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LINK 3.2

Who's laughing now, you smug little fucks?

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me cause im still up 1000% and NEVER FUCKING SELLING

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its still at 3.4 u faggot who cares we all bought at under .50

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I'm buying more on this sweet dip

and no, I am never selling

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this BRUH

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This board has turned into an absolute cesspool of retards.

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its literally just grandpa shitcoin kicking the bucket

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Lol my average buy in price is $0.33

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>has turned

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The FUD is just tiresome at this point. Nobody is fucking selling with any understanding of what Chainlink is and what it does.
Is this ISDA? You're very obviously capable of dumping the price on your own given that the marketplace isn't crowded the way it is with boomercoin. Just keep doing what you're doing. You won't be able to before long.

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My avg buy price is .329

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Well. Sergey, now a literal billionaire by the way, is not fucking selling
Even a goddamn money skeleton didn't have such confidence on his own project selling iffyriums at 7 bucks

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i feel you OP

it's beyond me how someone can have SO MUCH pride in a token.

i made my 15x. im out. if it actually does go to 1k, congratulations.

however.... does anyone have that picture of the anon fudding ethereum before it sky rocketed?

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>Who's laughing now, you smug little fucks?
>Even a disgusting nulinker like me has made $2000 in two weeks
>You had 2 years.
>still mad about not buying chainlink
>still not buying them

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didn't read & you're not gonna get my linkies

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A premined shittoken nonetheless.

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market sold all my LINK to HOT yesterday

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v based, much retweet

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here's proof i just bought more,

and i'll keep buying more on every dip,

and i will hodl all the way to 0$ buying more

nice fud btw

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nice inspect element orders

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Me, I'm still laughing bitch!!!

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Can someone link me to the chainlink 4chan clone anon created

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That's not even possible.

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>he doesn't know

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Sh*dow f*rk is a banned work in biz. Delete this.

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At first I thought to call you liars, but link bagholders are so technically illiterate that I bet someone just pointed in the direction of some forked git repo and you believed it.


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>he would have it some other way

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speak for yourself. I've been buying everywhere from 0.2 to 1.30, then back down to 0.2 and through this bull run all the way up to 4.50 (damn right I bought your bags swingies!). I will literally never stop trying to FUD this coin and accumulate through my 80-IQ method of waging for fiat and buying high. I know I'll never be able to find a way to 2x or 10x my fiat reliably so I'm just putting it in links. Hoping to make it to lt. col before the singularity this EOY!

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me too, anon. me too. It's not much we're accumulating but if we can keep FUDding the redditors we stand a chance at financial freedom : )

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