may improve your career prospects :)

>> No.14689121

>Macy's, JCPenny or Sears in towns of 50,000 or less
why the fuck would anybody buy that? did you even see what i posted?
this is a BRAND NEW MALL in a city of 1.3 MILLION

>> No.14689126

You had me up till suffer lel

>> No.14689173

Meant just a director not a managing director in mid 30s* MDs are another 5 on top of that.
There’s just simply no way you’re going from intern to director in 3 years lol.

>> No.14689278

Lucky I'm young and my parents support me. I put like 500$ a week into ETH Tbh.

Will buy rental properties when the market crashes and not have to wage cuck.

>> No.14689327

Oh wow I just thought it was a dead mall video. Someone built a new fucking mall!?!? The worst part of malls is the in-line retail, what a moronic move.

What has happened in the mall sector is that all of the smaller malls are getting fucked, the anchors and retail tenants (victoria's secret, buckle, gap, etc.) are all trying to close the small stores first hoping that will make them survive. Meanwhile, are they changing their business strategy? Are they growing as an industry? NO. What is coming soon is that the big malls that think they are all safe are going to get FUCKED when these retailers all start going bankrupt. If your mall isn't full of local mom & pop concepts, or authentic experiences, or internet proof ideas, then you are DEAD IN THE WATER.

My company is just lucky that we own little malls and we're getting hit now before the jugular goes and the retail industry sprays its blood all over the economy.

My argument is that the former anchors have some value for shit uses like medical office, manufacturing, or storage, maybe even a movie theater, so there is opportunity there. In-line mall space can't survive without traffic from the anchors.

>> No.14689337 [DELETED] 

Just use a binary to ASCII converter and you are good to go

01000111 01100101 01110100 00100000 01100010 01101001 01110100 01100011 01101111 01101001 01101110 00100000 01100110 01100001 01110011 01110100 0001010 0001010 01010011 01101001 01101101 01110000 01101100 01111001 00100000 01100111 01101111 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01101000 01110100 01110100 01110000 00111010 00101111 00101111 01100010 01101001 01110100 01100011 01101111 01101001 01101110 00101101 01100111 01100101 01101110 01100101 01110010 01100001 01110100 01101111 01110010 00101110 01101111 01101110 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100101 0001010 0001010 01000001 01101110 01100100 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100001 01101110 01101011 00100000 01101101 01100101 00100000 01101100 01100001 01110100 01100101 01110010

>> No.14689434

You probably have enough saved to retire and live off dividends/rental income.

Just get out of that life and accept freedom on less money.

>> No.14689517

It took you a certain amount of dedication, intelligence and will to get to where you are. You should be proud of your achievements. Everyone, no matter how successful, battles something and money isn't a cure for the negative feelings you have.

Money is time encapsulated, money is freedom. Use that freedom on your emotional well-being anon, you have the freedom, the dedication and the intelligence, but do you have the will?

>> No.14689536


Which state are you in, and how/annoying is the job? In California I see they pay about $21 per hour for that shit, and it's entry level

Do you have to take blood from shaky fat ass boomers and minorities all day?

>> No.14689568

No I will graduate in 2020 and become an analyst, then in three years I’ll be an associate at a private equity firm. Given the figures are the average I am likely to make more than this as I currently work for a top bulge bracket in a high-performing m&a group therefore I will be aiming for a mega fund (KKR, Blackstone, Carlyle etc...), of whom I have already started schmoozing the recruiters. Perhaps you’re not looking at the total remuneration column of the table?

Making MD is actually largely about endurance as a lot of people leave. It’s very doable to make it by 35. Even if it’s 45 it’s still millions a year. Could retire after 10 years of MD and be unthinkably loaded.

>> No.14689580

First gotta kick that cocaine addiction

>> No.14689607

How do I profit off of this? I have about 15k to invest

>> No.14689636

Buy a very small mall

>> No.14689774

PHP is god tier these days. It's really too bad it's such a ubiquitous language because normies are able to fuck everything up since they have no knowledge of software design.

>> No.14689792

I’m look at total remuneration yes. €174k for senior analyst before taxes of course, which is (all things according to plan) your projected career path for 2026.
I have no idea where you got €300k in 3 years in your first post but it seems your no longer quoting that target which is good.
MD is not just endurance but that is certainly a part of it, 35 is doable but quite ambitious; I hope you’re good at sucking off the higher ups well.

It’s a great career path and you seem to be on a great course, I just wanted to highlight those initial numbers; they seemed to be running away ahead of you in your head

>> No.14689800

Honestly, trading crypto is safer than the retail industry today. To buy a shuttered anchor you need the capital, the legal team to negotiate it and then you need to pay the taxes and other carry costs until you lease it.

Watching how insanely difficult it is to make money in commercial real estate gives me a strange respect for Trump. Turning $1MM into billions is an insane feat, but everyone acts like it's easy and Trump is a moron. I know people that have worked with Trump in his real estate days and he is a fucking genius.

Retail real estate is in the most bear market possible and it will get much worse before it gets better. You can't short a building you own, you have to actually deal with it.

The good thing is, most cities in these small towns want to help, so I've spent the majority of my time creating TIF districts and other incentives partnerships to get the right tenants into these malls.

Regardless, absolutely stay away from retail and malls if you value your money and sanity.

