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Bullish as ever.
>How should we call the RSR "marine"?

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RS Army

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We're Reservists.

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Let me get this straight: the only purpose they serve is to be a stable cryptocurrency, and you think that they will rapidly rise in price?

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Both good ideas, lets discuss.
DYOR, RSR is not the stable coin.

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Last call to buy this dip before take off!

Toot toot.

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"Step 1 for Crypto: Stable Decentralized Currency"

Is the heading on the website. And before you try to make the argument that RSV is the stable coin, isn't it RSR's purpose to help stabilize RSV? Thus making it stable in kind?

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RSV is the stable coin. RSR will moon.

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future dead pnd shitcoin marines

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Exactly this

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this reminds me of JNT so much

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Bummer, I was hoping I was wrong. Seems I was right.

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>RSR will moon.

But why? Is it being used as stakes in a node? Is it being used to verify information? Cause all the website says is that it's to help stabilize RSV, which I don't see why such a thing would moon...

I'd love a deeper explanation

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yeah its so much like jnt, but we all learned our lesson this time and so yeah im setting some fucking stop losses despite how bullish i am

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RSV is basically going to be exclusive for network only nodes while RSR is the offering. Fill up your bags quick and get on before its too late.

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that's exactly what I said when I heard about this
maybe these guys can pull it off because they're not a bunch of teenaged camelfuckers but I'm very cautious

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So this is a $1 stable coin so we should buy it because it will become $1? Is that the pitch? I'm just trying to understand

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rsr isn't a stable coin. rsv and rsd are.

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Yes it's purpose is to help stabilize RSV.
No this does not mean RSR is stable.
RSR can have any price and can always be used to buy RSV, after which the RSR gets burned. If the price of RSR is still relatively low once mainnet has arrived and RSV gets bought a lot, this means a fuckton of RSR will be burned.
Say 1 RSV would be worth $1 and 1 RSR is priced at $0.01, this means for every 1 RSV that gets bought 100 RSR will be burned. You can do the maths from this point onwards.

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Considering dumping 10k USD into this? What kind of gains are we looking at and when does teh app/RSV release

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bout tree fiddy x is my estimation

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Price is down while ETH is up. Now is your window to buy boys. It won't be open for much longer.

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Reservists or Reserve Squad.

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Is that why 95 billion tokens remain uncirculated?

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Easy 10x possible 50x

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Yes, definitely don't buy this

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What happens when all the tokens are burned over time?

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burn is based on token value at the time. Think about it

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>These are the type of people you're up against

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Whenever you can't answer a simple question it just makes your project look scammy.

I went to the Reserve FAQ section to see if my burn question had been answered and this is literally an answer to "Will it work?"

>The Reserve team disagrees about this. Some of us think it’s going to work, and others are really skeptical. The main co-founder is convinced it will work (big surprise lol). Some others work on Reserve because they like the people and the intellectual challenge, and they really want to make it work if it can.
>The reasons why the believers think Reserve is going to work are SUPER complicated and they take a long time to explain. Assuming it starts working, it will be pretty clear at that point.

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Its becsuse you need to know a lot of economic theory to umderstand it.

The devs cant really give you a college level education in a whitepaper.

This isn't a diss. Just the reality. It is a very complicated project.

Im sure Thiel had trouble explaining PayPal at the beginning too.

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The price of RSR will keep increasing exponentially when more and more tokens are getting burned and the total amount of remaining tokens would be getting closer and closer to zero. There is no way realistically every single token will be burned at some point.. Can't believe I have to explain this to /biz/. The average IQ of this board sure has dropped a lot over time.

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Fucking quads

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OK where buy?

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Huobi is probably the best one.

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The Q3 shift for the RSV launch unironically makes now a pre-pump season.

I'd call ourselves The Reserved rather than marines.

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Lol only 3 billion in circ
Get yours muhfukka

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I am reserved. Are you reserved?

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B) woudja look at that

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pumping downwards
no momentum
sell now

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>pumping downwards

It will dump to max 0.003225-0.003250 usdt and most probably come back from there. Kek has spoken.

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Can someone address the total supply situation? That's a lot of fucking tokens not circulating

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55.75% of total tokens are held by the project, locked. They are stored in a smart contract referred to as the "slow wallet." Slow wallet tokens are locked, and can only be withdrawn with a one-month delay, visible on-chain, including a message from the team explaining the reason for the withdrawal. We designed this mechanism to give the project the ability to release tokens for fundraising and other purposes in the future if needed, while allowing the community time to learn about any further releases well before any new tokens enter circulation. The slow wallet is deployed here: https://etherscan.io/address/0x4903dc97816f99410e8dfff51149fa4c3cdad1b8#code

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rebuy 25 sats bros

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U guys think RSR can hit 3 bucks?

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The expectation is that at times it will be over $10. If/when this happens there are protocols in place to bring it back down.

"Raising the Vault Level - When Vault assets depreciate, the Vault level may fall significantly below the Vault Target. If the Vault level is significantly below the Vault Target and the Reserve Rights token price is over $10, the Vault Manager refills theVault by minting new Rights tokens and auctioning them for more Vault assets."

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RSV is going to replace fiat in a lot of countries, starting with Venezuela. RSR gives RSV its value. This is like Facebook's Libra, but actually decentralized and valuable.

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Just bought 100k.

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Reservist checking in

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Reservist/s it is!

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How did he know

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The purpose of rsr is to use it as arbitrage for RSV. If RSV rises about 1.00, i.e 1.02 RSR tokens can be purchased and used to arbitrage until the price of RSV is back to 1.00. Traders and speculators can use this to make consistent gains when RSV fluctuates. So yeah RSR actually has a solid utility unlike most other coins

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But a stable type coin has never been worth 10 billion.
Not even maker
What makes us better than
maker dai?

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It doesn't have to be worth 10 billion to see huge gains. It could potentially be worth that much at one point, but it's impossible to know how succesful RSV will be as of now.
Arguably RSR/RSV is better than maker/dai, because of the different ways of stabilizing. Dai has not been close to $1 on multiple occasions. Also RSV should be easier to use for the normen.

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