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Remember when biz fudded this to death?

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i remember buying 15k usd at 15 cents and selling at a dollar

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Remember when you could've cashed this in to Link about 1:1?

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YES. I remember when everyone on biz was like Req and Link are bros! Right beside each other on CMC. So glad I picked the non retarded sibling.

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Yep! Also (and I'm sure this ratio was more pronounced at one time) I remember One ICX got anout 6.5 Link on the way down. Didn't do it though! Idid get two Link for each AMB though - so, some wins and some losses!

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same... this should be some kind of code so that those of us who were around that time can identify one another

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member when req was 2x link?
i member

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Yes I remember, there was a lot of advocating for have 50/50 LINK and REQ stacks and how the two projects “needed each other”.

Luckily I stayed all in LINK for the memes.

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Real Chad right here

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weird and creepy

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ah the memories

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They even hit all roadmap goals until mainnet then everything went downhill. everything was fucked
mozzarella bitches

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>you could've put 10k in LINK or in REQ
>choices were made
>some brothers did not make it

remember that for every LINK general is a ruined REQ investor

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what exactly happened with the mozzarella thing; i was off biz after the crash

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Price was tanking and they stopped hitting goals. Really late on goals and kept pushing things back and not updating the community. Then they made an update about how they were eating at a fancy ass restaurant eating mozzarella

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the sad part is that the req team has been living like this everyday for almost 2 years now and they still have around $20m left

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bought 1eth worth of req just now in honor of the amazing partnership with pwc france. i assume that's on the verge of bearing fruit by now

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thats over

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How is wiki panning out?

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complete and utter SCAM. get out now before the remainder of the team’s tokens are released in Sept.-Oct.

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>Lost $14,999 off of one coin
Damn someone got Reqt

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I traded 35,000 Links for 70,000 req tokens so I LOST BIG

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This and XLM. Absolute garbage

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Yeah, I fell for it but actually managed to exit REQ just before the dump. Dodged a bullet there.

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I lost around $25k worth of btc on this shit
the founders dont even show up for work or reply to their emails
was a scam from day 1

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All the fud turned out to be true.

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I don't remember prices, but I remember LINK and REQ battling like some DBZ shit in the 120's on coinmarketcap to overtake the other.

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I did a nice DCA on REQ, the amount of gains I'm going to make on this shitcoin is going to be glorious and /biz doesn't even know. The fundamentals are there, just learn to be patient you bunch of fuckwits.

t. bought 15k link at 0.20$ chad.

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These REQ threads are making me super salty since it feels like pouring salt on my wound. I trusted in the team, and defended their processes and credentials. Best part is everyone used to refer to them as "professional" back in the day. I went 50/50 between it and REQ. Specifically, 100k Req vs 100k Link when they were 1:1.

But then, they literally started over from scratch to do V2. I honestly don't have a problem with that, it admits they made a mistake and clearly have intentions to fix it instead of building kaka that nobody wants or that is severely flawed. You always invest in the team, since the product will always have to adapt and change. They also still have a majority of their ICO capital from responsible spending.

But fuck the team, they have delivered disappointment after disappointment as I watch this shitcoin go to 0. They are horrible communicators, they are slow in development versus other projects, they are not showing much from a biz dev standpoint either. It's how they conducted themselves, and how they have shown very little in the past year to push the product forward. They have cute updates every now and then, but where the fuck is the adoption? Their roadmap was a joke, and the main thing everyone cared for was REQ for FIAT. They still have not completed it, nor do I believe the ever will. I will forever be REQT. Still holding onto my tokens, since fuck it at this point, Im just gonna roll the dice in the off chance they get it together. But their biggest hurdles besides all the above, will be to convince the community that they are serious and can be trusted again

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I open the fridge. The smell of mozzarella slowly crawls up to my nostrils. I freeze up. Terrifying thoughts begin to emerge from my subconsciousness as the mozzarella engulfs me. I cannot take it anymore. The flashbacks make me have a seizure. I fall towards the floor but remain unscrached as I hit a soft cheesy texture instead. Entire room is now filled with this moist Italian culinary disaster. I begin to suffocate and in desperation utter my last words "I REQUEST MY MONEY BACK".

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I bought 70k REQ when it was 22 cents(after $1) thinking it was a steal. Swung traded to 91k REQ but dumped for 832 link before the pump to $4.50, right before 2 dollars. The fucked up part is I could have had 11k link last October when REQ pumped to 1160sats. This shit genuinely depressed me hard in 2018. Now I'm throwing $500 on link per week

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Backed by Y Combinator who will be shoving this down the throats of everybody in Silicon Valley.

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Very aggressive there

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This. Everyone get ready for ycombinator to fuck all our moms and sisters

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i'm broken, boys

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VIDT team has a photo of them drinking on the whitepaper...

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I remember buying close to $100,000 worth in February 2018 and selling in October for $6,000.

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Hello oldfag.

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>bought 1eth worth of req just now in honor of the amazing partnership with pwc france. i assume that's on the verge of bearing fruit by now

Lmao, It's PwC French Africa, and the partnership was some sort of marketing ploy, and recently PwC (the main one) published an article in how they don't see any use for Blockchain in their products.

Lmao, REQT

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>The fundamentals are there



So between no working product, no clients and the devs not even showing up to work, do you see "fundamentals"?

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How do you go from this

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to this

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Cant trust the French. Their hubris makes for shitty code.

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With 30 million dollars.

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