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So, I forgot to lock in $20k when I could... Didn't make the same mistake.

Who locked in at the recent peak? I just missed a $14k lock, but feels good

If Bitcoin crashes I'm safely locked in at $13.6k... maximum comfy

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Have sex

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what the fuck is this shit meme sage

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you should be set to make it through the next dump without losing value.

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I literally just lock mine every 12 hrs (time limit on locks) unless it dips. I constantly stay in profit. If it pumps I just unlock it after 12 hours.

Why doesn’t everybody just do this? Trezors are like 80 bucks

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this was a classic 2018 crash meme

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This is such a tired (actually retired) meme by now.

However, I will lock some BTC at the next top - but via Bitmex.

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is this actually how it works? why arent more people doing this and where does the money come from when you sell?

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it comes from its value.

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You piece of newfag scum

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kek newfag

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Don't be dumb, anon. Of course it doesn't work.

If you want to "lock in" at a certain price, there are two possiblities:
1) sell
2) take out a 1x short on your BTC. This will rise exactly as much as BTC falls, but if BTC rises, it will fall.

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no, retard. locking in your bitcoin at a certain value is like writing a check for that amount. you can always redeem it for that amount.

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yeah, why else would op have posted this

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And if you cash in your locked 1 BTC, you will receive exactly 1 BTC. Just the USD value might be 30% of 4 months ago.

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no, retard, the locked-in amount is in USD.
I'll just assume you are trolling now but if not, do yourself a favor and read the bitcoin whitepaper

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I never use the damn thing anyways cause I locked in at 10k before and then bitcoin still climbs up till 12k and I'm stuck waiting for the lockup delay to reset. It's like swing trading for me all over again. Or maybe I'm just using it wrong..

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Oh lord, that joke has stopped being funny years ago.

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>le funny profits locked in meme
haha well memed friend.

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>Still have my BTC locked at 6k

Can I undo this frens?

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2019/biz/ is no fun

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You have to go back...

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Certain coins are worth more, much like certain cars are worth more. When you lock it in, you’re exchanging for one of these so-called “coloured coins” which can then be sold later for the same value at which you bought it. One of /biz/s best kept secrets

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Damn you Amerifags ;)....fucking newfags actually believe this shit...LMAO

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How do you lock on a trezor?
I thought only Ledger Nanos supported this feature.
Locked ethereum at $600 btw.

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Idk I accidently locked half my coins at 9.5k can any anons corroberate this issue?
These are my favorite threads

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tether lock. keky

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What the hell, my trezor came with only one free lock and says if I want to buy more I have to pay 0.1 bitcoin for each additional lock

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it sounds like you are about to get your private keys stolen is what that is sound like

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Ah nice to see some anons are still locked in
I'm locked since the last bullrun, still waiting for it to pass a new ATH to unlock

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