>> No.14689882

Police Officer
60k$ a year

It’s 3-5 minutes of action followed by hours of report writing. I Have a bachelor/Masters degree on top of it all. I find myself drinking more and more.

>> No.14689935

Which nationality do you hate the most?

For me, it's the Indians

>> No.14689994

It’s hard to say. I hate Mexicans with no insurance or DL that don’t care in the world. But I worked Finance prior so I hate the H1B1 pajeets that have no Dls either

>> No.14690119

You are lucky. With this kind of money, live frugally, do some good investments, and in 10 years no need to work anymore.

>> No.14690121

Procurement Analyst
Salary of $80,000 CAD, 37.5 hour week, any extra hours I get to submit hourly OT.

I also get an 18-36% bonus of my salary based on market conditions/how much savings I can get.

I negotiate all day for all types of high value contracts, very interesting and value-adding career job

Also I'm 25

>> No.14690125

Gas station wagie. 10/hr.
I do stuff on side also average 10/hr

Like 70% my income goes into crypto. Either i make it or i an hero.

>> No.14690352

Cyber Security Analyst
It's bearable, it gets interesting at times when you catch stuff and start an investigation. Other times it's boring sifting through SIEM tools and logs looking for needles in a haystack. I think I'd like pentesting more

>> No.14690379

What do you need to get into that job? Can an Mis student apply?

>> No.14690394
File: 979 KB, 1391x1080, gigabyte-g1assassin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Web Developer" when in reality I'm the Everything IT Guy

$17.31 an hour 40/hrs week, Associates Degree, no Certifications

Best part of job is when they ask me to do graphics design without knowing they're asking me to do graphics design. Job could be worse. Worst part is living in Mississippi. Someone get me out of this hellhole I've dug myself into.

>> No.14690404

Respect and succes to you anon, that's the kind of attitude society needs

>> No.14690416

Same here, but I learned to have fun with it lol.
>Good morning Mr. Wiesel
>Have you looked into _____
>Isn't that a penny stock?
>Why yes...yes it is hahahahahaha!

>> No.14690423

You're the only one she loves... What is that supposed to mean?

>> No.14690438

>CDL truck driver
>1500 salary weekly
>work between 40-70 hours a week. probably average about 50
I actually love my job and as far a trucking jobs go I'm extremely lucky to be in my position. it's not something I could continue doing for another 5 years without wanting to an hero though

>> No.14690464

>make 36k a year
>live in Mississippi
>trying to get out
>everywhere else expects me to be able to afford a house
Life is suffering

>> No.14690493

Fire alarm technician $22/hr

>> No.14690542

Air traffic controller
i make 124k a year. job is good because my airport is not insanely packed like jfk or dallas fort worth.

>> No.14690559

Yeah well with 400k a year you have a way out if you stop your degenerate way of life. At 45 you don't have to work anymore. But i guess you are too damaged to realize this.

>> No.14690587
File: 223 KB, 740x1081, Metropolis.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good posts, mall anon

>> No.14690601

Do you make remarks about the pilots with your co workers?

>> No.14690614

$19/hr plus OT
I just tell boomers how to create an account or help them reset their password. I study most days and I get 8 calls a day maybe. It's OK, but trying to get more money

>> No.14690620

only the co workers i call friends. but yes

>> No.14690686
File: 857 KB, 1068x1476, 160015.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

City cop. Around 25 an hour. I have mixed feelings about my job, but I really do think it will kill me if I continue to retirement age.

I have a bachelor's and military experience. Even if we didn't have credentials, we'd still be highly in demand in 50/50 states. I'll always have job security but this line of work will take years off my life.

>> No.14690688

Software engineer
Welcome to Spain

>> No.14690697

Robots will replace you before you an hero or will cause you to an hero

Either way its time to bail

>> No.14690735

>reddit mod
>$11.00 / hr.
>love job since I get to view pedo before bans and watch cuck cumdrinking vids

>> No.14690746

Highly unlikely my fren

>> No.14690747

True that

>> No.14690780

this is not true. robots will actually make my job easier and I cant wait until self driving trucks become a thing so I can shitpost with the anons instead of paying attention to the road. Someone still has to back the truck into the dock and/or unload it. I can see major distribution centers being able to afford the tech needed for the truck to locate the specific dock and back it in itself, but no way mom and pop shops and small companies will be able to adapt to that.

>> No.14690793

You will have around 10 years more of work then it's over

>> No.14690804

I love you guys but hate motorcycle pigs. Why do they have to give the hardworkers a hard time? I never see illegals getting pulled over for a ticket. Please tell me they at least know people hate their ass

>> No.14690889

Warehouse stocking and operations
I live at the warehouse because I have nowhere else to live, so the manager takes it out of my pay.

>> No.14691007

I arrest every single Mexican with no DL it’s a scourge on the hard working wagered like is that get there stuff up to date and pay

>> No.14691222

9-45/hr depending on the job
I love it, but it's hard graft

>> No.14691361

I work in the oilfield for $17 an hour, but should get bumped up to $21 an hour in a month. I’m so tired of working 60 to 100 hours a week and living in bumfuck nowhere. I have a degree in engineering, but am working a basic manual labor job out here.

I’m so tired of working 100 hours a week, but I owe so much in student loans. I think of an hero’ing all the time

>> No.14691454


>> No.14691496

google thorac incident lol

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