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That would our network value at 100 tril. But global derivatives market is 4 tril

So makes sense right?

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mcap of global derivatives market is in the quadrillions, not trillions

so yes, it is possible

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makes sense
i wouldnt be surprised with 1 tril per chainlink

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>1 trillion market cap= $1,000/LINK
>10 trillion market cap= $10,000/LINK
>100 trillion market cap= $100,000/LINK
>1 quadrillion market cap= $1,000,000/LINK

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No it is not. With Ethereum Classic it is

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>mfw they didn't lie about the greatest wealth transfer in history

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It will reach $100 within the next year that's for sure. Some people predict as early as EOY. $1000 is 2021-2024. This is all prediction, Future is not set and it could be shorter or it could take an extra 5 years. But by the hype and media outlets and coinbase all together, It is without a doubt going to be $10 I predict by the end of the year. It would not make sense if by the end of the year it isn't at $10.

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even if the derivatives market did use chainlink what makes you think chainlink would be worth a big fraction of that.

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just...re-read what you wrote...
maybe say it out loud a few times...

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1 quintillion market cap= $1,000,000,000/LINK

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This thread made me dumber

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