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Is anyone else annoyed by the retarded pajeets that talk... like.. this

with absolute shit grammar? Fuck off shitstains

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lol this board is the livelihood 0f 1000 pajets

>> No.14651560

When the fuck will Hiro add flags?

>> No.14651575

dears what did he mean by this,,, blessings for you all sirs

>> No.14651600

They need to add country flags to this board so we can spot the pajeet shills

>> No.14651617

of course. but what are you going to do.

We need flags in this gay board.

>> No.14651623

Flags should've been done during the great bullrun to weed out the scammers shilling their pajeet projects

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These pajeets literally need to profit $5 profit per day to live in their shit hole

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Who the fuck are you?

>> No.14651641

Or you could just use your intelligence..

>> No.14651653

Nah, it's under $5 per week. You now understand why we're always flooded with pajeets shilling the most pajeety shit:

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Someone crowdsourced them

>> No.14651770

Not a streetshitter like you, obviously

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this new wave of devery shit is absolute retard-tier. they're not even giving us their best just double-digit IQ shitstains that can't do more than copy-paste whatever they were given

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this...i...fucking.. hate...pajeets

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I am disgusted that I have to share our board with those subhumans.

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Is this dog not the ultimate 4 legged cuck?

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Indians are the niggers of Asia...prove me wrong.
Protip: you cant

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My sides when I see this fucking thread. Seething burgers want flags so they can spot the pajeet shills.
As if Americans are not 50% black.
> They need 5$ to live off
Just dyor you fat stack of lard.
The whole thread stinks of self centered boomers

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Did you miss out on another 150% gains? It's not too late to get in ...

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i am a fan of this thread

can we unite and fight the PAJEET MENACE TOGETHER?

my discord had over 1,000 of these pajeets join in the last few days and I don't know how to fucking stop it

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It's hilarious that burgers cry about pajeets all day here and call them poor....

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You sir, are a first class idiot.

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>the 1% means everyone!

>> No.14652129

You're not an Indian America though

You're a south Indian named Kumar living in a mudhut deep in the jungles of Kerala

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there... it... is... again...

fuck off curry nigger, I'm not buying your 2018 dead bags

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how the fuck doesn't all this easy money inflate their cost of living? whenever i'm in the market for smartphones, i notice that the actual best deals in the world hardware wise only exist in shithole countries like india while america and europe get shafted

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Your DAG bags getting heavy?

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flags wont do shit anyway
they'll start using vpns

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there are no pajeets here, what you are seeing is eastern europeans.

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hallo good sir, plos buy dcorp

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some of the memes are kinda cool though ill give em that.

not the curry thot ones, some of those lambo anims were top notch.

>> No.14652198


pretty much.

I doubt there's more than a couple of them post here. It's mostly eastern euros and south americans, east asians shilliing their shitcoins.

Pol is to Jews what biz is to pajeets. Thier scapegoat for everything that goes wrong.


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Agreed. I actually get turned off by crypto projects run by Eastern Europeans/Slavs.
I've never met a Russian person I could trust.

>> No.14652220

wait you mean they are two separate people?

>> No.14652242

Please give us flags

>> No.14652399

do you have a few minutes to talk about decentralized oracle's sir?

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