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Give me 3 VALID reasons why RSR isn't in your portfolio as a long term investment?

Me and Steve are waiting...

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this coin lowkey going to 5x in the next few months, their team and advisors are not losers, they are filthy rich WHITE autisms.

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because only Binance IEOs ever got decent pumps
others all failed

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because i hate money

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honestly, listening to Nevin is almost identical to listening Jack from twitter. They are both equally autistic. And the fact that they are so utterly incompetent in marketing adds another layer of hope for me. They are just silently working on building the foundations. God, I'm going to be filthy rich in 5 years.

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RSR isn't your typical pump and dump ponzi scheme. It's literally a value project that might change the world in 10 years. Mainnet expected in 2020 so there's plenty of time to accumulate before it gets insanely wide-spread. Right now is the time to enter when nobody talks about it.

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stop shilling this, just be patient and get a fat stack

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Sold my link stack for this a month ago, how fucked am I

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I reserved my rope. Bought at 59 sats.

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is 3M enough to make it?

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>change the world in 10 years
in crypto that's a million years faggot

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