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who here getting JUSTed right now?

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Been getting JUSTed for the last week. I am down almost 20k

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Should have bought the Chromia floor, dingus.

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I've been JUSTed for quite a while now.
>Pic relate is pretty much how I look

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uh exactly what floor was that? 5% ago?

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>losing money in a bull market


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>in a btc bull market

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I just need 3 days to buy LIT at .13, then it doubled and I didnt want to buy in and now its nearly tripled. I'm so pissed

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Everything I hold is up what the fuck do you hold?

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no its not

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im up on almost everything, but im not up enough and if we enter another bear phase i will be financially ruined.
never trade with loaned money lads

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No its not what?

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>not trading with gift cards from your mom

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just buy BTC retards

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I'm all in Banano so I'm safe

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Just buy the top. Everybody's doing it.

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not everything you hold is up

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